Best pick up spots in miami

best pick up spots in miami

Miami. One of the BEST spots for game in the United States. The women are hot, the city is full of energy, and the night clubs go till 5am just like they do in Vegas. I would argue that there are even more options for day game and street game in Miami… from Lincoln Park to Nikki Beach, or even walking the streets between bar to bar at night on South Beach. I am going to be in Miami Feb 16-23 with a few other dating coaches to collaborate and also run bootcamps. This is one of the few opportunities to take a Miami bootcamp with me. The last time I ran a bootcamp in Miami was in 2013 so if you l .

best pick up spots in miami

Ahhh… Miami. One of the BEST spots for game in the United States. The women are hot, the city is full of energy, and the night clubs go till 5am just like they do in Vegas. I would argue that there are even more options for day game and street game in Miami… from Lincoln Park to Nikki Beach, or even walking the streets between bar to bar at night on South Beach. I am going to be in Miami Feb 16-23 with a few other dating coaches to collaborate and also run bootcamps.

This is one of the few opportunities to take a Miami bootcamp with me. The last time I ran a bootcamp in Miami was in 2013 so if you live in the East Coast area or want a fresh environment to game, don’t miss this chance! The date is rapidly approaching so if you’re interested, here is what you need to do. Send me a message at Or complete the application for training form at: I will then schedule a Skype consultation to answer any questions you may have. Thanks, and see you soon! Here is the 2013 Miami infield of me coaching and getting the student to plow through ridiculous amounts of shit test and disinterest.

best pick up spots in miami

best pick up spots in miami - 20 Best Things To Do In Miami For Tourists and Locals

best pick up spots in miami

Seven years go, I not only picked up a camera for the first time, but I also moved to my home, Miami Beach. I like to think it was fate that I happened to be introduced to both photography and this lively city at the same time. The vibrant colors, the beaches, and the architecture have made Miami the perfect place for me to hone my skills as I find inspiration around every corner.

In that time, I have found some pretty amazing places that I love photographing from, and it’s not at all uncommon for me to return to these places every week. And now, I am sharing them with you. I hope when you come to Miami, you and we can get together to shoot!

We have added some hotels that are close to each location, but you can always do your own research by in Miami Beach on . 1111 Lincoln Road All across the country, some of the best urban views of a downtown are seen from the top floors or parking garages, and Miami is no exception. For me, the best time to shoot is at night as you watch the city come alive. Where to Stay: Maurice Gibb Memorial Park This location was seemingly made for sunsets.

The rocks that jet out from shore in front of the calm water make for a perfect foreground as the tropical skies explode above you. Where to Stay: Ocean Drive in front of the Beacon Hotel When you think of Miami, you think of neon signs and palm trees.

Well, this strip of Ocean Drive is straight out of a movie. Literally, ‘Scarface’ has scenes from here, as well as many other Hollywood Films. Where to Stay: Venetian Causeway The Miami skyline is beautiful, and there are few better vantage points than the Venetian Causeway.

While it’s always a great view, my favorite time to photograph it is at night, as there is nothing like Miami lights. Where to Stay: The Beach Lifeguard Towers There are a lot of them, as we have a lot of beach here in Miami, but the below location is the coolest one. By far, the best time to shoot them is at sunrise, as you will have beautiful light and clouds, but most importantly, and empty beach, which is near impossible any other time.

Where to Stay: Best Buy Parking garage on 5th and Alton Yup, you read that right! Pick up a new Vizeo HD TV and stay for sunset. Best Buy has the dream view of Miami for photographers. Where to Stay: Children’s Museum While not shooting from the museum itself, head under the bridge and see why this is one of my favorite spots. Sunset and night are my favorite times at this awesome spot. Where to Stay: South Pointe Park & Pier Sunrise and sunset are great options at this unique pier.

There is alot of angles to cover, so give yourself time to scout out what you are looking for. Where to Stay: The Bay Walk Not much can be said about the Bay Walk. It’s stunning, especially at sunset. Where to Stay: The Beach Hey, it’s Miami. Our most photographed location is the beach, and for good reason. Just remember, sunrise is the best time to get calm and peaceful scenes before the hordes of sun seekers arrive.

Where to Stay: A version of this blog originally appeared on Hey Edin I am coming in from Denver in Nov for a cruise and really looking for some great spots for some night photography. Unfortunately I will be staying near the airport but would love to go to some of these locations just not sure how accessible or easy it would be with public transportation? I don’t mind staying out late – I don’t get in to Miami till after 7pm so I’m guessing like 10-11 pm.

Concerns about safety? Issues with transportation? Thanks. Bob

best pick up spots in miami

6 Shares With stunning beaches, a vibrant nightlife, and a fantastic online dating scene, if you are looking for Cougars in Miami, you won’t have to look far. Miami has so much to offer, and local older ladies lap up the sun sea and sand, enjoy frequenting the many bustling restaurants, cafe’s and cougar bars and enjoy the cultural activities on offer here too.

Don’t forget that finding these women is only half the battle. If you really want to improve your ability to attract and date them once you meet you absolutely have to check out . You will not find an easier or better solution to improving your ability to attract cougars anywhere. Many tourists also flock to Miami every year, so you can find Cougars from all over the world at any time of year. Where To Go To Find Cougars In Miami Read on to find the best spots if you are looking to meet a more mature older lady in this wonderful city: Skybar for a party night Skybar is one of the cities most exciting bars and a well-known hotspot for Cougars in Miami.

With an ever-changing cocktail menu, exciting up and coming DJ’s and special guests each week you definitely come to Skybar to party! There are three different rooms to choose from making it the perfect place to enjoy some great drinks and socialize. Give it a shot, you will be happy you did. is the fastest way to meet cougars in Miami When it comes to meeting older women you have to be smart about it. More and more often older women are spending time online and skipping the bar scene altogether, especially when looking for younger guys.

Cougar Life is the best site set up specifically to help attractive Cougars meet up with younger men. They have consistently been ranked as the #1 site for dating older women in . Joining Cougar Life is absolutely free ( ) and the sign-up process is so simple, only taking a few minutes to get your account up and running.

Once you have joined Cougar Life it is then easy to browse the profiles of all the Cougars near you that have also signed up. Once you have found a lady you like, you are able to get in touch with them, exchange details and arrange to meet.

Cougar Life also has many great tips on how to meet, attract and date older women so it is definitely worth taking a look, and is the go-to website to find Cougars in Miami. Whole Foods for great groceries and flirty fun You can find Whole Foods in downtown Miami as well as a store in South Beach. While you may not think that supermarkets are the best place to pick up anyone, let alone Cougars, Whole Foods is in a league of its own.

This upmarket food store is crawling with attractive older ladies doing their weekly shop, so if you want to start early and get some hunting under your belt during the day, then this is definitely worth a shot. Beaches for fun in the sun Miami is famed for its stunning beaches and these are perfect places to look for Cougars.

With the gorgeous weather, soft white sands and breath-taking aquamarine waters, Cougars in Miami flock to the beaches to chat with friends and soak up the sun. 21st-35th Street Beach has the Miami Boardwalk running through it and is where you can find lots of attractive Cougars out jogging. For the finest Cougars around, head to Bal Harbour, where the rich and famous hang out.

Haulover Beach is also truly beautiful, and if you are feeling brave there is a nude beach here too! Shopping Centres to pick up more than just your shopping Cougars just love to shop until they drop. So if you fancy trying your luck before nightfall then head out to one of the upmarket shopping malls in the city.

Aventura Mall is a good bet, it is jam-packed with classy designer stalls, so you are sure to find plenty of Cougars. It’s good to dress smart and bring your A-game to ensure you impress here. for a classy evening This bar and lounge is well worth a visit if you are hoping to meet some Cougars in Miami. The Fifty Ultra Lounge is located a whopping fifty stories up at the Viceroy Miami hotel.

Here you can enjoy some fantastically made drinks, and the rooftop lounge hosts great DJ nights. The ambiance here is glamorous and sexy so make sure you wear your sharpest suit and know how to pull some eye-catching moves on the dance floor. for a truly relaxing experience Rose bar can be found at the Delano (South Beach).

This club has a rather sexy difference – instead of chairs, it has beds making it the perfect place to get better acquainted with your Cougar. Expect fancy cocktails, a classy older crowd, and a fair bit of competition here.

(South Beach) for a stylish and sophisticated evening This classy Italian restaurant is a big draw for Cougars in Miami who come here for the fantastic food and to relax over a drink with friends. The restaurant and bar exudes glamour from every corner and focuses on the finest Italian cuisine, quality wine and beautiful art and decor.

If you can manage to work your way into the members-only lounge upstairs then you are definitely on to a winner. The Gym for fitness and flirting Cougars love to keep in shape and in Miami looking your best is imperative.

Get working on that beach bod and impress Cougars by flexing weights in the local gym. Head to Elite U Fitness for the best Cougars around.

for a relaxed and fun night out Barracuda’s is the cities best dive bar and perfect if you are hoping to meet a Cougar in Miami. For those who prefer a more relaxed ambiance and a fun crowd Barracuda’s is the place to be. The bar is decorated with wood from an old Florida shrimp boat and has a warm and welcoming vibe, staff are friendly and it has great happy hour specials. If you are hoping for a chilled night filled with games, laughter and fun, as well as friendly Cougars on the prowl, this is the place to be.

So there you have it, our top ten places to meet Cougars in Miami. Get out there and get hunting! Visit These Hot Cougar Bars in Miami If you are looking for a few more cougar bars check these out: is your whiskey bar with beautiful older ladies This cute little Coconut Grove bar is built like a house off Main Highway.

Older female patrons love their front patio and back deck where guys on the look out for cougars can create great intimacy. Older women especially love Taurus because dogs are allowed inside. So if you’re a dog lover who is attracted to a woman who cherishes her fuzzy friend, you’re likely to find that lady here. Aside from its atmosphere, Taurus clientele love its pub-style menu. Drink wise, this pub offers draughts, lagers, ales, wines, cocktails, spirits and a significant amount of whiskey varieties.

So be sure to dress in your most casual outfit and head out to find that lady that shares many of your common interests in food, drink and possibly even pets. is your choice among cougar bars in Miami with an upscale vibe This trendy lounge is loved for its warm and welcoming environment.

Older ladies love its nightly live entertainment, 42 mouth-watering signature Martinis, specialty cocktails, fine wines and spirits. Young guys can draw in an older woman by also indulging in this lounge’s delicious shareable bites. Blue Martini Lounge is especially known as the hot spot for professionals who desire after-work drinks.

If you arrive early, drop by during their legendary ‘Happy Hour’ when they offer incredible discounts on the entire menu. Given their relaxed vibe and smooth live band sounds, you’re bound to have a great night while on the search for a sophisticated woman.

is your hotel bar for flirting with an outdoor atmosphere Located at the Clevelander South Beach Hotel, this bar is in the heart of South Beach. Most Miami cougar bars don’t include an outdoor pool on the beach, and so this is one of the qualities that older female patrons love most. These ladies also love this bar’s raucous and splashy atmosphere and laid-back dress code. Here, bathing suits and flip-flops are the order of the day – even in December.

So if you’re a young guy looking for extra fun, join these ladies for great live music or DJs that run the gamut from rock to dance. is ideal when it comes to Miami cougar bars for enjoying good music Do you appreciate taking in the scene over specialty cocktails, buzz-worthy DJs and featured guests?

You need to drop by Skybar. This venue has an intense atmosphere of electric cobalt blue walls, fountains and pergolas. Try attracting the attention of a lovely lady in the red room garden. Conceived as an outdoor living room, this 2,500 square foot central area is tropically landscaped with colorful perennials, bougainvillea and passion flowers.

Alternatively, you can hang out at the Rumbar – centrally located between the pools, servings 75 different rums. Surrounded by white sheer curtains intended to create an intimate space, you are sure to have some time to get to know your new lady better. is your spot to find yourself among classy drinks and ladies Are you looking for a glamorous space with tasty cocktails? Delano’s Rose Bar is definitely the place where cougars and cocktail aficionados congregate. Young guys love visiting because it is the perfect spot for a drink, a quiet conversation, and the ideal perch for lobby cougar-watching.

It is open Sunday to Thursday from 12:00 pm-2: 00 am and Friday to Saturday from 12:00 pm-3:00 am. is your cougar bar for a sophisticated evening of Italian eating Casa Tua is one of Miami’s classiest Italian restaurants that draws cougars looking for younger and attractive men.

Women love this restaurant for its fantastic food and relaxing atmosphere that goes above and beyond many local cougar bars in Miami. Cozy up to your lady inside Casa Tua’s handsome Mediterranean villa or outdoors in their inviting garden.

Casa Tua’s atmosphere allows patrons to indulge in sensuous sights, sounds, smells, textures and of course, tastes. For the drink lovers among you, consider the extensive list of champagne, rose, white and red wines offered. Whether it’s the cozy feeling in their library, or the glow of the lantern-lit trees, Casa Tua is bound to set the tone to sexy as you find your lady.

is your bar for pub eats and laid-back ladies Located at 3790 Curtiss Pkwy, this pub is ideal for young guys looking to find an older woman who loves a good dose of fun. Open 7 days a week from 10:00 am – 5:00 am, Bryson’s is perfect for those folks who love staying out until the early morning.

Patrons love dropping by after work, and there are many locals which adds to its friendly atmosphere. Ladies love the attentive bartenders and the tasty wings from their pub menu. If you’re looking for an extra dose of fun while on your cougar search, try attending their karaoke night each Wednesday. Over drinks and great music, this is one of those cougar bars in Miami that is likely to get you lucky on any day of the week.

About The Author Scott Mahoney is a contributing author to After finding significant success dating older women he shares his knowledge here and on several other personal development websites.

He is especially passionate about helping men enjoy the dating process while also finding success.

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