Question: Do you have to pay for POF UK?

There are people from all walks of life using Plenty Of Fish. It attracts a huge range of people as the largest dating site and because its free.

How much does POF cost UK?

Is Plenty of Fish expensive or cheap?Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotalUpgraded User2 Months19.35 GBP / Month38.70 GBP4 Months12.75 GBP / Month51.00 GBP8 Months9.99 GBP / Month79.92 GBP5 Oct 2020

Does POF charge monthly UK?

The obvious answer is to use the free services. However, if features such as Priority Messaging, Super Yes and the PoF username search function are important to you, then youll need to subscribe. Subscribing for longer periods reduces the cost per month. Its also worth considering whether you need to use tokens.

Is upgrading POF worth it?

VERDICT: If youre in an area with a small pool of singles or you cant afford to pay for a dating site subscription, POF is definitely a good option for you. Thats one of the things people love about POF – if you dont want to pay for an upgrade, its still a very useable, effective dating site.

How much does it cost to upgrade on POF UK?

Plenty of Fish membership cost: 2 months: £19.35 pm. 4 months: £12.75 pm. 8 months: £9.99 pm.

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