Best pickup truck philippines 2017

best pickup truck philippines 2017

Truck owners are a devoted bunch. Tell somebody that a different truck is better than the one they drive and you’re liable to end up in a fist fight. Still, trying to determine the best pickup truck of 2017 is irresistible. Feel free to argue and make your voice heard for your opinion of the best pickup truck this year, but this is our run down. 13. 2017 Chevrolet Colorado But the 2017 Nissan Frontier is a relic – an ancient artifact too dated to be in the running for best pickup truck. It’s so overdue for a redesign that new units on the lot look like old trucks. The interior is unforgivable for 2017 with a heavy plastic feel, and totally devoid of driver assist options. Despite all it’s good stuff, there’s no way the Nissan Frontier can rank any higher than second to last on our quest to the best pickup truck.

best pickup truck philippines 2017

January 8, 2018 It isn’t any big news that truck sales dominate the American market. Pickups from Detroit’s Big Three were not only the best selling trucks in 2017, they were the best selling vehicles. While total vehicle sales for 2017 were down compared to 2016, trucks sales continue to climb.

In fact, only a handful of pickups were in the red in terms of sales in 2017. Many more models saw big gains last year. These were the best selling trucks for 2017. / Who knew a re-designed truck bed was all it would take to get some positive reviews? After a two-year hiatus, the second-generation mid-size Ridgeline made a comeback in 2016 with the 2017 model year.

It had a lot of the same things that the first generation had, like towing capacity, but what it didn’t have were those polarizing “flying buttresses” on the truck bed. Good move, Honda. The Honda Ridgeline just barely beat out the GMC Canyon (just over 32,000 units sold) to make it on our list of top 10 best selling trucks. But it is on pace to rise even higher. Sales were up a whopping 47 percent over 2016.

9. Nissan Titan: 52,924 Advertisement One of the biggest hurdles for the Titan is its engine offerings. Right now you can get a gasoline V8 or a Cummins diesel. Both are great, but including a V6 option could really move some units. Nissan says a V6 is “in the plan,” according to a recent interview, but a date was not announced.

8. Nissan Frontier: 74,360 / Nissan makes its second appearance on the list of best selling trucks in 2017 with the Frontier. The frontier is one of three smaller pickups to make the list (along with the Toyota Tacoma and Honda Ridgeline). While the compact Nissan Frontier was a breath of fresh air in the scant compact truck market when it came out, it’s getting a little worn out.

And sales numbers reflect that sentiment. Sales were down over 14 percent. It had better up its game before the Ford Ranger makes its comeback, or the Jeep Wrangler pickup for that matter. 7. Chevrolet Colorado: 112,996 / Just like the Silverado and the Sierra, the Chevrolet Colorado has a GMC counterpart, the Canyon.

And just like the Silverado, the Colorado puts up bigger sales numbers than its GMC cousin. Even though the Colorado posted a respectable 4 percent sales growth in 2017, it came in just behind the Toyota Tundra. But then, that’s better than the Canyon, which fell out of the top 10 rankings.

6. Toyota Tundra: 116,285 / The Tundra is the full-size big brother of the Tacoma. Despite the reliability Toyota is known for, neither the Tundra nor the Tacoma can rival sales numbers for domestic pickup trucks. The Tundra had a pretty stale year. With only 116,285 units sold, sales weren’t even up 1 percent over 2016. Still, they were up. 5. Toyota Tacoma: 198,124 / You’d be hard pressed finding two vehicles on the street as similar as the GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado.

They share platforms and capabilities and then some. While the Silverado is often branded as the more value-oriented model compared to the Sierra, both bottom and top end prices for each truck are nearly identical. However, what they don’t share are sales numbers. The Silverado nearly triples Sierra sales.

In 2017 Sierra sales slipped, although slightly. GMC Sierra sales were down 1.7 percent last year. 3. Ram Pickups: 500,723 Advertisement Ram pickup sales have risen steadily since the fourth generation came out in 2009. But a 2 percent jump in sales from 2016 to 2017 may indicate the pickup is getting a little long in the tooth.

Just like the Silverado, Fiat Chrysler says it will unveil an all-new Ram 1500 pickup this year. 2. Chevrolet Silverado: 585,864 / If General Motors branded their lineup of similar pickups like Ford does with the F-Series, we would have a clearer picture of how competitive the top spot is. The Silverado is mechanically identical to its GMC cousin, the . Still the does just fine on its own. Silverado sales were up just 2 percent in 2017. However, judging by the popularity of the recently revealed redesign for the , expect that number to jump considerably when we look back at 2018.

1. Ford F-Series: 896,764 units / The Ford F-Series has been on top of the U.S. Auto Market since, like, Jimmy Carter was president. Seriously, it’s been the best selling pickup in the United States for 41 years. And it’s been the best selling vehicle since 1981. Of the 17.2 million vehicles sold last year, nearly 5.5 percent were Ford pickups.

Of course, the title of “best selling truck” comes with a pretty big caveat. The Ford F-Series is actually a group of light- and medium-duty trucks. The number of units sold includes the ubiquitous Ford F-150 as well as its variants. Last year, 2017, was the first full year of sales for the new F-150, now made with lightweight aluminum. It got off to a bumpy start, but customers soon warmed up. Nearly 900,000 Ford F-Series pickups hit the road in 2017. That’s up over 9 percent from 2016.

best pickup truck philippines 2017

best pickup truck philippines 2017 - Best Compact Pickup Trucks for the Money in 2017

best pickup truck philippines 2017

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best pickup truck philippines 2017

Posted by Mark Williams | March 1, 2017 After the predicted slowdown in automotive sales in January in just about every vehicle segment, pickup truck sales seemed to rebound in February. Almost every pickup sold in the U.S.

had a strong month. The only significant exceptions were the Frontier and Tundra, both of which are long overdue for a redesign. 's Silverado and Sierra saw double-digit jumps compared to sales numbers. We're guessing some of that gain can be attributed to the numerous dealer discounts offered on certain models of both pickups. is reporting that Chevy is now leading all truckmakers when it comes to offering cash on the hood. Take note: There are good deals to be had. The mid-size players saw strong gains in February as well, with GM's Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon posting strong numbers.

Tacoma sales appear to be staying level so far in 2017 as Toyota continues to work on getting the proper production mix between its two trucks at its San Antonio facility.

It's also worth noting that is selling more well-equipped mid-size Ridgelines than Nissan is selling of its two full-size pickups, the Titan half ton and heavier-duty Titan XD. We expect these positive numbers to continue to climb as more of the country thaws out in March and April, and more fleet buyers and families take a trip to local dealerships.

Manufacturer image You can put money on the hood to sell or you can put 35.4% of your February sales into fleet as Ford did in February. Over half that 35.4% was daily rental which they make very little to nothing on. I will remind everyone that worked very well for GM last year as they netted 9.4 billion or twice as much as Ford. Way too funny, General Malaise had to go to fleet pricing everyday to get some numbers on the board. For all the extreme discounting only able to squeak out a 12k advantage with a four truck two brand strategy.

Hilarious, there goes the much vaunted " highest transactions". I suppose of you lower the price enough you can get folks to buy shaky and off center,lol way way too funny. What's next break even pricing . 2017 is going to be rough and 2018 even worse. @GMSRGREAT. GM move a lot of metal this month due to a significant increase in incentives after Jan poor performance.

From Automotive news: GM is spending 26 percent more in discounts on each Silverado truck than Fiat Chrysler does for its Ram and 85 percent more than Ford does on its on F series, according to the Power Information Network data, which J.D.

Power doesn’t release to the public. @GMSRGREAT. GM move a lot of metal this month due to a significant increase in incentives after Jan poor performance. From Automotive news: GM is spending 26 percent more in discounts on each Silverado truck than Fiat Chrysler does for its Ram and 85 percent more than Ford does on its on F series, according to the Power Information Network data, which J.D.

Power doesn’t release to the public. Posted by: Yupp | Mar 1, 2017 4:40:12 PM You can't explain this logic to this chump, it's like talking to our dumbass Prezident, afterall that idiot is saying he brought down the deficit in Feb '17 when it's still under the Obama Administration Fiscal Year.

He's a fken MORON!! Congrats to GM. Looks like GM just dropped the hammer on Ford. That 4 truck strategy employed by GM sure moves a lot of trucks. Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Mar 1, 2017 4:33:44 PM Sir, wouldn't having 4 different trucks eat into profits since you have 4 different sheet metal designs, 4 different interiors, 4 different wheel packages?

Wouldn't a 1 truck strategy be more profitable because all sheet metal is the same and you just offer different trim packages for one truck. Or in Ford and rams case, just 2 different trucks.

Really GM has a 6 truck strategy. Sounds very expensive to me. Do you not agree? Looks like the twins are selling every truck they can get a hold of. They need to get busy and finish the new addition to their plant so they can increase production and start building the Blazer too....

Lots of Taco's on our local lot... saw a Kamikaze Ridgeline with a camper shell on it, looks like a Ford Flex.... Drove by a Chev dealer the other day they had a nice selection of Colorados, even a few diesels in stock.

More interesting was the number of Silverados, evenhad a few 6.2s waiting around, something not typical a year ago. Keeping the factory above 80% production capacity is very important, I'd expect all manufacturers to continue with increased incentives through the year. Unless you want a Raptor, then it's time to dig deep.

GM spent 26 percent more in discounts on each Silverado truck than Fiat Chrysler paid per Ram and 85 percent more than Ford allocated for F-Series, according to the Power Information Network data... The deals from GM are part of a “Truck Month” promotion that includes offers for about 25 percent off the sticker price of some 2016 Sierra pickups or $11,185 discounts for select 2017 Silverado models.

The offers follow sales declines in January for both of GM’s full-size truck models while Ford and Fiat Chrysler’s pickups gained. “Last month, GM’s pickup sales were down,” Frank Ursomarso, owner of Union Park GMC in Delaware, said in a phone interview. “That’s why they’re doing this. GM has to battle against Ram and Ford.” GM also lost sales ground in 2016. Deliveries dropped 4.3 percent for the Silverado and 1.1 percent for the Sierra last year.

F-series gained 5.2 percent to seal a 35th-straight year as the top-selling vehicle line in the U.S., and Ram pickup sales rose 8.7 percent. GM is responding to competitive pressures with its latest incentives, in particular deep discounting by Fiat Chrysler on the Ram, according to Jim Cain, a company spokesman. The average price consumers pay for the automaker’s full-size pickups are up about $586 through February compared with the year-earlier period, he said. “We wanted to get our fair share in the truck market,” Cain said by phone.

“The kind of incentives we offer in Truck Month are not the kind of spending we do a on a regular basis.” Analysts have estimated pickups can command $8,000 to $10,000 in gross profit per vehicle, generating much of GM, Ford and Fiat Chrysler’s earnings.

“If this level of incentives continues, it certainly will eat into profits,” Krebs said. Wow, I can not believe that the gm fan boys are happy with what they have seen. Major incentives in the second month of the year? what the heck. Fords sales to fleet vehicles are down and have been, they are doing that on purpose. Some people need to read articles that are not just offered on this site.

For gm it takes two separate trucks to compete with fords f series. Go ahead and jump up and down government motors fans. If it was not for the major incentives ram might have passed Chevy last month, that is pretty shocking.

Chevy will be third soon. GM made the list for top 6 out 10 cars stuck on dealer lots. Brand Vehicle Days' supply Buick Lacrosse 330 Buick Cascada 298 Chevrolet Corvette 267 Volkswagen CC 259 Chevrolet Camaro 236 Buick Verano 234 Mitsubishi Mirage 231 Acura ILX 227 Chrysler 200 225 Buick Regal 222 Judging by this list it looks like GM should have axed Buick in stead of Pontiac.

4 of the 10 cars on the list are Buicks Funny how it takes the Garbage Making Company and chevy to keep up to Blue Oval🤔But if you have to give such big incentives to sell your product?

What does that say about your product? Ford rules!! Dodge was doing the same thing in years past, and what does that to the value of the truck when its traded in? Resale value? Hmmmmm the company is cutting off the hands that feed it!!!!! @Jack: So GM offers greater selection and choice of vehicles for customers.

Result: more sales. By the way, the F-series isn't just one truck. This may come as a surprise to you but there are two different body styles of F-series.

and about 5 different classes coupled with about 6 different trim levels with special grilles, tailgates, wheels ,interior color schemes etc. This all sounds very expensive to me. Do you not agree? "Looks to me like midsize trucks have leveled off. Not so sure ford wants to get back in the midsize. Tacoma not showing any good gains nor the Colorado either." ---- Posted by: Uh huh | Mar 1, 2017 4:43:03 PM Now...

if those trucks had been another 15% smaller than the full-sized models, I'd bet their sales would have been even higher. Had they kept the smaller size in the first place and been properly updated, their sales right now would be notably better than they are. But SOME people want 'em to go back to their '80s size. "@Whale, that doesn't explain Ford and Rams increase without excess incentives.

I think article said GM spent 85% more than Ford." ---- Posted by: tom | Mar 2, 2017 5:29:35 AM According to reports, Ford sold a number into fleets, though I couldn't tell you how many. On the other hand, I'm simply not willing to put anything close to retail money into such a big vehicle; the longest vehicle I currently own is a '97 Ranger standard cab and the tallest is a '16 Renegade.

I admit I used to like larger cars but as traffic got heavier the car felt more like a barge than a cruiser. And since I've never been a family man--just me and my wife--I simply don't need a road whale. "Looks to me like midsize trucks have leveled off.

Not so sure ford wants to get back in the midsize. Tacoma not showing any good gains nor the Colorado either." ---- Posted by: Uh huh | Mar 1, 2017 4:43:03 PM You don't see the whole picture.

Small cars are dyeing. Ford is no exception. Look at the detail numbers. The Ford is down 4℅ . The people who doesn't buy small cars, buy an SUV or small trruck and because ford doesn't have any,they are loosing customers. Ford doesn't have a choice, they have to bring a small truck. FCA will do the same.

Market has moved and they need to adjust. GM reads the market the best for a few years now. @roadwhale Your perspective never changes. You say trucks are too big. The Consumer? He's buying big trucks at a breathtaking pace. Midsize trucks? Not so much. Just looking at the big three, their sales of half ton trucks year to date is almost five times the total for all mid sizers.

We're not talking global markets, just the US. Some might have you believe that the US market is shaped by the Chicken Tax but that doesn't address why Honda and Nissan small trucks are almost an asterisk here. then you say truck prices are too high, forgetting that the "cost" of ownership is "new" price minus the price you receive when you sell later on. How are you making this calculation?

By the way, the F-series isn't just one truck. This may come as a surprise to you but there are two different body styles of F-series. and about 5 different classes coupled with about 6 different trim levels with special grilles, tailgates, wheels ,interior color schemes etc. This all sounds very expensive to me. Do you not agree?

Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Mar 1, 2017 9:01:36 PM I can see sir that you are very biased against Ford. So we will used your logic however I can see it is very minimal. If you want to go by class and not body style and honestly I could care less about trim levels because GM has a ton of them. But Silverado has 1500, 2500, 3500, 3500 chassis cab. GMC has the same. So that is 6 plus the 2 infant trucks. That is 10. Is that not more? Do you not agree?

@Jack You make this too complicated. Total-up the numbers of trucks sold. GM has outsold Ford by a big margin the last 2 years. Ford R&D has made significant miscalculations in the truck market during the last ten years. New leadership is required at Ford.

Look at the percentage growth that RAM has delivered during the same period, compared to Ford. They did it with almost ZERO in the way of financial resources. Any questions? I swear some of you act like this incentive stuff is a new thing. As "pickup" guys you should know by now this is the industry SOP. Truck sales typically fall off at the first of the year incentives climb and for everyone.

Ford right now has the newest truck there for less incentives but this will change. Here in Texas Ford will declare a truck month that usually last from April-July. @Jack: Do you accept the fact that Ford has 2 different body styles within their F-series line-up? Would you agree that investment into R&D was required to design and develope these 2 trucks? Do you accept the fact that GM has 2 different body style full size trucks which would have required investment into R&D to design and develope these 2 trucks?

Do you understand that the two GM truck trucks are identical in mechanical design and construction materials? Would you agree that Ford is missing out on high profit potential by not having a midsize truck offering for the NA market?

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