Question: Who presents magic in the morning?

Former Boyzone member Ronan Keating has signed up to host the breakfast show on Magic, along with Harriet Scott. They will replace Nick Snaith whos been on the show since taking over from Neil Fox in 2014. Hes moving to mid-mornings.

Who presents Magic Radio in the morning?

Harriet Scott Harriet Scott (born 23 January 1972) is a British radio presenter with Magic Radio, presenting the Weekday Breakfast show with Ronan Keating .Harriet Scott (broadcaster)Harriet ScottStylePresenterCountryUnited Kingdom6 more rows

Who are the presenters on Magic Radio?

A host of presenters including West End favourites, Ruthie Henshall and Jonathan Bailey can be found playing the best from stage and screen on Magic at the Musicals, while Magic Soul plays the best of Soul and Motown, with singer Lemar on Weekend Breakfast and new station Magic Radio at the Movies.

How old is Harriet Scott?

49 years (January 23, 1972) Harriet Scott/Age

How old is Fran Godfrey?

68 years (June 29, 1953) Fran Godfrey/Age

Who are the DJS magic?

Magic Chilled PresentersAmelia Stocks. More.Brogan Hubber. More.Eloise Carr. More.Jess Iszatt. More.

What happened to Harriet Scott?

Harriet Scott, a free woman, died of “general disability” at age sixty-one on June 17, 1876. She was buried in Greenwood Cemetery, a burial ground in St. Louis for black Americans.

Who is Nick Snaith?

Nick is a Presenter at Magic Radio UK. Nick is a Presenter at ASDA Radio.

What just played on heart?

Last Played SongsRock Your Body Justin Timberlake. 05:53 am.Wake Me Up Avicii. 05:49 am. Mr Saxobeat Alexandra Stan. 05:47 am. When Love Takes Over David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland. By Your Side Calvin Harris Feat. Tom Grennan. Shut Up And Dance Walk The Moon. 05:36 am.Castles Freya Ridings. 05:33 am. Payphone Maroon 5. 05:29 am.More items

Who is Bobby on Radio 2?

Bobbie Pryor Bobbie keeps the nation moving with the travel news on Simon Mayo drivetime, weekdays 5pm-7pm. Bobbie landed at BBC Radio 2 and established the weekend travel service following two years at BBC 5Live.

What disease did Dred Scott become sick with in 1858?

Dred Scott Wins His Freedom Taylor freed Scott and his family on May 26, 1857. Scott found work as a porter in a St. Louis hotel, but didnt live long as a free man. At about 59 years of age, Scott died from tuberculosis on September 17, 1858.

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