Best singles bars in charleston sc

best singles bars in charleston sc

In my humble opinion, most of the best bars in Charleston, SC, are dive bars. read more. Source: 0 0. Charleston has a bustling nightlife and a bar for every budget and interest. From dive bars and neighborhood favorites with happy hour specials, cheap pitchers, and darts to swanky, rooftop scenes and intimate corner bars, we've got you covered with our in-depth Charleston bar guide. read more. Source: 0 0. Charleston's newest rooftop bar offers stunning views of the sunset over the city and some of the best bar snacks of any local rooftop stop. Th .

best singles bars in charleston sc

Charleston's newest rooftop bar offers stunning views of the sunset over the city and some of the best bar snacks of any local rooftop stop.

The grilled oysters, hushpuppies (served with house pimento cheese), and crispy fried-chicken skins are undoubted faves to go along with a number of wines and beers.

best singles bars in charleston sc

best singles bars in charleston sc - 20 Best Things to Do in Charleston in 2018

best singles bars in charleston sc

When the sun sets to shining and the Lowcountry breezes are just right, drinking indoors is a waste of perfectly good . We advise anyone who’s living in, going to, or just traveling through Charleston spend a few minutes to get to know this little slice of heaven. There’s lots of history in the Holy City, loads of fine people, and cocktails that will keep you lit from here until judgement day.

You just have to know how to find them. As problem drinkers well on our way to family interventions, and lovers of all views, people, and fresh air, we visited the multi-faceted gem of The Palmetto State to find the 16 best rooftop bars Charleston could cough up. Stars via Location: Cheap mimosas and bloody Bloody Marys, Sunday brunch is an intoxicating outing where day drinking is expected as the weekend winds down so you can nap it off before heading off to the job when the work week lands.

Stare over King Street and let life pass you by. Élevé via Location: A smashing place for the among you who are looking for a touch of class in the land of Charleston. You can belly up under the chandeliers at the double bars, but the patio is the place to enjoy modern lounging and a list of signature delights.

Pavilion Bar via Location: An set right in the center of the floor ensures a dip is never far away as you gaze out over the harbor or look up and down Market Street in the French Quarter. Erudite and elite during the day, at night plexiglass goes over the pool for a memorable dancing and drinking experience. Rooftop at The Vendue via Location: Labeled as “Charleston’s Art Hotel” The Vendue bends over backward and sideways to appeal to the bohemian contingent as much as .

The newly redesigned look creates plenty to love, with speciality cocktails given memorable names that aren’t so pun-filled you’ll be ill. The “Two to Mango” is both as bad, and as good as it gets. Bowens Island Restaurant via Location: Here you can get in touch with your inner bumpkin as the marshland views and rustic interior won’t give you much in the way of high society. What Bowens offers instead is loads of oysters, suds, and easy life at a stellar price. Snapper Jacks via Location: Spitting distance from the beach, Jacks bears an oceanic theme that is handled with class and poise to avoid feeling like junior prom.

Drinks come strong, satisfying, and sumptuous, with the Snappers Colada leading the pack thanks to the inclusion of Strawberry moonshine. If you’re there with friends, get a fishbowl drink to forget the night together.

Salty Mike’s via Location: Here’s how to whoop it up like a real Charleston local. Mike’s is cheap, no-frills drinking right off the wharf.

Say hello to Charlie Brown, the local corgi mascot, and enjoy staring at as you waste away on brews and salt-dog fellowship. Burwell’s Stone Fire Grill via Location: Before you treat yourself to one of their done up in true southern tradition, start working your way down the signature cocktail list.

Even those who tend to take their liquor straight up shouldn’t neglect the fruity concoctions offered here. A Blueberry Mint Smash is our fine and fresh recommendation. Fleet Landing via Location: Massive fried shrimp platters shared on the wraparound porch at happy hour along with the only quality harbor view on the Ravenel bridge side of downtown, Fleet Landing is the way to end a hard day with creature comforts for the body and sights to mend the soul.

Red’s Ice House via Location: Get ready for some serious pickin’ and grinnin’ at Red’s.

Hit the doors early since it fills up fast, pack your bucket of beers up to the Crow’s Nest and stare at the ships slipping down the river.

If you don’t like country music – son, you’re in for an education. The Watch Rooftop Kitchen & Spirits via Location: If you’re heading to Charleston for a short stint, you can kill two birds here.

Begin by staying at The Restoration , which just happens to host this little rooftop bar in the highest public spot in the city. It’ll spoil you. Aqua Terrace Rooftop Bar via Location: The Aqua Terrace is fairly new on the scene, having been added to the Lockwood Marriott after some renovations. The vibe is speakeasy hip, though it’s almost always a little too crowded to quite call itself “underground.” Landing a strange bedfellow is as easy as whistling here.

Tavern & Table via Location: A patio rather than a , Tavern & Table is gaining a reputation among locals for a quaint, quiet piece of enjoyment where dolphin-watching is always on and obnoxious visitors are kept away with a whip and a chair. Just make sure you mind your manners, or run afoul of those that live there. The Cocktail Club via Location: The slogan of The Cocktail Club is “upscale.” Disrespect it at your own risk.

are strictly enforced, and raucous behavior won’t be tolerated, unless you happen to be a star passing through. Celebrities both true and dubious hit The Cocktail Club, so when you slip out for a cigar on the roof, keep rubbernecking to a minimum.

The Boathouse at Breach Inlet via Location: Arguably the ideal place in town to watch a sunset, The Boathouse will survive long after the end times, and will still be serving heart-attack platters and stiff cocktails to the zombies, mutants, and alien overlords who want to see the water the way it was meant to be seen: drunk. Coda Del Pesce via Location: A homage to all things Italiano, the pasta prepared by chef Ken Vedrinski won’t be topped by the luscious vino, but each will make the other grander.

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best singles bars in charleston sc

is a vibrant city with diverse demographics, and the city’s bar scene more than reflects this particular quality. Whether looking for a subtle, quieter night with a couple of top shelf , or searching for a rowdy dive bar full of college-age young folks, Charleston has everything and more to offer. Check out these top 10 picks for an overview of this gem’s best bars to grab a drink.

Recovery Room Tavern doesn’t try to impress guests with fancy decorations or frilly extras – instead, visit Recovery Room for its pinball machine, dartboard, and bocce ball set. The establishment slings wings and sandwiches in addition to , and it’s an excellent place to shoot pool with a crowd of lively friends. With several selections on draft and down to earth staff, you’ll be sure to have your order in hand quickly.

The bar has a minuscule patio out front, but don’t expect to spend time huddled outdoors; inside is where the action is. , + 1 843 727 0999 Mynt Hardwood floors, black lights, and dancing define this sleek yet local nightclub. has become Charleston’s premier hot-spot for after-hours fun; suggests the ‘unique venue’ as the ideal bar for young professionals.

Mynt also has a full kitchen, patio, and bottle service to keep you occupied, as well as DJ features and new, energetic music. Make sure to hail the dress code, and don’t get too casual before you walk inside – Mynt disallows hats, jerseys, and the like. + 1 843 718 1598 Roof Top at the Vendue Inn is one of Charleston’s most scenic establishments at which guests can grab a drink and socialize against the sunset backdrop of the South’s most charming beach town.

Situated atop the boutique hotel, the Vendue Inn, the rooftop’s panoramic views have been drawing guests consistently for years, and the bar has won the city’s ‘Best Rooftop Bar’ award (given by the Charleston City Paper) for the last eight years straight. Stop by this rooftop bar for live music and unbeatable views to experience the scenery that makes Charleston so great. + 1 843 845 7900 Silver Dollar Liven things up a bit at Silver Dollar, one of Charleston’s most upbeat, energetic downtown bars.

Its location is conducive to college students as it is near campus, and guests are likely to be putting a mere dollar down on the bar top come Mondays and Wednesdays. The college crowds are complemented by a dance-inspiring soundtrack and surging social vibes.

Lighten up a bit at Silver Dollar, and don’t be surprised if your drink comes served in a plastic cup. , + 1 843 722 7223 Closed for Business Don’t let the name fool you; this exquisite gastro-pub is anything but lacking when it comes to business.

Closed for Business features a more than extensive craft beer selection. The kindred pub has 42 taps for draft and counting. The bar also slings appetizers and pub fare, including favorites such as buffalo oysters with bleu cheese crumbles, celery to cheese dip with roasted peppers, and chicken Parmesan sandwiches.

retains a reputation as one of upper King Street’s most popular hangouts. , + 1 843 853 8466 Midtown Bar & Grill If you’re in search of a high-spirited, jovial night out in the thick of downtown Charleston, seek out , located in the middle of famed King Street. The hustle and bustle outside of Midtown on a weekend is unrivaled, and once you’ve made it inside, it does not exactly stop – with a stage protruding into the middle of the bar, bands are able to provide live music nightly.

The patio is adjacent to the backside of the bar and fitted with an outdoor full service bar itself. Friendly bartenders provide the final enticement to visit Midtown, where good drinks and good times are cornerstone to the atmosphere. + 1 843 737 4284 The Belmont Not to be confused with the , the Belmont is Charleston’s premier, minimalist cocktail emporium, also located on King Street.

Sophisticated and chic, the Belmont is home to a small projector that emits black and white classic films against a large brick wall, adding an elegant feel to the atmosphere. ‘A fine place to drink,’ the also serves small appetizer sized plates of meats and cheeses (such as wild boar salami and Spanish manchego cheese).

If you’re feeling a bit hungrier, the Belmont also has a delicious with smoked mozzarella and tomato sauce. King Street Public House In , it seems King Street has it all. Fittingly enough, e seems to have it all, too. The vast array of draught beers and thirty-one high definition televisions are suitable to vouch for this, but in case that was not enough, scan their never-ending and cocktail list for further convincing.

The casual establishment’s impressive bar is a gem in and of itself, especially for those willing to test out a local IPA or two. , + 1 843 793 3465 The Cocktail Club is a choice spot for Sunday evenings, with live music and well-educated bartenders. Speakeasy style and a rooftop terrace also help make the Club of Charleston a truly upscale lounge and bar.

Open from 5 pm to 2 am seven days a week, the Cocktail Club has a three hour long happy hour and conventional pub fare perfect for a pre or post dinner accompaniment. With fireplaces and partially exposed beam work, this dimly lit establishment stays inviting and cozy from open to close. + 1 843 724 9411 Tin Roof A local dive bar, can get raucous. But don’t let that turn you away; touring musical acts frequent this venue, as do comedians from time to time.

Movie nights, karaoke, and dance-offs are not to be forgotten here, and the menu has sandwiches, burgers, and hot-dogs jumping out from page to page. Tin Roof has even been known to host arm wrestling competitions! + 1 843 571 0775

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