Best matchmaking disabled in fortnite battle royale

best matchmaking disabled in fortnite battle royale

Комьюнити недовольно возможными изменениями в матчмейкинге Fortnite Battle Royale. Не так давно Epic Games огласили планы относительно будущего развития Fortnite Battle Royale. Среди грядущих изменений можно отметить уменьшение ожидания в лобби и несколько нововведений, призванных сделать жизнь игроков немного проще. Однако одно из изменений, а именно, матчмейкинг, основанный на скилле игроков, вызвал у комьюнити крайне негативную реакцию. В последнем посте в блоге разработчиков Epic рассказали, что начали работать над изменениями матчмейкинга, направленными на более сбалансированное рас .

best matchmaking disabled in fortnite battle royale

Update 2: 10/24/18, 11:15am ET: Epic Games have confirmed that matchmaking is now stable and Fortnitemares has been re-enabled. Players in some regions may experience high ping. Update: 10/24/18, 10:36am ET: Fortnitemares matchmaking appears to be back online.

There is no official update from Epic Games, but the server status page now reads "All Systems Operational" Epic Games have disabled the Fortnitemares LTM event - only hours after it was launched - due to matchmaking issues. It is unknown when we can expect the Fortnitemares event to go live again, or what Epic Games' plans are in the meantime, but we will keep you updated with all the developments.

• More: With matchmaking issues, Epic are usually quick to resolve these issues, so you should be able to get back into the game soon. The new event added skins, weapons and all new .

best matchmaking disabled in fortnite battle royale

best matchmaking disabled in fortnite battle royale - Fortnite Battle Royale Tips and Tricks Guide Beginner's Guide

best matchmaking disabled in fortnite battle royale

If you’re experiencing problems with matchmaking being disabled in Fortnite, you’re not alone. There is currently a Fortnite server shutdown, and there’s no ETA on when they’ll be back up. Epic Games has confirmed that they are working on getting the servers back up, and this is a planned outage. When Will the Fortnite Server Shutdown be Over? It’s hard to say precisely how long Fortnite will be down. Fans wanting to jump into Battle Royale are understandably frustrated, but Epic brought the servers down to implement a new patch, so at least there’ll be new content when the Fortnite servers come back up.

How do I Fix Fortnite Matchmaking Disabled Error? If you’re trying to connect to Fortnite or Battle Royale right now, you’re likely getting an error telling you that matchmaking is disabled. However, if you try later on and the error persists, there might be an issue on your end. The first thing you should do to clear up the matchmaking disabled error is to check if the servers are up. The is an excellent place to start as it will typically have info on any planned server outages.

If you don’t see anything on there, you can check a site that tracks game servers being down like . If you don’t see any reports of Fortnite being offline, you’ll want to check your network settings. Think back to if you’ve made any changes to your home network lately, like a new router.

If you’re trying to play on a new system make sure that your connection settings are correct as well. If you still can’t connect after trying to diagnose the problem, your network may be blocking your connection to Epic Games’ servers.

In this case, you’ll need to contact customer support for info on which ports you need to forward to allow a connection to the Fortnite servers.

best matchmaking disabled in fortnite battle royale

EPIC GAMES Fortnite Server DOWN: Matchmaking disabled for Battle Royale maintenance before new UPDATE Fortnite servers are currently down with Matchmaking temporarily disabled as Epic Games prepare to launch the games new update for Battle Royale and Save the World players. A host of new updates will arrive today as part of the games MASSIVE new V.2.2.0 Patch, which as many might know, includes the huge new map update.

Fortnite and Battle Royale servers went down for maintenance roughly 20 minutes ago at 7:00am ET (12:00 GMT) to prepare for the exciting new patch. However, Epic has not said how long the servers will be offline for - and it's not clear if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Details of everything that's included in the new patch can be found here: The official Fortnite Twitter account notified fans of the servers going down, tweeting: "Downtime for patch V.2.2.0 has begun. Time to start planning those new loot paths!" It's also worth noting as with any scheduled maintenance, for any game, these updates can sometimes take a little bit longer and as such scheduled maintenance can sometimes be extended.

Equally, it's worth noting that as with all things involving a new patch or update, the new patch can sometimes cause unexpected problems or bugs. For instance, the last Fortnite update brought with it some major controller sensitivity issues. There's no word on exactly how much downtime would be required to push the new patch through to PS4, Xbox One or PC players, but stay tuned for updates as they arrive.

This new Fortnite update took many fans by surprise and speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, we've been able to learn a little bit more about the upcoming changes. This includes new areas and cities, greater definition to the game with proper biomes and a whole host of additional fixes. A lot of which you can see in the gallery above. "When we launched back in September we knew the map was a good base for the gameplay we wanted to create, but there were probably some things we could do to make it better and some areas that were sparse that could be improved and made more interesting," Eric Williamson, Lead Systems Designer on Fortnite Battle Royale told us.

"With this new update, we’ve added more points of interest, meaning more places to land places to explore and fight in. We’ve added a big city, which a lot of people have been asking for in the community. "Overall, we’ve just tried to add more variety and unique styles of gameplay across the map." This is just the tip of the iceberg though, so for full details, take a look here: Related articles • • •

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