Best hook up netflix from computer to tv to stream movies reddit

best hook up netflix from computer to tv to stream movies reddit

My six years old Smart TV can stream Netflix in 1080p without any hussle, but my 2015 high-end PC with the same internet connection can do it only with MS Edge? I have a 4K PC monitor but it seems like it will take a lot of time before I can watch 4K Netflix on my PC. Why is that so hard? 4K is there on Vimeo and YouTube for a long time already . 23 comments. share. save.

best hook up netflix from computer to tv to stream movies reddit

One option is a Roku device. It’s a small device that you hook up to most modern TVs via HDMI port and through which you can connect to several streaming apps, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, to name just a few.

They come in a range of prices, the highest being about $100 or so. The cheaper ones should work just as well.

You can also purchase a gaming system, but that would require far more money, as those can be as much as $500. But those have much greater functionality if you want to do more than just stream shows. Another, more expensive, option is a Smart TV, which has Netflix already built into its system.

All you’d have to do is sign in and stream. Cheapest option would be the chromecast, which allows you to duplicate whatever is on your computer onto your TV. Most gaming systems carry it if you hook up wifi to your gaming systems. Edit: I’m not sure about play station because I’ve never seen anyone use the most updated version. But Xbox and Wii carry a built in app. I’ve been using my wii for the past year. A TV with a built in chromecast, smart tvs like vizio and apple tvs.

You can also get a chromecast you can hook up to your tv for like $30.

best hook up netflix from computer to tv to stream movies reddit

best hook up netflix from computer to tv to stream movies reddit - There's an easy Netflix hack to change video quality

best hook up netflix from computer to tv to stream movies reddit

Andy and Red watching a movie in "The Shawshank Redemption." Columbia Pictures The INSIDER Summary: • Netflix doesn't always play the highest quality video possible. • Hitting Control+Alt+Shift+S allows you to bring up a menu that can override the quality settings.

• Netflix has a few other hidden menu settings available for power users. Video streaming has been around roughly since the start of the internet, but it rarely goes well. The experience of watching videos on YouTube and elsewhere on the web is a grab bag of incompatible plugins, weird cropping, and choppy consistency.

One of the great technological innovations of Netflix is just how smooth its video streaming technology is. Video files are huge and internet speeds never seem to be fast enough, so it's astonishing how Netflix offers such a stable platform for streaming video in so many different places, from smartphones to smart TVs. One way Netflix ensures smooth streaming is by toggling its video quality based on how much bandwidth your internet connection has.

If you have a fast internet connection with a lot of bandwidth, Netflix will serve you sterling HD video. If your connection isn't as strong, it'll downgrade the resolution of the video. This can be frustrating. Filmmakers and producers put in countless hours into their work, and that work deserves to be seen at the highest quality possible.

In many cases, even with a slow connection, it makes sense to wait for a high quality video to load rather than play it immediately in low quality. You can direct Netflix to play videos in higher quality , but it still won't always serve you the best possible video. Luckily, there's a secret menu on Netflix, , that will let you change the video streaming quality.

Since discovering it, it's changed the way I watch stuff on Netflix. I always opt for the better experience of higher quality streaming. If you're on a computer, hit Control+Alt+Shift+S to bring up the menu.

Some users have also reported it working with a keyboard-connected gaming console or smart TV, but your mileage may vary. It'll be superimposed on top of the video, like this: Jacob Shamsian/INSIDER From here, you can select the audio and video bitrates, then hit "Override." Higher bitrates are higher quality. Selecting multiple bitrates allows Netflix to choose from those specific different options depending on your internet speed.

(The "CDN" part of the menu refers to how your computer is connecting to Netflix's servers. You can just ignore it.) It makes a huge difference. As an example, I took a shot from "Twin Peaks" streamed with a 180 bitrate and compared it to the same moment with a bitrate of 2260.

Here's the 180 bitrate shot. Both character's facial features are ill-defined, and the image looks fuzzy. ABC via Netflix Now here's the 2260 bitrate version. Take a close look. The colors are less muddled, it's easier to see how Cooper's brow is furrowed, and Sheriff Truman's hair is better defined.

ABC via Netflix If you don't think they look very different, think about looking at those images for hours and hours, which is how you actually watch Netflix. It makes a difference. When you log out of Netflix, watch a different video, or refresh the page, the settings will reset, so you'll have to set them again. High quality streaming, of course, uses up more data, so while using this hack, keep in mind whatever data caps your internet service provider may have.

Netflix has a few other secret menu shortcuts. Control+Alt+Shift+D brings up detailed video and audio information about your stream, and Control+Alt+Shift+L brings up a log of technical Netflix activity during your streaming session.

Alt+Shift+Left Click also brings up some more granular data about your Netflix stream, as well as some useful options like changing the timing between the video and audio streams and , but it doesn't work on Mac computers. SEE ALSO: FOLLOW US: NOW WATCH:

best hook up netflix from computer to tv to stream movies reddit

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