Best iranian matchmaking sites in the world

best iranian matchmaking sites in the world

Now Iran’s Cyber Police is claiming that a matchmaking website for marriage named Hamsan has received a permit under the license of the Ministry. Hamsan is not actually an independent website but a subsidiary of which offers educational and cultural content and services to its users. Despite what it seems, Hamsan is not intended for finding dates No other website has a permit for matchmaking activities in the country,” stated Ali Nik Nafis, an official from Iran’s Police Cyber Police. According to Nik Nafis, Hamsan was launched in order to facilitate marriage for the youth. The website is based on an Iranian-Islamic model built with the guiding principles of the country’s culture and customs, according to the officials. Subscribe to TechRasa's mailing list.

best iranian matchmaking sites in the world

Iranian Dating Site Are you an Iranian who has been looking for other Iranian singles to date? If you don't live in Iran, this can be tricky. While some cities around the world have large Iranian populations, that doesn't necessarily translate into Iranian dating opportunities, especially if you don't share the same cultural ideals about dating that are common in your local Iranian community.

Please Wait... If that's the case for you, you might want to give an Iranian dating site a try. And while there are a number of different Iranian dating sites out there, we think that Iranian Personals is clearly the best option for Iranian singles who want to meet others who are like-minded and looking for love.

At Iranian Personals, there are a number of features that we believe will help you find other Iranian singles and provide better matches than any other Iranian dating site. Here's a look at a few of the top features our members enjoy: Free to Get Started: There is absolutely no cost to sign up for an account.

You can post pictures, write your profile and even browse our membership for free, all of which allows you to understand just how our site works before you decide if you'd like to purchase a full membership Questionnaires: We provide dozens of important questions that you have the option of answering, each of which will help you figure out what you're looking for in a relationship -- as well as help us make better matches for you and give other Iranian singles a better picture of just who you are.

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Five-Star Safety Program: We know that many Iranian singles are concerned about the safety of meeting people at an Iranian dating site. That's why we've created our Five-Star Safety Program, which is designed to protect you during the dating process and your personal date throughout your time on our site.

We give members tools that they can use in order to report suspicious members or block those who are bothering them, and keep your information secure and encrypted at all times. If you're looking for an Iranian dating site that has everything you need to find that special someone, then Iranian Personals is the site for you.

With more features and a larger membership base than any other Iranian dating site, there's no reason for you to wait another minute: sign up for your free account today!

best iranian matchmaking sites in the world

best iranian matchmaking sites in the world - Best Matchmaking Site

best iranian matchmaking sites in the world

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Only men can attend football matches in Iran Iran has detained 35 women for trying to attend a football match. They tried to go to a game between Tehran teams Esteqlal and Persepolis.

Iran said they were temporarily held and would be released after the match. Fifa's president, Gianni Infantino, was also in attendance, along with Iranian Sport Minister Masoud Soltanifar. A live broadcast was taken off the air when a journalist asked Mr Soltanifar when women would be allowed to attend football matches.

• • According to the semi-official ISNA news agency, Iranian interior ministry spokesman Seyyed Salman Samani said the female football fans were not arrested - but transferred to a "proper place" by police. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Iranian women have been urged online recently to protest about their ban from stadiums 'Break the taboo' There were calls on social media before the match for women to protest against the ban outside the Azadi stadium today. Women's rights activist .

"The Fifa president will be in the stadium tomorrow (1 March)," she wrote. "I wish women would gather outside the stadium to ask men not to enter without them." , and said this match was "the best chance to break the 35-year-old taboo". Azadi means "freedom" stadium in Persian, and one Twitter user pointed out the hypocrisy of "naming a stadium freedom but banning half the population from entering". Why this game? By Alan Johnston, World Service Middle East regional editor The women caught sneaking into the stadium were trying to attend a particularly significant game, one being watched by the most powerful man in world football, Fifa's boss.

It seems they wanted to attract Mr Infantino's attention to the ban on women attending games. And the sensitivity of the issue was apparent as Mr Infantino stood beside the country's sports minister during a live TV interview.

A journalist asked this awkward question about when the ban might be lifted. The sound was faded down, and the interview abruptly taken off the air. Image copyright AFP/Getty Images Image caption Fifa president Gianni Infantino, left, spoke at a joint press conference with Iranian Sport Minister Masoud Soltanifar Since 2016, when Saudi Arabia broke off relations with Iran, Saudi clubs have refused to play there, forcing Iranian teams to play home games in Oman.

"It's very clear that politics should stay out of football and football should stay out of politics," Mr Infantino said the news conference. "There are of course political issues between countries all over the world but this should not have an impact," he said.

Later on, the head of Fifa met with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Mr Rouhani asked Fifa to make sure that "people are not deprived of watching competitions in their own stadiums".

best iranian matchmaking sites in the world

What follows is a list of eight most popular domestic websites using analytics services Alexa and SimilarWeb score for August. #1 Aparat Aparat, an online sharing website known too some as YouTube’s Iranian counterpart, tops the list.

It has climbed one step higher from last year’s second position and is the second most-referred-to online portal by Iranian users. Given the fact that YouTube is blocked in Iran, Aparat set out to fill the void and created a platform where users could upload and stream videos.

Launched in 2011, it has come a long way and seen a huge jump in global ranking moving from 543rd to 170th of all websites. #2 DigiKala The second rank belongs to DigiKala, a mature market leader in e-commerce and the second most visited online store in the Middle East after in the United Arab Emirates.

It is known for its unique business model and customer-centric approach. Established in 2007 as an online retail website, Digikala has risen to prominence in less than a decade. A portmanteau of digital and kala (meaning “goods” in Persian), Digikala, has expanded the categories of goods available for e-purchase and now includes sports and leisure, healthcare and beauty, home appliances and artistic products. As of August, DigiKala’s global ranking was 333 based on data published by

Last year it came in at 494. #3 Varzesh3 The website Varzesh3 (“sport” in Persian), the oldest and most popular sports news site and the third popular local website in Iran. It was not among the top ten sites last year but now has become the fourth most-referred-to online destination. On the global ranking list it stands at 330, which signifies the importance of Persian football leagues with fans.

#4 Shaparak The fourth place belongs to Shaparak, a payment network through which most online and cyber-based transactions are conducted. Electronic card payment network system (Shaparak) is a platform bringing together payment service providers (PSP) and their digital-POS terminals in a highly integrated system.

Just like Varzesh3, Shaparak was not among the top websites last year. Its graduation is yet another indication of Iran’s shift to digital shopping. As the seventh-most popular website, it has reached 540th position in global ranking – up 45 places in three months. #5 Divar Divar is now the fifth-most visited website. It is a classifieds internet site, which also has a mobile app where people sell, buy or swap cars, furniture, household appliances and musical instruments.

The listings website has dropped one step compared to last year, which could be due to the birth of other similar platforms like Sheypoor. Globally, Divar is in 744th place and in Iran tenth overall. #6 Blogfa At the eleventh place, Blogfa has gained the sixth position among the successful domestic platforms. The Persian “weblog hosting” site has pushed Mihanblog, Blogfa’s main competitor to the wayside.

Blogfa currently is 748th on the world scale with an eye-catching rise of 102 places from May. #7 Telewebion Telewebion is a Persian-language free video streaming service that provides state television Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) programs archive online. Visitors also can watch the programs live in Telewebion hosted on local servers.

The improvement of high-speed Internet in the past couple of years has helped video hosting sites move up the ranking. The site is the 768th most-visited platform globally with a 21-grade improvement over three months.

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