Best price on easy up tents

best price on easy up tents

Hot Sale Easy up Tent with Good Price. FOB Price: US $ 20-50 / Set Min. Order: 1 Set. Top Style: Ridge Tent China Manufacturer Wholesale Price Customized Unique Design Easy up for Promotion Planetarium Inflatable Dome Tent Outdoor Large Inflatable Dome. FOB Price: US $ 400 / Piece Min. Order: 1 Piece.

best price on easy up tents

So you’re getting ready for that hiking trip. You gather your backpack, hiking boots, dri-fit jacket, and some food items (of course). Remembering it’s an overnight trip, you grab your sleeping bag and some extra clothing items and then suddenly you realize you don’t have one of the most significant items for such an outdoor event. A tent. With tents in general, you can receive the appropriate amount of shelter you’ll need for your outdoor event. Pop up tents, however, are much easier to set up (requiring very little assembly) and provide you with a shielded space to sit under or sleep in.

Pop up tents can be quite useful for camping and hiking trips, or any outdoor event for that matter! Now, you’ll want to make sure you get the one that fits your needs. There are various types of pop up tents, coming in different sizes, styles, and with different features. Because of that, choosing the right pop up tent can be a tedious task. Nevertheless, we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of some of the best pop up tents out there that you can choose from.

Why we like it: This sturdy tent can be setup in just under a minute and features a “Weather Tec System” to keep out water. Coleman makes a comeback on our list with this feature-loaded pop up tent. Coleman shows why it’s here to stay in the tent industry with the Coleman 6-person Instant Cabin that we must say, is quite impressive. The tent (or cabin as they call it) comes with pre-attached poles for a quicker, simpler setup.

All you have to do is just extend and secure the poles, resulting in an instant setup of just about 60 seconds.

Not to mention this large tent is 10 x 9 ft. 6 ft. in center height and has size dimensions of 72.01 x 107.99 x 120 inches. This attributes to the tent’s large capacity to fit up to 6 people!

Yes, you heard that correctly. Not only that, this tent gives you enough room to stretch out on two queen-sized air beds, and nicely comes with two storage pockets to help keep your small items organized. This reliable tent also includes the following items: Ground stakes, a storage bag, and even product description information.

In the event that it rains, this tent has you covered (get it?). The tent contains a WeatherTec system as well as patented welded floors and inverted seams that will help you stay dry. The tent also features an integrated, vented rainfly for extra airflow without any extra assembly. Do note however, just for the tent, it will cost you a steep price of about $154. If you want a kit with the tent, that will run you into more money. Still, for its great features and tremendous size, we find the product worth it for the price!

Coleman Pop-Up Tent Why we like it: A generously sized, pre-assembled pop up tent that comfortably fits 4 people and will keep you dry while you lay inside. We kick off our list with this pop up tent by Coleman.

Coleman proves it knows how to meet your camping needs (or outdoor needs in general) with this nice-sized tent. The Coleman Pop-Up Tent can comfortably fit up to four people with its dimensions of 9 ft. 2 in. x 6 ft. 6 in. and 3 ft. 4 inches in center height. That’s right! You and your crew will only need to setup this one tent, which provides a convenient sleeping space.

Speaking of setup, this popup tent features pre-assembled poles for an easy 10-second setup. You won’t have to worry about the hassle of manual assembly with this easy-to-use pop up tent! This pop up tent comes with some great features. It comes with taped floor-seams to help keep you dry while inside and prevent moisture from seeping through. This pop up tent features a multi-position rainfly to provide the perfect balance of protection and ventilation.

This convenient pop up tent also comes with two storage pockets to organize your gear and other items and packs up flat for easy storage and portability. The tent comes at a moderate price of $80.34, making it mid range in terms of cost. However, there is a cheaper option for a little over $50, but this option only fits two people in the tent.

Some downsides include that the tent is not very easy to fold and store and the floor material isn’t very thick, according to some customers. Nevertheless, for its generous size and easy setup, we find this product worth recommending! FiveJoy Instant Pop Up Dome Tent Why we like it: What’s not to like about a pop up tent that is very easy to setup, extremely portable, and can comfortably fit 4 people?

We come to the next product on our list by FiveJoy who clearly wants to make your outdoor experience a “joyful” one (see what we did there?).

In all seriousness, the FiveJoy Instant Pop Up Dome Tent is dedicated in providing an enjoyable outdoor trip with its solid features. The pop up tent prides itself on its easy and stress free setup.

You simply remove this instant, free-standing tent from its packaging and it’ll pop up automatically in just seconds! As this product proclaims, you won’t have to fumble with tent poles or bother with complicated instructions. The pop up tent also comes in a portable carrying bag so you can easily fold it up, and pack it to carry it around anywhere!

This tent includes mesh windows with openings on both the left and right sides, which are covered by a solid nylon flap to provide cross ventilation and privacy. This allows you to let fresh air in, yet keep bugs out. The tent has double doors which allow options: completely open, closed with just the screen material, or sealed with the nylon door for privacy. The tent features storage pockets for your gear, and a hang loop to hang items on.

This multipurpose tent allows you to turn your windows into a rain fly by attaching guy lines to the loops below the window flap and securing them to stakes a short distance from the tent (guy lines and stakes included). The biggest downside to this product is its steep price of $149. Besides that, this is a solid tent and we’re happy to recommend it. Why we like it: A durable pop up tent that pledges it can be setup in just 2 seconds and taken down in 5!

It also nicely blocks out harmful UV rays. The Genji Sports brand treats pop up tent assembly like it’s a sport with their tent’s record setup time! The Genji Sports Instant Beach Star Tent proclaims to set up in just 2 seconds. No joke. Apparently, just 2 seconds is all it takes for this tent to be up and ready to use.

Additionally, the tent is also apparently able to be taken down in just 5 seconds! We think the Genji Sports tent has other tents beat when it comes to fast product assembly and disassembly. The weight of this tent is only 4.5 lb. and it nicely comes with a carrying bag, making this tent very portable. This tent (along with its floor material) meets CPAI-84 fire retardant standards, meaning you won’t have to worry about your tent going up in flames. This sturdy tent is made of durable, UV 50+ protective-coated 190T nylon material, which effectively works to block harmful UV rays.

The tent also features a durable yet lightweight fiberglass frame, an instant push up design, and a waterproof PE floor which makes this beach star tent suitable for all outdoor activities.

With all of its great features, you’ll be pleased to know that this tent comes at a quite reasonable price of about $58.

The only downside is that the product isn’t very wind-resistant, not holding up well in very windy weather. If you’re looking for a product to use as a great sun shelter or for an outdoor trip with clear weather, this could be the tent for you.

Why we like it: This trendy, kid-focused pop up tent comes in various styles to appeal to many children and is made out of safe materials. We come to another product on our list that is kid-oriented. Unlike the SueSport brand, GreEco delivers a tent that is intended for all children (yes, the tykes are included this time!).

The GreEco Kids Pop Up Tent is a play tent packed with great (and safe) features for children. The tent is CPSIA compliant and lead, phthalates, and ASTM soluble heavy-metals free. This responsibly-made tent meets all federal safety requirements outlined by the Consumer Product Safety Commission as well as the strict requirements of California Proposition 65.

We’ll take it that this product is indeed safe for kids to play in! Now let’s talk about its features. The tent features patented twist-and-fold technology which allows for instant set-up and easy storage. Simply remove the tent from its carrying case, and the tent will activate the spring frame that allows the tent to pop open when unfolded.

Children can get in on the fun and help assemble the door and roof with the velcro patch attached. This tent is super lightweight and portable with its included carrying bag. This tent comes in many different styles such as: Pink (what we selected for the review), 3pcs mixed color, gray bear, and yellow tiger.

Do note, depending on the style you choose, the price fluctuates, but for the pink style, the tent will only cost you $29. Nevertheless, it is a pretty solid product and perfect for children to play in. Outsunny Compact Portable Pop-Up Tent Why we like it: A pop up tent you’ll be sure to get a decent night’s rest in. This pop up tent features an air mattress and is elevated to keep moisture and bugs out.

Outsunny steps onto our list with a tent that’s dedicated to making your overnight trip comfortable. The Outsunny Portable Pop Up Tent is extremely versatile being a pop up tent, sleeping cot, air mattress, and sleeping bag all in one! This nifty pop up tent even comes with sheets and a pillow! How’s that for convenience? Speaking of which, this pop up tent is easy to setup and also comes with a heavy duty bag that allows you to store everything away neatly in just a matter of minutes.

The overall weight of the tent is 320 pounds, but after storing it in the large carrying bag, the weight becomes just 25 pounds. The pop up tent can be detached to form a separate tent and cot. This efficient tent also features a large, zippered door for entry and exit. The tent is made out of durable materials and is also water resistant. You will be warm and cozy in this tent by sleeping on its elevated platform that keeps you off the ground and away from moisture, rodents, and insects.

The tent has some heavy duty features making it great for the ultimate camper, but also comes at a hefty price of about $133. Some customers also said they wish the sleeping mattress was a bit thicker and the tent a bit wider. Minus those flaws, this heavy duty tent comes with some great features and we recommend checking it out!

LingAo Automatic Pop-up Cabana Beach Tent Why we like it: This versatile pop up tent can be used for various outdoor activities, requires no assembly, and provides adequate sun protection. Lastly, we come to LingAo with their unique product. The LingAo Pop Up Cabana Beach Tent features an innovative pop-up design that requires no assembly. The tent’s patented structure allows it to pop up and down in a matter of seconds.

The tent can also nicely fit up to 3 people. This trendy looking tent can be used for many different reasons. Use the tent as sun protection for all-day shade at the park, beach, or a sporting event. You can also simply use this tent just to relax in the backyard (we recommend bringing a good book).

The pop up tent also comes with its own carrying case making it very portable and great for travel. This pop up tent may have a relaxed look, but it has a strong structure. The tent features double type-b, dense interwoven mesh for enhanced ventilation. The tent is also made with durable polyester, special silver-coated fabric. Speaking of which, the tent contains SPF 50+ in its material, is water repellent, and protects you from over 99.5% of UVA and UVB rays.

We’ll go out on a limb here and say the manufacturer loves the color blue, as this product is available in three colors: Blue, sky blue, and dark blue. Nevertheless, you’ll like how cost-effective this product is, only costing about $20! The consistent downside we found is that some customers wish the product was a bit larger (the product does however, state it can only sit up to 3 people). Still, for its unique look and great features, we recommend the product!

SueSport Girls Pink Princess Play Tent Why we like it: A cute, princess-themed pop up tent, that’s super portable and light in weight, and makes the perfect play area for children. We now come to a tent made by SueSport that, this time, is all about the children. More specifically, this tent is targeted at little girls (sorry little tykes!). The SueSport Girls Princess Play Tent makes it known that having the perfect play time area is essential for girls with its trendy features. The pop up tent features an easy, “pop open” design that allows for fast set up.

Speaking of design, this tent comes in a cute, light pink color and has stars and hearts imprinted on its exterior (aww, how lovely!). Best of all, this tent is super lightweight making it easy to carry and is ultra portable as it even comes with its own carrying bag.

This princess pop up tent can be easily folded flat to place in storage when it is not in use and is conveniently easy to clean (a damp cloth will do). The tent’s dimensions are 47″ X 43″ x 35,” making it large enough to fit about 2 to 3 small children (the manufacturer suggests using this tent for children ages 3 and up). Even though the tent is easy to setup, it does require some light assembly (which, of course, children couldn’t do), so an adult will be needed.

Nevertheless, one of the best things is its extremely affordable price of about $16. The only downside that we found to be a problem for some is that the top is detachable which was disliked by a few customers. Besides that, this product is a great play area for little girls and we’re happy to recommend it! The Northblu Portable and Comfortable Pop Up Tent Why we like it: This pop up tent comes with excellent ventilation, nicely fits you and a partner, and can even fit two sleeping pads!

The Northblu brand is next on our list with their pop up tent. Northblu understands that getting a quality tent at a great value is of utmost importance. The Northblu Portable and Comfortable Pop Up Tent features durable 190T polyester fabric! This pop up tent is also quite easy to setup with no ground tarps needed and even folds up in just seconds! The pop up tent comes in the size dimensions of 87″ x 60″ x 43″.

Its dimensions are also collapsible, with the tent being able to fold into a 30″ diameter carrying bag, making this tent super portable. The tent is great for using on backpacking or camping trips, and for other outdoor activities. Although the tent is only big enough to fit two people, it’ll fit them quite comfortably. The pop up tent provides enough room for you and your partner’s sleeping pads as well, allowing for both of you to get a decent night’s rest.

The pop up tent also provides excellent ventilation, with the tent having 3 ventilation holes and 1 inner side bag. The sturdy tent nicely comes with durable fiberglass poles and hook stakes and even includes the carrying bag!

The tent also contains an entrance hole with mosquito net to keep the bugs from entering. What’s best about this pop up tent is its affordable price of about $48. Just note, though the tent can withstand light rain, it won’t hold up so well in heavy or consistent rain conditions.

Nevertheless, for its great value and features, we recommend looking into this product! Zomake Automatic Instant Setup Pop Up Tent Why we like it: AThis pop up tent can fit around 3-4 people, comes with 2 doors and windows for ventilation, and blocks UV rays. Next up on our list is the Zomake brand with their tent. Zomake makes it known that for a tent you need two things: versatility and efficiency. The Zomake Instant Setup Pop Up Tent is spacious enough to fit around 3-4 people. The versatile pop up tent can be used for many events such as general camping in clear weather or a sun shelter while outdoors.

It also makes a great gift for kids as a playhouse. The pop up tent contains a size of 95 x 71 x 39 inches, making it suitable to fit even a queen size mattress! Not to mention, this efficient pop up tent sets up in seconds! You literally throw the tent and it pops up automatically, making it super easy to set up.

The pop up tent comes with adequate ventilation with its 2 doors and 2 windows, and features a a top/skylight area. With the amount of ventilation you get, you will have views all around! This sturdy pop up tent also features durable, round fiberglass poles which allow for easy setup and fold up and Hogan hook stakes for staking the tent to the ground for ultimate stabilization.

The lightweight pop up tent is weather and UV-resistant (although there is a warning that the tent may not hold up so well against heavy rain). Nevertheless, this tent is available in three colors: blue, light blue, and green. It is also priced at a reasonable amount of $63.

As with the previous product, this tent has also been noted to be a little difficult to repack, but besides that minor flaw, this tent is a great product! Winterial Portable Instant Pop Up Tent Why we like it: This durable pop up tent can be set up in a matter of seconds, has room for two sleeping pads, and is perfect to use for many outdoor occasions.

Next on our list is the Winterial brand’s pop up tent. The Winterial Portable Instant Pop Up Tent proves it’s a tent for many occasions with its great features. The pop up tent is great to use for camping, festivals, and overnight trips. The tent contains the size dimensions of 90″ x 50″ x 42″. Its dimensions are also collapsible, making it easy to fold into the carrying bag of 25″ in diameter. This makes the pop up tent ultra portable and perfect for taking to your outdoor destination.

The pop up tent is easy to setup, unfolding as it comes out of the bag and folds in just 4 easy steps. No ground tarp is needed for this pop up tent! There’s more to like about this pop up tent!

The tent is made of durable 190T polyester fabric. Though the tent can only fit two people, but it does have enough room for two sleeping pads. The pop up tent also makes for a great beach or backyard tent.

The pop up tent provides you with a great amount of access, featuring 2 windows and 1 large door. The tent also includes durable fiberglass poles and hook stakes as well as the carrying bag. The tent costs $75, which makes it a mid-range in terms of price. Also note that this pop up tent isn’t waterproof, so it’s best to use this product on a clear day. Nevertheless, for its versatility and good features, we find this product worth checking out.

best price on easy up tents

best price on easy up tents - 19 of the Best EZ Up Popup Tents You Can Get on Amazon Right Now

best price on easy up tents

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. A camping tent is an essential item for all outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you are setting up base camping for a major hiking expedition, backpacking through Europe, or planning a weekend trip away with the family, having somewhere safe and secure to sleep and chill out can make all the difference to your camping adventure. Like a , a camping tent is an important investment, but there are lots of different types of tents for you to buy. Camping tents can range in price from $60 dollars to over $500.

You may have a tight budget, and of course, the price is important, but to choose the perfect tent for multiple camping trips and that will fit your lifestyle, there are some very important specifications to consider.

Image Product Name Seasons Rating 3 A 3-4 A 3 A+ 3-4 A 4 A+ 3 A+ Our Pick for the Best Camping Tents Kodiak Flex-Bow Deluxe Tent Whether you are camping with your fishing or hunting buddies or with your family, the Kodiak Deluxe tent can easily accommodate six people, and with its heavy-duty construction it is built to withstand tough outdoor conditions, so you will stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

Once of the highlights of the Kodiak is its extra high 6 Ft 6 ceiling, and as there is plenty of room inside for sleeping and for chilling out, this is the perfect tent for any outdoor adventure. How To Choose The Best Camping Tent Common Tent Styles Tents come in a variety of shapes and sizes but the most common types of tents are A-frame, Hoop-style, Cabin-style, and Free-standing Dome tents. Traditional A-Frame Tents A-frame tents get their name from their basic structure: the two poles at each end of the tent form an apex with a single ridge-pole running down the center.

They have a dual wall construction, with an inner lightweight wall and an added tarp or rainfly for extra weather protection. They make a simple structure, but they do not have a lot of room inside due to the sloping sides, and they are not very sturdy in strong winds.

Modified A-Frame Tents The main difference between a traditional and a modified A-Frame tent is that the modified version has curved poles instead of straight poles. These types of tents provide more stability and improved head and interior space, and they have a full rainfly that covers the whole tent.

The traditional and modified A-frame is quickly being superseded by the Hoop and Dome-style tents. Hoop Tents Hoop tents have three arched frames that give you a lot of internal space and headroom. They have curved poles at either end to help to retain the shape and stability of the tent, and they have long guy ropes that need to be attached with pegs to metal stakes that are driven into the ground, which help to keep the tent secure in high winds.

The benefit of the hoop shape is that any snow and water can simply slide off instead of gathering on top of the tent. Hoop tents are very lightweight and compact and can be packed away with minimal effort. Dome Tents Dome tents are the most popular types of free-standing tents as they are easy to pitch, and you can move them around once they are erected, which is very handy when the weather or wind direction changes.

They have two or three poles that pass each other across the center of the roof, and they have sloping walls and a rainfly that covers most of the tent. Depending on whether they are designed to fit two people or 8-10, they can give you adequate room to move about comfortably and offer you some storage space and a high ceiling. They may come with a detachable wall separator so that you can have two separate rooms: one room for sleeping and the other to store gear or just a chill-out space for the kids.

Cabin-Style Tents Some tents look like a small cabin with vertical walls and a flat roof, and they have a large awning. These types of tents give you a lot of room to move inside and have a high ceiling, and even though their roof is flatter, their walls and roof are made from durable canvas that allows water vapor to escape, which helps to minimize condensation, humidity, and mugginess. Seasonal Tents As well as the style of tent, you have also to consider the type of weather that the tent is suited to.

Tents can be classified as 3-season, 3-4 season, or 4-season tents. 3-Season Tents are the popular choice. They are lightweight tents that are designed for mild weather conditions in spring, summer and fall, and they can provide you with privacy and have large roll up “no-see-um” mesh windows to give you extra ventilation and to keep out insects.

They may have a rainfly that stretches over the tent, which can protect the tent from an occasional downpour and light snow, but they are not designed to sustain prolonged exposure to harsh storms, violent winds or heavy snow.

3-4-Season Tents 3-4 season tents are designed for spring, summer, and fall and can also handle moderate amounts of snow in early spring and late fall. They offer a nice balance of ventilation, strength, and warmth retention. They have large windows and may have fewer mesh panels than 3-season models. These types of are a very good choice for those hikers who make frequent trips in moderate weather conditions. 4-Season Tents If you are a seasoned hiker or an adventurer who likes to go out into the wild in the heart of winter, then a 4-season tent is your ideal traveling buddy.

4-season tents have extra strong and heavier material than 3-season tents. Their thicker poles are specially designed to handle rough weather and terrain, and they can withstand fierce winds and substantial snow loads.

They will have an extended rainfly that comes down to the ground for extra protection. So when the bitter wind howls around your tent and the rain and snow cascades down, a will keep you safe, snug and warm.

Tent Sleeping Capacity The best camping tent should give you more than just a place to sleep, it should you suit your individual camping needs. Whether you are just camping on the weekend with family or friends or embarking on a major expedition, you need some extra space to read, play board games, and escape from harsh weather.

A tent's sleeping capacity usually means that the tent has enough room for people to sleep in, but it may not provide enough room to move around or stand up.

If you need a tent for two people, and you would like some extra room to move about in, look for a tent that has a sleeping capacity for three. Some tents may offer a larger capacity for people, which will have a spacious interior, but this will depend on whether you will be sharing the tent with 8 to 10 adults or whether children will be included in this headcount.

One way to get the best use out of the tent's space, especially if you are planning a holiday with a lot of people, is to purchase two tents so that you can have extra room to chill out in as well as just using the tent to sleep in.

Weatherproofing Waterproofing is another very important feature to consider. Camping can be a lot of fun and have a lot of health benefits, getting back to nature and breathing in the pure, fresh air. But heavy dew and rain can spoil your weekend and you can end up with a wet floor and camping gear. The best waterproof tent should repel rain and dew from the outside and be made out of material that allows the tent to breathe so that the interior does not feel muggy in the morning.

There are few ways a tent can be fully waterproof. It should have a rainfly or tarp, strong material, and leak resistant flooring, an extra footprint, and guy ropes or cables. Rainfly A rainfly is a separate waterproof cover designed to fit over the roof of your tent and it helps to protect your tent from rain or dew, or when you need extra warmth. Some tents have a rainfly that only covers the roof, which allows more light and exterior views while still offering your tent a good level of rain protection.

Other tents may have a rainfly that gives you full coverage, which provides extra protection from the wind and rain. Material Tents that are made from canvas (cotton) are very long-lasting and are waterproof, but they can become very heavy when the water is absorbed.

Nylon/Polyester is also durable and waterproof, but it can deteriorate in sunlight over time. Nylon/polyester tents are lightweight, but you need to check that their seams have been sealed to ensure they are fully waterproof.

Flooring and Footprint Sheet A good seamless floor will keep out moisture and prevent leaks. If your tent is going to experience a lot of foot traffic, then you need a heavy-duty floor, and it is a good idea to use a footprint. A footprint is a ground sheet that goes underneath the tent to protect it from sharp objects and general wear and tear. Guy Ropes or Cables A high-quality tent will include sturdy loops on the outside of the tent body for attaching guy ropes or cables.

Guy ropes allow you to batten down the hatches and secure the tent to the hooks that are placed into the ground, which also stops any fabric from flapping around in high winds.

Heavy-duty Zips Make sure you consider the quality of the zips on the doors and windows of the tent. Zips should open the mesh window and doors easily without catching on the fabric.

No one wants to be struggling with unruly zippers in the middle of the night while the rain is pouring and you need to access the toilet. Being able to get in and out of the tent with minimal fuss is paramount. Also remember that most tents have two-way zips, one for the mesh window and another for the extra layer of material on the inside of the window or door. Vestibule As well as having a spacious interior, a good tent should have an extra shelter or awning, which is also called a vestibule.

A vestibule is attached just outside the door of the tent. It is very handy for storing your muddy or dusty boots or for keeping your backpack out of the rain. Some tents have large vestibules that you can sit under. Extras: Interior Pockets, Lantern Loops, and Gear Loft Interior pockets that are included inside the tent give you extra storage space for cell phones or flashlights that you might need to access in an emergency. Lantern loops are often placed at the center of a tent's ceiling for hanging a lantern or a to give you extra illumination.

Some tents have loops on the interior walls that can be used to attach a mesh shelf (also called a ), which you can use to keep small items off the tent floor. 6 Best Camping Tents We Reviewed 1. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent The is very good value for money and it is ideal for backpacking and short camping trips. It is a lightweight free-standing tent with a simple 2 Pole Design and it is very easy to set-up. Once you lay out the polyester material that has adjustable fly buckles, the pole clips can be quickly attached to the sturdy aluminum poles, and once you secure the guy ropes, your set-up is complete.

The half mesh walls give you that much-needed ventilation in the hot summer months and the quality sealed 75D 185T waterproof polyester resists UV damage and stays taut and will provide you with extra protection in harsh weather conditions. There is a good amount of space to get a restful night's sleep and store a 65-liter pack, and the 32” vestibule allows for extra storage or for somewhere to leave your boots and there are extra storage pockets.

The tent has large zippers on the door and vestibule that are easy to open and close. What we like: • Relatively lightweight • Ideal for backpacking • Great in most weather conditions • Strong design • Great value for money • Easy to set-up What we don't like: • Heavy • Will fit just one person • Not a lot of headspace 2. TETON Sports Mountain Ultra 2-person Backpacking Tent The is very good value and it can easily fit two people.

With a wide ceiling and vestibule, there is adequate room for the average sized person to move around in and it can fit a queen size bed. If you decide to share the tent, there are two doors so that you go to the toilet during the night without disturbing your camping buddy. TETON has specifically designed the Sports Mountain tent with micro mesh material to keep you warm in chilly weather and the cut-away vents in the rainfly keep away condensation, while also keeping you cool in hot weather.

The extra high walls and the durable 150D Oxford canvas bathtub floor helps to prevent water from entering the tent even in the most severe storms. Whether you are camping in windy weather or if there are light snow falls at night, the TETON will keep you secure as all the seams and anchor points are reinforced and heat taped. The lightweight but sturdy aluminum poles are longer lasting than carbon-fiber varieties, and the strong acetate buckles will keep the tent's material and rainfly's loops attached securely to the guy ropes so that you can stake out your tent in windy weather.

You can choose to have an interrupted 360-degree view of your campsite, but if you would prefer a little more privacy or weather protection, just snap on the provided rainfly. The rainfly also gives you an extra vestibule area to stow your gear from the elements, and the mesh gear pockets allow you to store your cell phone or tablet for easy access during the night.

TETON's innovative 3-pole design means that the tent is very easy to set-up and pack away into its own handy bag and as it is very lightweight at 5.5 pounds, it will not weigh you down if you need to take it with you on the trail. TETON also supplies a footprint with the tent.

What we like: • Very good value for money • Ideal for 3-4 seasons • Solid construction • Ideal for one or two people • Sturdy • Durable material • Compact and portable • Very easy to set-up What we don't like: • Does not sit well on uneven terrain • Not ideal for extreme weather conditions 3. Toogh 3 Season Tent 2-3 Person Backpacking Tent For backpackers or couples who want to get away for the weekend, the is a great choice.

This flexible and durable 2 to 3 person tent features a new and improved design which makes it a solid and hard-wearing tent that is very easy to set-up. The sturdy 210 TPU fabric is strong and the enlarged rainfly vented roof has a waterproof coating to protect you from unexpected light rain and the high-density B3 mesh inner layer keeps you warm in cold weather, and the strong aluminum poles keep the tent secure.

You do not have to worry about waking up with a wet floor from a heavy dew as the leak-free seamless groundsheet provides better waterproof performance on wet grass. The overhead rainfly can also be used as a pavilion or awning when you need extra shade while you are having a few drinks with friends or family.

With all the pieces together: the tent weighs 7.72 lbs so it is quite compact and will not take up too much storage space in your vehicle. The Toogh tent comes in a variety of colors: sky blue, orange, red and army green.

What we like: • Very good quality • Durable material • Waterproof • Ideal for two adults • Affordable price • Very good ventilation • Good headroom • Easy to set-up What we don't like: • Not ideal for harsh weather 4.

Big Agnes – Flying Diamond Car 8 Person Camping Tent If you are looking for a sturdy and manageable tent that has plenty of room for your next family camping vacation, the is the perfect choice for you.

A high-quality 3-4-season hoop-style tent, the Big Agnes is made from durable polyester that can withstand most weather conditions, and there is a 1500mm waterproof polyurethane-coated rainfly that doubles as a cover as well as serving as a large vestibule off the larger half of the tent, where you can store your wet or dirty shoes. The DAC combination pole system with press fit connectors, plastic clips, fabric sleeves, color coded pole ends and buckles and the strong aluminum hook stakes, easily fit together.

The strong reflective guylines and webbing on the tent's corners increase the tent's visibility during the night so that you do not trip over the cords.

If you have a big family or sharing the tent with friends, you can separate the tent into two rooms with the integrated zippered wall partition, so you can have two sleeping areas or use one for a games room.

Big Agnes has two doors with two closure options: you can either zip up the outer mesh door for ventilation or zip up the inside polyester layer for full protection. Big Agnes is great for camping in the summer as the vestibule can be staked out as a shade using the trekking poles, and if there is any bad weather, there are storm flaps on the vestibule zippers that can be securely fastened to keep you snug and warm inside. Although Big Agnes is designed for 8 people, it can comfortably fit up to 6 people, but you could fit 6 adults in the large section and two children in the smaller area of the tent.

The large room has a height of 72 inches, while the smaller room measures at 54 inches and a person who measures at about 6 foot 3 can easily stand up in the main part of the tent. There is extra storage available with interior mesh pockets, and the tent is very portable as it folds up into a briefcase style carry bag with organizational pockets and shoulder straps. There is also a gear loft option and the gear loft loops are included with the tent, but you have to purchase the footprint cover separately.

What we like: • Great family tent • 3-4 season tent • Sturdy • Very good quality • Easy to set-up • Durable • Spacious • Can withstand wild weather • Can be split into two rooms • Great functionality • Portable What we don't like: • Expensive • Might be a bit tight with eight adults 5. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6-Person Deluxe Canvas Tent The is built for tough outdoor conditions and its premium grade material and high-quality construction will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Whatever kind of outdoor adventure fits your fantasy, whether it is a camping trip with friends or on a hunting trip, the Kodiak features a host of innovative design features. The tent is made from super strong Hydra-Shield, 100% duck canvas, and it has a 16-ounce polyester-reinforced vinyl flooring with welded seams, and the innovative Flex-Bow frame that is made from 1-inch thick galvanized steel tubing and the 3/8-inch solid spring steel Flex-Bow rods will keep the tent taut and solid as a rock even in high winds and rain.

There is plenty of room inside for six people, and the super high 6'6″ ceiling provides extra comfort. The Kodiak has four sizable “no-see-um” mesh windows that allow for that much-needed ventilation on hot days, as well as two funnel-flow vents that allow for maximum airflow and temperature management.

The large, 72×78-inch awning gives you room to chill out with friends and family. There are two large D-shaped doors, one in the front and one in the back, and they both have durable zippers that will not catch on the tent's material. If you need extra storage space, the Kodiak has organizer pockets, a customizable gear loft, and a strap-and-cinch storage bag to pack the tent away.

The tent is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, and although the Kodiak is an extremely durable all-season tent that can withstand strong winds, driving rain, and even moderate snowfalls, it is not suitable for extreme winter mountaineering or heavy snow accumulations. As it weighs 68 pounds when it is fully packed up, it is not suitable for backpacking. Even though the Kodiak is made from a superior construction, the awning or zipper ropes can fray after a few months, but this can be easily fixed with some heat shrink wire wrap.

What we like: • Very good for the money • Superior construction • High quality, waterproof material • 4 season tent • Spacious • High ceiling • 2-windows • Durable • Can be used for summer and winter • Strong awning • Easy to set-up What we don't like: • Heavy • Not ideal for backpacking • Need extra drying time before packing • Gear loft can get in the way 6.

Arizona GT 9 to 10 Person Sport Camping Tent The from NTK is made from tough material and has a strong construction, with a spacious interior to fit 9 or 10 people, two doors, large windows, a room divider, and a 6.7 ft height, this high-quality tent is a great choice for large family getaways.

NTK is a Brazilian company who designs their Gran Turismo range of tents to survive the wild Amazon weather, so whether the weather is hot or cold or stormy you will be safe and secure inside. The tent's outer covering is made from heavy-duty polyester taffeta, which is covered by a double layer polyester laminated polyurethane rainfly that fully covers the tent, which will give you extra protection from sun and rain, and the bathtub seamless anti-fungus polyethylene with inner silver coated layered flooring resists any leaks and can withstand the heaviest of foot traffic.

If the wind rages around your tent, the Nano-flex fiberglass poles are thick and sturdy and all the metal components are gold plated to resist corrosion, while the strong guy ropes and the aluminum pin-and-ring system can help you to set the tent up quickly and firmly into the ground.

For that much-needed ventilation, the Arizona gives you exceptional air flow with extended ultra-thin polyester “no-see-um” style mesh on the large-sized D-style windows, which helps the tent to breathe, while also keeping any biting or stinging insects out of your tent. The Arizona gives you plenty of space for a large family and great flexibility to change the interior of the tent to suit your camping needs. As well as an oversized main room, there is a convertible section at the back that features 2 roll-up windows that are fully screened with micro mesh, which you can also use as an awning for socializing.

If you need some extra privacy or you will be using the tent for a smaller number of people, you can use the removable room divider that has a zip, and convert the tent into two sections, one for sleeping and the other section for a chill-out room for the kids or guests.

As well as all the floor space, there is heaps of room for storage, with roomy utility pockets and a gear loft for your camping gear. You can be assured of complete safety as the Arizona tent meets CPAI-84 flammability requirements. The tent also comes with a heavy duty carry bag with compression straps and an ID label so you can keep track of your tent. What we like: • High-quality construction • Great value for money • Spacious • Tough fabric • Sturdy and durable tent • Waterproof • Ideal for a large family • Large windows • Versatile What we don't like: • Not ideal for extreme weather conditions • Complex set-up • No instructions Our Pick for the Best Camping Tents Kodiak Flex-Bow Deluxe Tent Whether you are camping with your fishing or hunting buddies or with your family, the Kodiak Deluxe tent can easily accommodate six people, and with its heavy-duty construction it is built to withstand tough outdoor conditions, so you will stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

One of the highlights of the Kodiak is its extra high 6 Ft 6 ceiling, and as there is plenty of room inside for sleeping and for chilling out, this is the perfect tent for any outdoor adventure.

best price on easy up tents

Pop up tents are not the most commonly bought tents for camping, but they are extremely functional and they will also save you a ton of time when looking at the setup.

Pop up tent will be great for the children and they might even be great additions on your . These tents are generally quite cheap and you should pick them up for a decent price. We have decided to look a little deeper and find the best pop up tent that will make life easier for you. In this article, you will be learning which of these tents we consider great investments and we have also included a decent buying guide that will allow you to find the top pop up tent on the market.

The main selling point of these tents is the fact that they are really easy to set up and you will basically have a tent ready in a matter of seconds. These tents feature a spring-like mechanism that will ensure the tent simply jumps into place once you have released it from the bag or from the strap that’s holding everything together. In terms of pricing, these tents are also sometimes much cheaper than their larger counterparts ​and they will have decent durability to go with this functionality as well.

These tents are also sometimes smaller when it comes to overall design and since they can easily be compressed, often times, the people who are enthusiastic about backpacking will revert to using them for their trips. How To Choose The Best Pop Up Tent As with all outdoor products, you will find some that are really good and other that just pretend to be great, but with this guide, you should be able to discern much more easily between the bad ones and the good ones.

1. Durability Durability definitely comes in at the top of our list and having good durability in any tent is fundamentally important. Since tents are generally expensive, you will want to have a tent that can withstand the onslaught of nature and e nsure th at you are adequately protected from the elements . 2. Size and shape Pop up tents are generally available in either 2-man or 4-man sizes and this will depend on how many people will be going along on your trip. The larger the tent, the heavier it will also be to carry around.

So, if you are a backpacker, you should consider looking for a pop-up tent that will be the right size for you and . 3. Anchorage The tie downs and stakes will be important as well, but they will depend on the area that you will camp at.

If you have to go camping somewhere near sand or snow, you will generally need to look for more of these stakes and tie downs to ensure that your tent does not get swept away by the wind. 4. Protection from the elements The pop-up tent should be protecting you during the day and at night. The materials used in the construction will play a huge part when it comes to determining the amount of protection.

You should ensure that the tent can withstand UV rays and also the cold from snow, but of you choose to go cheaper, you could always add a over it for even more protection. 5. Packaging Packaging will be important if you are a backpacker, but as a minimalist camper, you will also want to pack as light as possible.

In this situation, you will be looking at the overall weight and the dimensions of the packaging to ensure that you can get best out of you pop up tent when it comes to saving space and reducing weight. These 5 features are what we used as our criterion in judging all of the pop-up tents and separating the best from the rest of the pack.

You can also use these features to help guide you in making the right choice and ensuring that you hopefully do get the best possible value for your money. Top 6 Best Pop Up Tents of 2018 Coleman is highly regarded as one of the top outdoor brands and they have a wide variety of products that will allow you to get the best possible value for your money. The Coleman Pop-Up tent is one of the smallest and most durable pop up tents that you could find on the market today.

The materials are extremely durable and while this tent might not be fully leak proof, you will only have to fear a few minor drops when it is raining. The tent sets up in about 60 s econd s and sometimes less and one of the great things is that it can be folded up and compressed in about the same amount of time. The one negative thing we did find was the fact that the tent will lose some of its speed after being set up and taken down for multiple times.

This tent is also small and will be ideal for that backpacking in the backcountry. In terms of pricing, the tent is actually really affordable and we would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get something small and efficient to carry around with them on their camping or backpacking trips. We would also recommend that you do invest in some sort of a tarp to help give you even better protection from the elements.

The FiveJoy Instant 4-Person Pop Up Dome Tent is one of the larger tent designs that you will be able to buy if you are looking for a very fast set up. The tent is extremely durable and the seams have been reinforced. This tent also has been PU coated and this will ensure that you are protected from any UV rays that might potentially damage the tent. This tent sets up in a matter of seconds and will definitely amaze some of the people who are watching. It is great for multifunctional use and at night you will have additional loops where you can hang some of your lanterns as well as the other lighting features.

We were intrigued by the size and the fact that something designed for 4 people can be set up in a matter of seconds. In terms of pricing, this tent is a little more expensive, but we still highly recommend it for the value and the durability. If you are looking to save time and space, this will be the right tent for you to buy. The Pop Up Tent Beach Cabana is more of a cabana than it actually is a tent . This cabana is great for those who would like to have that additional sleeping area on a camping trip that will give them some great ventilation .

This cabana sets up really fast and with the addition of the fiberglass poles, you should have no issue with stability. This cabana/tent also is ideal for the summer months and while it might not really hold up that well in the snow , it is fully waterproof and will ensure that you get some decent ventilation as well. It is also really affordable and we would highly recommend this cabana/tent for the multifunctional use and especially for those who like the beach.

Whilst featuring a dome design, this tent is one of the largest pop-up tents that you will find on our list. The tent easily pops up in 3 seconds and it is really great against the elements with the outer layer of material coated to provide you with some great resistance against UV rays and even the wind . The tent also gives you some added protection with the addition of the rain fl y and this will ensure that you have some multifunctional use.

The rain fly can be detached and will be great for if you want something for the beach. This tent is also really affordable and lightweight . Not only will it be great for those looking for something to backpacking with, but it will also be ideal for camping, hunting and fishing. We have the Winterial 2 Person Instant POP UP Tent and this tent features an extremely unique design. The tent itself is quite large and will be cozy for 4 adults . It is also extremely durable and will ensure that you can resist all of the elements and keep you protected in the weather.

This tent also included great ventilation will be ideal for 2 sleeping pads with more than enough extra room for luggage. In terms of pricing, the tent is actually really affordable and you will certainly get great value for your money. We would recommend this tent for those going backpacking due to the lightweight size, but it will also be great for those looking for some added space when camping. Last but certainly not least, the Survival Hax 2 Person Instant Pop Up Tent is another really affordable and greatly designed tent for those looking to save some space.

It has been constructed with 190D Oxford materials and will ensure that the elements cannot easily get inside or even cause problems when you are camping or backpacking. This tent also sets up in a matter of seconds and you will be amazed at how easily this process is. Just throw it in the air and it will open up automaticall y . The tent itself is also not too expensive in our opinion and we would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a lightweight tent to go backpacking with looking to save a few dollars from the more established brands.

Final Thoughts Pop up tents are not widely used, but we hope that this article has opened your eyes and showed you the differences between them and regular tents. In terms of recommendations for the best pop up tent, we will pick the . This tent is much more durable and will be ideal for both backpacking and camping. You will also be able to buy the larger 4 person tent if you really need the additional space. Now it is time for you to leave us a comment on what you think and to go out into the wilderness and find out how functional the pop-up tent actually is.

My wife and I really love camping, and I think that getting a nice pop up tent is something that she’d really like for us. I’m glad that you talked about wanting a durable tent so that your investment doesn’t get destroyed by nature.

I want to make sure that our pop up tent is something that can keep us safe from the elements and stand up to the tasks we use it for! Thanks for the information!

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