Question: Who is Taeyeon SNSD dating?

Are Taeyeon and Ravi still dating?

K-pop singer Taeyeon may have a new love in her life - rapper Ravi. In response, Taeyeons agency SM Entertainment said only that they became close after working together. Ravis agency GROOVL1N confirmed that they were dating but later changed its tune and denied that the two are a couple.

Is SNSD Taeyeon married?

On television, Taeyeon appeared as a main cast on the reality shows We Got Married (2009), Begin Again (2019), and is currently serving as a main host for Amazing Saturday (2020–present) .TaeyeonHangul김태연Hanja金泰耎Revised RomanizationGim Tae-yeonMcCune–ReischauerKim Tae-yŏn19 more rows

Is VIXX Ravi in a relationship?

Now, Kim Won-sik aka Ravi — who is the CEO of record label GROOVL1N and a member of the boy band Vixx — has confirmed via his label that the singers are actually together and the couple wishes to have a good relationship. The label said, Its true that theyre dating.

How old is dindin?

29 years (November 20, 1991) DinDin/Age

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