Best pickup bar tampa

best pickup bar tampa

For the best night out in the fun-loving city of Tampa, Florida, these top 10 bars are a sure hit On the west coast of Florida lies Tampa, the bustling city on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. With good weather year-round, the night-life in Tampa never quiets down: there’s something to do every single night of the week. Here are some of the best bars in the city to visit for an authentic and memorable time during your visit to Tampa. Sign Up. Get More.

best pickup bar tampa

If you’re single, you probably spend at least some time wondering about where to meet people. There’s always the option of going online, but Tinder and OKCupid aren’t for everyone. You could ask friends to set you up, but blind dates can be awkward and who needs that? So where does that leave you? If you like to travel, why not try your pick-up luck at the airport or, more specifically, an airport bar? Whether you’re looking for a skiier, a surfer or a C-list celeb, we have the scoop on some of the best airport bars for making a connection while waiting for one.

Powderhounds: Monk’s Grill, Vancouver International Airport, Vancouver , via Flickr If you’re looking to meet a ski bum this winter, one of the best places to do it might just be at . Despite the fact that itself doesn’t get a lot of snow, it’s still home to some of the best skiing and snowboarding in North America, including Cypress Mountain, Grouse Mountain and Mount Seymour.

And, of course, Vancouver is also the jumping off point to the great skiing at Whistler Blackcomb. So get yourself to in the domestic terminal at Vancouver International and see who’s sporting ski tags on their jacket.

Sometimes black diamonds are a girl’s (or guy’s) best friend. C-list celeb: Petrossian, Los Angeles International, Los Angeles, California , via Flickr There’s no better place to run into a celebrity than and, while the A-list stars won’t be slumming it in an airport bar, who says you won’t be able to bag yourself a C or D-list celebrity?

If that piques your interest, think about whiling away time before your flight out of at in the Tom Bradley International Terminal. It’s a caviar and champagne bar that is just fancy enough to attract a few smaller-tier stars. Order up a glass of bubbly and keep your eyes peeled. Go-to pick up line: Do I know you from somewhere?

Cowboy or girl: Montana’s Cookhouse Saloon, Calgary International Airport, Calgary , via Flickr Does the thought of meeting someone in a cowboy hat and boots set your pulse racing? is a good place to wrangle yourself a keeper, especially during the Calgary Stampede, when you’ll likely find yourself in a sea of cowboy hats. Sidle up to the bar at on the departures level and see if you can catch someone’s eye with a friendly wink. Surfer: Lobby Bar, Orlando International Airport, Orlando, Florida ms.akr, via Flickr CC BY 2.0 There’s no doubt about it, surfing is an exciting sport, which in turn makes it a sexy one.

We wouldn’t blame you if you had your sights set on making a love connection with someone who spends their days riding the waves. Cocoa Beach, about 45 minutes from , is a popular surfing spot in the U.S. so you might just find yourself a surfer if you spend some time at MCO sipping a drink at in East Hall.

Keep an eye out for anyone who looks like they still have sand in their hair and ask if they’ve seen the new “Point Break” remake. Country musician: Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, Nashville International Airport, Nashville, Tennessee , via Flickr Country music fans are likely to also harbor crushes on country music’s biggest stars. While you might not score a date with Luke Bryan or Carrie Underwood, there’s still hope to bag yourself a country crooner.

A trip through could be your ticket to a date with an up-and-coming country musician. The best place to look is at Concourse C, before security, where they even have live music. Who knows, you might just make a connection with someone playing a set. The flagship location of is known as one of the best country bars in .

Hipster: Laurelwood Brewing Co., Portland International Airport, Portland, Oregon via Flickr Anyone looking to pick up a hipster while in transit will have a good shot at . The city is known for its large hipster population, something the show “Portlandia” hilariously pokes fun at. The airport bar you’ll want to situate yourself at is located at Concourses A and E. You can sip on a microbrew while striking up a conversation about an obscure band you just discovered. Outdoors enthusiast: Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery, Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado , via Flickr Some of us like a person to be polished, while others are attracted to a more rugged, outdoorsy type.

If that’s your preference, the airport bar for you is at . Colorado is filled with amazing places to hike, camp and be one with nature. And is the hub for all of that outdoor living, making the airport a perfect place to look for the mountain man or woman of your dreams.

Try your luck at near gate C32. Order a handcrafted microbrew or something garnished with bacon and chat up the cutie next to you about your favorite brand of hiking boots. Golfer: 12th Fairway Bar and Grill, Palm Springs International Airport, Palm Springs, California , via Flickr How’s your golf swing? If the thought of going out with a golfer puts a smile on your face, grabbing a seat and a drink at a bar at should be a hole in one.

is a premier golfing destination so it shouldn’t be hard to find someone to talk tee times with. Put on your best polo and make your way to 12th Fairway Bar and Grill, located in the Bono Concourse. Entrepreneur: Cisco Brewers, Logan International Airport, Boston, Massachusetts , via Flickr Looking to nab yourself a self-made man or woman? Head to in search of an entrepreneur. is giving San Francisco a run for its money when it comes to startups, especially in the biotech industry.

While there are many options in terms of the best pickup spots at Logan, we suggest testing out your best pickup lines at Cisco Brewers in Terminal B. This is where you’ll find beers, wines and spirits created on Nantucket. Foodie: Saison, Newark Liberty International Airport, Newark, New Jersey , via Flickr has recently stepped up its game where food is concerned.

A multimillion dollar renovation to Terminal C has brought some noteworthy chefs to the airport, making Newark a good place to pick up a foodie. Head straight for Saison, a French bistro that Alain Ducasse helped create. Grab yourself a glass of wine as you scan your surroundings for a fellow foodie.

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best pickup bar tampa

best pickup bar tampa - Best Pickup Lines … Ever!

best pickup bar tampa

On the west coast of Florida lies Tampa, the bustling city on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. With good weather year-round, the night-life in Tampa never quiets down: there’s something to do every single night of the week.

Here are some of the best bars in the city to visit for an authentic and memorable time during your visit to Tampa. With over 20 beers on draft and 75 bottled beers available, certainly has plenty of options for the beer fanatics.

In the heart of the lively SOHO district, Yard of Ale provides a fun environment with daily specials on food and drinks. Come here for the life sized jenga games and atmosphere that brings Tampa locals always coming back for more. Right on the water in downtown, is nestled in the middle of the Tampa Convention Center.

The location of the Pavilion is perfect for any tourist, walking distance from many of the downtown locations and the Channelside district. Food trucks also visit the bar frequently which will perfectly compliment any beer or cocktail enjoyed on the Riverwalk. With a charming dive appearance and welcoming atmosphere, is a hidden gem of Tampa Bay. This place has a casual vibe and great history; it was purchased in 1980 by three Air Force comrades.

Come here for the famous Skipperdome, a large backyard concert area under massive oak trees that is home to live music six nights a week.

best pickup bar tampa

I was out partying with a girlfriend on Halloween. She had the best line ever. She would walk up to a dude, smile and say, “Oh, I know what you’re dressed as for Halloween.” (Keep in mind she would say this only to guys in their normal clothes … not costumes.) The guy would look at her, confused, and say, “What?” And she would reply, “A cute boy who wants to make out with me.” Brilliant!

A friend of mine shared one of the greatest lines I’ve ever heard simply because it often worked. He was a normal dude, not a looker, but his line reeked of cleverness and often stunned the recipient into laughter and subsequent conversation.

He closed more often than not. “Excuse me, but do you like apples?” “Um, huh?” “Do you like apples?” “Yeah, sure. I like apples.” “I like apples, too! Wanna fuck?” So my lovely sister and I were out were out one night having some cocktails when a guy comes over to us and says “Hey ladies what’s up, I’m _______. My friend is too shy to come over here but that is ok I’m into threesomes.” Before I could even respond, my sister turns to him with the sweetest smile and replys “Hi _____, nice to meet you.

I am unavailible and this is my sister uninterested.” i still like the one from ps i love you, i just have never had the balls to actually use it. the friend (fibi) uses it at the funeral. Girl: nice tie, are you single guy: yes girl: are you gay guy: no girl: do you have a job guy: yes then she kisses him. if you don’t like any of the previous answers before kiss, you walk away… or if you don’t like the kiss, walk away… something along them lines, but hilarious.

lets not waste any time with the unneccesary chit chat. get to the point and be done with it. can’t beat that… 😀 A great conversation changer when Miss Potential trys to cock block with the phrase guys love to hear: “I just want you to know that I’m in a relationship.” “Really?

I used to have two turtles when I was a kid.” Her confused scrunchy face follows with a “What?” “Oh, I though we were talking things that are irrelevant.” Good ice breaker. Be ready for a few rude chicks.

But there are some cool ones who will engage in conversation if delivered correctly. guy:Were you raised on a chicken farm? Girl: hell no. guy: you sure? (In a semi squeaky voice with a smerk and raised brow) girl: I said no.

guy: well you sure know how to raise cocks. (Laughing) be funny not perverted. Used these once at a wedding……. And they really work!!!!!! (If the mood is right and the scenery) A) Me: Hey, Was your father an Astronaut? Girl: Huh? Why? Me: He stole the stars from space and placed them in your eyes. B) Me: Is your father the best baker in town? Girl: Huh? What? Why? Me: Oh nothing……… You’re just the finest pastry he ever made.

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