Best matchmaking association in fortnite customer service phone number

best matchmaking association in fortnite customer service phone number

Phone numbers can be unlinked from an account so that a new one can be swapped in, but there is a three-month waiting period before the original number can be tied to a new account. This, Valve says, is to prevent using the same number on multiple accounts. Valve adds that online services that provide phone numbers are not allowed. The update also brings back the Solo Queue, so players in ranked matchmaking can opt to only be matched up with other solo players. Any player who selects this option will be placed into matches where all ten players are queuing solo,&q .

best matchmaking association in fortnite customer service phone number

So my account got hacked, and i emailed the customer service. The first mail i get is a referance to an forum post that has nothing to do with the problem, they didnt even check my account to see what was actually the problem...

so i mail them again and i get such, sorry to say but really unhelpfull messages. I comply with everything yet they still imply that i bought an free account... it does not make any sense at all. Every email i send takes 3 days- 5 days if weekend. It is really disrespectful unfair. as i said before they are implying that i bought an epic account on 08/10/2017, to play Fortnite: Battle Royale (first time i downloaded fortnite battle royale, i provided photo proof twice), which is free to play game on the Playstation store, and after that in the upcoming months spend more than 200 euro on the full game, battle pass and battle royale skins without there being any purchases on it in the first place?

Sorry, if it comes of as rude but that doesn't make any sense to me. I provided all the proof from my playstation account with photo's that clearly show the transaction numbers, shows my email and the PSN 'Siebewobke' as the one who bought, dates that match, products and everything. even with PayPal transactions. I mean their system should have an database where it shows that playstation account Siebewobke, with all the transaction numbers which i provided.

so it looks as im not getting taking seriously when i provided all the proof that theyve asked of me. After this mail i again explained the situation, again send the proof and even send an selfie with my passport as i got no idea what to do now... if there is an admin here or whatnot, can i contact one of you in a more direct way? this email business is not working at all. Sorry for getting emotional but this is clearly such ********...

now im lost and i dont know what to do...... ps: i anonimized my name, adres and email ofc... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Epic Games Player Support Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2018 1:16 PM To: ********** Subject: Re: Lost progress and purchased __________________________________ Type your response ABOVE THIS LINE to reply ________________________________ ********* Subject: Lost progress and purchased ________________________________ JAN 11, 2018 | 08:16AM EST KonG replied: Hello , Did you purchase this account from a third party website?

Thanks, KonG Sr. Player Support Specialist ________________________________ JAN 08, 2018 | 04:37PM EST ***** replied: Hi, Thank you for your time, as requested i have attached all proof in the email in an .zip file. Unfortunaly playstation e-mails go straight to my junk mail, but i can still proof its my account. In the attachements are screenshots and photos of my transactions in the chronolocal order of: PSN transaction screenshot , playstation network deposit screenshot and PayPal transaction for each transaction.

I do not know if i was clear or not before but i read something about fortnite account to be able to play on both PSN and XBOX, so i went tot he epic website and i checked my account. Suddenly i found out that my Playstation Network account: Siebewobke, was linked to what i assume a russian guy (because of the characters he used in his email and first/lastname).

He had a display name with 'Hitmanki', i did not take a screenshot (now i wish i did). I check on another page and im suddenly logged out. Later i started fortnite and realized i lost my account, and i do not have access to my hacked account with the displayname 'Hitmanki' Please check the dates and PSN transaction codes, you should be able to see that this e-mail purchased the those products.

currently the PSN account siebewobke is linked to an new account i created so i could still play a little bit fortnite. The following information is on the new account: First and Last Name: ************* Display Name: ************ Email Address: ***************** Physical Address: *************** Phone Number: ************** Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone Op 8 jan. 2018 om 20:23 heeft Epic Games Player Support > het volgende geschreven: ________________________________ JAN 08, 2018 | 02:22PM EST Puzzle3.14rate replied: Hello *****, Upon review of your issue I see that your PSN was linked to numerous accounts.

In order to verify your ownership of the account I will need you to reply with all of the following identifying information about your account. If one of these items is not currently entered to your Epic profile please log in and update the requested information. First and Last Name: Display Name: Email Address: Physical Address: Phone Number: Additionally if you made purchases on the PSN Store please provide full images of the emailed receipts for each purchase and I will be glad to investigate further.

Regards, This sounds completely fishy... Why are they questioning if you bought the account or not in the first place?

Do you expect us to believe that out of the blue they are targeting you and only you? I believe they are linking IP to the account and can see that the up and location have changed which is how they know. I suspect you bought someone's account to bulk buy skins and got caught. Otherwise I have no idea how they are targeting you and for what reason. Im not saying they are targeting me, its just strange that when i have proof that it are my purchases on my email, my psn and everything with transaction proof, dates and everything if they did an IP check then it would also be resolved, as it would also proof that the IP is from the netherlands and not somewhere else.

im also in contact with playstation to maybe proof it another way or some sorts i dont know what to do anymore.

best matchmaking association in fortnite customer service phone number

best matchmaking association in fortnite customer service phone number - Skilled Based Match Matching Already in Fortnite?

best matchmaking association in fortnite customer service phone number

I've been trying to get in touch with EPIC games customer support for two weeks now. I've tried calling their NC listed number (Left 3 messages) tweeting, posting on reddit, as well as emailing every customer support email I could find linked to EPIC (help@epicgames isn't monitored, wtf?).

I get emails saying they've been received but I get no responses. My account was compromised on 3/9/18, someone spent over $200 on products with descriptions written in Cyrillic on my EPIC games account (Fortnite is the only EPIC game I've played and the only reason I have an account).

I unlinked my accounts, changed all my passwords, and contacted you guys, paypal and my bank. Well Epic and Paypal were useless. Epic still has not responded, Paypal said everything looks fine, and finally my bank got involved and settled the dispute for me. Now I get DAILY emails that my account has been locked because of invalid login attempts, even though I've enabled two factor authentication. How do I combat this? I'm still afraid at some point my account is going to be banned since my bank issued the chargeback and I don't think Epic is even aware of the situation.

Has anyone had success with a phone number for actual person-to-person dialogue? An email address? So far my "best lead" has been PMing someone on the FortNiteBR subreddit. Any help is appreciated. I just found out my account was compromised this morning when i came across 2 charges for StW deluxe and Founders edition for about 250 Canadian. Both with some kind of Russian on the purchase info. I've changed all my password, enabled 2 factor (which i had no idea was available) and removed my CC from the account.

Im just hoping i get a reply back asap I've been waiting 2 weeks just to unlink my PSN account and have opened two cases hoping for a response, pinged them on Twitter, twice, and I am stuck. I bought Vbucks ready to play but because I logged in to the Xbox version with that same Epic account, I'm entirely locked out of my PSN Fortnite. I don't understand how it takes so long to reach back out. Playstation says they wont refund me until Epic answers my support ticket.

I bought the SuperDeluxe edition for my sons. It comes with a Standard Edition license. We accidentally sent the redemption code to a non-existent email address. I've tried over weeks to contact Epic for support. I've called the phone number they so cleverly keep difficult to find and even left voice mail messages.

If I don';t hear from them this week I'm going on a total social media crusade against them. Their customer treatment is disgusting! Better get moving Epic!

Im in the same situation, i tried to get the new twitch prime skin and i had to unlink my epic account from my xbox and now when i type in my correct email and pass it says credentials are unavailable. I've lost all progress and stats and over 20 skins and other in game purchases ive tried every way possible to get ahold of them someone please help me. Tatoocaleb, call Microsoft they will refund you, that's what I did but I am still trying to get in touch with a Epic Games Associate. This is ridiculous that this happened to be the customer service is just terrible.

The funny thing is that Microsoft will get the problem fixed when Epic Games is the person that started it. I’ve been having the same issues. Just need them to unlink my account because I dumbly set it up to an old email I can’t access. I lost over $100 in purchases and now I’m at the point that I just want to log into my actual account. I can chalk it up to a loss but at least help me out with logging out! Can’t be that hard.

I've had the same issues as most people, with the headless account that I need to unlink stuff from, and then I end up losing my battle pass and progress. It's been almost a week now, and Epic's customer support takes so long to reply. It's like they don't even really care, and that they aren't even completely sure what they're doing. I mean, after shutting down one of their games, and slowing down development on another, you'd think they'd have plenty of people available for support issues.

I haven't been able to play for the past few days either, because it won't benifit my battle pass progress towards the Valor skin. Pretty BS in my opinion.

best matchmaking association in fortnite customer service phone number

Valve has released an update for its multiplayer online battle arena Dota 2 this week which seeks to improve matchmaking with a few adjustments. One huge change now requires players to register a phone number to their account to play ranked matches. The company wrote in a that players have until May 4 to register a phone number to their account or they will not be eligible for ranked matchmaking. The reason behind the change is to defer players from creating multiple accounts and “create a negative matchmaking experience at all skill brackets.” A phone number can be removed from an account, but cannot be linked again for three months to prevent abuse.

Online services that create phone numbers will not work either. Last year, Valve allowed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players the option to link a phone number to their account which would match with other users who did the same. The update also adjusts a player’s matchmaking rating (MMR) when queuing in a party if the player’s solo MMR is higher, added stricter punishments for players who intentionally ruin matches, and has issued permanent bans for “a large number” of bot accounts.

In addition, ranked matchmaking servers are unavailable in South Africa, India, and Dubai due to low populations and abuse. Dota 2 last December, including a new hero not created for the original mod, a cleaner HUD, a skill talent tree, and more.


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