Best matchmaking starcraft 2 ai competition

best matchmaking starcraft 2 ai competition

Starcraft AI matches have a notoriously high amount of results variance over just a few games per pairing, often taking thousands of games for results to converge. Since 2011, competitions at the UofA were held in an undergraduate computer lab utilizing 20 Windows XP machines And while the Student Starcraft AI tournament (SSCAI) usually has more entrants than AIIDE it uses a different tournament structure - like playing 2 or 3 rounds of round robin before having a playoff for the top few bots. This makes the results of this year's AIIDE competition the most accurate representation of bot skill so far ZZZKBot did very well in the competition since this sort of early rush tactic usually requires defending with worker units - a tactic that not many bots have yet implemented.

best matchmaking starcraft 2 ai competition

What is SSCAIT? Student StarCraft AI Tournament is an educational event, first held in 2011. It serves as a challenging competitive environment mainly for students (submissions by non-students are allowed too) of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. They are submitting the bots programmed in C++ or Java using to play 1v1 matches. • M. Čertický, D. Churchill. . In Proceedings of the AIIDE 2017 Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Strategy Games.

2017. • D. Churchill, M. Preuss, F. Richoux, G. Synnaeve, A. Uriarte, S. Ontanón, M. Čertický. . Chapter in Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games (ECGG).

Springer International Publishing. ISBN: 978-3-319-08234-9. 2016. Supporting us on Patreon SSCAIT is a non-profit project, but we're trying to help out young students interested in Game AI research. By , you're directly sponsoring two things: • The tournament itself (hardware, maintenance, hosting) • Education of a few students and researchers in the group behind the event, called .

Your support allows a few enthusiastic students do Game AI research. Here's the current list of our official supporters:

best matchmaking starcraft 2 ai competition

best matchmaking starcraft 2 ai competition - StarCraft II: What are the best matches viewable online right now?

best matchmaking starcraft 2 ai competition

BWAPI • is a free and open source C++ framework that is used to interact with the popular Real Time Strategy (RTS) game Starcraft: Broodwar. • · · . . BWAPI extensions • is a terrain analyzer library. • is a terrain analyzer library. • is a project that aims to develop several add-ons. • is an open source StarCraft combat simulation package.

• is a SparCraft port in Java using • . Using other programming languages • Java: , • . An AI language on top of BWAPI, under development by University of Delft, Netherlands. • Python: Other tools • . • . Another StarCraft Broodwar interface. Unfinished but with interesting ideas.

• • . • . Run broodwar and bwapi on linux without graphics, using wine. Tutorials • • • • • • • or how to run multiple bots in the same computer • • For development • is enough. • If you want to compile old bots (VS2008 projects) with VS2013. Install the . Remember you should uninstall first any version of Visual C++ 2010 redistributable, otherwise Windows SDK setup will fail.

• For running BWAPI Bots on non-development machines (e.g Tournaments clients) you only need the Research • Research Papers: • • • • • • • • • • • Miscellaneous • • • - • • Funny videos • • • Bots Currently there are . • 27 Terran bots • 22 Protoss bots • 14 Zerg bots • 1 using BWAPI 4.1.2 • 4 using BWAPI 4.0.1 • 32 using BWAPI 3.7.4 • 5 using BWAPI 3.6.1 • 3 using BWAPI 3.0.3 • 2 using BWAPI 2.8.0 • 2 using BWAPI 2.6.1 • 38 using C++ • 10 using Java • 2 using C♯ • 1 using Clojure Tournaments Various venues host remote competitive AI competitions that allow developers from around the world to participate.

These venues are often held annually and will sometimes offer prizes to the winners. It is also a great way to test your bot's capabilities. • (games played and streamed all the time, finals take place in Winter) • (part of the program of annual research conference, takes place in Summer) • (part of the program of annual research conference, takes place in Summer) • (games played all the time) • on 's server with a mix of human and bot players.

StarCraft: Brood War's Mechanics • • • • • • • • • • • • and • • • • Map making/editing • • • • and the . • map editor. Under downloads, you will obtain version 0.8.0, but this is not the latest version. Instead, you will want to look at the news page and get (0.8.1), located in the temp folder. • Unfortunately, the author did not update the version number in the build, so it incorrectly says 0.8.0, making things quite confusing.

You will need this if you want to be able to create Extended Unit Death (EUD) triggers (the Memory condition will be enabled when creating a trigger).

• The downside of using EUDs is that the memory offsets change with every version of StarCraft; I doubt that will be a problem these days though. • , with to find unit offsets. With EUDTrig, you need to copy () into the current directory. You need for monitoring the process and finding the hex values in the first place. Then, see this . • , and the . Be sure to change the theme after login, as I find the default one annoying. • You have that you can use to set/reset game state.

Death counters are an alternative, and they trigger at a rate of 1 death count = 84 milliseconds. • Only Players 1 through 8 can own .

Neutral (Player 12) cannot, and such triggers will be ignored. • . Lousy resource, but hard to find anything on this. • It looks like a lot of the good EUD's are patched. . clears up exactly what is being read (4 bytes at a time). Many of the tutorials simply assume that all other bytes are 0, which is often incorrect.

• Using instead of waiting. • How works, such as for burning buildings. • And overview of working with . Use to patch MPQ files. For reading and editing the contents, use . • . . • StarCraft . You can use ( StarEdit tab) to get the Placement box in pixels. The pixels for a Terran Dropship, for example, are height 37 and width 49. Since scmdraft is zero indexed, be sure to enter your locations for bottom and right as one less than what it actually is.

In this example, bottom would be 36 and right would be 48. •

best matchmaking starcraft 2 ai competition

The AIIDE 2010 StarCraft AI has come to a close. The challenge given to competitors was to build the best performing bot for an immensely popular, commercial game. The competition consisted of four tournaments of varying complexity. This was the first year the competition was held and it turned out to be a success.

Even though no prizes were offered, twenty-eight teams participated in the competition. My on the competition provides an overview of the participants and results.

The showcase game of the competition was a bot versus human match. In the exhibition match, =DoGo=, a World Cyber Games 2001 competitor played against the top ranking bot of the competition. The result was an exciting man versus machine match highlighting the state of the art in real-time strategy game AI. While the expert player was capable of defeating the top performing bots in the competition, the results are quite encouraging. Read on for complete results.

Tournament 1: Micromanagement The first tournament evaluated bots in unit micromanagement scenarios.The winner of this tournament was , which uses multi-agent finite-state machines.

The runner-up was , which also uses state machines. Complete tournament details are available and the full results are posted . The video below shows the final match between FreSCBot (red) and Sherbrooke (blue).

Tournament 2: Small-Scale Combat The second tournament evaluated bots in small-scale combat scenarios. The results of this competition mirrored the results of the first tournament: won and was runner-up. Complete tournament details are available and the full results are posted .

The video below shows the final match between FreSCBot (purple) and Sherbrooke (orange). Tournament 3: Tech-Limited Game The third tournament tested bots in a tech-limited StarCraft environment which requires reasoning at strategic and tactical levels, but omits much of the complexity of the full version of StarCraft.

The winner of this tournament was , which attempted to mirror the opponent’s strategy while also performing a gas steal and applying fallback strategies. The runner up was , which executes a Zealot rush strategy. Complete tournament details are available and the full results are posted . The video below shows the final match between MimicBot (red) and Botnik (teal). Tournament 4: Full Gameplay The final tournament was a best-of-five, double-elimination tournament simulating a professional gaming competition.

The winner of this tournament was , a Zerg bot that effectively scouted its opponents, interrupted their economy, and performed Mutalisk harassment until victory was ensured.

The runner-up was , a Terran bot with excellent defense and pushing capabilities. Complete tournament details are available and the full results are posted . The video below shows an exert from one of the games between Overmind (yellow) and Krasi0 (brown).

Highlight #1: Krasi0 versus Skynet During this minute of action between bots Krasi0 and Skynet, it was difficult to distinguish whether the game was being played by skilled human players or the StarCraft equivalent of Deep Blue. Highlight #2: Berkeley’s Mutalisk Evolution Contemporary StarCraft wisdom tells us that the best way to use mutalisks is to clump them. In human versus human battles, this makes it difficult to single out the weaker mutalisks, because the units are stacked on top of each other.

However, UC Berkeley’s team identified a flaw in this tactic; it reduces the damage output of each individual mutalisk, because not all mutalisks will fire when using this tactic. Instead, they employed a model in which mutalisk are always moving, maximizing damage output while simultaneously maximizing movement. Conclusion The inaugural StarCraft AI Competition was a huge success!

I would like to thank , , , and all of the in making this event a reality. The next competition will be hosted by the University of Alberta at AIIDE 2011. Update: Competition Videos I’ve recorded a few of the more interesting games from the StarCraft AI Competition.

All replays from the competition are available on the competition and I encourage people to post additional videos and commentaries. Here’s one of the matches from the finals between Krasi0 and Overmind (): This video shows the initial match between =DoGo= and Krasi0, with DoGo playing as Protoss (): One of the highlights of the competition, Skynet versus Krasi0.

This video shows the match-up on Heartbreak Ridge (): The semi-finals between Chronos and Overmind (): About the author: Ben Weber is a PhD student at UC Santa Cruz. Really cool competition. Just wondering … can the bots in the competition beat the built-in Starcraft AI? Maybe consider bot vs. standard StarCraft AI as a tournament type next time? Bots that win against the AI created by professional game programmers would certainly create even further interest from the game industry.

• I don’t have actual results myself, but I strongly suspect that most of the entrants could beat the built-in Broodwar AI, which is heavily script-based and not terribly efficient in terms of resource usage, especially after the initial rush.

That was actually a major motivation for our StarCraft related work here at EIS: RTS gameplay is such a hard problem that even industry AI teams are often unable to come up with something that’s challenging for human players without cheating. • I am always surprised to hear people speaking about machines vs. men (or women) in any capacity.

The fact is that behind every machine, regardless of what it does, stand men (or women). So, to speak of machines vs. men makes no sense. Speaking of “Men behind machine vs. men without machine or men in front of machine” would make much more sense to me. • Alright. Hopefully in the future someone can make it easier to actually play against these bots without needing multiple machines and all of those programs.

I also think later on it would be a good idea and much more impressive if there is an apm limit put on the computer or slightly above the 400 or so average of top tier players and maybe multitask like a person also.

Although I realize at the moment its probably not possible to do and give the bot a realistic chance at winning. Its still impressive for a game as complex as BW.

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