Question: How accurate is dating scan UK?

Will sonographer write down gender UK?

If you do wish to find out the sex of your baby, the sonographer will communicate this verbally directly to mum at the time of your scan. Please note we will not write down the sex of your baby for the purpose of gender reveals.

Can I asking sonographer to write gender down?

Simply ask your sonographer to write down the gender of your baby and place it in a sealed envelope to be revealed at a later date. Friend or family – some couples prefer to have the big news broken to them by a trusted friend or family member.

Will the NHS write down the gender?

Please remember that this is a medical examination to check the health of your baby, and we are unable to extend the length of your scan or offer further appointments to confirm the babys gender unless there are medical reasons. The sex of your baby will not be written down or told to friends or relatives.

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