Question: When to separate from your spouse for a divorce?

How do I decide whether to divorce or separate?

To consider which type of separation is better, assess your finances. If your spouse has large debts you dont want to be responsible for, then a legal separation could be better for you. You might want a legal separation if you know you will no longer live together but one of you has a religious objection to divorce.

How long do you have to be separated from your spouse to be considered divorced?

Specific California Divorce & Legal Separation Requirements There is no waiting period for a legal separation, whereas when you file for divorce, you need to wait six months before it becomes final. If youre new to the state, you may be able to expedite the divorce if you first file for legal separation.

Is it a good idea to separate before divorce?

By taking some time apart from your spouse before you file for divorce, you can ensure that divorce is the right option for you and feel confident moving forward in the divorce process . Separation can allow both spouses to reconnect with hobbies or other aspects of life they felt were missing during their marriage.

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