Best woman single at 30 year old male celebrities

best woman single at 30 year old male celebrities

But many millennial women are finding life at 30 lot different than how they pictured it. Around the world, millennials are making the choice to get married later in life, or not at all. But while our attitudes about marriage are quickly shifting with the times, many women still feel pressured by friends, family and, yes, even strangers, to conform to a more “traditional” lifestyle “I have great friends here in Chicago who are mostly single 30-somethings as well, a job I like as much as one can like their job, and the most adorable dog that I treat like my child. I own a beautiful condo, I drive a nice car, and I travel a lot. Compared to my high school friends I do have an exciting life, and they tell me as much, but then at events like bachelorette parties, I find myself longing for a life more like theirs.

best woman single at 30 year old male celebrities

Share Tweet Copy Link Copied Once we enter our thirties it seems as though we finally start to grow and evolve into an actual adult. However, life may still seem confusing. In fact, simply making it to the big 3-0 means that we have managed to avoid making massive mistakes in our twenties. However, our lives are still a mess. Considering marriages are happening later and later, we may be struggling in our careers, relationships, and family responsibilities. As a result, women in their 30s struggle to cope with balancing their lives.

Consider the epitome of a struggling 30-something: Jessica Day. The New Girl character is the cornerstone of what the real struggles every single 30-year-old woman faces daily.

Not having the energy or the interest to go to a bar is something that many 30-year-old women feel. Between a rapid decline in their social life, 30-year-old women find themselves alone at home on the weekends with all their fur-babies. But at the same time, 30-year-old women understand the pressure to start saving for their retirement. Society puts so much pressure on 30-year-old women.

There's the pressure to find someone to settle down with and have a family, the pressure to maintain a solid career, and to be a good friend. All this pressure can make any human go a little crazy. Via Giphy Another wedding invitation finds its way into your mailbox. And now you have to decide if you want to go to your sister's brother's in-law's wedding or your best friend from college. The decisions are insurmountable. When you hit 30 it seems like everyone and their mother are getting married and settling down.

It can become quite expensive to go to all the weddings you get invited too. As a result, being decisive when it comes to the invites you accept becomes a strategic plan that can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. But at the end of the day, a wedding is a celebration of love and it really is an honor to get to share that magical day with some many people. Via Giphy By the age of 30, you should know your way around the kitchen, or at least that's what our grandparents would have us believe.

For many of us, understanding the difference between a pot and a pan can cause extreme distress. In fact, most of us still barely know how to crack an egg without getting the shell inside. Society would have us believe that guys who are looking to settle down want a woman who knows her way around the kitchen. However, not all of us females are gifted with the ability to whip up a home-cooked meal from scratch. As a result, we rely on Postmates and Seamless to deliver food to us.

Therefore, once we hit 30, we may want to consider getting some help with learning how to use the oven instead of storing our clothes in there a la Carrie Bradshaw. Via Giphy It seems like when we are in our twenties it is the obvious choice to go completely bare down there.

In fact, it's almost expected that we all look like little children down there, or at least that's the impression we get from men. However, when we reach our thirties and we become more self-aware, we may decide to grow our hair dow there. But at what length do we stop? How long is too long down there in our thirties?

It really depends on your relationship status.f When you are 30 and single, you may decide to completely let yourself go down there and see what ends up growing.

But on the other hand, if you find yourself in a committed relationship, you may continue to go bare down there for the sake of the guy in your life. Via Giphy While at 30 we are usually extremely self-assured and a lot more secure with our lives than we were in our twenties, social media has a way of making even the most secure person completely insecure.

In fact, Instagram is the culprit of insecurity among people in their thirties who are swarmed by competing with twenty-year-olds for the attention of others. As a result, it is inevitable that any 30-year-old will be curious about how others perceive her based on her Instagram feed. Does she post too many selfies? Is she using the wrong filters? All these things will cross any 30-year-old's mind when it comes to trying to fit in with everyone else on the internet.

Therefore, finding security within yourself is important for any 30-year-old. Via Giphy In our twenties, we can harbor some negative feelings around being single. However, once we get into our thirties, basking in the glow of the Sunday morning sun alone becomes a wonderful experience that we often crave. In fact, no longer are single 30-year-old women left feeling lonely or sad for being single. Instead, we are cultivating our collective strength and connection with ourselves. Whether we hit the yoga studio first thing on a Sunday morning or cultivating a new creative outlet that we recently discovered.

Being single in your thirties provides you with a wonderful opportunity to really get to know yourself and what you want in life and relationships in general. Therefore, once we hit 30, we can really focus on our own desires instead of putting them aside. Via Giphy As women, we continue to have a love-hate relationship with our menstrual cycles.

In fact, when we are young we often dread getting or periods. But there comes a point in every woman's life where a period is a blessing. When we are single and just dating or even just in the beginning stages of a relationship, getting our periods becomes a much-needed scenario that lets us know that we don't have a bun in the oven. Although we are more mature than we were in our twenties, we may not be completely ready for a little mini version of ourselves.

Even newlyweds may want to wait for a little before they reproduce. Therefore, getting our periods in our thirties is something we all look forward too. Via Giphy You always know when the next one is upon you. You log into Facebook and your news feed displays a picture of somebody's hand on her boyfriend's chest. Otherwise known to the single people as the Hand of Death. You don't even need to read the caption. While we want to celebrate all the wonderful moments happening to our friends and loved ones, it gets a little overwhelming when you are being constantly reminded that you are alone and 30 every single time you hop onto Facebook.

Once you hit 30, everyone seems to just pair off. People start getting engaged, getting married, and having babies. While it still seems like you are living a life in your twenties, the reality is that you and most of your friends are deep in the throes of adulthood.

As a result, being 30 and single can really make logging onto Facebook a depressing act. Via Giphy Once we make it to 30 we find ourselves losing most of our friends.

We lose them to relationships, marriages, and babies. But what happens when it's our best friend that is getting married? It can be an extremely emotional experience for the single 30-year-old women to comprehend.

In fact, your best friend's wedding might actually be one of the last celebrations you both experience together. Maintaining friendships once a marriage occurs can be extremely difficult. Between work, marriage, and family obligations, making time for your friends, even best friends can be fleeting. Sometimes our best friends move across the country after they get hitched. Whatever the situation, the fact remains that we always end up having a separation from our best friends as soon as marriage comes into the picture.

Via Giphy At 30 we have climbed the corporate ladder. More often than not, when we hit 30 we are content and quite comfortable financially. In fact, in our thirties, we start to become a little more financially responsible. However, at the same time, we have been given all this extra money and feel the need to spend it all because we haven't been used to getting paid as much as we are right now. As a result, going on shopping sprees becomes a much more frequent occurrence. When we were in our twenties we struggled to even make rent and mostly ate ramen on the regular.

But now that we are in our thirties, we can splurge on organic produce and can actually afford furniture from fancy stores instead of relying on Ikea for everything. Via Giphy Time and time again you often hear it from the mouths of 30-year-old women, "Can I just marry a rich guy?" Countless women want to settle down just like all their friends but have the comfort to live a luxurious lifestyle.

Since they have experienced certain luxuries compared to the lifestyle lived by the typical twenty-something, finding a guy who can provide women with all the luxuries she desires becomes an extremely attractive trait in a potential partner. At some point in their thirties, every single woman will want to simply settle down with any guy who can take her out to fancy dinners on the regular and allow her to go on her shopping sprees without worrying about a budget.

However, sooner rather than later, the 30-something women will realize that money really can't buy happiness. Via Giphy You work really hard every day and your paycheck reflects all the achievements you have made. In fact, your thirties provide you with a financial stability that you've never experienced while in your twenties. Once you hit 30, there could be a mortgage you have or a baby on the way. Whatever the scenario, there is always a reason for 30-year-old women to take a good, hard look at their finances and start to think about saving for their retirement.

Establishing a home and family is expensive. Maintaining your current lifestyle can become difficult when you add in a baby or a pet. As a result, retirement may take a backseat. However, it is critical for every 30-year-old to really work hard to balance their spending habits with savings.

Via Giphy Being in your thirties can actually be extremely awesome. In fact, there is absolutely no reason to freak out over turning 30. Alleviating the pressure placed on you by society about turning 30 provides you with a new perspective that allows you to be free.

All of sudden you realize that your grandma lifestyle is completely okay. Once you hit 30, you are finally able to accept your current situation, whatever it may be. As a result, going out doesn't seem so appealing to a 30-year-old anymore.

Therefore, wondering how you ever found the noise clubs a fun time becomes quite the mystery for any thirty-something woman.

While we still might not have our lives completely together we are a lot more comfortable with ourselves than we ever were in our twenties. Via Giphy While we often associate the term "adulting" with people in their twenties, just because we reached the milestone of turning 30 does not mean that we are a more ready for adulthood than we were before.

While we may be making more money, we are still confused about how to raise kids, and keep a marriage healthy. In our thirties, we may be more financially secure but that doesn't mean we understand how to properly budget our money. It just means that we have more of it to spend on mortgages and private schools for the kids.

In the end, even when we hit 30 we can still feel like we are flopping around without a roadmap. That's the thing- there is no roadmap for being an adult.

We are all just figuring life out as we go along on the journey. Via Giphy For some reason when women hit 30, they start enjoying a glass of wine on the regular at the end of a long day. It could be that in our thirties our jobs entail a lot more responsibility than we had back in our twenties. In fact, while climbing the corporate ladder, we may end up taking on a lot more than we can actually do.

As a result, turning to wine or a cocktail can be an easy way to unwind after the stress that comes with a long day. Maybe the kids drive you crazy or your husband causes stress.

Whatever the case may be, turning to the bottle is a quick and easy solution that many 30-year-old women face. As a result, alcoholism can run rampant among women in their thirties. Therefore, indulging in some alcohol once in a while is totally okay, but there is a fine line between enjoying a glass of wine at the end of the day and chugging a bottle of wine regularly. Via Giphy As we get older, the less we want to hangout with others. In fact, as we get older we close our inner circle to just a couple people that we can actually stand to be around.

We no longer feel the societal pressure to get along with everyone and go out nightly. As a result, we can begin to dislike people and avoid wasting our time hanging out with people we really don't get along with. Finally, being comfortable in our own skin 30-year-old women simply don't have time or energy to waste spending it with people that don't bring them joy or happiness.

Therefore, instead of forcing themselves to go out with the girls, 30-year-old women become a lot more selective when it comes to the friends they keep.

best woman single at 30 year old male celebrities

best woman single at 30 year old male celebrities - Celebrities Turning 30 in 2018

best woman single at 30 year old male celebrities

  

best woman single at 30 year old male celebrities

Sharing a collage photo of four hottest Ghanaian couples, she wrote; ‘The most gorgeous couples???? seeing the images of Sarks wedding online just got me thinking like seriously all the male celebrities are getting married to calm, chill, decent and well mannered no instagram or social media girls but all the female celebs above 30 almost 40 are all still single and busy attending weddings every weekend like don’t they feel bad ????

no shade though ?? abeg dear future hubby start coming now before I turn 28 abeg ????? congratulations Sark and Tracy ???’

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