Best pop punk songs of 2000s

best pop punk songs of 2000s

So pop it barely even qualifies as pop-punk, The Starting Line's debut LP was chock-full of breakup anthems and songs about unrequited love. It was totally appropriate then that the music video for Best of Me paid homage to the Peter Gabriel part from Say Anything. Choice Track: Leaving. 19. Allister – Last Stop Suburbia (2002) Before singer Gabe Saporta became much better known for his project Cobra Starship, he fronted a pretty great pop-punk band. Living Well is the Best Revenge was Midtown's peak, before a really intense falling out with Drive-Thru made the internet all like :-O. Choice Track: A Faulty Foundation.

best pop punk songs of 2000s

Though released a year before the 00s got officially underway, this album had arguably the biggest impact on pop-punk for the decade to come. It inspired a generations of poop joke-obsessed middle schoolers to buy their first guitar, learn how to play "All the Small Things," and invent their own versions of guitarist's Tom DeLonge's trademark warble.

Choice Track: "What's My Age Again" Fenix TX got their break into the mainstream by getting their single "All My Fault" prominently featured on the soundtrack for the MTV movie Jailbait. It probably helped that their biggest fan, Blink 182's Mark Hoppus, went so far as to appear in the music video for the single to ensure the band got every ounce of his ringing endorsement.

(Hoppus even managed them for a short time.) Choice Track: "All My Fault" Self-proclaimed "easy-core" band New Found glory burst onto the pop-punk scene in a big way with their self-titled second full-length. The huge success of this album combined with Fenix TX's momentum propelled the bands' label, Drive-Thru Records, to the top of the pop-punk ladder for the better part of the 2000s. It also won NFG an opening spot on Blink-182's massive 2001 tour supporting Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.

Choice Track: "Hit or Miss." The biggest commercial breakthrough for Washington-based pop-punk trio MxPx, The Ever Passing Moment showcased the band's most radio-friendly songs to date. The album also featured production from Jerry Finn, who had previously produced or mixed albums from Blink-182, Green Day, and a host of other huge pop-punk bands. Choice Track: "Responsibility" From Here to Infirmary was Alkaline Trio's most poppy, mainstream album released at this point in their career.

While it rubbed some longtime fans the wrong way, it introduced a generation of new fans to Alkaline Trio and singer-songwriter Matt Skiba's knack for writing big, memorable hooks. Choice Track: "Armageddon" Before integrating emo, prog, metal, and alt-rock into their later releases, Brand New was just a pop-punk band from Long Island. And even though they stopped doing it after Your Favorite Weapon, their full-length debut, the dudes could write a mean pop-punk song.

Choice Track: "Logan to Government Center" Simple Plan's blend of catchy hooks and potty humor shot them near the top of the pop-punk game with their debut album, which included the word "balls" in it.

They were yet another band who got the all-important Blink-182 seal of approval when Mark Hoppus sang two lines in their first single, "I'd Do Anything." Choice Track: "Addicted" Kids these days would probably not believe you if you told them that for a few years, Good Charlotte was one of the biggest bands in the world somehow.

They would definitely not believe you if you told them that high school kids used to write "SELF MADE" on their knuckles in tribute to this band. What a weird time it was. Choice Track: "The Anthem" I didn't want to put a bunch of Epitaph bands on this list, because it causes a long and boring debate over where the divide is between pop-punk and straight punk. No one wants that conversation. In any case, Millencolin's Home From Home has some great pop-punk songs on it.

Choice Track: "Fingers Crossed" Another all-star on Drive-Thru Records' once peerless lineup, Allister accurately captured the joy and frustrations of being a teenager on their second album. Last Stop Suburbia could be simultaneously world-weary ("Overrated") and nostalgic ("Somewhere On Fullerton") at the same time.

Choice Track: "Stuck" 2002 was one hell of a year for Drive-Thru. Something Corporate's debut album was an instant classic, launching the band into the Warped Tour stratosphere and beyond. It also featured the beloved anti-bully anthem "If You C Jordan," which solidified their high school fan base. Choice Track: "Hurricane" Coheed's second LP was also the third installment of The Armory Wars, a nerdy, complicated science-fiction story that the band's music is apparently about. But you didn't need to know anything about that to know that "A Favor House Atlantic" and "Blood Red Summer" were near-perfect pop jams.

Choice Track: "A Favor House Atlantic" Ska punks Less Than Jake released a ridiculous catchy and sweet pop-punk album in 2003 with Anthem. On top of featuring a music video starring Alexis Bledel for "She's Going to Break Soon," the band reworked their older track "Look What Happened" to make it shorter and more explosive. Choice Track "Look What Happened" It was a legitimate shock when Glassjaw frontman Daryl Palumbo launched Head Automatic, a dance-punk band that sounded nothing like his old project.

While hardcore purists never forgave him, Head Automatica stood on its own, launching Palumbo into pop stardom for a short period. Choice Track: "Beating Heart Baby" The follow-up to their respected and fairly popular 2003 debut Take This to Your Grave, From Under The Cork Tree unexpectedly pushed Fall Out Boy to the forefront of pop-punk and, surprisingly, pop-rock as a whole. 10 years later, they're one of the only bands on this list still able to dominate the charts. Choice Track: "Sugar, We're Goin' Down" As Blink-182 did before them, Fall Out Boy began strongly endorsing likeminded bands once they began their reign atop the pop-punk throne.

Panic! at the Disco was the first, and in the wake of the decline of Drive-Thru Records, label Fueled By Ramen became THE place for pop-punk bands during the second half of the 2000s. Choice Track: "Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off"

best pop punk songs of 2000s

best pop punk songs of 2000s - The 100 Best Pop Punk Bands

best pop punk songs of 2000s

Rockstar - Nickelback How To Save A Life - The Fray Supermassive Black Hole - Muse The Anthem - Good Charlotte This Love - Maroon 5 ❤21 Guns - Green Day❤ In Too Deep - Sum 41 Photograph - Nickelback A-Punk - Vampire Weekend Drive - Incubus Thanks For The Memories - Fall Out Boy Animal I Have Become - Three Days Grace Last Resort - Papa Roach The Reason - Hoobastank ❤What I've Done - Linkin Park❤ ❤The Kill [Bury Me] - Thirty Seconds To Mars❤ She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5 Gives You Hell - American Rejects Dani California - Red Hot Chili Peppers ❤Breaking The Habit - Linkin Park❤ ❤Call Me When You're Saber - Evanescence❤ I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol ❤Bring Me To Life - Evanescence❤ How You Remind Me - Nickelback Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers ❤Numb - Linkin Park❤ ❤In The End - Linkin Park❤ 2018-06-14

best pop punk songs of 2000s

The 2000s were a tough time in the music business. Artists bypassed record labels to release music independently. What's more, online file sharing and music streaming disrupted the radio industry, and the biggest record store chains went out of business. Amid the industry chaos, pop music still thrived, with hip-hop and dance music leading the way. Hip-hop acts such as the Black Eyed Peas, Kanye West, and Nelly dominated the top of the charts, along with danceable hits from pop stars such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Shakira.

Out of the ashes of alternative rock of the 1990s came new bands such as the Stokes, Arcade Fire, and MGMT. Even established artists such as Bruce Springsteen and Madonna had big comeback hits in the 2000s. "" kicks off with Jamie Foxx's plaintive bluesy cry about a woman who takes his money when he's in need. Soon arrives, telling tales and cautioning wealthy young men about the perils they may face. Before the song closes, there is also a caution for the women out searching for a poor young guy who has "that ambition...look in his eyes." Many artists perform in either contemporary mode or aping a classic pop genre sound.

Few are as expert as Kanye West at blending the past with the present. Continue Reading Below The success of "" is not just due to the hoopla surrounding Leona Lewis and her stunning voice that is equal parts Mariah Carey, , and her own restrained gracefulness.

There is magic in the song. Co-written by OneRepublic leader and teen star Jesse McCartney, the dramatic lyrics are a perfect foil for Lewis' melismatic performance. As ​a producer, Ryan Tedder surrounds the words with a solemn underpinning of organ chords set off by marching band–style drums.

Continue Reading Below Andre 3000 of OutKast created a masterful blend of funk, soul, and pop with an epic feel on "" The call and response of "What's cooler than cool?" with answers "Ice cold" and "Shake it like a Polaroid picture" instantly became catchphrases. The song went straight to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, staying for nine weeks, and was nominated for the Grammy Award for Record of the Year.

When 18-year-old Christina Aguilera topped the pop singles chart with "Genie in a Bottle" in 1999, many wondered if it was just a one-time dance-pop hit for her. However, she came storming back with this song, showing more vocal versatility and proving she was planning to stay for a while.

"" was nominated for a Grammy and five MTV Video Music Awards. Continue Reading Below collaborated with Max Martin and to create pop perfection on "Since U Been Gone." Reportedly Kelly Clarkson pushed for the recording to incorporate more drums to give the song a bit more of a rock sound.

Her instincts were directly on target. The song won the Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal. The accompanying won on the "MTV Video Music Awards" for Best Female Video and Best Pop Video. The Neptunes were the hottest production unit around when one of the pair, Pharrell Williams, decided to strike out on his own with a solo recording. An assist from rapper Jay-Z helped "'" become a major hit.

Pharrell insisted it was a one-time thing, but a solo album hit stores in the summer of 2006. Moby's moody ambient pop album "Play" seemed to be everywhere in 2000 as the soundtrack to commercials, TV shows, shopping malls, and more. Late in the year, his recording of the song "" featuring Gwen Stefani of No Doubt was released as an official single and quickly became a deserved pop radio hit.

It celebrates going out for the night with friends and was inspired by the South Side of Chicago. However, it still does not escape Moby's brand of melancholia.

The version of "South Side" on "Play" does not include Stefani's vocals. From the first synthesizer blips that kick off "," you feel yourself being taken off to a playful and fanciful musical world. It's no surprise then that the song's lyrics unveil thoughts about unlikely top 40 topics such as lightning bugs, dancing, and insomnia.

Adam Young, who records as Owl City, turned his homemade sound into one of the biggest left-field hits of the decade. " That I've Done" wasn't the biggest hit from the Killers' debut album, but this is quite possibly the most enduring. With the stunning "I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier" chorus, the song has been used multiple times in movie soundtracks.

The 2009 "American Idol" champion Kris Allen performed the song regularly on the show's group concert tour. "" is one of the best examples of how Janet Jackson can make a hit single sound completely effortless. Jackson said she found the lyrics in a notebook that was lying around and thought it would go well on the soundtrack for the movie "The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps." It did work for the movie, and it sounded fantastic on the radio as well. turns to his personal life to inspire a genuinely moving small pop masterpiece in "." This time around, he begins with relatively simple words of regret for neglect of his family.

However, by the time the song ends, he has taken the listener through a dream that reveals a strained but loving relationship with his daughter, Hailie, and provides cogent arguments for retirement. The song "" was born out of the experiences of Isaac Slade, the singer and pianist of the Fray, working as a mentor at a summer camp for troubled teens. He faced an experience common to many of us: how to help someone who is having severe difficulty in helping himself or herself.

Then he went one step further and turned the experience into a song. In "Teenagers," My Chemical Romance depicts current society as one in which teenagers are watched for any inkling of getting out of line with enforced norms.

They are seen as simply fodder for advancing the goals of adults in power. The response, according to the song, is violence. It's a warning and explanation that have been made before but rarely so directly in mass popular culture.

Put down the tabloid and listen to Britney Spears on this second from the "Blackout" album. She may indeed experience personal problems, but this is quite simply a woman fighting back against what she perceives as injustice. It portrays fierce anger bubbling beneath the service of an extraordinarily sexy electro instrumental track.

Rarely has a pop star so effectively answered critics. Songwriter and producer Linda Perry knew she had something special with "" and originally intended to record it herself. Eventually, Christina Aguilera convinced Perry that she was the right vocalist for the song. It has since become a signature song for Aguilera and one that has been highly meaningful to her fans. "" was a major pop breakthrough for rockers Finger Eleven. Although filled with attitude, the song's lyrics have an angst-ridden core that makes the song edgy and memorable.

The draw of the club is irresistible for the protagonist, even if romantically striking out and makes the experience painful. This is all set to an exhilarating crunch of rock guitars. "" was Eminem's first single to hit No. 1. It spent 12 weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, the most weeks for any rap song. The song was recorded to be part of the "8 Mile" movie soundtrack and won an Academy Award for Best Song from a Motion Picture.

"Lose Yourself" also won two Grammy Awards while being nominated for Song of the Year. A single piano with the backing of strings gives way to one of the most technically stunning voices in pop music, singing words of pain, guilt, and grief in the loss of a loved one in "." The words work their way to a climax accented by percussion, then gently fade away again, leaving the listener in stunned silence from the beauty of the song.

Christina Aguilera's ballad of loss is one of her finest moments. Jason DeRulo croons on "" like a confident, established R&B pop singer. In the more emotional sections of this musical plea for reconciliation, DeRulo spits out the words with a spirit appropriate for the moment. He pledges paradise when he becomes a star.

This debut single went all the way to No. 1. showed she wasn't going to be left in the previous century with the release of the heavily electronic classic song "." The voice in the beginning that sounds male is actually Madonna, just heavily reprocessed. The tune was a No. 1 smash around the world (including in the United States) and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Record of the Year. The single went gold and the album three-times platinum.

Snow Patrol lead vocalist Gary Lightbody has the perfect instrument to convey the power and emotion of his words. He has strong enough vocal chops to hold his own against the surge of backing guitars but wisely avoids vocal histrionics that could break the song's spell. It is no surprise that Lightbody has said that "" is "the most pure and open love song" he has written. "" made it obvious that Beyonce would have no difficulty with solo success outside of Destiny's Child.

It brought her six Grammy Award nominations, including Record of the Year, and it won for Best R&B Song and Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. The rap from Beyonce's boyfriend Jay-Z was a last-minute addition to the recording. The first surprise of "" is that it's a singing, not rapping, Kanye West all the way through.

He is not a stunningly gifted singer, but the use of Auto-Tune technology helps create a vocal that is impressive in its electronic precision and drama.

The minimalist pounding bass line from an 808 drum machine effectively represents the pounding heart in love, which continually races into restless overdrive delivered by taiko drums. An element that makes Beyonce's "" resonate deeper after hearing it multiple times is that the subject matter of female strength and independence is at the core of her entire "B'Day" album that features the song.

"Irreplaceable" will remind many listeners of concepts central to Terry McMillan's "Waiting to Exhale," which remains a cultural touchstone many years after its release. “” is unique in that it is constructed of a hip-hop beat but has an edgy rock sound.

The song is somewhat stripped down and consists mostly of a standard drumbeat up until the chorus. At the hook, however, kicks her vocal up a notch alongside a roaring bass line, creating an aura of desperation, as if the whole thing could explode at any moment.

The experience climaxes in Rihanna’s catchy, repetitive pronunciation of the song’s title. "Umbrella" was nominated for Record of the Year and Song of the Year Grammy Awards.

It spent 10 weeks at the top of the U.K. pop singles chart, the longest of any single in the decade. "," a gentle, soulful celebration of hanging out with treasured friends, introduced Corinne Bailey Rae to the world. Although it missed the top 40 in the United States, the song was still nominated for Grammy Awards for Song of the Year and Record of the Year. The opening line of the song references 's classic "Three Little Birds." It's difficult to imagine a more effective song than "" to introduce Mika.

The lyrics describe an attempt to channel the spirit of the eternal princess Grace Kelly with a touch of Queen's to make it all a bit more upbeat. He's willing to be whatever will pull pop fans into his performance orbit.

The song was a top 10 hit around the world but failed to rise as high in the United States due to lack of pop radio support. Using a riff from "Straight to Hell" by and negative, violent stereotypes of immigrants as source material, M.I.A. fashioned one of the most bracing pop hits of the decade. It's all wrapped in a gently rolling, almost lazy-sounding package so laid back that the first time you hear the gunshots, it may jolt you out of your seat.

"" manages to wrap irresistible catchiness, political relevance, and musical surprises in one tight package. "" soars in with a grandiose instrumental arrangement and sweeping lyrics detailing the pain of being deposed from a lofty position.

The big sound of the song constantly verges on becoming overblown, but knew how to walk the tightrope perfectly. Bells and chimes and orchestral swells are all there on the chorus, but Chris Martin's voice still pierces through like a clarion call. Lyrically, the pain of the protagonist is clear, but lyrics relating to Jerusalem bells, Roman cavalry, and Saint Peter give "Viva La Vida" an air of intelligence. The song became Coldplay's first No.

1 pop hit in the United States and won the Grammy Award for Song of the Year. The stunning single "'" introduced Alicia Keys to pop music fans. Her record label initially wanted her to release something more commercial, but Keys stuck confidently to her own music. The result was a smash No. 1 pop single that was nominated for four Grammy Awards and won the accolade of Song of the Year. There is a mature, soulful vibe here that far exceeded Alicia Keys' own age of 20.

Late summer 2001 saw the tragic loss of 22-year-old singer and actress Aaliyah in a plane crash. Her No. 1 pop hit "" is arguably her finest moment and has the distinction of being the first song to hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 purely because of radio airplay. It features production from Timbaland and was included on the soundtrack to the film "Romeo Must Die." The lead party song of the decade was written by Linda Perry during a period in which she was trying to learn to program drums.

She says she finished the song using "every catchphrase you possibly could imagine." P!nk took the song to the pop top 5, and it became one of her signature songs. "" was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Pop Female Vocal. Although "" was not 's biggest hit on initial release, peaking "only" at No. 21, it has not gone away since. Pretty good for a band that formed 24 years before its release.

The recording won three for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Rock Duo or Group with Vocal. Bono has said the song is about "a man who has lost everything but finds joy in what he still has," and it had particular poignancy when the group performed live at Super Bowl XXXVI in New Orleans following .

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