Best korean matchmaking app singapore 2018

best korean matchmaking app singapore 2018

—Best Korean Restaurants—. 1. Guiga Korean BBQ Restaurant. I’ve been to Guiga a few times and each time I leave a happy customer, complete with a tummy so filled with a food baby Another Korean joint along Telok Ayer Street, Singkoba boasts of a rather industrial like interior, complete with ventilators that looked almost like an alien arm, which I really liked because I’m weird like that.

best korean matchmaking app singapore 2018

Suresh Nair GOOD news for Singapore football fans: You will get front-row seats to watch June’s World Cup Finals in Russia. The three local broadcasters – Mediacorp, Singtel and StarHub – are collaborating for the first time to bring this year’s World Cup coverage to Singapore, with prices unchanged from 2014. More good news: Mediacorp will be broadcasting nine free-to-air matches on okto – five more than in previous years. Singaporeans can watch nine key matches on free-to-air television with Mediacorp, five more than in previous years.

These are the opener between Russia and Saudi Arabia, both semi-finals, the final, and five group games – Argentina v Iceland June 16), Brazil v Costa Rica (June 22), England v Panama (June 24), Denmark v France (June 26), and South Korea v Germany (June 27). This is the first time there has been no price hike since paid World Cup subscriptions were introduced here in 2002. It is learnt that the trio began discussions last year and paid a total of around $25 million to secure the World Cup broadcast rights this time round, a slight increase from 2014.

EXCITING OPTIONS A spokesperson from the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) said in a statement that this commercial arrangement gives consumers “ample time” to consider their options for watching this year’s World Cup. “Non-Singtel and StarHub customers will be able to subscribe and catch World Cup 2018 on Mediacorp’s Toggle platform for the first time,” the regulator said.

“In addition, nine matches will also be made available for everyone to enjoy on Singapore’s Free-To-Air TV channels.” Mediacorp said consumers can subscribe to Toggle’s FIFA World Cup Russia Pass to catch all 64 matches live and on demand, without having to sign a contract or have a set-top box. The price includes a free six-month Toggle Prime plan. Alternatively, they can sign on for a 24-month Toggle Prime plan at S$159 and add on the World Cup Pass at S$79.90.

The pass will also give them access to a comprehensive World Cup site offering insights like team profiles, player information, the latest scores, rankings and match highlights. More good news: The broadcaster said it will produce a studio show “capturing all the action and drama of the World Cup”, which will be shown on the three broadcasters’ channels every match night.

The show will feature extended live feeds from the stadium and analyses of key moments with soccer personalities pre-match, at half-time and post-match. Chief Executive Officer Tham Loke Kheng said: “Mediacorp is truly excited about bringing all the action and stories of the FIFA World Cup to Singapore audiences. Singtel, too, revealed that customers signing up or re-contracting Singtel TV Trio, Variety or Value Pack on a 24-month contract can watch this year’s World Cup for free.

“They can also catch the matches on the companion Go mobile app, which offers the consumer the TV packages they had signed up for. Alternatively, they can subscribe to the standalone World Cup Pass and watch it on the telco’s Cast mobile app.” FANS GIVE THUMBS-UP A quick survey with Singapore fans instantly gave the thumbs-up.

Singapore Polytechnic undergraduate Rahman Alias, 19, says: “I’m delighted, and so are my football friends. We’re glad the local broadcasters know how important the tournament is to Singaporeans. This latest offer will give Singaporeans front row seats to watch the world’s most popular sports tournament.” Foodcourt manager Ramasamy Aru, 36, says this is the “best news for home-based folks” as the increasing television rights are usually rising because the bulk of FIFA’s World Cup revenues, with US$4 billion (S$4.9 billion) come by “squeezing the ordinary fans sitting in the comfort of their homes”.

“Yes, countries such as Singapore and the United States, where incomes are high and competition keen, present opportunities for the marketing agents to sell it at a premium.

Ultimately, it is the consumer who bears the brunt of the escalating prices, and in Asia, we’re usually one of the costliest.” Judy Kwok, 43, a housewife at Woodlands Avenue 1, says her family of “five football-fanatics are simply overjoyed”. She adds: “A very fair deal especially given the timings of games (almost half, or 29, of the 64 matches kick off after midnight Singapore time).

With more and more people using streaming services – both legally and illegally – on digital devices, including smart TVs, there appears to be less reliance on traditional mediums for live sports.” A study last year, commissioned by the Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia, noted that two in five people here are actively tuning in to pirated content.

Singapore Management University’s Associate Professor of marketing education Seshan Ramaswami earlier warned that these “prices cannot keep on rising forever”. He noted: “There will be some breaking point beyond which the demand will just slip to very small levels.

So that is the challenge; to pay just about enough (for broadcast rights) to be able to offer attractive prices for enough consumers that advertisers find it worthwhile to buy time during the broadcast.” StarHub also has two options for accessing this year’s competition: One on its StarHub TV platform, and another on its mobile-centric StarHub Go. A spokesperson clarified that StarHub Go is available to non-StarHub Mobile customers too, but the telco’s postpaid mobile customers who subscribe to the mobile app will be able to stream the matches with no local data charge.

“With matchday one quickly approaching, we are happy to put public interest first and take to the field together with Singtel and Mediacorp to enable all of Singapore to enjoy the beautiful game,” said outgoing CEO Tan Tong Hai.

FREE LIVE-SCREENING AT CLUBS But if you still feel that the standalone World Cup package at S$94.16 is on the high side, there are other ways to seek alternatives, such as pubs, fast-food joints or community clubs (CCs) that offer free live-screening. During the 2014 World Cup, 30 community clubs screened all 64 matches live.

Retiree Jeffrey Lotto says: “Many elderly Singaporeans in the heartlands still enjoy football. And because of the crazily increased prices in recent years, they may not be able to watch. I hope they consider something for the older folks.” In the final context, Singapore football fans must be raising their hands with big high-fives as they will get front-row seats to watch June’s World Cup Finals. Thumbs-up to the three local broadcasters – Mediacorp, Singtel and StarHub – for a rare first in collaborating to bring this year’s World Cup coverage to Singapore, with prices unchanged from 2014.

In my opinion, that’s genuinely fantastic football sportsmanship as it’s also the first time for no price hike since paid World Cup subscriptions were introduced here in 2002.

best korean matchmaking app singapore 2018

best korean matchmaking app singapore 2018 - Hurray, watch World Cup 2018 football: No price hikes and nine free matches for Singapore fans

best korean matchmaking app singapore 2018

Gone are the days where finding a date online would often be met with incredulous looks and judgy comments. Here’s the low-down on popular dating apps in Singapore. 1. Available for Apple and Android, Free The low-down: Tinder needs no introduction – just login with your Facebook account and start swiping. The app will produce profiles for you to consider, and you swipe right to express your interest or swipe left to skip it. If a person you’ve expressed interest in has also swiped right on your profile, you’ll be able to chat with that person (and presumably find love).

There’s also a Super Like function (swipe upwards), where you can let someone know you’re interested in them even before they make a decision about your profile. You can also set your Discovery Settings based on your current location, so the app will display matches who are closer to you. Pros: Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in Singapore, so you’ll have a wider pool of people to connect with. The app is also easy to join and use – just login with your Facebook account and it will automatically fill out your profile for you.

Cons: Connections on Tinder tend to be more superficial, especially since you have just one photo to sell yourself. Also, the whole swiping business is kind of iffy, because it’s dangerously easy to accidentally swipe right (or up) on a match you don’t want (“OMG what did I just do?!”). Best for: Expanding your social network, finding chat buddies and ehh…casual hookups?

Let’s put it this way – you’re probably not going to find your soulmate on Tinder, but at least you’ll score a few dates. (Source: Tinder Blog) 2. Available for Apple and Android, Free The low-down: You fill out your personal profile on the app and state your basic preferences for a match (i.e. Age, Gender, Height, Ethnicity). The app will then send you a curated match (or Bagel, as the app calls it) everyday at noon, and you can choose to Pass or Like that person.

If both of you have expressed interest in each other, a chat box will pop up for you to start chatting. The only catch? The chat box is not permanent and will expire within a few days. Coffee Meets Bagel encourages matches to exchange numbers or take things offline after chatting with each other for a few days. Not impressed with your Bagel of the day? The app has a Give & Take section with more potential matches, and you can use your beans (the in-app currency) for a chance to connect.

You can also forward a profile to a friend who might be interested, and in turn, you’ll receive more beans to connect with matches. How’s that for sharing and caring? Pros: The app takes into account your Facebook connections, so you’re more likely to get matches who are friends of friends (you’ll never get matched with your direct Facebook friends though). The profiles on the app are also more detailed, so you can better suss out/stalk your match before clicking the Like button.

Cons: It takes a fair bit of time and effort to fill out your profile, and there’s more pressure to connect with your date since the chat box expires in a few days. Also, the preference filters are quite basic, so don’t expect your Bagel to be the perfect match. Lastly, the user base in Singapore isn’t as wide as Tinder’s, so you might get the same Bagel as your friends who are also using the app. Best for: Meeting matches with mutual friends.

(Source: Coffee Meets Bagel) 3. Available for Apple, Android and Windows, Free The low-down: Happn is a location-based app that shows you matches you have “crossed paths with” (because you know, serendipity).

Based on your phone’s location settings, the app will display people who have been in the same area recently.

You can scroll through the profiles and choose to secretly like someone (the person won’t get a notification, but a chat line will open if he or she likes you too), or just put your pride on the line and openly like someone (the person will get a notification that you liked him or her). Pros: Happn is kind of a cross between Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel.

Just like Tinder, you get multiple matches based on your basic preferences and location (albeit more specific), but the profiles are a bit more detailed. The app also seems to be quite popular among expats, if that floats your boat. Cons: Is it not creepy that the app knows exactly where you’ve been and when? Also, I don’t know if it’s because your Location setting is turned on all the time, but the app seems to drain your phone battery rather quickly.

Best for: People who tend to go out a lot, or who work in a “happening” area like Raffles Place or Orchard. You’re probably not going to get very many matches if you stay at home all the time. Also suitable for hopeless romantics who harbour hopes of meeting The One at their favourite cafe or bookstore (you know, reaching for the same coffee or book and all that jazz).

(Source: Happn) 4. Available for Apple and Android, Free The low-down: Instead of matching you with people based on location or Facebook connections, OkCupid places more emphasis on compatibility (each match even has a percentage rating). Besides basic profile information, the app will have you answer a (seemingly) never-ending series of questions about everything from your views on life to…gun control.

OkCupid then lists matches based on how well the person’s preferences match up with yours, and you can double tap to like the person’s profile (he or she will receive a notification) or start a conversation (you can chat with anyone on the app).

The app also lets you see people who have clicked on your profile (and vice versa), but you can set your settings to browse anonymously. Pros: Your chances of getting suitable matches (based on personality traits and values) are probably higher than Tinder, especially since you have to answer countless questions about your life views, personality and opinions on love.

The app also lets you use a username (as opposed to your real name), so you can keep your identity somewhat vague. Cons: Anyone can chat with you on OkCupid, so you’re bound to get the occasional creepy message like “let me see ur eyes baby” (true story). Also, your OkCupid profile is automatically set to public (meaning anyone on the Internet could possibly find you), so remember to switch your profile visibility to ‘Members Only’.

Best for: Meeting people with similar interests, opinions and values. (Source: OkCupid) 5. Available for Apple and Android, Free The low-down: Lunch Kaki is more of a social networking app, rather than a dating app (although you can meet dates through the app if you want). Instead of sending you matches to accept or reject, the app allows you to search for people to have lunch (or drinks) with. You can filter search results by location, age range, gender and even your intention for meeting up (i.e.

company for lunch, job opportunity, making new friends). You can also create or join a Group Lunch, where up to 5 members can choose to meet up at a specified venue on a certain date and time. Kind of like a group date, if you will.

Pros: Lunch Kaki is more about meeting new friends and making connections, so there’s less focus on superficial factors like your looks, age or job. The app’s Group Lunch function is also good for people who tend to be less shy in groups. Cons: Lunch Kaki doesn’t really take into account your dating preferences or Facebook connections, so your search results may be a bit more random than those on a dating app.

Best for: People who want to expand their social circle, and are generally open to meeting new people (no strings attached). Also good for people who don’t like to lunch alone. (Source: Lunch Kaki) 6. Available for Apple and Android, Free The low-down: LunchClick is a female-centric app by dating agency Lunch Actually, and it’s catered more towards people looking for serious dates and/or relationships (aka no casual hookups).

Profiles are screened manually (they even use your NRIC to verify that you’re not already married), and the app sends you one quality match a day.

Just like OkCupid, LunchClick uses personality and preference questions to determine more suitable matches for you. However, the selection process seems to be more stringent, especially since you only get one match a day. The app also has a function which allows you to search for places and propose a date with a match. Pros: LunchClick weeds out the crazies, so you won’t get any creepy people or players looking for casual hookups here.

The nature of the app also encourages meeting up with your matches (rather than continuing to chat online), so you don’t have to feel desperate about wanting to take things offline. Cons: You have to input everything from your real name to NRIC to get your profile verified, so it can be somewhat intrusive or intimidating for some. Best for: People who are looking for a serious relationship. (Source: Still want more? Check out these other articles:

best korean matchmaking app singapore 2018

(Credit: Fauzan Saari / Unsplash) Every four years, millions hold their breath in anticipation of the world’s biggest sporting event. This includes Singaporeans, who are as excited as any other football fan around the world. Unfortunately, subscription fees have reached an all-time high in recent years, with fans paying $112.35 to watch the World Cup in Singapore.

On the bright side, many venues and bars in Singapore have stepped in to provide live screenings of the World Cup matches despite the extravagant costs. Here are our picks of the best places to watch the exciting 2018 World Cup in Singapore. (Credit: ) 1. Community Clubs / Community Centres (Free!) Since 1953, CCs have served the community well. As a continued gesture of goodwill, the People’s Association (PA) recently announced live screenings of all 64 matches for absolutely free!

As per the previous World Cup, you would be able to watch the matches of the World Cup in Singapore within the convenience of your neighbourhood. For detailed match schedules and the full list of 55 CCs involved, check out the .

(Credit: / Facebook) 2. Singapore Sports Hub (Free!) Catch the football fever with Sports Hub’s Festival Of Football event! Sports Hub will be making use of their giant LED screen to showcase live World Cup matches alongside various activities like daily football pick-up games and World Cup museum exhibits.

There will even be live music and entertainment before every first live match so you won’t be bored stiff while waiting for the matches to start. Head on down if you’re looking for a thematic stadium experience beyond simply spectating the various matches of the World Cup in Singapore. The Sports Hub Address: Stadium Boulevard, Kallang, Singapore 271003 (Credit: / Facebook) 3.

Changi Airport (Free!) Who says you have to sacrifice watching the World Cup to send a friend or loved one off at Changi Airport? Head on down to Terminal 3 and join in the fun and games! If you’re feeling lucky, Changi Airport will be launching their own ‘Guess the Winning Team’ contest.

Your ability to predict the winning team (or draw if you think it’ll be an evenly matched game) for the first live match on Fridays and weekends will earn you up to $5000 in Changi Gift Cards. Changi Airport Terminal 3, Departure Hall North, Public Area, Near Skytrain To T1 Address: 65 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819663 (Credit: / Facebook) 4.

McDonald’s (Free!) Alongside their massive marketing campaign to bring back the much beloved McGriddles, McDonald’s have also announced that 22 of their outlets will be screening select World Cup matches!

While you’re not obligated to buy anything, nothing quite beats cheering on your favourite teams as you enjoy a midnight Sausage McGriddle and Banana Cone. Curious which of the 22 outlets have been selected? Check out for more details. (Credit: / Facebook) 5. SAFRA Country Clubs (Free!) SAFRA is organising their very own Football Bonanza event to stir about their own version of football fever for the World Cup in Singapore!

SAFRA is amplifying the live screening experience with special seating arrangements for SAFRA members, football competitions and clinics, lucky draws and free refreshments across all 6 clubs. Head on down to your local SAFRA club if you’re keen on joining the festivities. SAFRA Jurong Address: 333 Boon Lay Way, Singapore 649848 SAFRA Mount Faber Address: 2 Telok Blangah Way, Singapore 098803 SAFRA Punggol Address: 9 Sentul Crescent, Singapore 828654 SAFRA Tampines Address: 1/A Tampines Street 92, Singapore 528882 SAFRA Toa Payoh Address: 293 Lor 6 Toa Payoh, Singapore 319387 SAFRA Yishun Address: 60 Yishun Avenue 4, Singapore 769027 (Credit: ) Now that we’ve covered most of the free World Cup live screening options, let’s move on to the paid options!

If you’re afraid of squeezing around with large crowds at the free public venues, why not consider the following options? As long as you manage to register or arrive early and aren’t afraid to shell out a bit of money, you’ll be able to enjoy quality food and drinks while watching the games.

6. HomeTeamNS HomeTeamNS is handling their World Cup 2018 live screening sessions a little differently from the others. While the Bukit Batok outlet is holding the screening at their main lobby, Balestier’s screening is held at the Wiser Sports Bar, where you’re able to enjoy free beers and discounts if you’re a member! Enjoy a game of darts and enjoy the bar’s atmosphere while cheering on your favourite teams.

As for Sembawang’s screening, they are holding it at Hai Bin, the popular prawning area. Although you’re able to sign up solo at $10, the real attraction here is that HomeTeamNS is providing a staycation option for $80 for groups of four. Save up on midnight taxi fees and wake up to free breakfast the next morning with your buddies after watching the midnight matches!

HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok Address: 2 Bukit Batok West Avenue 7, Singapore 659003 HomeTeamNS Sembawang Address: 301 Canberra Road, Singapore 759774 HomeTeamNS Balestier Address: 31 Ah Hood Road, Singapore 329979 (Credit: / Facebook) 7. 1-Altitude A first for the world’s highest alfresco bar, will be screening the World Cup in SIngapore.

Transforming itself to provide an atmosphere that is closer to a football stadium, bar patrons will get to enjoy pre-game entertainment as you rock to the tunes from live local bands and resident DJs.

Food and drinks will even be themed according to the countries of the teams playing that day. Enjoy the panoramic view of Singapore’s cityscape as you take in the sights and sounds that 1-Altitude has to offer! 1-Altitude Address: 1 Raffles Place (Former OUB Centre), Singapore 048616 (Credit: / Facebook) 8. McGettigan’s Clarke Quay Located in the heart of the nightlife district, serves delicious Irish-styled food. This makes the place perfect for quelling those half-time hunger pangs. With sides like Chilli Beef Nachos and Buffalo Chicken Wings and mains such as McGettigan’s Beef Burger and Orange Glazed Baby Back Ribs, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice!

To bring about the World Cup 2018 cheer, you’ll get a free pint if you’re able to guess the first goalscorer of any match. Also, dust off your old football jerseys because pints are discounted if you arrive dressed in your favourite team’s jersey!

McGettigan’s Clarke Quay Address: 3A River Valley Road, #01-01 Merchant’s Court, Singapore 179020 (Credit: / Facebook) 9. Fullerton Hotel / Fullerton Bay Hotel Fancy a breathtaking view of the Singapore River while viewing the World Cup matches on the big screen? Or perhaps you would prefer the sophistication of the indoor Post Bar? Check out Fullerton Hotel’s Post Bar and Fullerton Bay Hotel’s Lantern Rooftop Bar!

Featuring World Cup-themed alcohol and snacks, both bars are perfect locations for a sumptuous dinner and night of relaxation as you prepare to cheer on your preferred teams. It will indeed be a unique experience to watch the World Cup in Singapore in established hotels that have such great history and elegance tagged to them.

Fullerton Hotel Address: 1 Fullerton Square, Singapore 049178 Fullerton Bay Hotel Address: 80 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049326 (Credit: / Flickr & / Pixabay) If you were lucky enough to be offered a free World Cup 2018 subscription from SingTel, make sure to take advantage of it by hosting the best football gathering possible!

To help you along, do refer to our that also talks about maximising your enjoyment for any match. Have any other places to watch the 2018 World Cup in Singapore? Recommend them to other fellow football fanatics by sharing them in the comments below! New to Shopee? Get $7 off (min. spend $15) with code*: WATCHFREE *TNC Applies. Valid for new users from 12 to 19 July only.

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