Best matchmaking logo fortnite ps4

best matchmaking logo fortnite ps4

Private Matches How DO? by DrLupo #Fortnite. Fortnite Best Moments. 366.5K views. 11:53 HOW CUSTOM MATCHMAKING WORKS IN Fortnite Battle Royale - PS4 Custom Matchmaking Key. ItsRenegade. 159.2K views.

best matchmaking logo fortnite ps4

When is Custom Games/Custom Matchmaking Coming to Fortnite? When Will We Get Fortnite Custom Matchmaking Keys? With the new season 4 update on fortnite, the custom matchmaking option has disappeared. That leaves the question, When is Custom Games/Custom Matchmaking Coming to Fortnite? When do I think custom games will come to fortnite?

I definitely think they will come soon. With the high demand of custom matchmaking coming to fortnite, I do believe that Epic Games will add it sooner or later. With Fortnite eSports becoming popular recently, there is a need for custom games to be added into fortnite. We still don’t know how custom matchmaking keys will work, but we should find out sooner or later.

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best matchmaking logo fortnite ps4

best matchmaking logo fortnite ps4 - 2v2 PS4 Fortnite Tournament

best matchmaking logo fortnite ps4

Anyone who plays online games knows that when it comes to shooters, playing with a mouse and keyboard has a significant advantage over playing with a console controller.

A mouse simply allows for faster and more accurate aiming than a single analog stick. Fortnite players struggling with dilemma are in for some good news: developer Epic Games has announced it will soon be matching up PS4 players based on their choice of controls. Once input-based matchmaking is added to the game later this year, players will automatically be matched up with others using the same type of hardware.

PS4 players using a mouse and keyboard will be matchmade with PC players, while console users playing with a controller will be placed in matches with others doing the same. Epic that Fortnite‘s existing crossplay rules will still apply to this situation, so any PS4 player — regardless of control type — that parties up with a PC player will still be matched strictly with other PC players.

Similarly, if anyone in a party is using a mouse and keyboard, the whole group will be matched with PC and mouse and keyboard players. Unfortunately there was no mention on PC players using a controller getting matched with other controller/PS4 players. But from the sounds of it, this change should make life a little less frustrating for controller players on PS4 tired of going up against mouse and keyboard opponents.

Other new changes on the way to Fortnite include a for PS4 Pro users. SOURCE

best matchmaking logo fortnite ps4

For some Fortnite PS4 players this may be an interesting news. Especially for the players who have been using keyboard and mouse with the console. Epic Games made an announcement regarding Fortnite Matchmaking as a major change is coming very soon that may doom many console gamers. In the announcement, it was revealed that the matchmaking changes will ensure that all keyboard and mouse players of the game are matched together in the same control scheme.

So when this update drops it will ensure that those PS4 users, who use a mouse and a keyboard, are only able to play against PC players and those using a mouse and keyboard on PS4. To be honest, it is about time Epic Games is and it definitely seems a good way to tackle the problem. Bringing such changes to Fortnite Matchmaking will surely ensure fair play and will definitely be a step towards a just competition.

However, higher framerates on PC would be a disaster for those on PS4. We have an upgrade to our matchmaking logic that will allow for a more even playing field when enjoying Fortnite with your input device of choice. In an upcoming release, we’ll be implementing input based matchmaking, which will pair you against players who are using the same peripherals (e.g.

controller vs controller, KB+M vs KB+M). Usage of same peripherals will not only ensure healthy matches but will also set an example for other games as well. With all that said, although such Fortnite Matchmaking changes and improvement may come in handy, the bigger issue is still out there. The and log-ins on Dark Web. That is something which should be addressed first hand. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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