Question: Why is my CS: GO not connecting to network?

Its also possible that the you cant connect to CS: GO network because youre suffering from some minor Internet connection issues. To fix them, you need to restart your network connection. Step 1: Turn off your computer. Step 2: Turn off your router and modem and disconnect them from the power source.

How do I enable network information in CS: GO?

To enable the overlay with all the informations, we need to type “net_graph 1” into the console of Counter Strike. Done. You will now see several performance informations on the screen. To disable the screen, you can type in “net_graph 0”.

How do I reset my CS: GO network settings?

Exit Steam. Make sure steam is not running!Deleteing userdata file. Proceed to Local Disk (C:) > Deleting cfg folder. Proceed to Local Disk (C:) > Verify Integrity of Game Cache! Go into steam and right-click csgo and go to properties and then click the local tab and verify integrity of game cache!Rate and Subscribe!2 Jul 2015

Why did my CS:GO settings reset?

Once you turn off Read Only and the game can change your config file as it sees fit, anytime you set your options and hit apply, the game will change that setting accordingly in your config. cfg file and that should fix the problem.

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