Best used ford diesel truck to buy

best used ford diesel truck to buy

Best Used Diesel Trucks. By T. Arthur Corcoran | April 25, 2017. Photo: Ford Motor Company. › 1 of 12 ›. Expect Strong Towing and Solid Fuel Economy From These Diesels. If what you’re looking for in a pickup is brute strength and longevity, then diesel is probably for you. Diesels are all about torque, that twisting motion that helps spin tires and pull bass boats. And as a bonus, diesel engines tend to use less fuel and outlast their gasoline-burning counterparts If none of these fits your needs, explore our new car rankings. And if you decide it’s time to buy a new car, use our Best Price Program to get the best deal on your purchase. See all Car Buying Tips, News, & Features ». More Slideshows. 11 Best Minivan Deals in December. 12 Best End of Year Truck Deals in 2018.

best used ford diesel truck to buy

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best used ford diesel truck to buy

best used ford diesel truck to buy - To Buy A New or Used Diesel

best used ford diesel truck to buy

Ford is the creative mastermind behind many popular diesel engines. One of these engines is known as the Power Stroke. With an engine displacement of 6.4L to 7.3L, the power level matches the name of this engine appropriately. While this refurbished Ford diesel has just been phased out of production, it will be a long time before truck and van owners find a comparable replacement to do what this engine still does.

The Econoline and Super Duty trucks are the most popular of the refurbished Ford Motor Company models carrying built for toughness diesel engines. We have these in our massive inventory and can ship one to you within 24 hours. No engine that is pulled from a vehicle is without regular wear and tear. Buying a used engine that is diesel can be tough without a good source that you can trust. The huge torque and combustion power of diesels can often lead to carbon deposits or other issues with the heads.

We have a complete staff of trained engine specialists that know exactly where to find and buy high quality diesel engines. We trust our dealers and suppliers, but we still prefer to do our own inspection to make sure our diesel engine inventory is top notch before selling to you. Refurbished, Ford Tough, Low Mileage Diesel Engines for Sale A refurbished Ford diesel is definitely built to last, but every engine will need proper maintenance to get the best life cycle out of it.

The slow burn offered by diesel fuel does not break down components as fast and does not corrode the fuel injection system as often like in standard gasoline engines. We make sure that we find, rebuild and make for sale the best used refurbished Ford diesel engines with the lowest mileage.

We know that longevity is important to you and you can trust the work that we put into every engine to make it absolutely perfect. One of the advantages to buying our diesel engines for your car or truck is not only the price, but also the warranty and satisfaction that you get.

We have what our loyal customers could easily describe as the “ Best Warranty in the Business.” We beat out the other engine dealers online that do not provide support to you after sale and installation are complete.

We never restrict your mileage and have what we feel are the best engine mechanics in the U.S. working on every remanufactured engine that we buy.

You can trust our refurbished Ford diesels in your van or truck. How to Order Used, Refurbished Ford Diesel Engines at The simple answer is to call us at 1-877-630-3873. If you want to get a quote by email to check out our low prices, fill out our quote request form with the basics of your diesel engine needs. We answer your questions quickly, always take your phone call and work very hard to show you why we are the Internet’s leading retailer for refurbished Ford diesel engines.

best used ford diesel truck to buy

I'm in the market to upgrade the ol' 7.3. Its got 242k and still runs good, however I would like to get some of the new ammenities and a better ride from a newer truck.

Hopefully getting a little more power would be nice too. I'm thinking of either an 09,10 6.4 or a new 6.7. I really dont know much about either and was just wanting everyone's opion on which way was the better way to go. The 6.4 I hear is bad on mileage but can be curred via a DPF delete.

How reliable is the 6.4? The 6.7 being out for only a couple years hasn't brought up much for problems other than the HPFP issues and having to replace the whole fuel system and hope that Ford will cover it. How do they compare on ride, power, and reliability? The 6.4 would be the cheaper way to go, but there are cosmetic things I like about the 6.7 as well as I know I can get everything I want in it.

the 7.3 is the best diesel that ford has ever made and thats a fact, the 6.4 isnt bad but the 6.7 is better if you can find a way to make it sound like a diesel, i hate how quiet they are.

i am glad that you arent looking into a 6.0 because i have heard nothin but bad news about them. hope this helps your decision i would find a 7.3 with less miles or buy a new 6.7 if it was me. that 7.3 will go over 450 000 miles if want it to. My 7.3 IDI eats multi-fuels with no conversions (wvo/wmo/atf/kero/etc) and including parts I have about $1500 or so total investment 3-4 months ago- since then I have made probably $$6-$8,000 just because of the truck, (self-employed) and have also saved at least $1,000 or more in fuel cost because it hardly ever runs on diesel now No computer trash, not too many sensors, mechanical's a beast!

Only vulnerability is the E4OD in terms of computer/electro junk. Parts are very cheap compared to the newer diesels also. If I had the money I'd buy one of these baby's a week!

In my book simplicity of design is perfection and the 6.9/7.3 is as close as any truck can get. If you can afford it go with the 6.7.... I had a 7.3 and yea blah blah blah they will go forever if maintained.I dont think that is everything that everybody wants.

(meaning there is more to a vehicle then getting a million miles out of it,comfort,amenities,ect)The ride these trucks give compared to the older ones is no comparison. Quiet as hell. Some people want to make as much noise as possible but myself im sick of the headaches.The 6.7 is a pulling beast. I dont need to barely touch the accelerator to get up a steep grade with my 10 k trailer,and the exhaust wont be screaming loud.There are not alot of problems with the 6.7.You cant judge the forums on that.People come on here to post problems.Ive been surfing the 6.7 forum since getting mine and you are hard pressed to find 2-3 new topics a day compared to the 7.3 forum there are numerous daily.Yes they are expensive but again if you can afford it you only live once so get what makes you happy.

Like I said I had a 7.3 and loved it but I also was always chasing some small or large problem it seemed.Now I just get in and go and have all the current creature comforts.If you are on the fence take a 6.7 for a drive.Your decision will be made at that point.I absolutely love my truck ,head and shoulders above the 7.3.The only argument people will give you is your payment per month and how expensive it is.They all were at the time they came out. My sticker on my 02 7.3 was 40 grand.Same difference with the 6.7 in 2012.Got my 2011 for 48 out the door.But only the OP knows what he can afford so thats his buisiness.Hope this helps alittle.

Well to probably everyones distaste, I ended up buying a 08 GMC Duramax. I compared it to a 6.4 with the same mileage, less than 45K, and liked it way better. I also compared it to a new 6.7 King Ranch and it was a little quieter than it, but the 6.7 had a little more getty up (empty). Still haven't had a chance to hook up to the fifth wheel and pull it up the mountain, but hope to do so soon. Hope she doesn't disapoint me, I guess if she does I'll just have to trade her in on a 6.7!

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