Best matchmaking by rashi nakshatra calculator

best matchmaking by rashi nakshatra calculator

Use the rasi nakshatra calculator feature of to find out your nakshatram, rasi, lagnam and more here. The character or the gunas of the nakshatrams also change according to their position. So, the first nakshatram Aswini is a rajas, rajas, rajas. Similarly, the last nakshatram which is Revati, is attributed the gunas of satva, satva, satva. Find Your Nakshatram using, your horoscope, especially your auspicious dates here. Nakshatra Name. description. 1.Aswini. Ruled by Kethu the South Node. 0'00 to 13'20 (0'00 to 13'20 A .

best matchmaking by rashi nakshatra calculator

Rasi and Nakshatra Compatibility Chart Indian marriages traditionally have a horoscope matching process to identify compatibility between a boy and a girl.

The first level of matchmaking via horoscopes is done by checking their Rashi and Nakshatra compatibility (This is often referred as Star matching). Astrograha provides a Nakshatra matching calculator that uses the birth Star and Rasi of the boy and girl and provides a rating in a chart format.

Note: A rating of 50% or more in the star / nakshatra compatibility calculator indicates a good compatibility between the boy and the Girl. The nakshatra compatibility calculator uses 10 match making rules and provides percentage compatibility.

Some of the astrologers give importance to very specific rules (Example: Rajju is considered to be very important, and if there is no Rajju match, then marriage will not be recommended by astrologer). Hence it is suggested that an astrologer be consulted to determine the overall marriage compatibility. Note: This North Indian Nakshtra match making, provides a 36 point rating for checking the compatibility of marriage A minimum of 18 points is expected to have a decent match.

If the points are less than 18 then the match is not recommended. However the nakshatra matching should not be the only basis of making a decision, the horoscope as a whole needs to be reviewed with an astrologer.

How do we perform Nakshatra match in South India? In South India, there are 10 different rules (the rules are referred as porutham in Tamil) to calculate the marriage compatibility based on the star and the rasi at the time of birth. Each rule is provided with 3 ratings. The ratings are classified as: • Uthamam (Good match) – 1 Point • Mathiyamam (Average match) – ½ point • Athamam (No match) – 0 points Dina Porutham # Rule 1: This rule determines the prosperity and health of the couple.

It is calculated based on the Nakshatra count from the Girl’s to the Boy’s. If the count is 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 18, 20, 24 or 26, then Dina porutham is given 1 point. The mathiyamam porutham for Dina is considered if the boy’s nakshatra is 1st Pada of the 12th star (or) 4th pada of the 14th star (or) 3rd pada of the 16th star from the girl’s nakshatra.

All other combinations are considered as Athamam for Dina Porutham. Gana Porutham # Rule 2: The Gana Porutham refers to personality match between the couple. In this porutham the nakshatra’s are classified in 3 categories: • Deva Gana • Manusha Gana • Rakshasa Gana • If the boy and Girl fall under the same Gana, the match is considered as Uthamam.

• If the boy falls under Rakshasa Gana and the girl is of Deva or Manusha Gana, then the match is considered as medium and is awarded ½ point only. • The other permutations and combinations are athamam. Mahendra Porutham # Rule 3: This porutham refers to happiness, prosperity and progeny.

It is calculated based on the Nakshatra count from the Girl’s to the Boy’s. If the count is 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, then the porutham is considered to be Uthamam. There is no mathiyamam match for this category. Sthree Deergam Porutham # Rule 4: This porutham talks about the life of the bride and her passing away as sumangali (death before the husband dies at old age).

If the Girl birth star is atleast 13 or more away from the boy’s birth star then the match is considered uthamam. If it is away by 7 to 12 starts, the match is mathiyamam. Yoni Porutham # Rule 5: Yoni is an important principle and it determines the sex compatibility of the couple. Here each of the nakshatra’s is marked as a male or female animal. The basic principle of yoni is that if the boy has a male yoni and the girl has a female yoni, it is considered as a good match.

However it is important to validate the animal relationships as well for yoni. For Example: Let us say the boy belongs to Chithra (Male Tiger) and the Girl belongs to Anuradha (Female Deer), there would not much of match as Tiger and Deer would be inimical. If the boys as well as the Girl have male yoni, then the match is considered to be average.

Rasi Porutham # Rule 6: This rule indicates the harmony and unity between the boy and the girl. In this rule the rasi count is taken into consideration rather than the nakshatra’s. The match doesn’t exist if the boy’s rasi is 6th or 8th to the girl’s rasi.

If the Girls’s rasi is atleast 6 rashi’s away from the boy’s then the match is uthamam. This shows that the boy’s mind can connect well to the girl’s mind.

There are many other rules for Rasi Porutham, which will be covered in detail in the upcoming days by Team Astrograha. Rasi Athipathi Porutham # Rule 7: This porutham is based on the relationship of the Rasi lords. Example 1: If the Boy belongs to Scorpio and Girl belong to Cancer sign, in that case the match exists because lord of Scorpio is mars and lord of cancer is moon and both are friendly to each other. Example 2: If the Boy belongs to Scorpio and the Girl belong to Capricorn sign, in that case there is no match because lord of Scorpio is mars and lord of Capricorn is Saturn and both are inimical to each other.

If both the lords are the same, then the match is mathiyamam. Vasiya Porutham # Rule 8: This porutham indicates the physical attraction between the couples. For Each Rasi there is an equivalent vasiya rasi (to which it gets attracted). We have list the vasiya rasi for each rasi below: • Aries – Leo, Scorpio • Taurus - Cancer, Libra • Gemini - Virgo • Cancer - Scorpio, Sagittarius • Leo - Capricorn • Virgo - Taurus, Pisces • Libra - Capricorn • Scorpio - Cancer, Virgo • Sagittarius - Pisces • Capricorn - Aquarius • Aquarius - Pisces • Pisces - Capricorn Rajju portham # Rule 9: Rajju is the most important of all matching rules.

If this match does not exist then the marriage will result in a bad marriage. There are couple of ways to calculate Rajju porutham. Astrograha uses the method of classifying the nakshatra’s into 3 categories: Prathama Rajju, Madhyama Rajju & Anthi Rajju. The Raju calculation is only applicable for stars following under the Madhyama Rajju category.

The Madhyama Rajju is further divided into Arohana Rajju and Avarohana Rajju. If the boy belongs to one category and the girl belongs to the other then the match is Ok. The boy and the girl cannot fall under the same Arohana Rajju or Avarohana Rajju, such a match is considered to be bad.

Vedhai porutham # Rule 10: This rule provides us with a list of Nakshatra’s that are lacking of fondness to certain nakshatra’s. If the boy or girl belongs to a nakshtra that is vedhai (lack of fondness) to the other’s nakshatra, then the rating is 0.

Below is the list of the nakshatra’s and its Vedhai nakshatra’s: • Aswini – Jyeshta • Bharani – Anuradha • Kritika – Visaka • Rohini – Swathi • Arudra – Shravana • Punarvasu – Uthrashaada • Pushyami – Poorvashaada • Ashlesha – Moola • Magha – Revathi • PoorvaPhalguni – Uthrabhadra • Uthraphalguni – Poorvabhadra • Hastha - Sathabhisha What are the other match making processes for marriage?

• Dasha Sandhi is one of the match making principles, where the astrologer will check if there is any Maha Dasha start or end overlap with another Maha Dasha (starting or ending) between the girl and a boy. Such overlaps are considered inauspicious periods.

• Mangal Dosh / Rahu – Ketu dosh: This is another aspect that the modern day astrologers check for determining the compatibility. If either the boy or the girl has this dosh, then it is expected that the other also have a similar dosh for compatibility (it is more like minus into minus being a plus) • Lagna lord & 7th Lord in Navamsha chart: Benefic aspects and association of lagna lord or 7th lord will result in good relationship; else there could be ego problems.

There are many more concepts such as Rashi Tulya Navamsha, 12th house (bed pleasures), position of Mars and Venus that are looked upon for match making. This is a vast topic and has its own complexities and hence an astrologer’s review is always recommended for match making.

Disclaimer Vedic Astrology is a science that has been gifted by the sages of ancient India. This science is so vast, that the human intelligence or machine intelligence cannot provide predications with accuracy. All concepts discussed or projected here may have its own flaws or may lack the accuracy, it is upon the individuals to use or reject the information.

Astrograha will not take any responsibility and will not provide any guarantee for the correctness of information provided in this website.

best matchmaking by rashi nakshatra calculator

best matchmaking by rashi nakshatra calculator - Find Your Nakshatram

best matchmaking by rashi nakshatra calculator

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • NEW • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Nakshatra Finder: Nakshatra Calculator To Find Your Birth-Star Nakshatra Finder is one of the easiest ways to find your Nakshatra or birth star. With the help of this Nakshatra Calculator, you can find astrological information about your birth star, moon sign, and zodiac sign.

All you need is your date, time, and place of birth and with few clicks, you can get all the birth details displayed in front of you. Check out your Nakshatra now: Non believers say no, believers say yes-does Vedic astrology works? Whether actually influence our homely space or workplace? Are we defined by Nakshatra, or by our own self? Let us discuss the Vedic culture of Nakshatra astrology.

Everything that is related to human being, be it marriage, health, wealth or any obstacle coming ahead is defined by our birth star. Finding your birth star or nakshatra is pivotal in revealing behavioral activities responsible for uprising your true self. Auspicious date, ceremony time, birthday celebration, horoscope match making, planetary position, festival, every single astrological activity is based on Nakshatra that one possess in his/her .

The Role of Nakshatra If you draw a line at the time of your birth, from where you were born to the moon, then the cluster of star through which line would pass is known as Nakshatra. A Nakshatra is one of the important elements in Vedic Astrology. The are considered for astrological calculations. People consult various astrologers to know the planetary positions of their birth stars.

But, lesser they know that finding a nakshatra or birth star has become a cakewalk. So, use the Nakshatra Finder tool, and get all the fame, name and money. Nakshatra Calculator: Birth Star Calculator The birth star finder tool, Nakshatra Calculator helps you find your birth star in a quick and easy manner. Using the birth place, birth time, and date of birth, you can determine your birth star. It is one of the most important astrology tools that not only helps you determine your birth chart but also provides you favorable results.

Nakshatra Finder: Know Cycle of Birth Star People always look at the right time, the wrong time, and rahukalam to make the auspicious event fruitful and successful. Not many people know, the Nakshatra is one of the most important factors that determines your personality.

So, people need to pay great heed to their birth star or Nakshatra. With the help of Nakshatra Finder, you can get accurate calculations for your birth star and the pada (quarter) you belong to. In this Hi-tech world, where everything is just a click away, finding a Nakshatra and its pada is no longer a cumbersome task. You can get all the astrology related information about your , , or birth star using the online Nakshatra Finder. Guide for Using Nakshatra Finder • First, you need to know your Date of Birth, Place of birth, and Time of Birth • Second, you need to fill your details using Vedic astrology method in the given astrology tool, Nakshatra Finder • Third, you need to select Daylight Time, if your country follows Daylight saving time • Forth, don't forget to search for Latitude, Longitude, and Timezone of your birth city • To simplify the process a little easier, this tool comes with automatic time zone facility • Once you fill all the information, you get an accurate birth star chart displayed on your screen • Different Ayanamsa corrected degrees or longitudes are used to calculate your birth star, Ascendant and planetary position • Based on your Nakshatra and its quarters, you can also find your moon sign or Janma Rashi • The identity that you get in the form of the name, is assigned based on your birth star as each nakshatra has its own traits and starting letters • Using the starting character of your nakshatra, you can also discover your lucky name and lucky number We hope AstroSage's Nakshatra finder would prove to be beneficial for you.

Please feel free to let us know your feedback.

best matchmaking by rashi nakshatra calculator

What is Nakshatra? There are 27 stars or nakshatrams in the Zodiac. Each of these stars belong to a Rasi. Each of these nakshatrams have 4 pathams and 9 pathams form a rasi.

Thus 2 nakshatrams and one quarter of a nakshatram form a Rasi. Naksha indicates an approach and Tra refers to guarding. Each Nakshatram has a mythical god whose guards and guides the cosmos in its evolution.

The location of the planets in specific nakshatrams alters their significance. The zodiac comprises of 360 degrees. The twelve zodiac signs rule 30 degrees each. There are 27 Nakshatrams, each Zodiac sign comprising 2 and 1/4 Nakshatrams. The Zodiac has been divided into 27 groups of Nakshtrams.

These are only the principal members of several groups of fixed stars. Beginning Mesham, each Nakshatram comprises part of the elliptic. The degrees covered by the Moon in a 24 hour Day. Each Nakshatra is further divided into four parts known as 'padam'. The 27 nakshatras are divided in to 3 groups, known as paryayam or cycle. The seven planets and the nodes of the moon have the rulership assigned to each Nakshatram.

They repeat themselves in the same sequence. Use the rasi nakshatra calculator feature of to find out your nakshatram, rasi, lagnam and more here. The character or the gunas of the nakshatrams also change according to their position. So, the first nakshatram Aswini is a rajas, rajas, rajas.

Similarly, the last nakshatram which is Revati, is attributed the gunas of satva, satva, satva. Find Your Nakshatram using, your horoscope, especially your auspicious dates here

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