Question: What is considered rude in China?

The Chinese dislike being touched by strangers. Do not touch, hug, lock arms, back slap or make any body contact. Clicking fingers or whistling is considered very rude.

What is considered polite in China?

A simple, soft handshake, a smile, and a friendly hi or ni hao (or nin hao to greet older Chinese people) will often suffice. When addressing Chinese people, address the eldest or most senior person first. Also, address the newly-met people with their honorific title and family name.

What cant you do in China?

Chinese people have a lot of ideas about this — chopsticks are for eating only. They are not to be used for gesturing to items or individuals. They are also not to be used as drumsticks or as playthings at someones table. Dont place chopsticks inside the bowl when youve finished eating or stick them in your hair.

Are people in China polite?

To many Chinese learners, Chinese people happen to be bold and rude when speaking. Sometimes they are loud and noisy, and many of them comment on issues that normally people in the western world would not. However, there are still plenty of politeness rules that need to be adhered to in the Chinese community.

What all is banned in China?

The PRC bans certain content regarding independence movements in Tibet and Taiwan, the religious movement Falun Gong, democracy, the Tiananmen Square protests and massacre of 1989, Maoism, corruption, police brutality, anarchism, gossip, disparity of wealth, and food safety scandals.

Is it polite to slurp in China?

Do slurp your soup. Its a sign of appreciation for the chefs cooking. It is also not uncommon to let out a (gentle) burp. Dont split the bill at dinner.

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