Best dating relationship advice blog

best dating relationship advice blog

All the best dating advice from all the best dating experts rolled into one comprehensive site. From online articles, to dating forums, to experts for hire, Dating Advice covers every question for every person looking for love. Everyone needs help once in awhile. If you want to increase your chances at finding love, increase your database of relationship experts and dating blogs. You deserve the very best, make sure you’re consulting the very best. Share94.

best dating relationship advice blog

Best Relationship Blog © CreditDonkey Top Relationship Blogs and Resources Relationships take work. It's not easy to develop and maintain a tight bond with someone else. , which helps couples spend wisely, set out to narrow the list of relationship blogs to the ones that matter.

Everyone thinks they're an advice columnist these days, with so many bloggers out there covering the relationship space. But only a select few really understand what it takes to keep a relationship on solid ground. We found the very best relationship blogs to follow. These top bloggers will help you get through the rough times and enjoy the great times.

Take a look at the list below for the best relationship blogs. Related: Best Relationship Blog © CreditDonkey • Dr. Jane Greer is a New York-based marriage and sex therapist and author of What About Me? Stop Selfishness From Ruining Your Relationship. Why Dr Jane Greer is a Top Relationship Blog: Women who are feeling a bit anxious or ill-at-ease in their current relationship may find the answers they're looking for on her SHRINK WRAP blog.

Read: Follow • Patti Knows is the blog of Patti Stanger, where she imparts her advice. Why Patti Knows is a Top Relationship Blog: Men and women who need a little advice and encouragement when it comes to reeling in their perfect significant other will find great advice for dating online and off on this blog. Read: Follow • Marriage therapist Karen Ruskin's blog features problem-solving advice for married couples and families as well as her ruminations on the issues facing couples at large in America today.

Why Dr Karen Ruskin is a Top Relationship Blog: This blog is a great read for married couples who want to stay on the right track, with plenty of conflict-resolution and long-term relationship advice.

Read: Follow • Dr. Justin Lehmiller's Sex and Psychology blog is packed with psychology-based sexuality articles that will clear up myths and help you discover more about your own sexuality.

Why Sex and Psychology is a Top Relationship Blog: Those who are curious about their own sexuality, or just want to learn more about sexuality in the modern world, will find a lot of fascinating content on this blog. Read: Follow • ADHD Marriage is an advice blog for adults and partners of adults with ADHD, and aims to teach respect, patience, and conflict resolution.

Why ADHD Marriage is a Top Relationship Blog: If you or your partner has ADHD, this blog will teach you a great deal about how to maintain healthy relationships through communication, respect, and patience. Read: Follow • Rewriting the Rules is a blog that takes a modern view on love, sexuality, and relationships, and features a lot of great queer-friendly content. Why Rewriting the Rules is a Top Relationship Blog: Readers searching for modern views on relationships and queer-friendly relationship advice and think pieces will find a lot to love about this blog.

Read: Follow • Love and Life Toolbox is a blog that helps couples grow closer and individuals discover their happiness through professional therapeutic advice and tools. Lisa Brookes Kift's goal is to empower individuals and couples to be happy within themselves and with each other. Why Love and Life Toolbox is a Top Relationship Blog: Whether you're looking for happiness in your relationship or just for yourself, this blog's professional advice will help you achieve your goals.

Read: Follow • Valencia Relationship Institute's blog is all about helping families settle their arguments, with a special focus on parents' relationships with their children. Why Valencia Relationship Institute is a Top Relationship Blog: Parents who feel that their relationships with their children need a little help will find some great advice on this blog. • More Than Two is a blog about the polyamorous lifestyle, featuring think pieces and advice for navigating the waters of polyamorous relationships.

Why More Than Two is a Top Relationship Blog: Anyone who is polyamorous will find a lot of very thoughtful advice and think pieces for the polyamorous community in this blog. Read: Follow • Therapist Alicia Clark's blog features advice for people who are wondering where their relationship is headed, as well as more general relationship advice for those looking to meet someone special or make new friends. Why Alicia Clark PsyD is a Top Relationship Blog: Anyone in a relationship who's wondering what the next step should or will be will find plenty of great think pieces and advice on this blog.

Read: Follow • For Relationship Help is a blog that helps anyone who has a relentlessly difficult person in their life stop the crazy-making, resolve conflicts, and maintain their sense of self-worth...and, their sanity. Why For Relationship Help is a Top Relationship Blog: Anyone in a relationship with a relentlessly difficult person will find a wealth of insights, conflict-resolution and relationship advice on this blog.

Read: Follow • Happy Wives Club, a blog for married couples, is packed with advice for creating and maintaining a long-lasting, blissful marriage. Why Happy Wives Club is a Top Relationship Blog: Whether your marriage is having troubles or not, this blog is a must for anyone seeking advice for creating a more perfect union with their partner.

Read: Follow • Love Victory is a relationship blog built to guide people to the right person by avoiding the pitfalls and mistakes that have derailed their past relationships. Why Love Victory is a Top Relationship Blog: Readers who are looking to avoid their past relationship mistakes and choices will find plenty of great advice on this blog.

Read: • Lisa Merlo-Booth's blog is dedicated to helping women stand up for themselves in their relationships, marriages, and jobs, without stepping on others. Why Lisa Merlo-Booth is a Top Relationship Blog: This is a perfect blog for women who feel that they are being mistreated and have been hesitant to stand up for themselves; it gives its readers the tools they need to unlock their inner courage. Read: Follow • Doctor Bonnie's blog is chock-full of a wide range of relationship advice for married couples, new relationships, and singles alike!

Why Doctor Bonnie is a Top Relationship Blog: If you're just starting your journey into the world of professional relationship advice, you're very likely to find useful content on this long-running and wide-ranging blog.

Read: , , Follow • The Queen of Hearts is a relationship blog dedicated to helping women embrace their femininity while maintaining control of their relationship and romantic destiny. Why The Queen of Hearts is a Top Relationship Blog: Women who want to seize control of their romantic destinies and meet their soul mate will find the guidance they're looking for on this blog.

Read: Follow • Relationship expert Natalie Vartanian's blog features fantastic guidance for women who feel unlucky in love or have trepidation about getting into a relationship.

She believes in the possibility of having it all and not having to settle in any area of life, including love. Why Natalie Vartanian is a Top Relationship Blog: With plenty of great video content, Natalie's blog is great for busy women looking for top-notch relationship advice, especially the most important relationship, the one with yourself.

Read: • Mark Groves' blog helps its readers overcome the personal hurdles that lead their relationships to ruin or sabotage them before they've even begun. Why Mark Groves is a Top Relationship Blog: This blog is a must-read for anyone who feels that they make mistakes in their relationships and are looking for a path to a deep, meaningful, and long-lasting connection. Read: Follow • Open Minded is a blog and online community that seeks to de-stigmatize open and alternative relationships, with content focusing on how to make these relationships work.

Why Open Minded is a Top Relationship Blog: Readers curious about polyamory or wondering how to make an open relationship work for them will find a lot of great, thoughtful content on this blog. Read: Follow • Meet Your Match's blog focuses on helping singles find love through great advice on modern dating. Why Meet Your Match is a Top Relationship Blog: This blog is great for anyone at any stage of dating, whether you're wondering how to introduce yourself to someone or how to land that second or third date.

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best dating relationship advice blog

best dating relationship advice blog - The Best Dating and Relationship Advice

best dating relationship advice blog

Dating Advice, Relationship Problems Need dating advice, breaking up tips, getting an ex back, or some other relationship solution? Well you came to the right place! Whatever your relationship problem, someone "who has been there done that" on this relationship blog has an answer. For serious problems, see a professional counselor, not all contributors are licensed on this site. Find useful dating advice, relationship tips, and other interesting information about love life, intimacy, relationship challenges and more.

Subscribe The regrets one experiences when he or she decides to have a serious relationship with someone who you later realize you should have never committed to or worse met can be upsetting.Your personal and professional goals may be impacted so much that you no longer bother to work to achieve them. In a turbulent relationship, you work harder than most to communicate, meet your partner’s needs, and more while fighting often.You or your mate may be exhibiting signs at times that you no longer care or want to be in a relationship with one another.When this occurs, thoughts of cheating or actually seeking out someone to have sex with may happen.

You have mental and bodily anguish that at times is unexplainable--even leaving doctors scratching their heads.When your health woes subside and you and your partner are not disagreeing as often, you attempt to be positive, but emotions and behaviors simply don’t last for long.Again, you suffer through the relationship like watching a movie you hate … It can be disheartening when you find out a date has been lying to you about any number of things, what's worse is you have had sex with this person and thought you had an intimate connection, but realize you can't trust him or her.So what to do when you discover your dating a liar?

1. You confront him or her on every lie.Sometimes there are those little white lies and then there are those bigger lies that enter into a relationship.As much as you want to believe a partner didn't lie about someone or something, when it is proven that he or she did, burying your hand in the sand is the last thing you want to do.Welcome the warning sign, stay guarded, and always confront the liar on his or her lies.

2. You remind him or her of your deal breakers.You will need to remind a lying partner what your deal breakers are and maybe he or she will think twice in the future.This person may have forgotten what you might have gone through in your last relationship and how his or her repeat p… Over 20 years office work experience, six years completed college coursework, background in print media and communications, recognized for exceptional attendance and received merit increase for past job performance, self-published author and part-time entrepreneur, Internet marketing and social media experience.

Interned for non-profit organization, women's group and community service business. Additional experience: teaching/training others, customer service and sales. Learn more at and • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Show more Show less

best dating relationship advice blog

You may be looking for quality relationship advice when you simply have some questions that you can’t quite answer by yourself. Or, you may be at the point where it feels as though your relationship’s in real trouble. In which case, if you want to save it, you’re going to need the very best professional relationship advice for couples you can find. The articles on my website cover relationship advice for women and men. In fact, I make no distinction as I view gender on a continuum, and each person as a unique individual.

So, all of my articles are applicable to you, regardless of your sex. And you can pick and choose the help and advice that’s most relevant to you and your personal situation. This particular article is dedicated to relationship advice in general - where to find it (on my site), what you should look for and what to avoid at all costs.

I'll also give you some ideas about who you might want to turn to, and what to consider when you want to consult a professional for expert advice on relationships. I may earn a commission from Better Help.

You pay the same fee, regardless. Where to find my relationship advice I am, by trade, a professional relationship counsellor! So, I’ve got plenty of resources for you to explore: • Extensive relationship advice articles for • Relationship advice for couples: questions about and common relationship problems • Broken up with someone and need some help?

Take a look at: and • Relationship advice & communication: and • and (or if you’ve had a dodgy online date, take a look at my article about or ) • Advice on what a looks like and what the are • • And so much more! Feel free to explore my category maps: for relationship advice, and . I hope you’ll agree I’ve covered most bases when it comes to relationship advice! And while there’s no dating advice specifically, much of my advice for healthy relationships and good communication skills can be applied to the dating scene too.

That knowledge and those skills aren’t just reserved for married couples or partners in a long-term intimate relationship! Do you need relationship advice? There are no two ways about it: relationships are hard!

And if you’re struggling (or simply want to become a better partner) you’re to be congratulated for reaching out for advice. It doesn’t matter whether that’s from a professional, or from friends or family. With regards to the latter, though, I'd like to give you a little guidance. It’s all very well getting advice… but you want to make sure it’s advice that will help rather than hinder you! What do I know? As a professional couples counsellor, I’m a relationship expert (and author of this site) with 24 years’ experience of helping individuals and couples overcome their personal problems.

If you want to, you can . So, can you get the best relationship advice from family or friends? Well, the most important thing to do is to try and tune into your own intuition. If your gut instinct is telling you something’s not quite right, don’t ignore it!

You'll know deep down when you're being ill-advised. You’ll probably question the advice you’re being given and may sense that something's wrong... even if you can't immediately put your finger on it.

You might really want to go along with the advice you've been given because it's what you want to hear. Yet you won't be able to quiet that little niggle that’s telling you something’s not quite right.

And don’t try too hard to quiet the niggle - it’s niggling you for a reason! It’s also really important to consider if the advice on relationships you've been given is biased or unbiased. I'll explain more about this shortly, but just before that...

Do yourself a favour: don't take any advice from someone (family, friends or relationship forum members) if... • they like to gossip - no explanation necessary! • their own relationships lunge from one disaster to another - also self-explanatory • they treat others - anyone - with contempt • they speak in a derogatory manner about others • they like the sound of their own voice • they can't help but turn any conversation to their own troubles • they're too keen to voice their personal opinion These kinds of people will absolutely not give you good relationship advice - so avoid asking them at all costs!

Be aware of biased advice on relationships It's real a gift if you have friends and family members who are great to spend time with, and are really supportive and keen to help. However, the decisions you make and what happens to you will affect them too.

Most of these wonderful people, therefore, are likely to offer you guidance and counsel that is biased (although they might not be conscious of this). That means that their suggestions, relationship tips or warnings are likely to be somewhat coloured by self-interest. In other words, they’re unlikely to give the very best relationship advice for you - however well-meaning, wonderful and kind they are. So, when you seek relationship help and advice, by all means speak to friends and family.

In fact, I think it's a very good idea to share your troubles. However, just be aware that their direction and advice to you may not be completely impartial. People who are not directly involved with you are more likely able to offer unbiased relationship advice. What you decide to do has no bearing on them and they won't be affected, regardless of the outcome of your decisions. So, where do you go for that kind of counsel? Finding the best possible relationship help You may well be fortunate enough to have one of those wonderful souls amongst the people you know who's able to respond to your needs without much of their personal stuff colouring their advice.

These rare individuals will have enough self-awareness to ensure that their perceptions and opinions don't get in the way of the advice and guidance they offer you. 10 Things to look for in the person you turn to for relationship advice In general, the kind of person - professional or lay - who's likely to be most helpful to you... • has great listening skills (see link further down for more information) and pays attention to you without allowing themselves to be distracted • is non-judgmental • won't 'preach' (unless of course you're seeking religious advice) • won't be directive (i.e.

telling you what you should or shouldn't do) • will absolutely keep your conversation confidential, unless you're likely to harm yourself or someone else • will ideally have plenty of life and/or professional experience • will offer advice or a personal opinion only if asked (professionals are unlikely to offer an opinion, though) • can offer wise counsel and information without any expectation of what you do with their advice • won't think any less of you if you decide to act against their advice • won't take over and act on your behalf without you asking them to do so (professional counsellors won't act on your behalf) Personally, I'm really fortunate that I have people in my social and professional circles who I can turn to.

However, I do realise that not everyone has that opportunity. So, who do you turn to - particularly for relationship advice - if you don't have access to anyone with the above qualities? That’s where a trained counsellor or therapist can help. What you need to know about relationship experts Perhaps you've decided to get advice from a professional.

It's not always easy to figure out what kind of relationship expert you should look for. So, here's a list of the various professional services or other resources you might want to turn to: 6 Professional relationship advice services • Couple counselling - that's not only for married couples; it's for anyone in an intimate relationship. In my practice I've counselled many an individual who came for relationship advice. Often, one partner isn't prepared to join the other for relationship counselling.

• Personal counselling - if you have issues with relationships in general or would like • Online counselling - for yourself or both of you. To find out how you can connect with your own online counsellor, see my page: • Relationship coaching - if the two of you just need a bit of a boost and some ideas on how to improve your relationship • Religious counsel - for spiritual relationship advice • Legal advice - either before you get married, start sharing certain assets, or at the end of a relationship when you decide to separate or divorce (see my article on ) In addition, there are plenty of books and websites written by professionals (like my website!).

So if you don’t want to speak to someone, or pay for a professional service, there are plenty of self-help avenues available to explore.

Another option, and one I highly recommend, is professional hypnosis downloads. These are a super convenient, user-friendly and cost-effective way to get help and help yourself. To find out more about how these work, see my article: .

(Incidentally, these are great for dating advice, tips and improving confidence too!) Finally... When it comes to relationship advice, there’s plenty out there for the taking! To narrow down your options, figure out what’s important to you right now and seek out the help that seems most suitable for your situation. For example, if you’re having serious issues and your relationship’s on the rocks, a professional therapist is most likely to be your best bet. If money’s an issue, make use of all the freely available professional help and advice on websites like mine.

If you prefer to talk to someone you know, remember to choose wisely when you’re thinking about who to pick! A happy, healthy relationship takes work - but getting good relationship advice along the way can really help to make the journey smoother :-) Do you need help?

Talk to an online counsellor... Your problem is never too small or too big, too silly or too complicated to ask for help from an understanding and supportive licensed therapist. It's easy to get started... • Click the image below and fill in the 3 simple online questionnaires (it takes just a few minutes) • Choose how you want to pay (it's safe and secure) • Write down what's troubling you...

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