Los angeles best pick up bars

los angeles best pick up bars

Try your pick-up luck at an airport bar. Cheapflights has the scoop on some of the best airport bars for making a connection while waiting for one If that piques your interest, think about whiling away time before your flight out of Los Angeles at Petrossian in the Tom Bradley International Terminal. It’s a caviar and champagne bar that is just fancy enough to attract a few smaller-tier stars. Order up a glass of bubbly and keep your eyes peeled. Go-to pick up line: Do I know you from somewhere? Cowboy or girl: Montana’s Cookhouse Saloon, Calgary International Airport, Calgary. LASZLO ILYES, That’s a lot of bull via Flickr CC BY 2.0.

los angeles best pick up bars

LA can be a bear for single people to navigate: the city is enormous, online dating apps are terrible, and if you've spent a lot of time focusing on your own neighborhood, then you're just running into (and hooking up with) the same people over (and over) (and over) again.

That's why we've got this cheat-sheet of great bars for meeting single people at. They are all set up with cozy booths, have great vibes, and -- whether they're classy cocktail bars or dark dives -- that inexplicable sexiness that makes closing time have double meaning.

Downtown There are plenty of intimate nooks and crannies in the beloved DTLA ode-to-whiskey, as well as a pool table to start conversation and "accidentally" bump into someone as you try to pass by. Seven Grand also hides the sorta-secret bar The Jackalope in the back if you want to change locations without really changing locations.

Hollywood This (not so) hidden, underground speakeasy rests in the midst of Hollywood Blvd and was once called one of our , so it’s only natural it makes our list for best bars in LA if you’re single.

Bartenders serve up infused spirits, equipped with house made syrups and garnishes for young professionals looking for something fancy to sip on. Meanwhile, DJs provide both current and throwback tunes to keep singles bumpin’ and grindin’ all night long. There’s also the even-more-hidden Valentino room, which offers its own private bar and plush seating for those looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of the typically cramped dance floor -- and have a little, uh, alone time.

Hollywood The name alone is the first sign that people at Good Times At Davey Wayne's are there to enjoy themselves -- and the totally decked-out '70s-themed ambiance help make that anything-goes vibe a reality. This speakeasy exudes a casual, house party-like atmosphere thanks to darkly lit hallways, comfy couches, and an outdoor patio with hammocks, ample seating and spiked sno-cones from the old-school camper posted up out back; there's plenty to talk about with whomever you meet there -- and a dance floor busting out old-school hits if you want to take it to the next-ish level.

Hollywood This always-hopping two-story bar from the Houston brothers evokes the World War II-era with factory-like details and suspender-clad bartenders serving up an innovative, always-changing cocktail list, with a separate, tiny R&D bar in the back the perfect place to strike up conversation with a new "friend" before moving over to the main room to watch a band or -- even better -- a suggestive, sexy burlesque show.

Hollywood Allegedly a former bordello, the entrance to this huge bar -- which involves a bed, naturally -- means you’ve got an instant conversation starter with whomever you’ve been eying. Once inside, the bar's got plenty more to discuss, including live jazz music and burlesque performers on the weekends, as well as showcases from rock bands and the occasional tightrope-walker.

Seriously. Hollywood This Southern-inspired saloon has a unique drink list -- including barrel-aged cocktails -- as well as suggestive house favorites like the very boozy Sex on the Bayou. Close quarters mean spontaneous dancing to the bands playing on the overhanging balcony which range from swing, to blues, brass, and more, and the intimate, cozy, setup on the front-porch -- with rustic fireplaces and wicker chairs -- are also perfect for quieter getting-to-know-you-and-your-tonsils “conversation.â€\x9D Hollywood This true neighborhood haunt attracts locals with its Friday social night -- a weekly promotion that through its "don't leave single" tagline ostensibly lays the groundwork for bar goers looking to get laid (uh, or find their soul mate).

And if that’s not enough, they serve happy hour every night until 10pm, which gives you no excuse not to buy the cutie you’ve been eyeing a (cheap) drink. Pasadena This divey whiskey bar is a prime destination for Pasadena singles based on the right combination of mood lighting (dimly lit, of course), feel-good tunes at a volume that’s conducive to conversation, and large liquor selection.

Additionally, you and your date-ish-person can also loosen up over a game of chess, shuffle board, or checkers -- just don't get too competitive, or you may be left alone to king yourself.

Santa Monica This bougie beachfront staple maintains a relaxed and romantic vibe, steps away from the ocean. Always swarming with an influx of bros and ladies dressed to impress, it’s the perfect place to meet other singles, thanks to a multi-room setup that includes indoor and outdoor seating, and plenty of activities ranging from ping pong to sitting by fire pits.

The lines to get in can be long, but turn that negative into a positive: if the person in front or behind you is someone you want to chat with, they've sort of held hostage with you for the duration. Silver Lake This divey cocktail bar is a hotspot for Eastside hipsters who aren’t afraid to let loose. It may seem like a hot mess on the weekends (because it is), but that just means a whole load of single people getting down on the dance floor to tunes provided by featured DJs, which range from retro-funk to current electro-rock.

However, if you’re not up for meeting someone on the dance floor (or once you do) you can peruse over to the other side of the bar, which has ample seating, a mellower atmosphere, and no lack of dark corners.

Silver Lake A bangin’ juke box, stiff drinks, and a circular bar setup give single people all the right commodities to have enough liquid courage to talk to the hottie across the way.

And who knows, if things go really well, maybe you’ll get to take him/her into the photo booth for an intimate moment or outside for some delicious, out-of-this-world BBQ from the always-there cart. West Hollywood This multiple-roomed Russian-themed lounge makes it possible to have various kinds of no-shame nights in the same place -- starting with getting down in dim, red-lit ambiance in the dancy Red Room before moving towards a more relaxed, boothy vibe in the up-front Bar Room.

There's also a patio, and the bar as a whole has over 200 choices of vodka from around the world, allowing you and your new honey to go on a little adventure without ever actually leaving WeHo. West Hollywood This chic barstaurant’s got layers to its hookup scene: from the moment you walk into the inviting dining room, you feel like you’re being sized-up by the over-eager bar goers that up front.

Heading towards the back, the wrap around lines for the bathroom are perfect for striking up awkward conversation, and the back patio’s sort of the spot to hit once you’ve hit paydirt. It doesn’t end there, either -- if things go particularly well, it’s also one of WeHo’s favorite places to be on Saturday and Sunday mornings for morning-after brunch. West Hollywood This charming upscale bar-lounge rests on top of Rock & Reilly’s and is one of as well as located in the heart of West Hollywood.

But those factors aside, it’s perfect for singles thanks to its romantic ambiance, which resembles an enchanted garden, complete with an ivy-clad pergola, wicker chairs, and a fireplace that gets extra-cozy on winter nights. West Hollywood The Den on Sunset’s cozy beer garden, equipped with an elongated fireplace in the center, gives bar goer’s year-round opportunity to make casual conversation; the bar also throws themed events on the regular with free food and discount cocktails aimed at getting people to know each other -- which is as good an excuse as any to, uh, get to know someone new.

los angeles best pick up bars

los angeles best pick up bars - The 15 Best Nightclubs in Los Angeles

los angeles best pick up bars

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los angeles best pick up bars

25 LA Bars for Every Kind of Date Dating in LA is notoriously different from everywhere else. The standard dating rules go out the window, and the line between networking, dating, and social climbing can be pretty hazy. Nobody even bats an eyelash at age gaps (that might possibly inspire moral indignation in other cities). So, add to that the unique cultures of each neighborhood... and it can get pretty confusing.

To help you make sense of it all, we’ve researched the best bars for each type of date—from Tinder dates to illicit affairs. Here are the perfect spots for every situation. For When They’re Paying BEVERLY HILLS If you know they’re hiding their Old Money under that homeless-chic outfit, suggest The Bar at Hotel Bel Air. Settle in by the fireplace and order up some caviar—and an $18 cocktail. If you have a few drinks, just remember your LA road rules on the way out: Porsches always have right-of-way.

(But obviously, nobody should be driving after a few drinks. C’mon.) For When You’re Paying SILVERLAKE This is a tried-and-true place for a date in the leafy part of Silverlake, away from Sunset. The classy, minimal interior will reassure your date that you’re not cheap.

Happy hour runs from 5-7 PM every day with $4 beers and $8 wines. If you want to look really good, you can also suggest a dozen oysters—they won’t break the bank at $26.

For the Second Date HOLLYWOOD This intimate cocktail bar is located in the Hotel Roosevelt. The vibe is Great Gatsby-style glamor, and they have an impressive cocktail list.

You can cozy up on a couch, or if things get weird, they have plenty of board games like checkers and Jenga—and even a couple of full size bowling alleys—to rescue you from an awkward moment. Know Where Bar When You Want to Seal the Deal HOLLYWOOD If you spend any time in Hollywood, you’ll know that the term ‘Hollywood Glamor’ is pretty much obsolete. One exception is the Know Where Bar, a cozy establishment that oozes sexy, golden-age mystery with its indoor palms and pressed tin roof.

The cocktails are strong, an it’s right in the middle of things—which is convenient if you need to head east, west… or down south quickly. You know, like South Bay… For the 30th Date DTLA You’ve got nothing left to say, so just grab a drink and jam your quarters in the slot. This place is right in the middle of the Arts District, so there are plenty of other options if the date becomes unbearable.

For When You Don’t Want the Date to Run Long SILVERLAKE El Cid’s leafy courtyard is the perfect place to catch the last few rays of sunlight after work, as you sip peacefully on a margarita. When the open mic inevitably starts up, that’s your excuse to get out of there. For When You’re Hoping Drinks Turn Into Dinner DTLA This cozy whisky bar with comfortable couches and an impressive drink menu is sure to impress your date. When the conversation turns to dinner, just head upstairs to the restaurant.

The modern Italian menu has everything from pizza to $40 steaks, so it can be as casual or serious as you want. For When You Don’t Want Anyone to See the Person You’re Dating SANTA MONICA For some bizarre reason, Pacific Dining Car is always completely empty, so you’re unlikely to run into anyone you know.

Admittedly, there is a bit of a David Lynch vibe to this place. So if you and your date bonded over your love of Twin Peaks, all the better. For When You Want to Dance Cypress Park The atmosphere is low-key, the drinks are cheap, and when the DJ starts, everyone gets up on the dance floor. Anything goes in this dark dive. It’s the perfect place to pull out your drunken moves—or make a move.

To Show Off Your Whiskey Knowledge DTLA This Downtown backroom bar has one of the best whiskey lists in LA, with a special focus on Japanese whiskies. If you’re hoping for a goodnight kiss, just make sure you suppress the urge to indulge in a cigar on the patio. For When You’re Having an Affair SANTA MONICA This bar is hidden away in the Huntley Hotel, so the other patrons are most likely to be guests rather than locals. They do a decent martini, but it’s the incredible views that make this place worthwhile.

Order a drink, gaze into the eyes of your lover, and watch the sun sink lower than your morals. To Woo a Wine Snob SILVERLAKE This low-key bar in Silverlake has impressive wine list with bottles from as far as Morocco, Bosnia, and Argentina, curated with love by the owners. The wait staff are also very knowledgeable, so they won’t be embarrassingly dazzled by your date’s wine jargon. To Impress a Beer Connoisseur ECHO PARK With over 70 taps running at any one time, your date is sure to find something here to tickle their palette— from fruity wits to hoppy IPAs, and everything else.

The busy but casual vibe is also perfect for a date, and there’s a patio out the front where you can watch the world roll by on Sunset Boulevard. To Get Out of the Friend Zone DTLA A few drinks by the pool at dusk as you gaze upon Downtown LA, and your date should be putty in your hands. To Meet a Tinder Date LOS FELIZ Everyone loves an excuse to come to Los Feliz, and this is the perfect date spot.

It’s busy, but not too loud, with low lighting and a great wine list. It’s also easier to park here than it is further down on Vermont—just in case you need to leave in a hurry. Club Bar at the Peninsula To Meet a League Date BEVERLY HILLS The ambiance is old-school gentleman’s club and they have a ‘remarkable spirits’ list (just in case you need to drop $800 on a bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII to impress your date).

The hidden location ensures you’ll be away from the plebs. To Indulge Your Competitive Nature HIGHLAND PARK Here you can knock back cocktails from the impressive drink menu, while also relentlessly knocking down pins until your date gives up. (If you want to see them again, you might want to let them win though.) For When You Want to Drink Too Much and Decide That Getting a Hotel Room Would Be the Best Idea Ever DTLA It’s called a hotel, but the Standard is more like a nightclub with rooms.

No doubt it can get a little wild up by the pool and the rooms aren’t exactly five star, but as a middle-aged alcoholic once said to me: you’re here for a good time, not a long time. To Take Someone Who Just Moved to Town CHINATOWN Moving to LA from somewhere more normal can be an overwhelming experience. The friendly, low-key vibes of Melody Lounge will helpfully reassure your date that they didn’t just ruin their life by moving here. To Show Off Your Singing Skills KOREATOWN The drinks are strong, the crowd is supportive, and the vibe is low key.

You’ve got all the ingredients you need to bring the house down right here. For a Late Night Date LOS FELIZ This classic Los Feliz hangout has been here forever, and they’re open 24 hours. It’s a diner, but they serve beer, wine, and cocktails so you can get in a pre-drink for the late late party.

If You’re Dating a South Bay Bro/Chick but Don’t Want to Hang Out at Hermosa Beach SANTA MONICA If you don’t live on the West Side, Santa Monica can be a trek, but it’s a hell of a lot better than driving two hours to Hermosa. Besides, it’s by the beach, so your date will still feel at home. For When You’re Just Not That Into Them, But Want to Keep Dating Until Someone Better Comes Along SILVERLAKE Take a seat in the sun and watch all of the better options walk on by while your date fiddles with their phone.

For the Final Date SILVERLAKE It’s dark, has private booths, and it can get loud, so no one’s going to notice your soon-to-be ex crying in the corner. If you’re really feeling cold-blooded, you can stick around after they storm out and party with the late-night crowd. To Propose KOREATOWN Elaborate proposals are overrated.

Just take them to a dingy dive and pop the question. Only joking, there are plenty of beautiful beaches and lookouts in LA—seriously, use your imagination.

By Matthew O’Shannessy is a writer living in Los Angeles. He grew up in Tasmania, Australia and moved to LA via Melbourne where he joined an art collective and worked for the Melbourne International Film Festival. His work has been published in various magazines and he’s currently co-editing an arts anthology.

He lives in Echo Park, but you can often find him scouting out the San Fernando Valley. •

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