Best matchmaking solution fortnite custom

best matchmaking solution fortnite custom

Custom Matchmaking is nothing new for PC players, but for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 online fans - it's a feature that's been desired. Now that the latest patch, 1.55, is now live many are seeing the Custom Matchmaking option appear in their lobbies. As seen in our screenshot above, the option can be seen in the lobby in the bottom left hand corner. Epic Games has been pretty mum about this feature on consoles, though this is a good sign for those playing on various platforms. With Fortnite also being one of the biggest titles to stream right now, seeing more options for the streamer .

best matchmaking solution fortnite custom

TDLR: We want custom matchmaking added into the game for players to be able to control their own fights without interrupting the normal game mode queue (teaming/snipes) and we think Epic's reasoning for this not to be released to the public is more of excuses. We want custom matchmaking for 1 vs 1.'s This would be amazing because the problem is if you want to 1v1 someone without custom matchmaking you have to snipe the queue at the same time, this is considered as teaming by some but as snipes by others.

This is annoying because factors like people and storm can get in the way of your gameplay. This would be no problem in custom matchmaking where we could control the environment ourselves. Additionally, you could have a max of 8 players in the custom matchmaking mode. We feel like epic should focus on stuff that because this is something the game REALLY needs.

The reason we need it is because new players have no way of learning the game except for playing in public queue, in these queues they'll meet extremely good players and not be able to compete/learn. The solution to the skill gap is not adding items such as jet packs and hop rocks, port a fort and turbo building, it's giving the players a way to get better at the game and being able to focus only on that. I feel like epic should focus on things/events that the fan base want added to the game instead of adding stuff like shopping carts, like where is this stuff even coming from?

I feel like you are slowly giving up on this game always coming back with the same limited time modes. Furthermore, i'm going to be honest with you, I think the skins that you've been adding recently aren't as good as the skins you used to make when the game was first getting popular. I understand you can't bring skull trooper and all that stuff back because those skins are for the original players, but at least try to make some more decent skins.

I'm going a little off-topic, but i'm trying to describe why people think this game will die soon. Why you ask? it's because Epic stopped caring about what the fan base wants added to the game. Overall, i feel like this game could be so much better than what it is, their are so many bugs in the game that can be easily fixed, etc. But if you can do one thing for us, at least add Custom matchmaking or playground please? We also believe Epic games have the resources for this to happen by far, but won't add it.

You make more money than any other game does off your skins, use that money for improving the game itself. We don't need new items, we need improvements to the base game.

Epic Games, hopefully you read this and make this dream come true. Thank you PS - Tay said "you cant build fight without getting shot down by a scoped ar bot from 250m away"

best matchmaking solution fortnite custom

best matchmaking solution fortnite custom - FORTNITE Custom Matchmaking (@FMatchmaking)

best matchmaking solution fortnite custom

Following the recent 3.5.0 update, many players are beginning to notice the “ Custom Matchmaking Key” option on the game’s main menu, which is tied into hosting and joining a Fortnite private match. Epic Games hasn’t been very clear in explaining what the Fortnite Custom Matchmaking Key is used for, leading to a lot of confusion.

Here’s what you need to know about Fortnite private match support and those curious Custom Matchmaking Keys. Fortnite Private Match: Custom Matchmaking Key Getting into a Fortnite private match requires the use of a Custom Matchmaking Key.

When a private match is hosted, a sequence of digits is used to grant access to a specific group. For example, if Epic Games was hosting a private match with livestreamer Ninja, they might use “NinjaFansOnly” as the Custom Matchmaking Key.

The match would then be made private for those with the Custom Matchmaking Key, and nobody else. Using a Fortnite Custom Matchmaking Key is a great way for players with large followings to quickly set up a round. There’s no messing around with friend and game invites, or anything like that. It’s just a simple code that needs to be shared and then the lobby will start filling up. Fortnite Private Match: Can Anyone Set Up a Private Match?

Unfortunately, for those of us “normal” players who just want to host a Fortnite private match with friends, Epic Games hasn’t yet opened up the ability for players to create Custom Matchmaking Keys. There have been occasions where the developer has provided a Custom Matchmaking Key to a YouTube/Twitch streamer, which results in a good bit of promotion, but regular players haven’t yet had that luxury. It’s possible that Epic Games is testing out Fortnite private match support on a smaller scale before rolling it out to the masses.

Here’s hoping we’ll all be able to create custom matchmaking keys soon!

best matchmaking solution fortnite custom

Can You Get a Matchmaking Key for Fortnite Custom Matchmaking? Eagle-eyed Fortnite Battle Royale fans may have noticed there’s a new option assigned to the LT or L2 button on Xbox One and PS4 respectively. Pressing the trigger button on either console will bring up a Custom Matchmaking option. Unfortunately, it’ll ask you for a matchmaking key before you can use this feature, so here’s what you need to know about getting one.

First, let’s clear up exactly what the matchmaking key is. This isn’t like some sort of beta code. Instead, the matchmaking key will be entered by the host of a custom match in Fortnite Battle Royale, and all players who want to play within that match will need to enter the same matchmaking key. As such, yes, it is possible to get a custom matchmaking key for Fortnite Battle Royale, but that will require you to know someone, such as a YouTuber or Twitch streamer who’s been given the special rights by Epic within the game to set one up.

Then all they’d need to do is share the code with you and away you go.

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