Best matchmaking blog fortnite xbox 360

best matchmaking blog fortnite xbox 360

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best matchmaking blog fortnite xbox 360

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best matchmaking blog fortnite xbox 360

best matchmaking blog fortnite xbox 360 - Fortnite Servers DOWN: Queue and Maintenance updates for Battle Royale on PS4, Xbox, PC

best matchmaking blog fortnite xbox 360

EPIC has not released Fortnite for the previous generation of consoles (XBox 360, Playstation 3) or anything Nintendo related. While I believe that EPIC could get it running on those systems (there is a mobile version out, for crying out loud), they have very little incentive to. Unfortunately, the previous systems are different enough that porting the game to 360 would have to be done by EPIC - there’s no hack for it because the game’s code isn’t configured for the processors used in those consoles.

And with the current generation of consoles turning five years old this holiday season, the remaining playerbase is too small on the old consoles at this point.

As a business first (and if you’re unaware of the financial realities of the gaming industry, you need to do a little reading…), EPIC (and all game developers) has to prioritize monetization. That is, they can’t do something that’s going to give them a negative return because the programmers need their paychecks. I was in your position less than a year ago, so I understand the frustration.

But it’s not going to happen. I’m pretty confident we can expect Half-Life 3, Portal 3, and Left 4 Dead 3 to all hit store shelves before Fortnite ever comes out on 360 or PS3.

There is no possible way it could run on the Xbox 360, let alone get it on there in the first place. Have you seen the abysmal frame drops and loading times on the Xbox One? Imagine waiting for 10 minutes to just load in the starting screen? I may just be completely stupid, and someone correct me if I’m wrong here, but as far as I know, there is no way you can get Fortnite on your Xbox 360. Unfortunately that is a big fat no. I dont have the game my self or know What there really is in the game.

But from what I seen on videos. its online only (correct me if I'm wrong though for most part of this answer going by what I know and looked up) The game is meant to handle up to a near 100 players. That's has to have powerful server to handle so many players at once. Xbox 360 server cant handle that large amount of players those servers can only handle roughly somewhere around 16 to 30 players at once. And the map size was made to accommodate for 100 players. It would be alot of wasted space for just 16 players.

Sure its nice to have so much space to explore. But during a match it wouldn't be practical as it would take half the time of the match before people meet up with one another.

best matchmaking blog fortnite xbox 360

Most games have switched over to current gen consoles and left 360 behind; from what I have seen a lot of the games still being made for 360 started on 360 and are yearly releases (like the various sports games).

Fortnite came out on current gen so on current gen it'll stay, I'm sorry to say but if you want to play StW you'll have to upgrade consoles (or get a half decent computer). To be honest if you save up a bit of money they aren't that hard to get nowadays, you can find used ones for less than 200 bucks (seen some selling for just over $100) or new ones for for $209. This may sound dumb, but why not have Fortnite on the Xbox 360? It's a good thing because it'll be on another platform, and more people can play.

The settings would have to be tuned down a bit because it's an Xbox 360, but it shouldn't be too bad. it will never happen, fortinite is focused to new consoles such as ps4,switch,and Xbox 1 Not many ppl can afford the new xbox one so it kind of not fair for those ppl so it should be.

That more money coming in for y'all from us bc if we buy a lot of v bucks from xbox 360 an ps 4, xbox one,iphone,smart phone, and Nintendo switch that money from us.

Now am fine bc I got an xbox one but it not like every one got money. So just make it for xbox 360 because it will make ppl with xbox 360 happy. If u can do it for smart phones an i phone's make it for xbox 360 Are you saying you want to play on 360 cause you have rights?

Cause its Epic's right to decide what console they choose to put their game on, honestly Fortnite runs with a lot of faults on the current gen stuff so making it work on a lower tier system would only make the problems more egregious. If you want to play Save the World then invest in a current gaming platform (I can easily find Ones for $200, just ask for it for Christmas or a birthday as your only present and there you go cause you get a bunch of V-Bucks in the beginning).

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