Best matchmaking for vault of glass raid

best matchmaking for vault of glass raid

As it stands the game's only raid so far, Vault of Glass, requires six players who know each other – rather than matching up strangers through the matchmaking system used in other areas of the game. Asked about raid matchmaking in their weekly update Bungie said: The best I can do to answer your question is to let you know that you've been heard. We're having conversations about how Matchmaking might support the more challenging activities in Destiny. The gist of their answer suggests concerns that if they opened up raids to matchmaking that a group of strangers woul .

best matchmaking for vault of glass raid

Destiny 's Vault of Glass raid is considered to be the best the game has to offer, a departure from the normal gameplay mechanics into something much more challenging and rewarding. To complete it, though, you need a high-level team of six, and there's no randomized matchmaking to support those looking for a group.

Bungie mentioned in a blog post that it would be discussing the addition of raid matchmaking in the future given community feedback, but there has been no further mention since. While I suspect the team will add it eventually, there are plenty of players left out there who have yet to experience The Vault of Glass because of the difficulty in getting a high-level team together.

It remains to be seen when or if this update is coming, but there are some alternatives in the meanwhile. You can organize a group online, assuring you find like-minded and dedicated fireteam members if you can't assemble enough friends.

Places such as , the Bungie , and "looking for group" sites can help you find the fireteam you need. Random matchmaking may very well be on the way, but finding these hardcore dedicated players online actively seeking a squad might be the next best thing behind playing with people you know.

Matchmaking would not, it must be said, be a perfect solution. Bungie chose not to include it because a randomly compiled squad would lack the planning and teamwork required to succeed. This is probably true, for the most part--a group of coordinated friends who communicate well will undoubtedly be more effective. But fans are resourceful, and the results might be very surprising. This is especially possible considering that the mysteries of the raid have been solved and posted online, many players know what they need to do, and a dedicated party could definitely succeed.

If you are in need of a group and can't get enough friends together, try any of the sites above--you might end up having no need or desire for matchmaking.

best matchmaking for vault of glass raid

best matchmaking for vault of glass raid - Vault of Glass Raid Guide

best matchmaking for vault of glass raid

Basic Destiny Vault of Glass Raid information: • The Destiny Vault of Glass raid becomes available when you hit level 26, however you can venture in at level 25 if you think you can handle it. • You are required to invite your own party of friends for the Vault of Glass raid. This is because the raid is too difficult to conquer with random teammates in a matchmaking type of setting.

• The Vault of Glass raid will only save your progress for a week (in-case you can’t finish the raid all at once you can come back) • The Raid has two difficulties: Normal, and Hard. Once you beat the raid on normal you unlock the hard mode. Destiny Vault of Glass Guide Step 1: Build the spire, and open the entrance. The door to enter the Vault of Glass raid is not wide open for anybody to wander inside, you have to fight your way to the entrance and earn your invitation to do the raid.

This task comes in the form of building a “spire” that shows up in the middle of where you are fighting, and will open the Vault of Glass.

There are three “rings” in each area that you need at-least one person standing in to actually build the spire. The tough part is that while you are building the spire you have to hold off waves of Vex enemies, and if a Vex gets into the ring you are defending all of your progress is reverted.

How to open the Vault of Glass • Split your raid group into 3 teams of 2. • There are 3 rings on the ground that you need to stand in (one to the left, middle, and the right side of the area). • 4 areas exist on the map that enemies will spawn out of and rush these rings, you have to defend the rings to build the spire. • The toughest enemies are the Minotaurs – Using Fusion rifles with abyss damage will eliminate their shields quickly and make them a lot easier to kill.

• Your whole raid group needs to successfully fend off the enemies and build the spire to open the door. Destiny Vault of Glass Guide Step 2: The Templar Congrats! You made it into the Vault of Glass, but that was the easy part. The next boss fight is with “The Templar” and there are a few mechanics your squad needs to make sure are handled so you can be victorious.

Part (1): • Your objectives are to defend designated areas. • The first area (the middle) you defend for a certain amount of time. • The 2nd areas (left and right) are next, so you split up your raid group to cover both sides. • The Left side in my experience was more difficult, so you need 2 people defending the left side, while one player covers the middle so no extra enemies can spill into your area. • Glowing enemies are “diseased” and when they die they drop pools of green sludge.

• If you step in this sludge there is a well of cleansing at the bottom of the stairs in the middle, you have to step in the circle or you will die. The circle of light is not always there though so try not to step in the sludge if possible.

Part (2): Once you make it past the initial defending portion of this area, you will advance to the final boss fight. Now, there is a regular (much harder way) to do this, but a much simpler and less frustrating method has been discovered to down this boss – which you can check out in the video below.

• Get your entire raid group onto the outside platforms. • Make sure the raid member holding the shield knows what he is doing. • Make sure the raid member holding the shield cleanses everyone when you get poisoned by oracles. • The raid member with the shield needs to super the templar to get his shields down.

• Shoot the boss. • Win, Get the loot. Destiny Vault of Glass Guide step 3: Gorgon’s Maze This next portion of the Vault of Glass raid is very unique, and can actually be a little difficult. You are now in the “Labryinth” and if you are seen by any of the floating white enemies in the area, your whole team instantly dies.

• You cannot kill these enemies, you have to be stealthy and avoid being seen. • If anyone on your fire team is seen your whole team dies and you have to start over.

• Hunter cloaking DOES work, which can be extremely useful. • You have to sneak past these enemies and find a cave located in the floor to advance into the next area. When your team spawns you need to make sure that the patrols are looking elsewhere and then begin to move forward. You need to go towards the left side and begin looking for an area that has a few noticeable pillars (3-4 of them). Near one of these pillars should be the cave in the floor that you need to find to be able to advance to the next area.

The next area is essentially what equates to a jumping puzzle that you have to figure out. Platforms will appear, and then vanish over and over again – preventing you from reaching the other side. All you basically have to do is watch the platforms for a few minutes, learn the pattern and then time your jumps accordingly. When you are about halfway across you can even use your double jump / boost to reach the other side. Destiny Vault of Glass Guide Step 4: Gate Keepers Opening the Gate: You will now find yourself in a room full of enemies consisting of hobgoblins, minotaurs, gatekeeper, etc.

You need to kill these enemies and activate the portals by standing in them. • You need to take out the gatekeeper in this room as fast as possible. • 2 or 3 players from your party need to go into the portals. • The remaining players stay outside and defend the structure in the middle of the area. • Players inside of the portals kill the gatekeeper and grab the relic, if it is not equipped for too long you will die.

• Make sure that the player with the relic is the last person to exit the portal. • After you exit the portals, kill all the oracles and watch for a pillar forming in the center of the area. • Enemies will begin attempting to sacrifice themselves to the pillar, if they do this everyone will die. • The boss will port 3 of the players furthest from him into on of the portals. • It is best to have three players attempt to open the gate, while the one remaining player stays outside to defend.

• Complete this twice and the boss will become a lot easier kill. Once you are done with the first part, you will find yourself in an area very similar to the area you were in while opening the door to the Vault of Glass.

There are two portals on either side of the room, you need to activate one of them. One person standing in the ring is enough to activate the portal, but it will take a good amount of time. Once the portal has been activated you need to send one or two players inside (your team can decide this) – and the rest of the group needs to remain outside of the portal to defend.

For players outside of the portal: • A column will materialize in the middle of the room after you activate the first portal. • The players outside of the portal have to defend this column as well as the hill that secures the portal. • Vex will attempt to sacrifice themselves to the column, kill them before they are able to do that. • If the Vex do sacrifice themselves to the column an oracle will appear and needs to be killed instantly.

For players inside of the portal: • Your goal is to kill the gatekeeper as fast as you possibly can. • Head towards the back of the room (where the gatekeeper is) – kill anything in your way. • As soon as you kill a gatekeeper a relic will drop, pick the relic up and go back through the portal.

• If you take too long to kill the gatekeeper your screen will go black and you will die. • Once you are out of the first portal, go over to the second portal and go inside • Same thing as the 1st portal – kill the gatekeeper and the enemies. • Player who does not have the relic from the 1st portal grabs the new relic from the 2nd portal. As soon as both players with the relics are out of the portals and back into the main room you are able to proceed.

Both relic players have to fire their supers into the column to advance to the final boss fight of the raid. Destiny Vault of Glass Guide step 5: Final Boss Atheon The final Vault of Glass raid boss “Atheon” will appear at the top of the stairs in front of you. When he spawns both of the relics you collected earlier from the portals will now vanish, and he will teleport the three players furthest from him into one of the two portals. Players outside the portal: • Send a player from your squad to activate whichever portal Atheon teleports your teammates into.

• The other two players need to kill the “Supplicants” that Atheon spawns into the room. • Be aware of the supplicants self destruct ability. Players Inside the portal: • Players need to spot the relic in the room and pick it up as soon as possible. • One of the players should pick up the relic and use it to cleanse the vision debuff. • Seven Oracles will spawn in the room one after the other, take them out as quickly as possible. • The enemies in the room deal a good amount of damage so play somewhat passively until you can take them out.

• While killing oracles be sure that you are continuously moving towards the exit portal in the room. • As soon as all the oracles are taken out the entire raid group will get a buff named “Time’s Vengeance”.

As soon as all players are back inside of the main room with Atheon you need to take him out. While the Time’s Vengeance buff is active any damage inflicted on the boss will be increased, and everyone’s supers and grenades will be on a two second cooldown.

If you do not kill the boss quickly enough he will enrage, making the fight considerably harder than normal.

If you let the Time’s Vengeance buff wear off Atheon will teleport the three players into one of the portals again. Also be sure to check out our other Destiny guides and Tips: • • • • • • •

best matchmaking for vault of glass raid

Note: This guide has been updated to reflect changes to certain rules, as applied by patches and hotfixes. We’ve noted on each individual page if an entry has been updated. We’ve also added additional tips to the bottom of every section that lay out how strategies must change (if needed) when you tackle the Vault of Glass on the “Hard” difficulty.

There’s an argument to be made that Destiny exists to support experiences like Vault of Glass. The game’s lone (for now) level 26 raid is massive in scope. While a team of six pros could probably knock a playthrough out in around two hours, newcomer squads of six can expect to spend upwards of 10 hours learning the intricacies of each section. Who has time for that? Not you, if you’re reading this guide. We’ve broken down Vault of Glass into its individual sections here, complete with explanations meant to walk you through the process of completing Bungie’s mammoth endgame mission.

The challenge level is still high, but this guide is meant to cut out the guesswork. Fair warning: Figuring out Vault of Glass is part of the fun. We’d recommend that you and your group try to tackle it first without help. Then, when you get jammed up on one part or another, turn to this guide for tips and strategies. Context is important; you can watch the videos and read the explanations here, but it’s all academic until you try it first for yourself.

Before going any further, here are a few general tips. First, assemble a group of six players (yourself included) who can all commit to scheduling play sessions over the course of a week; there’s no matchmaking to lean on. Destiny‘s week starts on Tuesday, meaning any progress you make in the Vault – it saves at each checkpoint – is wiped clean.

If you’re making a run at Vault of Glass, try to start on a Tuesday or Wednesday, or at least make sure everyone’s weekend is clear. Also make sure you have a good mix of classes taking on the Vault. It is essential that you have at least one Titan armed with the Defender subclass and its Ward of Dawn ability. That shield is extremely helpful when you’re facing the first boss and it’s absolutely necessary in the final boss fight. One more tip: As tempting as it is to use the raid to level up newer, better gear, just don’t.

Equip your best stuff and get your light level as high as it can be. The level 26 recommendation for the Vault is doable, but ideally you’ll have at least a few people at 27+ in your group. That’s all for the setup. Click a tile to jump to that part of the guide

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