Best questions about dating and relationships australian

best questions about dating and relationships australian

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best questions about dating and relationships australian

Conversation Questions Love, Dating & Marriage A Part of . Related: , These questions are also divided into pages: and Related: • About how many guests attended your wedding? • How many guests would you invite to your wedding?• At what age do most people in your country get married? • At what age do you want to get married? • At what age did you get married?• Describe a perfect date. • Describe the appearance of the person you would like to date?

• Describe the character of the person you would like to date? • Do women usually work after getting married in your country? • Do you "go Dutch" when dating? • Do you know what it means to 'go Dutch'? • Is it usual for people in your country to 'go Dutch' if you go out together?

• Do older girls/boys have a problem dating younger girls/boys? • Do younger girls/boys have a problem dating older girls/boys?• Do you believe in love at first sight? • Do you think some people know that they will fall in love with someone the first time they meet?• Do you know what a 'blind date' is? • Have you ever been on a blind date? • Did you ever arrange a blind date? • Do you drive or take the train when dating? • Do you get along with your in-laws? • Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

• Where did you meet your him/her?• What does he/she look like?• Do you know anyone who has had an arranged marriage? • Do you know someone who has gotten a divorce?

• Do you know the difference between love and like? • Can you still love your partner and not like him/her?• Do you think a boy should pay for everything on a date? • Do you think arranged marriages are a good idea?

Why or why not? • What is your opinion of arranged marriages?• Do you think fairy tales influence our choice of a partner? • Do you think getting married means giving up freedom? • Do you think if you get married that you will change? • Do you think it is better to be single or to be married?

• Do you think it is good to get married? • Do you think it is okay for a couple to live together before getting married? Why or Why not? • Do you think it is okay to marry someone of a different race?

• Do you think it is okay to marry someone with a different religion? • Do you think it's OK for a man to have two wives? • Do you think it's OK for a wife to have two husbands? • Do you think it's okay for a man to have a mistress? • Do you think it's okay for a man to hit his wife? • Do you think love is necessary to have a good marriage? • Do you think marriage is necessary? • Do you think marriages based on love are more successful than arranged marriages?

• Do you think marriage is very stressful for women? How about for men? • Do you think people change after getting married?

• Do you think religion influences marriage? If so, in what ways? • Do you think that all adults should be married? • Do you think that you can you find eternal love through the Internet? • Do you want a husband or wife who is older, younger or the same age as you? • Do you want to have children? • If so, how many?• Have you ever been to a school dance? • Have you ever had a crush on someone? • Have you ever hated loving someone? • Have your parents ever disapproved of any of your relationships?

• How long do you think couples should know each other before they get married? • How many children would you like to have? • How often would you like to go out on dates? • How old were you when you had your first boyfriend or girlfriend? • How old were you when you went on your first date? • Where did you go?• What did you do?• Who did you go with?• How old were your parents when they got married?

• If your husband or wife has an affair what would you do? • If your parents did not approve of a person you loved and wanted to marry, would that be a difficult situation for you? Why or why not? • Is going out on dates important for you? • Is there a such thing as a perfect relationship for you?

• If you could go out with anyone, who would it be? • If you are a man, and a woman asks you for a date, do you feel you should pay, or that the woman should pay? • If you had to marry either a poor man whom you really loved, or a rich man whom you did not love, which would you choose? • If you had to choose to live with someone who truly loves you but you don't love him back or to live alone for a rest of your life loving someone that doesn't love you who would you choose?

• What advice would you give to someone whose partner hates their best friend? • What age do you think is best for getting married? • What are some dating and marriage customs in your country? • What are some of the main reasons people get divorced? • What are some popular places to go on a date? • What are some qualities that you think are important in a spouse or partner? • What characteristics do you look for in a girlfriend or boyfriend?

• What do you consider cheating in a dating relationship? • What do you like to talk about when on a date? • What do you look for in a girlfriend or a boyfriend? • What do you think most people talk about when dating? • What do you think of people who get divorced? • Would you ever consider getting divorced?• What do you think of same-sex marriages? • What do you think of single mothers? • What is a wedding ceremony like in your country?

• What is the best way to keep your spouse happy in the marriage? • What kind of boy or girl do you like? • What kind of clothes do you wear on a date? • What kind of man do you want as a husband? • What kind of person do you want to get married to? • What kind of woman do you want as a wife? • What makes a good husband/wife? • What makes a happy marriage? • What do you think are some things that contribute to a successful marriage?• What qualities are important to you in a boyfriend or girlfriend?

• What qualities in a partner are important to you? • What was the most boring date you've ever been on? • What was the most interesting date you've ever been on? • What would you consider "the perfect date" for you? • What would you do if your soon to be mother-in-law seems to hate you?

• What would your parents think if you don't get married? • When did your parents get married? • Where do you want to go for your honeymoon? • Where did you go for your honeymoon?• Where do you want to go on your honeymoon? • Where is a good pace to go on a date in this town? • Where would you like to go on a date? • Which is more important for you, your job or your marriage? • Why do people break up with their partners? • Will you continue working after you get married?

• Would you date someone you really liked if your parents did not like him or her? • Would you ever marry someone who has been divorced twice? • Would you introduce your date to your family? • Would you live with your parents after you get married?

• Would you marry someone from another country? • Would you marry someone ten years older than you? How about ten years younger than you? • Would you marry someone that your parents didn't like? • Would you marry someone who couldn't speak the same language as you speak? • Would you mind if your boyfriend or girlfriend went out to party without you? • Would you prefer to go out with a quiet or a talkative person?

• At what age do you think that dating should begin? • Do you think there is any age when a person is too old to date?• Do you know a happily married couple? • Can you name a famous happily married couple? • What do you think is the most important ingredient in a good marriage?

• How long is the marriage ceremony in your country? • Who designed the marriage covenant? • What do you think about dating a friend's ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend? • Does your first love still hold a special place in your heart? • Do you believe that he or she will always have a special place in your heart?• What qualities do you look in your partner?

• Do you think its possible to wait for the man or woman you love while he or she is in jail? • What is your definition of love? • Would you wait on a person you were dating for a long time if they joined the army? • How about if they went to prison?• What is the best season to get married?

• Do you know anybody who has two families at the same time and supports them both? • How many families can you have in your country? • Are there any superstitions on making someone fall in love with you? • Have you heard of any successful "love potions?"• Have you ever returned a gift to your boyfriend or girlfriend and later find out that he has given it to his or her new mate? • Do you know of any superstitions connected with weddings? • Would it be important for you to have a "white wedding dress'?

• Can you control your partner by playing games? • Why do you think the bride's maids wear white. • When should you introduce your boyfriend or girlfriend to your parents? • When you begin dating• After you have been together for a while• Only when the relationship is serious?

• Why?• Do you like to have boy friend or girl friend in your school or in your classes? • Do you think it is right to continue seeing a person if he has not introduced you to his family yet? • In your opinion is marriage for life? • Do you think when people get married it is really until death?• How long does it take for dating to become a relationship?

• Is it important to be punctual in your first date? Why? • Would you dress up for a first date? What clothes would you wear? • What kind of place do you think is the ideal for a first date? Why do you think so? • What are your country's norms or laws on displays of public affection? • Do you think it is okay for couples to kiss in public?• How would you feel if your boyfriend liked to keep company with a female friend when you're not there?

• How would you feel if your girlfriend liked to keep company with a male friend when you're not there? • If you could go back to your past love, and change what went wrong, who would it be? • Who do you love? • If you had to choose to live with someone who truly loves you but you don't love him back or to live alone for a rest of your life loving someone that doesn't love you what would you choose?

• What would you change, if you are given only one chance to do it ? • Whose heart did you break most ? Did you apologize from him\her ? • Have you ever met someone you love a lot but never expressed it? • If your parents forced you to get married with a person who you don't love, what would you do in this situation?

• If your boyfriend/girlfriend dated another person, then he/she wanted to return and date you, would you date again? • If your boyfriend/girlfriend dated your close friend, what would you do?

• Do you believe that having a permanent love between two person who are living in two different countries is possible? • Do you want your husband to know how you looked as a child? Why or why not? • Do you believe in love at first sight or love after the first night? International Marriage • Would you marry someone of another nationality? • Are your parents of the same nationality? • What are some advantages of an international marriage? • What are some disadvantages?

• Do you want to have an international marriage? • Do you know anyone who married someone from a different country? If yes, what is their experience like? • Do you think it is more difficult to marry someone from a different country? • How would your parents feel if you married someone from a different country? • Do you think that it is good for children to have parents from two different countries? Why? Why not? The following question may be considered inappropriate in some situations.

• Do you think that gay people should be allowed to marry? If you can think of another good question for this list, please . Many of these questions come from textbooks Copyright © 1982-2000 by Charles Kelly & Lawrence Kelly (Used by Permission) Copyright © 1997-2010 by

best questions about dating and relationships australian

best questions about dating and relationships australian - The 5 Best Online Dating Sites in Australia

best questions about dating and relationships australian

Dating questions can be used for a variety of purposes. One of the most valuable is to use questions to determine the character of the person you’re dating. They can be used to learn about your compatibility in specific areas. Questions can be used to increase your intimacy and romance. They can be used to enhance your dating experiences. And dating questions can be used to improve your relationship.

There is little for you to gain by telling your date everything about yourself. Much more can be gained by being a good questioner, listener, and observer. To get the most benefit, do not split your attention between what they are saying and what you are thinking.

You’ll miss too much. There will be plenty of time for evaluation later. Actually, your subconscious mind will do the evaluation and give you an answer via your intuition, or gut feelings. To learn about how to use your intuition, read this article entitled, Human resource professionals use strategic questions to get people to talk about themselves in a way where they unwittingly reveal key aspects of their character. Questions like these, used in a date setting, can also be revealing as well as lead to stimulating conversation.

You can keep them from sounding like interview questions by presenting them playfully in a game-like way. Also, talk about the dating questions with the understanding that you will answer each of them yourself. Here are 80 Dating Questions To Learn the Basics • Where did you grow up? • Do you have any brothers or sisters? • Where did you go to high school? • Where did you go to college?

• What was your major in college? • What are your favorite sports? • What sort of work do you do? To Reveal Character • Which three (3) famous people do you admire most? • Which three (3) famous people do you NOT respect? • Which three (3) famous people do you think are most like you? • Which three (3) famous people would you most want to be like? • Which three (3) famous people do you most NOT want to be like? • What personal values and principles are the most important to you?

• What are the most important to you? • What marriage values and principles are the most important to you? • What community values and principles are the most important to you?

• What world values and principles are the most important to you? • Using single words or phrases, how would you describe yourself? • Where do you see yourself in five (5) years to 10 years? To Discover Similarities • What are your favorite websites? • What are your favorite television shows? • What are your favorite movies? • What kinds of music do you like?

• Who are your favorite bands? • Who are your favorite singers? • What kind of magazines do you read? • What type of books do you read? • What is your favorite food? • What is your favorite dessert? • What is your favorite snack?

To Determine Compatibility • What is your favorite way to spend an evening during your workweek? • What is your favorite way to spend an evening during your days off from work? • What are your favorite ways to spend a vacation? • Is participation in family gatherings and celebrations important to you? • What are your spiritual beliefs and how do you practice them? Note: The goal of the next four (4) questions is to determine if they are into health and fitness.

• Do you look at the nutritional information on food labels as you shop? • Do you take vitamin supplements? • What kind of exercise or sports activity do you like to do? • Are you a member of a gym or health club? Or do you have equipment at home? • Do you look at price tags when you shop? Or do you just get what you want and not worry about the price or getting a deal?

Note: The goal of this question is to determine if they are frugal or spendthrifts. This issue breaks up more couples than any other. • If you could afford any car, which one would you buy? Note: The goal of this question is to confirm whether they are truly frugal or spendthrifts. The answer to this question also indicates their position on energy efficiency and environmental issues. • How would you describe the perfect house including the decor, furnishings, appliances, and landscaping?

Note: The answers to this question indicate their position on interior design, money management, energy efficiency, and environmental issues.

• Is punctuality important to you or are you usually a little late? • Do you like everything to be well planned and organized or are you more casual? • Do set short and long-term goals for yourself? • What is the formula for good communication in a romantic relationship? • What do you see as the ? • How would you describe your needs for affection in a relationship?

• How would you describe your needs for sex in a relationship? To Create Intimacy • What is your greatest achievement? • What is your greatest disappointment? • What is your best attribute? • What is your worst attribute? • If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? • What is your greatest passion? • What do you enjoy doing the most? • What are your top three (3) most important dreams? • Would you create a list of 10 things that best describes me using single words or phrases, if I do the same for you?

Note: It is recommended that you give yourselves several days to work on the list before you meet to exchange or present them. This will give you time to come up with a meaningful list and develop some tantalizing anticipation! Both steps provide a great opportunity for you to learn about yourself and the person you’re dating. To Inspire Romance • What are your favorite songs for love and romance? • What are your favorite men’s/women’s colognes/perfumes for love and romance?

• What are your favorite scents for love and romance? Note: This would include scents from a fireplace, incense, scented candles, and pheromones. Pheromones are natural chemical scents the body produces to attract others.

• What are your favorite foods for love and romance? • What are your favorite places for love and romance? Note: This would include places such as a particular beach, lake, park, restaurant, nightclub, hotel, mountain cabin, or room within your home. • Would you describe your perfect love affair from the beginning to making a commitment to each other, if I do the same?

• Would you describe your perfect romantic evening, if I do the same? Note: It is recommended that you write this description and then exchange, read, or talk about it during your next date.

Be sure to give yourselves several days so that you can come up with a thorough description. This activity will give you insights into your romantic future and the secrets to pleasing them. To Increase Your Dating Fun • What are the top three (3) places you would like to go together? • What are the top three (3) famous places you would like to see together?

• What are the top three (3) amusement parks you would like to enjoy together? • What are the top three (3) concerts, plays, or musicals you would like to see together? • What annual community events would you like to attend together? • What annual family events would you like to attend together? • Would you come up with three (3) usual ways we could spend a day or an evening together if I do the same?

Note: It is recommended that you give yourselves several days to work on this project before you meet to present your ideas. This will give you time to come up with some creative and fun activities. • Are there any projects or activities we can do together? Suggestions: Attend a dance class, , or college course.

Join a community service organization, sports club, gym, or religious group. Build a greenhouse, birdhouse, or doghouse. Plant a vegetable garden, flower garden, or rock garden. To Enhance Your Relationship • Do you have any concerns that you would like to discuss with me? • Do you have any questions that you would like to ask me? • Are there any needs that you have that I am not fulfilling? • Are there any passions that you have that I have not fully recognized?

• Are there any areas where you need my support? • Are there any issues about you that I do not fully understand? • Are there any relationship skills that I might consider improving? • Are there any other areas of my life that I might consider improving?

Here is the best way to use these dating questions. • Write down the dating questions that have particular meaning for you. • Allow the dating questions you’ve selected to arise in your mind naturally during the course of your dating conversations. • If you are going to ask a series of questions, present the idea of doing so in a playful game-like way. • Tell them that you will answer these or any other questions they may have.

Use these dating questions to learn about the person you’re seeing, predict the likelihood of a successful relationship, improve your dating experiences, and refine your relationship.

best questions about dating and relationships australian

Whether our concerns relate to money, sex, kids, affection, career or any of the various reasons we fight or get angry, when we don't communicate our needs and discuss our differences, things will inevitably break down. You've been there. So have I. We are turf-oriented creatures, even with our most . We want to protect what's ours — emotionally, psychologically, and physically — often at the expense of those we love most.

Good and close relationships require letting go of some of that turf, compromising, and accepting that the other person's needs and feelings are as valid as our own. Simply living in the same space with another person provides plenty of fodder for arguments. When you are first in love, the boxers left on the floor are just adorable. The heat turned up to 80 is a darling idea.

But eventually, familiarity breeds, if not contempt, plenty of irritation. Add to that the stresses of children, finances, and career — along with the real differences in the way men and women perceive the world, and it's a wonder any of us make it through the first few years of a relationship. We have to talk about what's bugging us, what we want from the other, our dreams and disappointments. And we have to listen, really listen to what the other is saying.

To do that, you must divorce yourself from your personal needs long enough to put . That means communication can't devolve into protecting your turf or being right. You must exercise some self-control, even when strong feelings make you want to say unspeakable things. The most successful, intimate relationships involve proactive communication before a ever breaks out.

As stilted as it may seem, meeting with your spouse or partner on a regular basis and knowing the questions to ask in a relationship will help you learn about each other. And it will protect your relationship from altercations and even better, it will create a new level of closeness between you.

Here are 103 relationship questions to ask: Questions For Couples 1. What should I never say to you, even in anger or frustration? 2. How much time and space do we need apart from each other? 3. What activities and interests can we develop that will bring us closer? 4. What is going to really set you off? 5. What happens if we can't agree on something important that involves both of us? 6. What kind of physical touch best says “I love you” to you? 7. What could I do that would cause you to pull away from me?

8. How many days between sex will be too long? 9. When you get home from work, what would you like me to do or say in the first few minutes?

10. Who do we know that has the kind of intimacy that we want? 11. What changes will I need to make in order for you to be really happy? Read Related: 12. Where will we be in this relationship five years from now? 13. What's the biggest lesson I can learn from you? 14. What do you do when you feel hurt by me? 15. What will ruin our relationship? 16. What habits do I have that are upsetting to you?

17. How can we both get our needs met when we want different things on a particular day? 18. What happens if one of us needs more space than the other? 19. What do we do if both of us are having a bad day? 20. How affectionate would you like to be with me? 21. What can we do to avoid fighting or arguing entirely? 22. What about our financial situation might become a recurring problem? 23. What about our work might become a recurring problem?

24. How will we let each other know what we want sexually? 25. What will I have to say to get your attention when I've not been able to? 26. What need of yours have I not been able to satisfy?

27. What kind of memories do we want to create together? 28. What will keep us happily together for years to come? 29. What will be the early warning signs that our relationship is in trouble? 30. How will you be able to forgive me if I've done something that really hurts you?

31. What will you do if you feel tempted by another person? 32. What personality differences do we have that might cause a problem? 33. When we argue, how will you take responsibility for your part of the problem? 34. How can we make our sex life even better? 35. What are your deepest wounds and how can I support you there? 36. Where are you unwilling to compromise? 37. What about my voice or communication style makes you want to spend less time with me? 38. What do you expect from me that you should really be expecting of yourself?

39. What are you willing to do with or for me that you haven't been able to do in previous relationships? 40. What are your and desires for yourself and for us?

41. What is your most prized possession? 42. What are the best qualities you have to bring to our relationship? 44. Who has been the most influential person in your life and why? 45. What is your definition of intimacy? Related: 46. How important is it for you to equally share chores? 47. What would you prefer to do on a Saturday night? 48. What is the worst habit that you have?

49. What kind of vacation would you enjoy taking together? 50. How has your parents' marriage impacted your views on ? 51. Who has had the biggest impact on you — your mom or dad — and why? 52. How have your past relationships made you a better partner to me? 53. How much do you want to know about my past relationships? 54. What do you expect from me related to my health and fitness? 55.

What is the best way to share difficult or upsetting information with you? 56. How should we work it out if one of us wants to explore something in our sex life and the other person doesn't feel comfortable? 57. What is your biggest life regret and how might it impact our relationship? 58. How do you act when you are really hurt and sad about something? 59. How can I best support you when you are hurt or sad?

60. How can we put our relationship first so that it stays healthy and happy? 61. What personal goals do you have that you'd like me to help you achieve? 62. How can we help each other be the people we want to be? 63. How would you rate your own level of confidence on a scale of 1 to 10? 64. What makes you lose confidence?

65. What should we do and say every day to keep our love strong? 66. What should we do if one of our extended family members interferes in our lives as a couple? 67. What kind of family rituals do you want to develop together? 68. What material things are you longing to buy that I don't know about?

69. What kind of adventures do you dream of that I don't know about? 70. Which of your friends do you think you are most like? 71. What should we do if we disagree about a parenting issue? 72. How will we know if parenting our children starts to take a toll on our relationship? 73. What should we do if we recognize that parenting is taking a toll? 74. How do you view our roles as parents and the division of labor related to parenting? 75. Do you believe our marriage comes before our kids?

Why or why not? 76. What do you think our biggest potential area of conflict might be? 77. How can we proactively address this area of conflict? 78. How do you feel about me being friends with someone of the opposite sex? 79. What makes you feel jealous? 80. When are you the happiest? 81. How would you handle it if I became seriously ill or disabled? 82. How can we avoid using passive-aggressive behaviors with each other?

83. What do you never want me to share with my friends or family? 84. What topics of conversation trigger angry or bad feelings for you? 85. What gifts mean the most to you? 86. How much public affection are you comfortable with? 87. How do you like to celebrate your birthday? 88. What should we do for our big anniversaries? 89. When do you feel the most vulnerable? 90. Do you feel safe sharing your vulnerabilities with me? If not, why? 91. Is there anything making you unhappy in our relationship right now?

If so, how can we address it? 92. How can we have more fun together? 93. Is there anything in my wardrobe that you'd like to secretly toss out? If so, what is it? 94. What new things should we learn together? 95. How much financial risk are you comfortable with? 96. Who should be the guardians of our kids if we die? 97. Under what circumstances would you feel counseling is necessary for us? 98. How should we handle it if one of us wants to go to counseling and the other doesn't?

99. How should we handle it if one of us wants to make a large purchase and the other doesn't agree? 100. What makes you laugh the most? 101. Do you believe one-time adultery would end our relationship? 102. Do you find it easy or hard to ? Why? 103. What is your idea of the perfect with me? Christopher Lovejoy Wonderful questions, Barrie.

I’d like to try them out with my sweetheart. To communicate in a healthy, healing way, I’ve learned to be wholly present with my partner’s feelings, to the point where I can make it okay for her to release any past hurts or upsets. Here’s a question for your list: If the circumstances of life pull us apart through no fault of our own, what might we do to keep our relationship going? Thanks again for a great list. Christopher .-= Christopher Lovejoy´s last blog ..

=-. Harriet Hi, I have reviewed all questions and responses to the questions. All of the questions are on point with what I am going thru with my spouse. He has no reverence what so ever for my feelings. I has completely detached. As a result we do not love each other anymore, and will be seperating in a couple of months and divorcing in 2014.

However, I do have a friendship with a gentleman that has a strong possibility of becoming serious. Would it be safe for me to ask him some of the above questions. I do not want to ruin the relationship that we now have, I do not want to come off as being overly aggressive or too forward. He has expressed that he has strong feelings for me and visa verse. What advise can you give to me regarding my friend and I. There is no hope for my marraige because my spouse and I do not love each other anymore.

johnny Harriet, when you get married it is before God, vowing to go through the ups and the downs until death parts. I urge you to pray and dig deep and work through the tough moments. Urge your husband to pray as well and work hard on the relationship. Tell him how you truly feel without holding back anything so that he can see you transparently. All the best. I agree with Christopher – a great list. Here’s one more question (similar to #26) that works in my marriage: “What do you need from me that I’m not giving you?” This is a very direct, but healthy way, Mary Beth and I are able to discuss unmet needs.

Thanks again Barrie for putting this list together. Alex Kapil Apshankar What a wonderful post, Barrie – and an awesome set of questions! The first thought that came to my mind on reading the questions was – hey, I should be doing this with my sweetheart.

She read the questions too – and we’re going to spend time this evening using these as a backdrop of our conversation. I think it’s really important for everyone who is in a relationship – or even starting out with one – to base the relationship on a strong foundation.

Some of these questions can help build that foundation. It’s more that just setting expectations, or getting to know the other person better – it’s fundamentally connecting at a much deeper level and building the trust that helps nurture and grow a great relationship.

Thanks for putting this together, Barrie – you just made my (rather, our) day 🙂 .-= Kapil Apshankar´s last blog ..Guesting Over At Danny Brown – And The Personal Big Pictures =-. Barrie Davenport I am so glad you can put the list to good use Kapil! You are doing a great thing for your relationship by taking the time to do this. You may have to revisit the list many times during the course of your relationship, because people grow and change.

And because we forget to be present for our loved ones sometimes! Barrie, Communication is such powerful tool for any relationship. People seem to forget that solving problems and managing emotions takes assertive communication and mutual understanding, not anger, bitterness, neglect, or disregard. This makes me think of the different love languages people have. By asking questions of each other, partners can discover what is really meaningful and important to the other person, and balance their life accordingly.

When someone isn’t getting their needs met, there is going to be difficulty and the only way to resolve this is communicating and understanding where each other is coming from.

Thanks! .-= Joe Wilner´s last blog .. =-. Marci I think of communication a little differently. I think our words are guided by our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. When we focus more on what we think, and our actions/words will follow. If I can answer these questions about myself and share them with my S.O., then I am sharing a part of myself, making a connection in that moment.

I’ve seen so many couples rely on their S.O. to tell them what they need to do better. I think people can learn to recognize the part they play in the problem (and the solution). .-= Marci´s last blog ..Overcoming Walls that Build Between Married Couples =-.

Hi Barrie, Great photo and topic. I love the questions and will utilize them. I feel we all want more love in our lives and it’s hard to see people struggle not knowing how to move beyond the walls we build. Sometimes not even recognizing we’re building them. I’ve found what helps me most is to notice early on when I’m feeling triggered and take the space to sit with what I’m feeling/experiencing and asking myself some questions.

Owning it in myself rather than just blaming the person I feel triggered by is best. I then return to the person a bit more centered and let them know I felt upset and that I’m making an effort to get in touch with what about the situation triggered me. Next, I ask for what I want from the situation and hear their thoughts and feelings about it. All this requires a degree of trust with the person. I’ve found owning my feelings out loud and assuring the person I’m looking at myself in the process too has really helped with a good outcome.

For me it relates to gaining self-awareness, finding my voice, and as you mention, communicating. Last, I try to keep in mind that it’s a “dangerous” belief to think that the other person is responsible for my happiness. And balance that with the fact that I do have certain expectations in relationship. Thanks, Lauren Charles Onyeneke Hello Barrie, Thanks a bunch for this invaluable post. I read this post and had a chat with my other half.

The result was quite astonishing. We got to bond the more. Then the next morning, a colleague saw a printed copy of this post on my table and wanted to go through it. I willingly gave it to him. Then, … something happened. In less than five minutes, the whole office was at my table asking for a copy of the article.

Everybody was quite excited and wanted to take a copy home and share it with his/her spouse. Want to know what I did? I simply sent an email with a link to this post to everybody. Quite an excellent and thought provoking post. This exercise has taught me that sometimes we actually unconsciously take a lot of things for granted when we are in a relationship.

This post caused a rave in my office, and now it’s raved up our lives. Thanks again Barrie. More of this please. Barrie Davenport OK Charles, you have made my day totally! Thank you so much for sharing that. You don’t know how rewarding it is to hear that I have helped someone in that way. I would love to hear back from you and your office friends on how the questions impacted their relationships.

If you aren’t a subscriber, I hope you will join my community and download my free ebook. Thank you again Charles for your lovely comments. All the best to you! Charles Onyeneke Thanks Barrie, Good to hear I made your day “totally!”.

I’m now a subscriber and I’ve read your lovely ebook. I only hope my friends will follow suit. I’ll sure ask them to revert here with their comments. Enjoy! .-= Charles Onyeneke´s last blog ..Break your Writer’s Block and Be an Exceptional Writer =-. Karen What a great list! I wish I had seen this years ago. I can’t imagine doing this with my husband now – it might start a war! But there are a couple that are on the “benign” side – #3 and #9, for instance – that we could start with.

Thank you so much. I know many people who would really benefit from this. Kristina I truly appreciate this post. I have been searching the internet for ways to spark meaningful conversations between myself and my SO. We have only been together for 6 months but we both feel that this relationship deserves a chance. But I think, between the two of us, I am more methodical in my approach to achieving goals. 🙂 I will definitely share this post with him.

I look forward to the hours of conversation and foundation building this will spark. simi Hi My problem is strange. My boyfriend didn’t call me for one month despite of me asking me to talk. He said he is busy at work. But he used to send me messages all day. He didn’t even meet me since two months.

He always lies to me. Fifteen days back I told him clearly that I don’t want to live in this virtual world of messages and I want to actually talk and meet him. But still he didn’t call me. I told him I’m breaking up with you. He still kept on messaging but didn’t talk me once.

I didn’t reply his messages. Yesterday he came to my house to see me because I was ill. And since then I had to reply his messages. I’m stuck. He is not apologizing. He is acting as if nothing has happened. We were together for 2 years, but now he has changed. Please help. This is brilliant. I think the questions themselves are wonderful, but really the most important thing is just to ask questions.

Too many relationships have disintegrated from lack of communication. When we don’t ask, we just project ourselves onto our partners, which is incredibly dangerous because each of us is all neurotic and insecure in our own special way. Sometimes I still have to remind myself to ask instead of assuming the worst. And then, I ask.

And I so often laugh at what I discover. “…, you must divorce yourself from your personal needs long enough to put the relationship first.” That statement really says it all. Every question stems from a desire to consider the needs of our partner and meet them. Unselfishness is key to happiness in a relationship. Thanks for the list! Vickie at Yaaseen Hello there… I found my girlfrinds selfies on her old phone that I’m using. She was only wearing a bra with her hair wet and poting lips.

I found two of these pics on her old mobile that I’m using as mine has been stolen. I have never seen this pic before as it was never sent or shown to me. We have been dating for a little over three years and there have been times when I have given her reason not to trust me but I until now have never found anything of this sort of nature ever. We generally get along quite well and have the few misunderstandings but have in a way been suspicious mostly from my own insecurities i must admit.

I confronted her about it and she said that she took them because she wanted to feel sexy as she had picked weight when they were taken. I want to believe this but don’t know if i should. My question is this: Did she send them to someone as they were quite provocative or is my mind just playing games with me? Prodigal Son These questions are wonderful and my fiancee and I have based them upon our foundation in our relationship. We are constantly open with one another and are so in love with each other.

At first, it was very hard for her to open up but through patience & humility, she has overcome her struggles and accepted my encouragement and me for who I am. We are getting married next July. […] By asking these questions, you are revealing something about yourself as well. You are showing others that you are engaged, interested, and aware of their value as a person.

You are inviting authentic and genuine sharing and connection. When you make others feel valued and important, you are setting a foundation for lasting, mutually satisfying relationship. […] Judah H These are great questions, I’m dating a young woman and we’re are looking into marriage.

So we’re looking up questions that’d bring up important discussions. As any young man, or any man in general I guess, I want the best marriage possible and desire to honor God through it all.

We aren’t talking about sex yet, figured it be better to save questions like that closer to marriage, but these are great. Thanks a lot 🙂 • • • • • • • • Affiliate links are used on this site.

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