My ex boyfriend is going out with my best friend on facebook

my ex boyfriend is going out with my best friend on facebook

When my ex-boyfriend and I broke up after being together for almost a year, he said he was too young to be tied down to just one girl and he had too many t He said I was his best friend and he would hate to lose me completely. However, when I make comments on Facebook or Twitter about me spending time with other guys, he gets really angry and says I’m rubbing it in his face, trying to make him jealous. At first I thought he just didn’t want me to move on from him, but then he called me and told me he missed being in a relationship with me and that he missed me since I hadn’t talked to him for three days). We’re broken up still and I’m trying to move on but I can’t unless I know for sure. It’s over, but is it really over?

my ex boyfriend is going out with my best friend on facebook

There are some questions about men that only a guy can answer. We asked the dudes at (read more about them ), for their take on this dating conundrum: Q: My boyfriend and his ex publicized their love for each other all over Facebook, but now that he's with me, we're not even listed as being in a relationship.

Why?! Man using laptop in bed with bored woman watching him Getty Images/Creatas RF Stop. Back away from . No good will come from comparing the relationship he had with his ex to yours.

You know the biggest difference between that relationship and the one you now have? Theirs didn't work. Why are you comparing what you have to his failed relationship? Clearly he's chosen to do things differently with you. Maybe all of their Facebook PDA ultimately damaged the relationship. Or maybe he has matured, and the idea of plastering his Facebook feed with kissy photos and cutesy status messages seems childish.

If you know that he loves you, that should be enough. He shouldn't have to show that love off to everyone he went to high school with just to make you feel secure. Also, how are you seeing these photos? Are they on his ex's page? Does he still have them on his page? If there's a photo of him making out with his ex right next to one of the two of you bowling, that's not cool. But if you're going out of your way to find these photos, you need to stop.

As for him not being in a relationship on Facebook, there are two schools of thought on that one. On the one hand, if he's faithful, it shouldn't matter how he fills out a profile on a silly social networking site. On the other, if he loves you, what's the harm in showing that he's not single? Does his status say "single," or is it left blank? If it's blank, don't worry about it. If it's set to single, I don't see the harm in asking him why he hasn't changed it.

But if he doesn't want to, let it go. If he's a good boyfriend in every other way, it shouldn't matter whether or not he wants to click a button on Facebook and put more money into Mark Zuckerberg's pocket. I can understand how it's hard to see how he was with his ex and not get jealous. The only thing you can do is avoid any reminder of his ex, and remember that he loves you more. Facebook provides far too many opportunities for jealousy.

Recent studies have shown that it is . It's even rougher on relationships, particularly in the early stages. When will Facebook stop having such power over us? Why can't we—Sorry.

My friend Tim just posted a hilarious Yogi Bear parody to his feed. Oh, Boo-Boo. How could you do that to poor Yogi? Do you expect your boyfriend to tout your relationship on Facebook, or do you aim to keep your romantic lives off of social networking sites?

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my ex boyfriend is going out with my best friend on facebook

my ex boyfriend is going out with my best friend on facebook - My ex boyfriend is talking to one of my best friends.

my ex boyfriend is going out with my best friend on facebook

It has not been too long since your breakup with your ex boyfriend. It is possible that you have taken the advice that the best way to get back with your ex boyfriend is to follow the no contact rule. So far, you have been doing well and avoided all types of communications with your ex and concentrate on your own life. But, suddenly your ex boyfriend text or call you out of blue.

Your heart starts beating very fast and your palms are beginning to sweat. You are very tempted to reply back and tell him that you miss him and love him. Before you do anything, you need to take a step back and figure out all of a sudden, so you don’t reply back the wrong message and get hurt again.

If it is still a fresh breakup, then it is important for you to take the contact with a pinch of salt because the emotional dust from your breakup has not settled yet and your ex’s emotions are not stable and might fluctuate. Below are some possible reasons why your ex boyfriend suddenly gets in touch: Your ex boyfriend has difficulty getting over you and moving on.

Your ex-boyfriend who suddenly initiates contact with no apparent reason might be having problems getting over the breakup and moving on. Since you have been in no contact for quite some time, he is scared that you might have already moved on without him. Your ex boyfriend realized that he made a mistake and the new girl is not right for him. If your ex boyfriend broke up with you because of another girl, he might be reaching out to you after realizing that leaving you was a big mistake on his part and the new girl is completely wrong for him.

Sometimes, it takes losing someone to realize how important that someone is to you. Guys easily get distracted and make rash decisions such as giving up a long time stable relationship to be with an attractive girl whom he just met weeks ago.

As soon as he realizes that he and the new girl are not working out, you are the first one that comes to his mind. Your ex boyfriend genuinely wants to get back together. This might be one of the most common reasons why an ex boyfriend suddenly contacts you shortly after breakup.

He is still in love with you and wants to give your relationship a second try. Depending on what kind of personality he has and also what is the reason for the breakup, he might not be so straight forward with his intentions for contacting you. That is when you need to know how to respond to his message or call. We will talk about that in greater details later on. Also, I need to emphasize that an ex boyfriend who really cares about you and genuinely wants to get back together is willing to take baby steps towards working out your relationship problems and make consistent effort in doing so.

You need to be wary when your ex makes impulsive declarations of never-ending love. Passion is born out of need, and our emotional needs can change very quickly especially in the case of a breakup. Your ex boyfriend doesn’t want to lose his friendship with you. Some of my friends are best friends with their ex now.

So, it might not be surprising that your ex boyfriend might really take his friendship with you very seriously because he can talk about almost everything with you and you get him in a way no one else ever does. A romantic relationship might not work out between two of you, but he is hoping that he can stay good friends with you.

This could be hard for you if you are not over him. But, if you feel the same way as him, then it does no harm keeping him as a good friend. Your ex boyfriend wants to ask for your help.

This is unlikely but it is not impossible. Maybe your ex boyfriend needs a favor from you. That explains why he contacts you out of blue. In this case, it is entirely up to you if you want to help or not.

If you are not keen in doing him any favors, remember to turn him down politely. On the other hand, if it has been quite a lengthy period of time since the last time you talked to your ex, I can understand how surprised you might feel at first and then you start to wonder why your ex suddenly contacts you. Your ex boyfriend suddenly thought of you and wanted to know how you are doing. It is possible that something or some place suddenly reminded your ex boyfriend of you and he just wanted to reach out and see how you have been doing.

If your ex contacted you via a Facebook message or email, he could really just want to catch up with you and you should not try to over-think this. Your ex boyfriend is single now and wants to get back in touch. Another possible reason might be that your ex boyfriend is recently single again and he is looking to reconnect with you.

That means that he still thinks about you and might want to test waters first and see if you still have feelings for him. Sometimes, be wary of ex-boyfriends who might just try to have a quick fling with their exes. So, stay away immediately from him if you start to sense his ill intentions.

Your ex boyfriend is unhappy in his relationship & looking for someone to talk to. You know that your ex boyfriend is in a new relationship now. Sometimes, guys prefer to talk to their exes when they are having trouble with their current relationships because guys seldom talk to their guy buddies about their feelings or their love life.

You were once the closest person to him, so it is much easier to for him to open up and talk about his issues. Take note that in times like this, it is easy for you to let your guard down, and some girls have a thing for vulnerable guys. Just remember that your ex has a girlfriend and don’t cross any lines. So, here comes the question about how to reply to your ex boyfriend when he contacts you out of blue.

If you are still thinking about getting back together, you should do the following: The One Hour Rule When you first got your ex’s text in a long time, it is important that you don’t reply him right away.

If you text him back right away, it is likely that you might say you still think about him or you wish you were still together. I can understand that you might still feel that way about your ex, but the thing is that you are not sure why he suddenly gets in touch and you have to find out why first before making a fool out of yourself and scare your ex away again by coming across as too needy and desperate. So, that is why you need to wait for at least one hour before you reply him back.

This can give him the impression that you are busy with your own life and you are not just waiting by the phone for him to contact you. This is a very crucial step if you are really thinking about getting back together.

If you feel that you might not be able to stop yourself from texting him back right away, what you can do is to switch off your phone and then go out for a walk without your phone. That way, you can also clear your head and gather your thoughts. More importantly, it will help you demonstrate to him that you are not desperate for his attention.

Be Nice In Your Reply I would advise you to send him back something that sort of mirrors what he said. For example, if he asked how you have been in his text, you can reply to him that you have been doing great and then ask the same question back. Remember that this is not a good time to have a serious conversation, especially any topics related to your relationship. More often than not, a guy text his ex-girlfriend out of blue to say that he is thinking about her.

When you hear this, your hearts might start to melt. But, be warned that your ex boyfriend might just want to find out if you are willing to hang out and he might not be looking for more of a fling than something serious because he is just feeling lonely. So, if he did text you to say he misses you, you should probably pretend you didn’t hear that and change the topic. It goes to show him that you are being protective of yourself and you are not going to be influenced by what he said until you are certain he really meant what he said.

Be The First One To End The Conversation Even if you hope the conversation with your ex boyfriend could go on for hours, you have to end the conversation shortly after it starts. Let me explain to you why you should do this. First of all, you don’t want your primary way of communication to be text messaging or whatsapp-ing because this is too impersonal and it is also very convenient for him to say things that might not be sincere.

Besides, if you end the conversation first by suggesting that you need to be some place now or you are busy with something, it will give him the impression that he is not your top priority any more.

Establishing this fact early in the reconnection process is important because it sets the tone for the new connection you two may have. Filed Under: Tagged With: , , , My husband left us for another woman in a different state an has never once called nothing no cards to his 3 kids we have together my youngest don’t even remember him and my oldest does she wa 5 when he left and come to find out he just broke up with his gf a month ago and I can’t figure out y he would ever contact me we were not on good terms I’m now 33 and last year I was seeing a guy for 9 months.

We both had been single for a few years prior to this. We’re both the type who isn’t afraid of being alone until the right person comes along. He was studying and living about 2 hours away. I broke it off because I felt like he didn’t make enough time for me. He had to work all summer to pay for fees etc. I broke it off over the phone. He was absolutely shocked as he had thought we had a future together. I regretted my decision soon after, and tried to get him back. He said he couldn’t go back and feared that I would do the same thing somewhere down the line.

And he wasn’t willing to take the risk, especially with so much at stake with Uni. I text him and emailed him a really long message once after that but he didn’t replay. In the new year, I text again this time he replied saying that he was on placement, and apologised for not responding, stating that it was his way of moving on.

I found out from a friend that he had dated a girl for a few months later, but there wasn’t enough there to start a relationship. He went away to a different country on placement, and when he returned six months later he text.

He said he just wanted to know how things were going for me, and he wanted to give me his new number in case I had been trying to get in contact with him again. I told him that I hadn’t planned to get back in contact after I heard from him, and that he was moving on.

I realized that I had to do the same. He replied saying that he didn’t know if he had moved on. I told him to be upfront and tell me why he had really contacted me. He asked if he could ring me, and I said yes. He rang and told me he had finished his course and wasn’t going to do an add-on year. He said was going to do some traveling, and that his buddy was thinking about going with him. He said that while he was away he had thought about ways of making things better for us, like moving to where I lived, but then he wouldn’t be fully happy.

I didn’t tell him that I had had the same thoughts. I just listened to him. i had already said enough in my emails. He also said that it was really difficult for him to read it.

He asked me what I doing and if I had decided to return to Uni again. I told him that I had plans to travel around South America for a few months. After I told him this, the conversation came to an end quicker than expected. He said if he didn’t see me before I went, (there was never any talk about us considering to meet up), to have a safe trip.

I text and said that conversation was as hard as the day I had met him in an attempt to apologize for what I had done over the phone. I asked him to be truthful about why he was back in contact. I was honest saying I still thought about me every day, and added that it seems that little had changed for him.

He said he was sorry for being in contact, and did a full 360 saying it was sad things didn’t work but he guessed he had come to accept it. Also, adding that maybe my traveling will help things for me. I told him to not contact me again, but soon realized that I was overdramatic. I wrote back saying I don’t want to leave things on bad terms and if we were ever to cross paths I hoped it would be on good terms. I wished him the best and left it at that. He replied saying that it meant a lot to him.

He added that he wanted to know how I was and will always hope I’m doing well. He wished me a safe trip. This was a month ago, I’m really trying to put it all to the back of my mind, but part of me wants to text him and ask him to meet up before we both go traveling to see if maybe we really are meant to be together. Friends tell me not to, as though this guy had cheated on me or was the one who broke it off. Most believe he should have taken me back.

On the other hand, being as sensitive a character as him, I’m not sure I would have taken him back for fear of it being down again considering there was still two years left of Uni. My head, or pride. is telling me to stand leave well alone, that deep down I broke it off for a reason. And then my heart is telling me that maybe I expected it all to be all so perfect, and was being impatient. Do I hold out and stay away, despite the daily internal conflict a of wanting to write to him and meet him before we both go traveling?

Even before he got in contact. I was still always thinking about him, but was just waiting for it to pass.

I had hoped that traveling may help. Although, for whatever reason it didn’t seem to help him. If he had just text asking how I was, without entertaining my comment about knowing I’d hear from him again when he had moved on, maybe I’d have felt different. The worse part, is that I know exes, especially guys, don’t get in contact because they want to know how you’re doing as though you were friends for life. Hey, my boyfriend and I only dated for about 3 months and up until the time he contacted me, we hadn’t been speaking for almost 6 weeks.

I’m still angry about the way things ended, simply because I didn’t see it coming and o fell in love with him quicker than I thought I would. He contacted me two days ago saying that he would like to visit me, I still love him but I don’t want him back.

I keep telling him that he can come and visit but when he’s supposed to I give him the run around and tell him I’m busy. I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing or not.

I really need your help. Thanks I’m in a similar situation. My ex was beautiful for three months and then literally turned into a jackass overnight and dumped me with no warning – in an incredibly disrespectful way. A couple of days ago (we’ve been apart, no contact, for four weeks) I got four missed calls from an unkown number (I deleted his number when we split), which really can only be from him.

I don’t know whether to text and find out if it was him and what he wanted … or to just take it as probable, spur of the moment, and another sign of his disrespect that he didn’t leave a message or try to text.

The curiosity is maddening! Like you, I still care for him but don’t want to get back together. I’m concerned that I’ll weaken if that’s what he wants, because I care. Hi I date my ex for about two years . The breakup was just something that happened.

We have been broken up for a little over a year. He just recently face timed me and I we talked and he just wanted to know how I was and kept talking about the past but he is currently in a relationship I think .

Is there chance we get back together ??? my ex boyfriend is currently in a relationship and been with his girlfriend for about a year now since we have broken up we have for whatever talked. his girlfriend doesnt like me and i had to cut off any communication with him, not for him but for myself. i blocked him from everything phone facebook instrgram. but he follows my friends.

My friend posted a picture us facetiming he saw it and instead of commenting on the picture he says :”tell jazz i said hi” in her dms. Now my friend wanted to play with his head but i know him and he is a little to smart for that. My friend and my ex went back and forth for a while until i finally said”tell him you told me hi and that his wife wouldn’t like him speaking to me” He didn’t respond after that but he did read it Couldn’t help but wonder why he contact me knowing his girlfriend doesn’t like for whatever reason and he knows it would be a problem if she found out.

Then i wondered why would he contact after he told people to tell me that he is happy and that i should find someone else. We havent spoken in months so my mind is all over the place i need answers please anybody????? My ex boyfriend send me a msg on fb. He did send it im March 2016 and only got it in Aug 2016 by discovering the spam msg on my fb. He and his wife is separated for 8 months now.

We had contact before the 10year but he got involved with a girl(wife/ex wife) and ask me not to msg him anymore. But after 10year he msg me. Never thought I’ll ever hear from him again in my life but after 10 years I got a big surprise . The best day for me in this hear. Chatting about all the good memories we had and stuff like that. Before he went overseas I was his ex girlfiend…….Is there a reason for this Hi please help I broke up with my ex five months ago and right after breaking up he started seeing someone else,i just applied the no contact rule about a few weeks ago more like i was moving on and a few days ago he just came at my doorstep with a friend of his who happen to be a friend of mine too..but when i opened the door he just run away.

He havent contacted me before or after he came at my place vai text or anything. but our mutaul keeps asking wether i hve moved on or not?.I just dont know how to interpret his actions?..please help My ex boyfriend who at the time i considered my best friend broke up with me almost a year ago.

Months after the break up he would tell me that he wanted to work things out but would stop contact as soon as I tried to make plans for us to meet.

He would poke at me on social media and text me here and there but every time I would ask him what his motives were he would blow me off by not saying anything which would put me in the crazy limbo state. I decided to delete everything facebook, phone numbers, text messages because i felt like i was starting to go crazy. We ran into each other at a going away party for a mutal friend I stayed away from him but he came over to me anyway and asked why I was avoiding him.

I told him why and then he kissed me. I thought all was forgiven and we were getting back together so we went back to his place and we slept together and he told me he still loved me. I never heard from this guy again and It was like getting stuck with a knife in my side I So 5 months later I feel like Im doing ok and Im just really focused on my career and dating has kind of taken a backseat in my life for now , dont get me wrong it still hurts but the world hasn’t stopped but at 1am last week I get a text message from him the guy: How’s it going?

me: I got a new phone …. who is this? the guy: Nevermind me: Um, ok have a nice night. the guy: Its (his name) me: (his last name)? I really couldn’t believe it was him the guy: Ya, nevermind goodnight me: Alright, take care i also still really care about him despite the emotional rollercoaster ride he had me on. In the last few months Ive had alot of success at work besides social media I have been on TV and in the news papers and alot of people that i havent seen or heard from in years are starting to come out of the wood work including ex boyfriends but this one is a little different.

I wonder if i did the right thing by not trying to engage with him any further beyond that point or asking him what he wanted. I just really don’t want to be taken for a ride again. My head says to leave it alone but my heart wants me to say “Im sorry, Its just been a while. how are you doing.” its a tough spot to be in and Im wondering if my chosing to do nothing is the right thing or if i should open up communication with him again (because unfortuneatly i really do want to).

My ex boyfriend texted me out of the blue after a year of us not speaking. We broke up because I moved and while we were together he rarely showed me that he cared. He was always to busy for me the entire relationship. So I informed the day before my move that I was actually moving. I knew this would hurt him but I didn’t really care because of the way I was treated. After I moved he would shoot me a text hear and there then it stopped. After a year in the afternoon he texted me.

I was a work so I didn’t see the text until 3 hours later (bonus). I texted him I was doing fine and he said he missed me. I ignored it and changed the subject about how well I was doing at my new job. He genuinely seemed impressed he stated that he missed being with me. I said he can visit me when he’s free. I ended up moving closer to the city he lived in. A few months later he texted me again.

Note I’m never rude when we have these random conversation. I explained I moved closer to him and he asked my permission to come visit me. I agreed. Finally we ended up getting back together and things are better than ever. It’s true men don’t realize what they have until it’s gone. My ex admitted to me that he was really hurt when I moved without really telling him and he never felt right ever since. When he experienced life without me he truly saw what he was missing.

Now he goes above and beyond not to make the same mistakes he’s made in the past and is much more attentive and caring. Side note: if your ex texts u out of the blue late at night it’s a booty call. My ex always texted me in the middle of the day and I knew he wasn’t just wanting quick ass because we lived hours away.

I dated my ex boyfriend for 3.5 years. In October, i was feeling bored and hastily made the decision to break up with him. Almost immediately I started dating someone else else, which I know it was cruel of me. I have broken up with my rebound guy and it has been about six months since the original breakup. In February I sent him a letter saying i still loved him and felt empty without him In my life.

He responded by saying he loved our relationship but it was over. Then about a month later he blocked me on Facebook out of nowhere. He has texted me a few times with nothing to say. I miss him still terribly and feel like a horrible person for breaking his heart in the first place.

Is there any chance of us being together? Why would he be texting me if he’s blocked me on all social media? Hi, I have been dating a guy since last 2 years. He was the one who approached me, chased me but never committed me to get married except for oncE. Now after I expressed my desired to get married he said he is commitment phobic guy and has no wish to get married in future. He finally broke up with me as it was getting impossible for us to get along because of this issue.

We have had a great time together which he agrees. He also agrees that he tried to Change his mind about marriage but nothing helps him. He says he doesn’t want to waste my time and it was better for me that I go away from a guy like him who can never love anyone to get married. Its been 3 days that we broke up, he has promised me to be friends and help me over come bad ttime…he msged me oNce in a day… He has a history of short relationship, troubled childhood.

He says I was the only girl in his for whom he has cared and all other relationships have been worst. I am trying to keep myself away from him to give him time to think..will he ever come back?

Sounds like the guy has commitment issues but bottom line you have to consider is this the ONLY issue? The way i see it is we are in relationships because we enjoy the time we spend with that person. I don’t think the guy is afraid of you i just think he is afraid of forever. Forever is a scary word for guys.

Would you be ok if you guys were together forever without getting married is he worth it to you without the church, champane and the white dress?

Sometimes we have to sacrifice things in order to make room for the needs of ourselves and others. We also have to remember that guys are big babies who don’t like to be put under pressure and really don’t like to admit they are wrong. be paitent. Instead of condeming his midset try to understand why he is afraid to commit. But waiting for someone to come back and commit is the key to having a nervous breakdown no guy will actually do things the way we want them to do them (like folding laundry for example they just throw everything in the drawer) allow yourself time to reflect and tell him how you hey vivian, i can relate to that but i think the best you can ever do is not to allow your emotions override your wisdom.

Pray to God if it is really best to get back both of you together or to pick up the pieces of yourself first to be whole again. i have been that situation and i realize that the Lord will give you a man who is set apart for you. you only need to be still and listen to his guidance.

i hope your love life will be filled with great testimonies of inspiration for everyone. I hope you have forgotten about this guy and have moved on. Men run further away, when being chased. Also, why would you want to waste your time chasing someone who’s not crazy about you? I hope you have found a guy who has not given you any reason to break up with him. If not, no worries, keep dating.

Or, just enjoy your life, doing what you love to do and eventually you’ll meet a great guy, who shares the same interests as you. And if you never find a great guy, so what? Just live your life the best you can and have fun being single.

my ex boyfriend is going out with my best friend on facebook

So your new boyfriend is besties with his ex. That can be tricky, but it's definitely not time to hit the panic button. Real, non-romantic friendships can totally form out of the ashes of a past relationship. If you're wondering, "?" well, consider my story.

Shortly after my partner and I moved in together, we had a house guest. One of my best friends needed a place to crash for a few weeks while he hunted for a new apartment. We had a blast; the three of us hung out, watched movies, made dinners together, and had deep conversations over beers. Just your usual house guest antics. Oh, did I mention this house guest also happens to be my ex? Yep, my ex-turned-best-bud shared a roof with my new partner and not only was it not awkward, it was actually fun.

At the end of his stay, my ex told me, "I like you Rach, but I think like your boyfriend even more." He was kidding (I hope), but I got the point: They had formed a real friendship, too.

I couldn't have been happier. Unfortunately, not every ex/new BF situation can be as amicable as ours, but it works because the friendship is so totally platonic for both me and my ex. My partner is comfortable because not only can he see that were just buds with his own eyes, but because I've made it clear with both words and actions. So how do you separate my kind of story from one that has a much less happy ending (for you)?

I would start by asking your partner about the friendship. They may be able to reassure you just by explaining the dynamic. But if you still have a suspicion there might be some lingering feelings, ask yourself the following questions to help you decide if your SO is just friends with their ex, or if it's time to worry.

1. How Long Has It Been Since They Broke Up? The longer it's been since they split, the better. Turning romance into bromance takes time; all the feelings of romance and resentment need to heal and go away, and that just takes a while.

Also, the longer it's been, the more evidence that they aren't in any rush to rekindle things. 2. Why And How Did They Break Up? Almost as important as how long it's been since they split is how and why the broke up. Was it a case of two people growing apart? Or did their ex dump them out of nowhere, totally crushing their heart? The best-case scenario is that they mutually decided to go their separate ways because that's often a sign that they were already headed toward platonics-ville.

However, the more brutal the breakup, the more likely there will be unresolved feelings. This isn't a guarantee that there is cause for concern, but let's call it a yellow flag. 3. Are You Still Friends With Your Exes? If you are, then you should already know it's totally possible to turn your former flame into a current BFF.

Oftentimes, relationships end because you are incompatible, not because you don't like them. In those situations, a friendship is the best form the relationship can take. Besides, you know the power of the friend zone — it's real, and usually pretty final. 4.

How Does Your SO Feel About You Being Friends With Your Exes? This goes hand-in-hand with the previous question. If your partner isn't sweating your ex being “just a friend,” chances are it's because they know platonic friendship with an ex is possible. The time to worry is when they feel strongly that you can't just be friends with an ex — because that could be a case of good ol' projection.

5. Are They Avoiding Committing To You? Is your partner all in? Or do you get the sense they are holding out for someone else, like their ex? (Whether their unwillingness to lock it down has to do with the ex or not is really irrelevant though.

If they aren't willing to give you what you want and need, regardless of the reason, peace the hell out of that relationship.) 6. Does He Talk About Her All The Time? Do you always feel like there is a third person in your relationship: you, your partner, and their idealized version of their ex against whom all things must be compared and contrasted?

Yeah, that's not great. Sounds like they are still caught up, and you should disentangle. 8. When You Are All Together, How Do They Act? When the three of you are in the same room, what is the vibe like? Does it just feel like old friends hanging out, or is there an atmosphere? How is your partner's behavior? Are they relaxed or flustered? And do you feel like you're welcome, or do you suddenly feel like a third wheel?

If so, then maybe you should roll out. 9. Does It Bother Them When Their Ex Moves On Or Has A New Partner? When word makes it back to your boo that their ex is with someone new, how do they react? If their response is happy or ambivalent, thumbs up. Or do they get upset, annoyed, jealous, or weirdly protective? If the answer is the latter, then things aren't looking so great. Friends are happy for friends when they find love. Jilted crushes, not so much. 10. How Do You Feel About Their Ex?

For better or worse, your partner's friends are going to be your friends, or friendly acquaintances anyway. So how do you feel about this person becoming a part of your circle? They may be the worst, but just possibly, they may be amazing and a new best friend for you, too.

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