Best halo mcc matchmaking problems

best halo mcc matchmaking problems

Halo 5 - Matchmaking Problem (FIXED) Xbox One better connection and faster matchmaking on GTA 5, Halo 5, and halo master chief collection - Duration: 7:12. Brenttime 22,173 views. 6 Answer from Skippy 2018-12-17 18:01:08 Problems with the Halo 5 CSR system and matchmaking : halo TL;DR Matchmaking in Halo 5 is good, but far from perfect. There are a few ways to fix it, and it'd be great to see one of them implemented into matchmaking. There are a few ways to fix it, and it'd be great to see one of them implemented into matchmaking.

best halo mcc matchmaking problems

1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago ) ^ That's what happens when delusions collapse, the delusional are left confused and begin talking in every direction trying to create a scenario where what just happened isn't such a bad thing and begin using those imaginary scenarios to explain how their delusion is still true.

1491d ago @xBoneRx Lmao. Too Funny. People are too gullible, way way too forgiving towards an Industry that WILL NEVER treat you fairly, NEVER. Really what were dealing with are "Addicts", when your an addict with no "self control" "self respect" "human dignity", you WILL INCREASINGLY accept less quality than what your actually entitled too.

If I went shopping for let's say hmm laundry detergent, would I accept and by a container that was already open or damaged? lol no of course not, so then why would accept something that was broken or incomplete, lacked the quality it was SUPPOSE to have?

Why would I do that? Personally I wouldn't, any clear minded sober logical thinking person would NOT do that to themselves. But an Addict?....that's different, they will and they do not HATE getting screwed enough to fight back there addictive impulse and NOO!!!!!, I Had enough of this BS, I given you enough chances and I'm done, either you give me what I paid for and have a right to have or you can..... Go F__k!!. Yourself cause I have self worth and will allow you to continue to screw me and LIE to me.....

Over and over and over and over again..... Disagree with.commonsense isn't gonna change the reality YOU ARE allowing yourself to get screwed..... You(gamers). It's on you to decide to man up, the Industry WILL NOT CHANGE, you must decide.what is.more important...... And most have decided to be "addicts " with no.self control, nothing more than beastS and animals who will accept all kinds of abuse.

Smh. 1491d ago Wow this IS a failure and only idiots would defend this. This is Xbox's flagship franchise and NOT only is the MP not 100% fixed, whose bright idea was it to put P2P with dedicated servers when MS supposedly has 300,000 of them?

343 you didn't just goof you effed up and that's a fact. Incoming DriveClub comebacks. 1491d ago i can confirm that Halo is working, it just looks like they reset the servers at one point which caused this short outage, this article jumped the gun a bit Also "Incoming DriveClub comebacks." is Driveclub's issue's the root of your insecurity?

sure seems like it with that post, don't be so salty over it lol 1491d ago Nope still not working properly at all. Just go to halo waypoint and you'll see all of us disgruntled fans there. Sure, you can now find a match in a few minutes, but players are still lagging. I leveled up to a rank 2 then directly after the game it reset me back to a 1. The following match was Team BR on Stonetown we won the match 50-23 and on the post game carnage report it said match incomplete and wouldn't let me back out.

I had to turn the game off and restart. I'd already be a high rank if I could've played more than 3 matches in the last 9 days. I love Halo with a passion(just finished the new novel Broken Circle) but this is one of the most busted launches I've ever seen. 1491d ago The article was posted yesterday on the 20th? Im in the UK... thanks to insta-on feature and background downloading, I had to do a hard reset before the patch started to download. Left it downloading at 00:30am GMT 21st.

Surely... everyone needs to download the patch for it to make a difference. The patch presumably took ages to download too so (left mind at 4% and went to bed) probably best to wait a day and then see how the Game is holding up. To be honest, snapping TV makes any matchmaking time more tolerable. That's what I was doing previously anyway!

1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago ) Lol got to love how out of all the articles about the new patch being released this is the one that gets approved, N4G. Matchmaking is working great for me now takes a few mins at most, as it winds its way out to everyone that should improve even more. Edit: got to love the disagrees from people who don't even own a X1, stay classy Sony fanboys.

1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago ) After downloading the patch which is 1.4gb, I was having issue connecting to the lobby in the first 20 minites but I found a great solution that solved the issue.

Go to your dashboard Press start Go to settings Click on network and go offline and wait for a few seconds Go back to online and start up Halo MCC. Ive been playing for almost an hour now and the connection is almost instantaneous with full lobbies.

Give it a try if you still have issue after the patch download. 1491d ago I was able to join a match after about 2 minutes of waiting, but when the match ended the game stayed on the after match details screen.

I had to exit the game, quit the game, and restart. This worked but when I try to enter the multiplayer menu to even pick a playlist, it says "retrieving latest matchmaking data. Please wait." So I get real pissed because I waited like, two hours for the freaking update to finish installing, and now I can't even play my damn game.

I shut the system off, restarted and it is still showing this screen. What the hell am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to give a blood sacrifice to 343 to make this game work? I don't have a problem with 343 except this this fucking poor excuse for a launch. What am I supposed to do? I don't want to waste 60 plus gigs of space on a non-functioning game, so if it doesn't get fixed, I'm sending it back. If 343 doesn't fix it, they can choke on my money, if they do, well, *clap *clap *clap Good for you, that's what game developers are supposed to do.

1491d ago Same thing is happening to me to. After I win a match it says match incomplete on the post game carnage report and just stays there...

I really wish Bungie would've just stayed and kept making Halo. Destiny may have been too overhyped but at least it worked, and that was with them trying something new. The same tired excuses people use just don't cut it for a collection of games that released 10-2 years ago.

Hell they already cut the playlist down and took Halo 4s MP offline and it did nothing, what's next? Pretty soon Halo 2 will be the only game working online. It'll go from a collection of 4 games to just the one. Stupid move having all those playlists anyway, all that does is fragment the limited number of people trying to play.

1491d ago my guess is, this will never be fully fixed.. Too much of an undertaking to have four different types of multiplayer. THat is just realisty IMO. Developers know there could be issues, they need to QA this shit to death with betas if need be. While improved, i shouldn't have to wait like 5 minutes to play a match.

Sometimes wont connect and have to back out and go search again starting the process over. This is still post patch.. IMO, its giong to be like this and every update is going to be "update to improve matchmaking" and it will just be a placebo effect. Same when a app update comes and people say "it seems faster" 1490d ago Its been running better for me, at first it took like 10 min to get in a game but after that never more than 2-4 min.

although it did throw my part into 2 team games with only 7 people so that means one team got short handed. I think its getting better. still some little things to fix though. 1490d ago I am actually happy to hear that I'm not the only one. The patch didn't help me one bit. I still have only played like 3 matches since the game launched and only 1 post patch. Its inexcusable. I do have faith, as this has got to be something they can improve. I just hope they do it sooner than later.

It's a crying shame, because I am already over AW and MCC was supposed to be my go-to multiplayer game for the foreseeable future. I have all the campaigns to play, and still never finished Sunset Overdrive. I may also pick up GTAV and Farcry 4...but at the end of the day this can only distract me so long and I really just wanna play Halo...this sucks.

best halo mcc matchmaking problems

best halo mcc matchmaking problems - Halo mcc matchmaking achievements.

best halo mcc matchmaking problems

As , developer 343 Industries has issued yet another update for that the studio claims will improve the shooter compilation's ongoing matchmaking problems, but won't fix them entirely. "Please note that while this update will improve team balance issues, we do not expect it to fully resolve uneven teams," 343 writes in the update overview.

"Our next content update, targeted for early next week, will address team balance." In the meantime, Halo: The Master Chief Collection has seen a few useful tweaks. Now multiplayer games can start as soon as their minimum player requirements are met, which should result in less waiting when searching for a match.

343 Industries also claims to have fixed an issue that generated "false matches," a problem the developer claims wreaked all sorts of havoc with online matchmaking. A full rundown of the changes included in this most recent update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection can be found at . If you'd rather scope things out first hand, the patch will automatically be installed the next time you start the game.

best halo mcc matchmaking problems

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