Best keyboard setup for fortnite pc

best keyboard setup for fortnite pc

Fortnite has quickly exploded into one of the most popular games in the world, and players across all platforms are enjoying the fast-paced, action-packed gameplay as they battle for that top spot in the Battle Royale arena. For gamers on consoles or mobile, peripherals are pretty self-explanatory, but an important part of being competitive on PC is having the right equipment. We’ve compiled some of the best keyboards for Fortnite from around the web to help you get the sense of the type of equipment that may be able to take your gameplay to the next level. Corsair Vengeance K70 RGB RapidFire

best keyboard setup for fortnite pc

The keyboard might be the equipment for your computer that has changed the least over the years. Only until recently! Then the gaming industry was steadily growing, so did the range of equipment & gaming gear. Especially in a game like where key bindings are essential, you must have a responsive low-latency keyboard.

That’s why we made this buyer’s guide on the best gaming keyboard currently available for you in 2018! Think about it; the hardware needs to be changed to be able to keep up with all the games. Even the mouse has gone from two buttons, all the way to almost a secondary keyboard in your hand. We recently did a guide on the and the market is enormous. Anyway, lets a have a look at the top 3. In this article, we will be discussing the most popular gaming keyboards, and it’s important to know that the ‘gaming’ and your standard keyboard work on a comparable manner, gaming keyboards are better because they offer you mechanical switches which have less travel time and are more responsive for quick reactions.

Also, they very stylish RGB backlighting make it usable with ease in dark environments. Best Gaming Keyboard 2018 Gaming Keyboard Switch type Backlight color (Winner) Cherry MX RGB Romer-G RGB Membrane RGB Membrane Red Blue & Purple Outemu Blue switches Red Let’s dive into the full review!​ How We Picked the Gaming Keyboards Our procedure for choosing a gaming keyboard is straightforward.

We have picked the keyboards by their performance, professional gamers, durability, mechanical switches and user ratings. So that you won’t have to research countless of hours for a keyboard dedicated for gaming that you can rely on. – Best Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming This keyboard from is called , and comes with a wrist rest ideal for long gaming sessions. However, you can remove the wrist stand if needed, leaving you with a lot smaller keyboard. The design of this product is a little more extreme, yet looks professional.

This is a mechanical keyboard as well and comes with RGB backlighting, that could be customized to your desired look. They also offer a K70 with only red color, with a slightly lower price. The keys on this keyboard have , which are compared to Romer-G a very known type of switches. On the Logitech products, they have their own kind of switches. The MX switches, however, have been around for a long time, and many different products use them.

Thet switches are linear and produce next to no noise for being a mechanical keyboard. Final thoughts A solid gaming keyboard with a well known and tested switches. Corsair delivers with this products, and there is not much to say about it, the wrist rest is an excellent bonus, and it has media controls integrated within the layout as well.

They offer a wide range of MX switches from Red, Blue, Brown and the Cherry MX Speed variation, which are recommended for the one who’s looking for extremely responsiveness. The actuation distance on the speed version is almost half as regular switches! The first keyboard on the list, , and the winner of all keyboards we tested. has made a keyboard with a minimal, yet an exceptionally high-quality product. It has RGB lightning that can easily be customized to over 16.8 million colors, or why not light up individual keys that you use often.

It comes with where you control all your gear from that brand, teaming up with the Logitech G502 mouse and you have the perfect keyboard and mouse combo for gamers! The keyboard has mechanical key switches called Romer-G, which are ultra-responsive and up to 25% faster key actuation than standard switches, designed with gaming in mind.

It also has media controls top right of the layout, and there you have easy access to play, pause, mute and changing volume.

Without having to minimize your games, a nice little bonus. Final thoughts This keyboard has a small, beautiful form factor which will not be in your way. It looks more like an ordinary keyboard than overly styled gaming gear. The build quality is excellent and has some weight to it with rubber feet. Makes it harder to slide around on your desk while in intense situations.

Next keyboard is from Corsair as well, this time a slightly less maxed out version. has no wrist rest, which probably is not a deal breaker as it takes up some space.

However, it could be good to have something to rest on. The design is more towards a regular keyboard and could very much be used for every day use without looking like a gaming rig. The most significant difference with this product is that it’s a membrane keyboard, meaning each key is not individual like a mechanical.

This could also be seen on the price as it’s much cheaper to manufacture without all the moving parts. However, it’s still a fantastic keyboard which is well suited for gaming. It has RGB back-lightning as one would expect by now, a little bonus with this one is that you not necessarily need an external software as it has a built-in memory for your LED modes.

But you can use the software if you want of course. Final thoughts One of the best membrane keyboards currently on the market. Perfect for who on who wants a slightly cheaper keyboard, yet have a solid product. It will also withstand dust and liquid much better than a mechanical keyboard. Very comfortable and ergonomic, but will not be compared with the feeling of the K70.

– Backlit LED Gaming Keyboard This keyboard is great for gaming if you’re on a budget. Obviously, it’s not a Logitech G810, but it delivers exceptionally well for its price point. It has three colors (red blue and purple), to choose from for your keys backlighting and can be customizable to being breathable or just permanent lightning. No software or drivers needed which almost all the other keyboards needs. Comes with a standard USB braided cable and is pretty much plug in and play.

The build quality is slightly cheaper than the more superior choices, and the keys are reasonably louder. It is, however, not 100% mechanical keyboard, but very close, which is pretty amazing for a keyboard under $50. The Form factor is actually very well made, there is not much-wasted space, and it’s very compact.

Therefore it won’t take up much space on your desktop. Final thoughts A stable budget buy for the one who either wants to test a mechanical keyboard or someone who wants to step up their gaming gear without breaking the bank. The build quality is definitely impacted, and it won’t probably hold up for years of use; however, it opens up to switch out your keyboard more often. It feels like a mechanical keyboard, but an experienced user would feel a slight difference straight away.

by Redragon – Top Budget Gaming Keyboard Another keyboard with a lower price, this time with an extremely minimal design. No RGB or LED lighting that stands out, just a plain barely noticeably back-lightning.

No external media control keys and pretty much your ordinary keyboard you always have been using. However, its a difference, its a mechanical keyboard. K552-N by Redragon has only been focusing on one thing, which not necessary is a bad idea. A simple, yet neat looking gaming keyboard. Some want a mechanical keyboard without a bloated look; this might be the one for them. The keys offer a medium resistance which can be compared to blue switches.

It’s advertised as Cherry MX Green, but that is not accurate at all. However, it won’t be the same obviously as MX either way.

It has an audible click sound, but not overwhelming. The clicks are crisp, precise and give the user great feedback for better performance. Final thoughts A keyboard that will save desk space, with reasonably good quality.

It’s a mechanical keyboard which makes this so much better for the price, an inexpensive product and has a great feel and sound. There is not much to be said other than a minimalist gaming keyboard that does the job! Different types of gaming keyboards A great keyboard can help you perform better in games, having a short response time on your keys will decrease the latency before the computer registers the buttons.

Many people ignore the keyboard as if they all are the same, which is understandable. Looking at different keyboards, you probably can’t see any significant difference. That’s because the big difference is within the keys itself. They have all kind of switches, quality or springs that will give you reliable, exact feedback for every key press. Of course, almost all gaming keyboards has RGB lightning today as well, which will let you have your favorite color as the backlight of your keys.

But the most crucial part is the keys itself when choosing what keyboard that will fit you. The most popular ones for gamers are the membrane or mechanical keyboards which we will go into a little more. Membrane Keyboards The majority of keyboards you have tried has moving parts in them, and the keys separated to each other. However, the idea of a is that the keys are printed on a single cheat of flexible plastic.

Where each key has their own pressure pad. As its less moving parts, while manufacturing these, they are often much cheaper. The will withstand dirt and liquids much better as every key is one solid piece. The downside is that every key press is registered instantly while being pressed. Often are one used to have somewhat feedback while pressing a key. Especially in games, you don’t want it to be easy to miss-click a button.

Mechanical Keyboards Here is the keyboard for the gamers, mechanical. Doesn’t sound so digital right?

Mechanical keyboards have been around for many years, even in the 1980’s IBM sold keyboards that would utilize . So why are they still around to this day? Becuase of the feeling, the feedback, and the responsiveness. They are comfortable and used by many professional gamers. The big downside with mechanical switches is they sound much more than regular keyboards while being used; each key-press gives way a hearable click sound. Things you should consider when choosing a gaming keyboard First off you have to consider if you are looking for a mechanical or membrane keyboard.

This is a significant difference in both feel and performance, but the most important is that is something you feel comfortable to use. Membrane keyboards are for the most instances cheaper, they sound less while being used and doesn’t need much force to be pressed. Mechanical keyboards, on the other hand, is often considered to be more comfortable and are faster in writing.

The forces need to be press a key depends on what color you use for your switches, and you also don’t have a to push a key all the way down to trigger it, which after some use enables you to write in faster flow. This will also help you in gaming as you can react faster, without having to press down the keys with much pressure. What type of mechanical switches that fit you are hard to say, its a subjective choice and comes down to personal preferences.

For example; a red cherry switch will need approximately 45g of actuation force to be pressed, while a cherry black would need 60g. This might sound like small differences, but after typing or gaming for many hours you will feel it in your fingers. Light actuation can help you type faster, and heavy can help you make fewer miss-clicks while playing games. It’s recommended to try out different switched before finding your favorite one. Either visit a computer store and try them out before buying, or order online and test it at home.

Often when you find your type of switches, you won’t look back. Another thing to consider with a mechanical keyboard is noise, these type of switches gives away a click sound while being pressed. This could potentially be irritating in an office environment or at home. This is also worth to have a look at. For example, the Logitech Romer-G switches are quite quiet, while the cherry MX Blue gives away a rather loud click sound. Mechanical Switches How They Sound & Feel Mechanical keyboards are for people using their keyboard for long sessions every day, and now is a big part of the gaming scene as well.

As you will soon notice there are some choices available when it comes to switches for your keys. Where is the most popular as many different manufacturers use them. Logitech has there own keys called Romer-G, and therefore you will only find them in their products.

Before we go further into the variety of switches, we need to address the main feel of them which is either; tactile, linear or clicky. • Tactile switches: has a slight feedback bump while you press the key, which will let you know when you activated the key just by feel. Tactile switches are often referred to as MX Brown switch. • Linear switches: has a smooth feel while being pressed, with no extra feedback along travel from top to bottom.

Linear switches are often referred to as MX Red switch. • Clicky switches: Similar to tactile switches, but has additional feedback in the form of both the bump and a distinctly click sound.

Clicky switches are often referred to as MX Blue switch. In addition to the Cherry Mx – Brown, Red and Blue Switches there is also; Black, Green and Clear.

Where all these have different noise volume, feel and actuation force. Hence why we said there are many different choices on the market. Because these switches are the same, yet so different from each other, it’s as mentioned earlier recommended to find your favorite.

However, if you want to make a shot in the dark, we would recommend either Romer-G (Logitech), Mx Brown or Mx Red as these are the most commonly used ones and has reasonable noise. We do not recommend Mx Blue or Mx Green if typing volume is an issue, as these two are the loudest of them all.

Here’s a table of the types of switches. Switch Noise Type Actuation Force Romer-G Low Tactile 45g Cherry MX Brown Medium Tactile 45g Cherry MX Red Low Linear 45g Cherry MX Blue High Clicky 60g Cherry MX Black Low Linear 60g Cherry MX Clear Medium Linear 65g Cherry MX Green High Clicky 70g RGB Mechanical Keyboards for Backlight As you already noticed RGB or LED lights are built in on almost all gaming keyboards nowadays.

This should probably not be your priority when choosing keyboard, so its instead a bonus as you often can turn it off if wanted. However, it can be quite handy to have a permanent light or color if you tend to game in dark environments.

Having the keyboard making an animated or pulsing pattern of colors might be a little overwhelming or take your concentration down a notch. In the end, this is just an individual preference and use what ever is comfortable for you! The difference between RGB and LED lighting is that RGB can usually cover the entire color spectrum, and LED only have one specific color or limited choices. If you just are looking for a basic colored backlight, LED often is a cheaper choice as RGB is more expensive.

Conclusion Hope this guide was helpful for you, please let us know if you feel we left out some gaming keyboard in the list.

best keyboard setup for fortnite pc

best keyboard setup for fortnite pc - Best Gaming Keyboards for Fortnite in 2019

best keyboard setup for fortnite pc

Contents • • • • Fortnite has quickly exploded into one of the most popular games in the world, and players across all platforms are enjoying the fast-paced, action-packed gameplay as they battle for that top spot in the Battle Royale arena. For gamers on consoles or mobile, peripherals are pretty self-explanatory, but an important part of being competitive on PC is having the right equipment.

We’ve compiled some of the best keyboards for Fortnite from around the web to help you get the sense of the type of equipment that may be able to take your gameplay to the next level. If you’re looking for one of the best keyboards on the market for gaming, the Corsair Vengeance K70 RGB RapidFire is one of our top picks.

Corsair has a long history of making quality gaming peripherals – and their keyboards are particularly top-notch. They have keyboards at a variety of price points, and the Corsair Vengeance K70 RGB RapidFire is one of their top of the line models.

for the device, but you’ll enjoy some of the best in keyboard technology for that cost. The keys are Cherry MX branded which are some of the leading keycaps both in terms of precision and tactile feel, and will likely give you years of use. As a Fortnite player, you need equipment that is as responsive as it is comfortable, and the Corsair Vengeance K70 gives you the best of both worlds.

Also important to note is the support for macro shortcuts. While there may not be much to macro in Fortnite considering the relative simplicity of the user interface and controls, it’s always nice to be able to bind multiple commands to the same key.

Just keep in mind that some competitive games have rules against this sort of feature, so make sure you don’t get yourself in trouble while using this awesome functionality on your favorite games. Fortnite can be both a relaxing and exciting experience, and part of that enjoyment for many people comes from having the perfect tunes as a backdrop to your climb to the top.

With this Corsair keyboard, you’ll be able to take advantage of dedicated media keys that allow you to control your music without ever leaving the game – leaving you focused entirely at the task at hand.

As a Fortnite player, you’ll be subjected to some situations where split-second reactions can make or break the game, and sometimes having top-notch equipment can make the difference between getting that kill and surviving or being eliminated and having to queue into another game. The Corsair Vengeance K70 features anti-ghosting technology that ensures that when you press a key it will register flawlessly each and every time. A 1000 Hz polling rate also ensures that the keyboard will pick up the command instantly with zero input lag.

In terms of the actual construction of the keyboard, you’ll enjoy a premium matte aluminum chassis and a rubber wrist rest that provides a combination of durability and comfort for those long nights trying to unlock that next tier reward. Overall, this combination of technology, durability, and premium usability makes one of our top picks when it comes to keyboards for Fortnite.

Perhaps the biggest name in gaming peripherals these days is Razer, and while many feel some of their products are expensive for the quality you get, is absolutely worth the price. As the company’s high-end keyboard, you’ll enjoy comparable performance to the Corsair keyboard discussed above while enjoying the Razer ecosystem.

While Razer products are excellent on their own, the real advantage of owning Razer peripherals are the synergy that the devices have when connected through Razer’s software. You’ll enjoy the ultimate in customizability, allowing you to rebind keys at will and interface with your Razer mouse.

If you already have Razer equipment, the BlackWidow Chroma is a no-brainer – and it’s a competitive choice even if you aren’t already invested in the ecosystem.

The keys have a similar feel to the blue switch of the Cherry MX, which gives it a similar feel to the Corsair keyboard. You’ll notice most of the keyboards on this list are of the mechanical variety, and most of the high-end devices do feature this technology due to the higher accuracy and better tactile feel that are necessary for comfort and precision while playing competitive games.

While it’s certainly possible to excel at Fortnite with any old keyboard, the Razer BlackWidow Chroma is certainly a premium option that may give you a bit of an edge. Just like the Corsair keyboard, it features anti-ghosting technology and a high polling rate, ensuring that your commands will register when it counts and you won’t miss out on any kills or die unexpectedly due to equipment malfunctions.

While not necessarily crucial to Fortnite gameplay, the Razer BlackWidow Chroma actually has audio ports built into the keyboard which frees up some spots on your actual PC. Combine that with media keys and additional USB ports and the BlackWidow actually adds more ports than it takes up. One thing to keep in mind with mechanical keyboards is that they are quite noisy, so don’t expect to play Fortnite stealthily with the Razer BlackWidow Chroma, but the quality of the keycaps and the technology behind them is more than worth some noisy clicks.

than the Corsair keyboard, but it’s a worthwhile investment as you continue to improve your gameplay and are looking for that extra Battle Royale edge.

is a capable keyboard that excels in certain areas with very few drawbacks. With that said, there are a few features that are not present on the peripheral that may be a deal-breaker for certain users. Let’s start with the good. While the original price of the Logitech G810 is quite high, it’s frequently discounted significantly. The cost savings alone may make this keyboard worth the buy, but it definitely exceeds expectations by a number of other metrics as well.

One of the most notable features of the Logitech G810 is their proprietary keys. While the other two keyboards on this list feature some of the best keys on the market with the Cherry MX keycaps, Logitech has used their own technology which delivers comparable performance that is much quieter.

As mentioned above, mechanical keyboards can be incredibly noisy, so it’s nice to see a peripheral that can deliver that same premium performance without waking up the entire house. Just like the other two keyboards on the list, it delivers where it counts with 1000 Hz polling and anti-ghosting technology that ensures a razor-sharp response each and every time.

Media keys are also present to allow control without minimizing the game. There are a few things that are missing from the keyboard that may make a bit of a difference for some users, but that we feel aren’t important to the vast majority of Fortnite players.

While a lot of high-end keyboards have both audio and USB ports built in, you’ll find no such connection on the Logitech G810 which means that you’ll have to hook up any other peripherals directly to your PC.

Also absent is the ability to include macro commands, but for most Fortnite users that won’t be a dealbreaker. All in all, we feel that delivers simple, elegant, and premium performance without too many bells and whistles to distract from the game. If you’re looking for a keyboard that is often steeply discounted and will allow you to score wins without all the fluff, the G810 may be right up your alley.

Verdict When deciding between the best of the best, it’s quite difficult to name a clear winner. However, with that said, we feel that the top choice on this list is probably the .

As the keyboard of choice for popular Fortnite streamer , it’s clear that it has a lot of application at the upper echelons of play. If it’s good enough for Ninja, it’s likely good enough for you and will help you continue to score wins in this popular Battle Royale Arena. With that said, the other two keyboards on this list also serve as excellent substitutes and might be better for certain users – such as the Chroma for those who are invested in the Razer ecosystem and the Logitech for those looking to save money.

While skill and strategy trump all when it comes to getting better at Fortnite, investing in quality equipment should allow you to focus on improving without any worries of peripheral snafus. Any of these keyboards should give you the tools you need to succeed.

best keyboard setup for fortnite pc

The idea of acquiring the best Fortnite Keyboard that meets your needs could be gnawing. This is because there is a staggering list of keyboards currently available in the market with every manufacturer trying to convince you that to consider theirs. Sometimes, the reviews and descriptions are solely promotional without anything to offer. In this article, I’m going to mention the best keyboards for fortnite with regards to their overall performance.

Contents: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Factors to consider while choosing a keyboard This article focuses on reviewing the 6 best keyboards for Fortnite. In as much as the article has spared you the time to review the relevant keyboards one after another in the unending list, there is still some work for you.

You are tasked with choosing one keyboard to take home. Generally speaking, here are the four factors that shaped our decision and could further shape yours in arriving at the best keyboard that will meet your needs. Macro and software customization Being able to program the keys and assign the required commands on them is important.

This is one factor that should worry you. Anti-Ghosting or Key Rollover If you are new to these terms, this term means the number of keys that keyboard can respond to while pressed simultaneously. There are low-quality keyboards that only respond to one key at a go. Whereas sophisticated ones exist responding to 6 or even more keys at a go. Ideal gaming keyboards should respond to at least 6 simultaneously.

Price Generally speaking, the higher the price for every item, the higher the quality. This, however, might not be exactly true.

Some established manufacturers only sell their brand names sometimes. The bottom line: Know the much you are setting aside to purchase a keyboard and do your homework well on the products specifications.

The durability of the keyboards You will agree with me that gaming keyboards are pressed hard. Should you purchase any keyboard that has a weak casing, it will not last at all. Let’s dive right in: Photo Keyboard name Parameters Backlight Color Our Verdict Editors choice Key's Design - Mechanical Material - Plastic Key Rollover - 6 keys Red Best Cheap Key's Design - Mechanical Material - Aluminium Key Rollover - full N-Key Rollover 16.8M RGB LED Best Premium Key's Design - Mechanical Material - Plastic Key Rollover - 113 keys 16.8M RGB LED Good gaming Key's Design - Mechanical Material - Plastic Key Rollover - 6 keys 16.8M RGB LED Best Fortnite Key's Design - Mechanical Material - Aluminium Key Rollover - All keys 16.8M RGB LED Legendary Key's Design - Mechanical Material - Plastic Key Rollover - 25 keys 7-color RGB Best keyboard and mouse kit 1.

Corsair K70 RGB Product Description remains the best gaming keyboard for fortnite battle royale. It is the fastest keyboard ever. The designer of this keyboard had a thought of making sure it offers a particularly flawless and an all-round gaming experience. With its large keycaps, the overall performance of this keyboard is enhanced. It is possible to adjust the lighting when using the Corsair K70 RGB. In order, the address the durability issues, has a frame made of aluminium that has been anodized and the cable braided.

This ensures years of uninterrupted gaming experience. It is compatible with many operating systems. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows Vista and works with 2.0 USB ports.

It is possible to customize keys with this keyboard. This is for its Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) which allows advanced macro and lighting programming. To prevent any occupational hazards, it has been incorporated with a soft cushioning where the wrist can rest. It is possible to remove or attach depending on the users' taste and preference.

The texture of keycaps is also smooth. It has specific keys incorporated in it for regulation of multimedia. Key specifications • Has 100% USB anti-ghosting • Adjustable lighting Compatible with Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows Vista • Works with 2.0 USB ports.

• CUE allows advanced macro and lighting programming. Pros Cons Ultra-fast actuation of keys Has a large and heavy cable with a diameter of 7mm Durable Has a soft cushioning where the wrist can rest Easy connection Compatible with many operating systems 2. SteelSeries Apex M750 Product Description What puts this gaming keyboard for fortnite ahead from the rest is its sleek and portable design.

It measures 17.5X6.0 inches. SteelSeries Apex M750 is made of aluminium alloy and thus is particularly durable. The key in this keyboard is fast with a remarkable spring back.

You only need to work at your own speed. They are as well comfortable due to the use of QX2 switches. These keys are soft but cannot be compared with the softness in the Red switch keys. But generally speaking, this keyboard is attractive, appealing and comfortable to work with.

Since SteelSeries Apex M750 is sleek and has efficient PC game keyboard controls. What this keyboard boasts is its ability to be reprogrammed. Users can change any key and have their own games’ profiles. RGB lighting can also be controlled. All this is courtesy of the keyboard’s SteelSeries Engine 3 software. The lighting in is spectacular.

It bears wonderful lighting ranging from static to the responsive waves. It can even toggle the colors in the keyboard to notify you during chats. The only disadvantage is its elevation. The keyboard uses rubber feet which are removable have been used. Adjustable fixed plastic feet could have been better. Users report having a problem with removable feet since they could get accidentally knocked out. Key specifications • Made of aluminum alloy • Uses QX2 switches • Reprogrammable keys • Its lighting can be static or responsive waves Pros Cons Fast in performance even with fast-paced games The feet for elevating the keyboard can get knocked away Soft, comfortable and attractive Has a sleek design Lighting toggles during chat notification 3.

Razer BlackWidow Product Description The is yet another keyboard in the market that is best for gaming. It offers an amazingly seamless gaming experience with its efficient software complemented with the mechanical switches which are of good quality. The keyboard offers many incorporated colors. It is possible to customize based on your preference. It boasts 37 common colors with over a million others incorporated in the keyboard.

Its choice of colors makes the surrounding serene and unique away from the usual read colors that are commonly seen in the other gaming keyboards. What strikes the most is its water resistance.

Some users report to have accidentally spilled water on it but nothing happens to the Razer BlackWidow With the Razer BlackWidow, due to its anti-ghosting, it is possible to press up to 6 keys simultaneously when connected to an ordinary USB.

The response will not be compromised in any way in such a press. The keyboard also boasts a sleek design. The peripheral looks neat, featuring only the features that are important. No extra plastic. The keyboard also has the ergonomic wrist rest to prevent any occupational hazards. For regulating the media and other keyboard macro controls, it is possible with the use of the keys appearing on the top row.

This could be an inconvenience with the . Razer BlackWidow has 5 extra programmable keys that can be assigned with different commands based on the user’s preferences. This will allow fast and uninterrupted gaming experience. Key Specification • Weight – 3.3llbs/1500g • Has a wrist rest • Has mechanical switches 5 extra gaming keys • Anti-ghosting Pros Cons Great performance The wrist rest is way big Sleek design Comfortable to use Water resistant 4.

HyperX Alloy FPS Product Description keyboard comes in an amazingly compact design which is quite portable. The cable can be detached from the keyboard with ease. It also bears a solid steel frame that is durable. This feature also enhances the keyboards stability. This keyboard offers years of uninterrupted gaming experience.

comes with its own software called HyperX Ngenuity software allows customization of the keyboard to suit the user’s preference. In fact, 3 user profiles can be kept at the same time with this keyboard. This keyboard offers a magnificent lighting courtesy of its RGB backlight. The keyboard also boats fast speed with its Kailh Silver mechanical switches. You don’t have to miss the convenient gaming experience with the keyboards USB port which is compatible with any computer.

The 100% anti-ghosting properties also make the keyboard to be among the best keyboards for fortnite The keyboard also features the N-Key Rollover functionalities and the much coveted minimalistic design that makes its best keyboard for the FPS pros Key specifications • RGB backlight • Minimalistic design • 100% anti-ghosting properties • Cherry MX mechanical keys • N-Key Rollover functionalities Pros Cons Customization of the keyboard is possible The USB cord is a little bit shorter.

It is 6 feet long Magnificent lighting Since the cherry blue keys are mechanical, some people might find it loud Good responsiveness to press Durability and stability 5.

Logitech G910 Orion Spark RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard The performance of cannot be emphasized well enough. All from its fast speed to its spectacular lighting, then to its ability to be programmable, this keyboard boast features that make it top the list of best keyboards for fortnite. One thing that strikes with Logitech G910 is the 9 G-keys that are can be reprogrammed.

You will be able to build a keyboard on your own be reprogramming the PC keys. This put the keyboard ahead from its close competitors which mostly have 6 such keys. The keyboard boasts customized lighting profiles for more than 300 games. This is made possible through its software.

And generally, Logitech G910 keyboard has over 16.8 million lighting colors. This is courtesy of its more advanced RGB lighting system. This keyboard operates with mechanical switches that have an amazingly fast actuation power. These keys are 25% faster than its closest competitors. Apart from its keys which have good responsiveness, this keyboard also has some keys specific for controlling the media.

This allows quick regulation of the important aspects of media like the play and pause. How to crouch in fortnite using this keyboard is also quite easy with the incorporated crouch button. Orion Spark RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard also allows access to data for games in your smartphone. This is made possible with the Arx Control smartphone app Key specifications • Arx Control smartphone app • 9 reprogrammable keys • 25% faster actuation • Over 16.8 million lighting colors Pros Cons Customized lighting profiles for more than 300 games Do not use braided cable Efficient key responsiveness Reprogrammable key Durable Radiant lighting 6.

Redragon S101-BA the ALL-IN-ONE PC Gamer Value Kit Product Description You might want to buy a set of all the gaming gadgets and the good needs are covered. There is a new world of possibilities with the all in one pack with efficient fortnite keyboard and mouse among other components. To be clear, the Redragon pack contains a Backlit Gaming Mouse, Gaming Keyboard and Large Gaming Mouse Pad.

Apart from the three important components discussed below, the pack also has Gaming Headset with Microphone.

Let’s have a look: Redragon 601 FPS Gaming Mouse: The pack comes with a tailored to all your gaming needs. It is durable and comfortable to use. The LED can be switched off should there be any need. Its speed is ultra-fast. This gaming mouse comes with 6 buttons and the 5 can be programmed as needed.

This is possible with the aid of the software coming with the pack. The body is tailored to offer efficient grip on the hand. Key specification • Precise tracking with a high-performance optical sensor • Game engine of 15G ACC and 4000 FPS • 1000/1600/2400/3200 4 level DPI adjustment Redragon Gaming Keyboard The pack also has one Redragon LED RGB Keyboard tailored to all your needs.

The PC keyboard lighting effects are enhanced with the 4 backlight color incorporated. The speed can be adjusted in the available 5 levels. This gaming keyboard has 104 keys with varying commands such as the media keys, the win key among others all tailored to offer the best gaming experience. Its cable is braided. Key specifications • Has 5 buttons which are programmable • Braided cable • Compatible with many operating systems Redragon Large Gaming Mouse Pad The set as well as a gaming mouse pad.

This pad is large and waterproof. It has been designed to offer the best precision ever seen in the gaming world. It is durable due to its edges which are stitched. The pad is also smooth courtesy of its silk cloth. Generally speaking, the pad offers the best fortnite game experience. Key specifications • It measures 12.99 by 10.24 inches • Silk surface • Durable due to the quality of the material used • The edges are stitched • Cannot curl Redragon gaming headset with microphone Lightweight with 103dB sensitivity and 40mm directional drivers delivering extreme audio precision.

Headsets give you an ultimate comfort for prolonged gaming sessions through Noise Reducing Closed Ear Cups. Such cups are made from Soft Comfortable Signature Memory Foam with highly adjustable headband for perfect fit. Key specifications • Inline volume control • PC, Mac and mobile/tablet device, plus Xbox One and PlayStation 4 • 6 foot durable high-quality cable with 3.5mm plug Conclusion The bottom line when deciding on the keyboard for fortnite is to know exactly what you want. For instance, while choosing the best PC keyboard, you might get drawn by the fancy yet not so important and secondary features such as the magnificent illumination when the product’s more tangible factors are poor.

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