Best dating questions to ask your crush girl over text

best dating questions to ask your crush girl over text

45 Best Dare Questions Over Text. Send me a screenshot of the last message you received from your crush. Make a voice call to me and sing rhymes Hope you like our collection of truth or dare questions over text. If you know any other such questions, don’t hesitate to comment them down below. Start playing truth or dare game over text with your partner using these questions and have a great game.

best dating questions to ask your crush girl over text

Questions to ask a girl over text are one of the most powerful tools a guy can have… because, like most of us guys have found: Knowing is than ever before. Why? There’s no denying that our modern, technology-driven world has — and while this can seem complicated, it also gives more opportunities than ever before to have a selection of great . By learning a few simple, straightforward over text, you can be prepared to make the best of every opportunity that is presented to you. Without the pressure of an on-the-spot interaction, you can take your time to choose the best .

With that in mind, we put together this guide as a reference for you to come back to again and again to find the perfect question to ask a girl over text in any conversation. Contents OUR LATEST VIDEOS 15 Conversation Starters to Ask A Girl Over Text Most of the time, it seems like finding the right way to start a text message conversation can be the hardest part. If you’re already in a relationship, can focus on what you already know about each other — but what if you’ve only just met the girl you’re thinking about texting?

Here’s the deal: If you’ve only recently got a girl’s number, your have to take a different tone. After you’ve said a friendly hello, start with easy questions that have the widest variety of possible answers. Here are 15 conversation starters to ask a girl over text: 1. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you today? Keep it positive! Instead of asking “how’s your day?”, lead the conversation in a better direction right from the start.

2. What kinds of things really make you laugh? Even just puts her in a better mood, which starts the conversation warmly and positively. 3. What’s your favorite place in the entire world? Use this conversation starter to where you might be able to meet up together later. 4. Favorite movie of all time?

Remember that movie you just couldn’t get enough of as a kid? Bring back those by starting a conversation with this question. 5. What’s your biggest goal in life right now?

This opens the door to talking about similarities between things you’re working on in your lives. 6. What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday? Planning ahead to the weekend gives you time to find the right way to ask her to make plans with you later.

7. What kind of music do you listen to? Look for shared passions in music, or an opportunity to down the road. 8. What were you like as a kid? Did she have a that she’s since stopped? Could you do some of those things together now? 9. What should I know about you that I’d never think to ask about? This leaves the direction of the conversation up to her, so use it if you already have a good feeling that she wants to get to know you better.

10. If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? Fantasizing about could get you both on the same page and lead to further conversations. 11. What was your favorite TV show as a kid? Bringing up is always a great way to start a conversation with her.

12. If you could own one exotic animal, what would you choose? Funny and unexpected, this interesting question helps differentiate you from other, less-funny guys. 13. Would you rather have a superpower of your choice, or infinite money?

Though Batman proves that money is a sort of superpower, this is another unexpected starter that leads her to respond thoughtfully. 14. Would you ever live in a foreign country? Not only does this , it also leads directly into a conversation about why she would or which country she might choose. 15. Do you prefer staying indoors, or going outdoors? Once you learn more about her preferences, you’ll know better what sort of date you would both enjoy.

19 The Best Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text These questions are our go-to favorites. If you’re ever at a loss as to a girl, choose one of these to inject new life into the conversation. Here are 19 the best questions to ask a girl over text: 16. What are you up to this weekend? You can always test the waters with this one; if she answers vaguely, you can always move to a different question.

17. Do you like tacos, margaritas, good music, and great company? And a mischievous follow-up: “I know where to find at least one of those ;)” 18. What kind of trouble are you getting into today? Playful and cheeky, this text leaves it up to her to imagine what you mean by “trouble”.

19. If you could travel the World, where would you go? Whatever her answer is, you can easily build on it by asking what interests her about that place. 20. When was the last time you got into trouble? The subtext of this text asks whether she’s willing to (even if she gets caught!).

21. What’s the most perfect dipping sauce? knows the importance of the perfect dipping sauce… Does she? 22. If a genie appeared to grant you one wish, what would you wish for? What is it that she right now, and how does that relate to you? 23. If you could be any animal, which would you choose to be? Why? Her answer will reveal how she , giving you more info on how to make a connection with her.

24. What sport would you never want to play? Knowing a girl’s limits can help you understand what’s most appropriate to talk about.

25. If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why? Her choice will reveal something about what she would most like to change about herself right now. 26. What is something that is popular now that annoys you? You can bond over with this text. 27. What did you do on your last vacation? will encourage her to talk more about them.

28. Are you very active of do you prefer to just relax in your free time? This will let you know what sort of . 29. What’s the best thing about your work? Framing work in a positive light lets her tell you what makes her .

30. What were you really into when you were a kid? The things she loved as a kid have affected the person she’s grown into today, too. 31. What three words best describe you? Summing up her in three words will show you to take in the conversation. 32. What would be your perfect weekend? Getting her will push the conversation in a positive direction.

33. What’s your favorite cartoon? Grown-ups can watch cartoons, too — maybe you could find one to watch together? 34. What’s your favorite song to sing in the shower?

Let her embrace her inner pop star for a moment, and you’ll learn what music she likes when no one else is around. 12 Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text After you’ve broken the ice with a , it’s time to start flirting with her over text. First, take tips (from her), and start using… and second: Here are 12 flirty questions to ask a girl over text: 35.

When you look at a guy, what’s the first thing you notice? If she answers warmly and responsively, why not ask her what , too? 36. If you could be invisible for the day, what’s the first thing you would do? The subtext of this question asks: “What would you do if you could get away with it?” 37. Have you ever been caught doing something you weren’t supposed to? If she answers “yes”, she may not want to tell you what — making for a fun guessing game of trying to figure it out.

38. When was the last time you did something outside of your comfort zone? This might be one of my favorites, because it lets you gauge where you’re at as far as her comfort levels go. 39. Would you rather have super strength, or x-ray vision? Because everyone knows that X-ray vision is really only good for seeing through everyone’s clothes… 40. What’s one item on your “bucket list”? And could you check it off together? 41. What’s your spirit animal?

No matter her answer, you can look for the “naughty” qualities in the animal she chooses. 42. Ever been in love with 2 people at the same time? It carries a powerful subtext: What has her love life been like? 43. How often do you stay up past 3 a.m.? have a tendency to get into naughty business more often than early birds; which is she?

44. Have you ever broken someone’s heart? You’ll find out whether she has a little bit of “” in her with this question. 45. Can you wiggle your nose or your ears? Strictly because it’s cute, and she’ll probably have to try and do it (for you).

46. What do you think of tattoos? Do you have any? This is a sly way of asking her about her body without it being obviously sexual. 15 Funny Questions to Ask a Girl Mark Twain once said that “humor is mankind’s greatest blessing.” Having a good selection of can instantly brighten an otherwise dreary day. Being willing to put yourself out there and try to make someone laugh is a huge sign of confidence, and a for women. Equipping yourself with a few is a sure way to keep your conversation going smoothly.

Test out your laugh muscles with these 15 funny questions: 47. If you had to make out with a friend of the same sex to save the world from aliens, whom would you pick? A funny but high-risk question, save this one for when the conversation is already going very well. 48. Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours? And how would you want to be tied?

The funny (and flirtatious) scenarios you can make up out of this are nearly endless. 49. Do one legged ducks swim in circles? There’s still a place for and , too! 50. Would you consider yourself obsessed with anything/anyone? Does she have a collection of Pusheen stuffed animals? A complete Pokedex?

No matter what it is, you can kind-heartedly poke fun at her obsession. 51. Do you like to sing in the shower or the car when no one is around? Follow-up: What do you sing? Bonus points if you can get her to voice-record it! 52. Do you still wear a piece of clothing you wore during your childhood? Like Linus’s comfort blanket, there’s something inherently funny about . 53. If your five-year-old self suddenly found themselves inhabiting your current body, what would your five-year-old self do first?

Put her back in the mindset of her childhood, and she’s more likely to find everything that follows just a little bit funnier. 54. What is something that everyone looks stupid doing? Play the mental image game with this one: Who can make up a more ridiculous scene for the other to imagine? 55. What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever worn? A logical next step is to ask to see the funny pictures of her in the outfit.

56. If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done? Here she’ll reveal her most “bad girl” quality, which you’re free to jest at afterwards. 57. Quick: What’s your best dirty bar joke? Everyone should have at least one dirty joke to tell in mixed company; this puts the conversation firmly in her hands for a moment. 58. What’s your funniest “dad joke”?

If she has a knack for these , you may have just found yourself a keeper. 59. What would be the absolute worst name you could give your child? Then, play the game of imagining how that baby would grow up, and what it would be like as a child and adult. 60. What would the world be like if it was filled with male and female copies of you? You’ll prompt her to think of both her most masculine and feminine qualities, after which hilarity will ensue.

61. Do dentists go to other dentists or do they just do it themselves? Take advantage of a strong visual imagination with this one, . 14 Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text to Get to Know Her By knowing the right , you open the door for . With a good introduction, and after a little bit of , you can begin to build the comfort that will lead to a face-to-face date . Essentially, all of these are made with a goal in mind of learning her preferences, positive and negative, so that you can better plan what sort of activities you can do together.

Here are 14 great question to ask a girl over text to get to know her: 62. Which bad habits of people drive you crazy? Getting to know a girl means asking about what she likes and what she dislikes. 63. Who was the last person you hugged?

Some girls are huggers, and some aren’t — either way, it’s important to know for the next time you see her. 64. How would you change the world if you were to play god for a day? You can learn what she’d most like to change about the world with this question. 65. If you had to eat 1 thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“You are what you eat” — meaning that the type of food a girl chooses about her personality. 66. Name three things you have never done and don’t want to do? To really get to know her, it’s important to know her preferences and her limitations. 67. What are the 3 most important things in a kitchen and why? Because let’s face it: Any0ne who knows there way around a kitchen instantly becomes more attractive.

68. What are you allergic to? Maybe not the most creative question, but an incredibly important one to know if you . 69. What do you do in your free time? Knowing what she does with her spare time can help you brainstorm activities to do together. 70. If you could play any instrument, which would you play? Every instrument has its own personality, so whatever she chooses will reveal more of how she thinks about herself. 71. What’s the most useful thing you own?

The things she prioritizes in her life will clue you in to what is most important to her. 72. What is the strangest dream you have ever had? Our dreams are a reflection of our subconscious: By learning about hers, you might learn about her motivations in life. 73. Do you have any irrational fears?

We’re all scared of something; what about her? 74. If you could learn any language fluently what would it be? If you start with this question, it’ll of where she’d like to travel to. 75. Do you like your music loud or easy listening?

This one’s important to know if you’re going to invite her out to catch some live music with you. 16 Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend Over Text So texting once you’re in a relationship? Well, to tell you the truth… . They stop texting their girlfriend like they did when they were first getting to know each other, and that makes text conversations go stale. You know what, though? I don’t think you’re that type of guy. So let’s keep finding interesting and worthwhile over text, whether you’ve been dating for 2 months or 2 years.

Here are 16 questions to ask your girlfriend over text: 76. Tell me the truth…how many selfies do you have on your phone?

Being lighthearted and playful with texts like this helps to . 77. What is (or was) your least favorite class/teacher? It’s just as important to know what your girlfriend dislikes as it is to know what she likes. 78. What do you do when you’re bored? Up next: Invite her to text you funny pictures when she’s bored! 79. If you find 100$ on the floor right now, what would you do with it?

It’s not winning the lottery, and that’s a good thing: This gives you an attainable goal of something that would make her happier. 80. Do you think you could give up technology for a week? Because how often do you get to spend time together without being on your phones or computers?

81. What’s the most-played song on your iPod? Knowing what your girlfriend listens to in the privacy of her headphones is a special sort of intimacy. 82. What’s the lamest joke you’ve ever heard?

Ask her to bring out her best dad jokes! All the better if this starts an awful joke text contest between you. 83. Would you prefer a day at the beach or movie marathon? Gather information on the sly with this one to help you plan your next weekend getaway. 84. What was the last funny video you saw? Use the magic of the internet to share in a few laughs even while you’re apart.

85. What do you do to get rid of stress? 100% of scientists agree: . Anything you can do to help her de-stress is always a good idea. 86. Who in your life brings you the most joy? And how can you help her prioritize that person in her life? No (wo)man is an island, after all. 87. Where is the most beautiful place you have been? Bring fond memories back to her mind, and you’ll also get to know a type of location that would make a great date spot.

88. What’s your favorite season? Why? Every season tells something about a person’s personality; does she like to bundle up, or live as clothes-free as possible? 89. Where is the most beautiful place near where you live? This one’s just begging for a follow-up of planning a picnic date wherever her answer is. 90. Do you believe in karma? And if she does, what has she done lately that scored her some “good “?

91. What was the last song you danced to? If you know what music moves your girlfriend, you can play that same song later when the time is right for you to dance together. 7 Personal Questions To Ask A Girl Over Text It’s surprisingly easy to make a text conversation more personal. You just have to have the right to ask. We’ve compiled a list of that work great over text. Below you’ll find the best of them.

Here are 7 personal questions to ask a girl over text: 92. What is the best/worst/embarrassing/weirdest text message you’ve received? She probably has a hilarious screenshot of it. 93. Have you ever dropped a phone in the toilet?

If your , they say to place it in rice. It might absorb the moisture. 94. Which app do you suggest I install on my phone? There are millions of apps out there you haven’t heard of. 95. What is the best selfie you’ve taken with your phone? Send it to me. She won’t send you photos if you don’t ask. 96. What is your current wallpaper on your phone? If it’s something artsy, you can get an idea of her aesthetic. 97. What was your last watched YouTube video?

Send it to me. You can spend hours sending silly videos back and forth. It’s hilarious and tons of fun. 98. What is the first thing you do with your phone after you wake up in the morning? This opens up the topic of . 20 Personal and Deep Questions to Ask a Girl or Girlfriend Over Text It’s like this: Whether it’s a girl that you’ve just met, or your girlfriend that you’ve been seeing for a while, you always need to be them. Having will bring you two closer together — just like choosing will solidify the connection that you’ve already been making.

By removing the necessity for an immediate response, having a few over text can lessen the tension of being put “on the spot”, giving her more time to come up with a thoughtful answer. is up to you, but it’s essential to test the waters. Here are 20 personal and deep questions to ask a girl or girlfriend over text: 99.

If you choose any 3 people to be stranded on a desert island with, who would you choose and why? The people we choose to spend time around deeply influence who we become. This question will let you know who she is most deeply and personally influenced by.

100. If you were guaranteed honest responses to three questions, whom would you question, and what would you ask? Is there anyone in her life who she hasn’t been able to trust? This will tell you what it is that she questions most deeply in her own life. 101. If you were walking through the forest and you suddenly saw a tiger, what would you do? Run, freeze, or fight — whichever route she chooses says a lot about how she reacts to life’s stresses.

102. Who had the biggest impact on the person you have become? Mentors are incredibly important to our development — who has helped her become who she is today? 103. Is there anyone or anything that you’d sacrifice your life for?

Is there a person or a cause that’s more deeply important to her than life itself? 104. What is the most important thing a person can do to improve themselves? Growing and changing is essential to a deeply fulfilling life.

How does she help these processes along? 105. What single event has had the biggest impact on who you are? Everyone has turning points in their lives; sharing what hers was will bring you to a .

106. Do you think the future will be better than the present? Why? Revealing either an optimistic or pessimistic mindset, this question asks of her whether she thinks her own life will get better, as well. 107. What lies do you most often tell yourself? Everyone deceives themselves to a certain degree, but being aware of this is what helps us grow.

Is she aware of her own little lies? 108. What are the most common road blocks that stop people from achieving their dreams? Discussing your goals and dreams, and what is preventing you from them, helps . 109. What keeps you up at night?

Sharing her worries and anxieties will . 110. What do a lot of parents do that screws up their kid? No parent is perfect, and this question gives her a chance to talk about what wasn’t perfect in her childhood. 111. Have you ever questioned the existence of love? For any relationship to , you both have to examine what love means to you. This question lets you do so together.

112. Is there a point in your past that you regret more than anything else? Our errors make us human. Has she come past the point of feeling guilty for what has happened in her past? 113. When did you have your first kiss? Her first experience with intimacy may have been positive or challenging, but either way this gives her a chance to talk about it.

114. What do you most want to tell me? Giving her a whatever is in her heart with you opens the door to deep communication. 115. What’s the most crucial thing for a healthy relationship? After her answer, it’s worth asking whether the two of you engage in this healthy relationship behavior. 116. Do you ever dwell on past occurrences? Would you like to erase certain memories from your mind? We can learn from the past, but dwelling in it can become dangerous.

This question gives her the opportunity to share her regrets on the way to overcoming them. 117. What would you consider the greatest obstacle you’ve ever had to face? How did you overcome it? Does she have a healthy attitude towards life’s challenges? Give her a chance to share her successes with you with this question. 118. Do you think laughing at someone elses misfortune is wrong?

“Schadenfreude” is the German word for taking delight in suffering. Does she think this emotion is justified? How to Start a Conversation with a Girl Over Text: 4 Tips Here are four powerful tips for with a girl over text: Tip #1: Greet Her Warmly and Politely Before you start asking a girl questions over text, in whatever polite way you’d like. Not only does this show that you have manners, it also lets you know that when you receive a message from her, she is actively on her phone.

This way, when you ask your question, she will see your message and be more likely to with you. Tip #2: Have a Goal in Mind What is it that you’re looking for out of the conversation? If you start with a goal in mind, then you can plan ahead for how to continue the conversation. Whether you’re looking to build her interest in you, or ask her out on a date with you this weekend, having a clear idea of what you’re looking for will .

Tip #3: Ask Questions That Make Her Think While “how is your day?” may look good on paper, it’s . Basically, if she can answer the question without thinking, she be less likely to be interested enough to keep texting.

So here’s the deal: Asking her questions that make her think will capture her interest. And you want to be interesting to her, right? This article has great tips from her on . Tip #4: Gauge the Tone of the Conversation If she’s , don’t try to force the conversation. Instead, wait for another time and try again later. It may just be that she’s too busy to . Look for signs that she’s interested and engaged, like longer responses or , before trying to move on to new questions in your conversation.

Downloadable List of Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text Here is a downloadable list of questions to ask a girl over text (right click the image and select Save Image As…): Looking for More Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text? With all of these questions at your disposal, you should be totally set to start texting any girl that you’re interested in getting to know better. If you’ve used some of these successfully and are looking for more, we’ve got you covered: • A lot of are just as applicable to a girl that you’re not dating (yet!).

• Need a few questions to throw out there anytime? Check out these . • Is she hard to impress? Bring out your most and break through her hard shell. In Conclusion With all these great questions to ask, it’s time to pick up your phone and text the girl that you haven’t known how to talk to yet! These interesting and engaging questions to ask a girl over text will get you half of the way there. The other half is up to you and your unique personality, so don’t be afraid to adjust and improvise these questions as well!

best dating questions to ask your crush girl over text

best dating questions to ask your crush girl over text - Top 75 Best Questions To Ask A Girl You Like

best dating questions to ask your crush girl over text

Whenever we talk to a girl we always try to be smart and ask . It is a great way to spend a quality time with her. If you can ask some interesting question it is almost sure that you both will have a .

We will let you know what type of Questions To Ask a Girl Over Text. We love to do chat daily with our loved ones. Every day we do a lot of chat with our friends and girlfriends.

Some people does not even know how to . They send some lame and boring text which leads to a small replies which shows the other person is not even interested to reply you.

Questions To Ask a Girl Over Text for great conversation. The art of conversation is very important for every person so you know what . If you can talk to a girl over text for plenty of hours this means you are good in it. There are many people who do not have any sort of idea what text to send their girl or what question they can ask to start conversation. There are hundreds of Questions To Ask a Girl Over Text. The problem is we do not know those and we ask lame and boring questions to our friends which causes almost no conversation at all.

It would be a total disaster for any kind of relation when the other person does not reply at all. She would ignore your text because she does not feel important to reply. The main reason for this is the lack of knowledge what to ask in text to have a long conversation. It would be ideal for any kind of relation which leads to a whole night chit chat.

A whole night conversation which shows the girl is inspired by you and your conversation. To have such awesome nights talking to you girl or someone special means you show know what Questions To Ask a Girl Over Text.

Every one loves to have such or best friend. List of awesome Questions To Ask a Girl Over Text. Hi its “your name” you there? Are you free lets talk? What was in your mind when we first met? What are you doing? Is there any thing important you are doing? Hows your day going? When you woke up today? What breakfast you had today? How beautiful you were looking when you woke up? Do you have any plans for today?

When you will leave for your job? Do you watch movies? What you do in your free time? What are your hobbies? Which movie you last watched? Can you suggest me a good movies? Do you like TV shows? Do you have pets? If you can have a pet which it would be? Tell me about your self a bit more? Do you have any goal in your life which you want achieve very early?

Do you exercise because you are very smart? Tell me about any thing you regret the most in your life? What’s the nicest thing someone could genuinely say about you? What’s the coolest outfit you’ve had for Halloween? If i want to take you to a long holiday where would you go? If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be? Do you love food? Which type of food you love the most?

Which is your favorite restaurant? Do you like tea or coffee? If i want to take you to coffee where would you go? What would you describe as the happiest moment of your life? What’s the nicest thing a friend has said about you? What does life means to you? If you could have another life what you want to be? If you can change one thing in you past what it would be? What’s the best present or gift you’ve ever received from someone?

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Who do you think knows you the best? What do you like or dislike about this city? If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? If you could pick one, would you rather have infinite money or love? What type of man are you attracted to?

If you could undue anything from the past, what is it? What’s your favorite childhood memory? Do you like gadgets? What perfume do you use very much? Which color do you wear the most?

Which color do you think suits you very much? If you could slap someone very hard who you will pick? Do you believe in ghosts Do you go to school or college? What degree are you doing? Do you believe in blind date? What is the idea for your dream date? What do you look for in a man? Do you believe in Love Marriage? Do you love music? Which type of music you listen? Is there any singer you love the most? Sometimes, when I listen to jazz music, I really wanna dance a lot do you have that with a particular song?

What was the last pleasant thing you did for your mum? Who was your first crush? If you could go for holidays who do you pick as you partner? What is the idea for your perfect day?

Do you believe in girl power? Yesterday I’ve been thinking about you, I am wondering why, maybe you know? Do you like sports? Are you a fan of any sports person?

Do you read books? Do you like novels? If you could have one super power what it would be? If you could die now what your last words would be for me? Can you describe my personality? Do you like being kissed? Do you like when someone pinch you cheeks?

best dating questions to ask your crush girl over text

These questions to ask a guy or girl over text are great because chatting with someone over text is a lot different from talking with them in person. So a lot of conversation questions just don’t quite work in a medium that begs for short responses.

No long detailed stories. Nothing too deep or heavy. And forget anything too emotionally loaded unless you are an emoji master. So I’ve put together this list of questions that work a lot better with a phone in hand and access to the internet. Lots of short back and forth answers that are pretty light.

Plus questions that focus the conversation on something that can be easily shared while texting, like photos, videos, websites, etc. If you are stuck thinking of questions to ask a guy or girl over text or you just need some ideas to build on we’ve got you covered.

Take a look and enjoy! I’m sure you’ll find some of them really useful! Questions to ask a guy or girl over text list Question 1: What’s your “go to” video or gif for a laugh?

A great way to get a good laugh and have something common to talk about, both now and in the future. Plus you get to see how much their sense of humor matches yours. And if you’ve got some great funny videos tucked away, you can share some of them.

Question 2: Where’s your favorite place to get take away or delivery from? If you know the place and like it, you can talk about how good it is. If you don’t know it, give it a shot and you’ll have something to talk about next time you text them! Question 3: What song do you play most often?

Great for getting to know their musical taste and seeing how well it matches up with your own. Plus everyone is passionate about the music they love and chances are they will be more than happy to talk a lot about it. Question 4: What’s your favorite quote from a movie?

A question that begs for back and forth movie quotes from their and your favorite movies. Plus it’s really easy to branch off and start talking about what movies they like.

Question 5: What’s your “go to” joke? Everyone loves to laugh, and everyone has at least one joke they know by heart. And you’ll also be able to tell them a few jokes as well. If you are like me and can’t remember many jokes, try the . Just sort by top / month or week. Question 6: What song has the best intro? Another question that works well on a phone because after they let you know you can look it up on your phone and have a listen.

Then come back and tell them what you thought about it. Question 7: What is the scariest non banned item you could take on to a plane? This is more of a creative one. But great for some back and fourth as you both think of scary non banned items.

(e.g. parachute, voodoo doll in pilot uniform, full clown outfit, etc.) Question 8: What’s the (funniest / most disappointing / weirdest / etc.) text you’ve gotten? This one probably isn’t a good one to lead with, but it’s great after you’ve texted for a bit and need something else to talk about.

Question 9: What is your favorite meme? Everyone has at least one meme that they really like. You can find out their’s, who know’s maybe it’s the same as yours!

Also a great way to get a conversation going solely through memes which is always fun. Question 10: How many questions can you answer in just pictures? (then proceed to ask a bunch of generic questions, might I suggest this ?) This one is more of a game really. You ask general, generic questions and they try to answer only through images. Quite fun if they are up to it.

It’s like a treasure hunt. But I probably wouldn’t lead with this one, good for later and if they are in a playful mood. Q uestion 11: What is the most interesting thing you have on you or near you right now? Send me a pic of it. A unique way to find a new topic to talk about. And you’ll also get an idea of what kinds of things they find interesting. Question 12: What app on your phone do you think I should get?

This kind of depends on how into apps they are. But everyone has two or three apps that they can’t live without. If you’ve got the one they suggest, then you can talk about what you think about it. If you don’t, well now you’ve got a new app you can check out. Question 13: What’s the best photo you’ve taken? Time to give them the chance to show off. We’ve all got pictures that we’ve taken that we really like.

Now you get to compliment them on their pride and joy. Definitely a solid question to ask a girl or guy over text. Question 14: What’s the worst text that you accidentally sent?

Embarrassment is a powerful emotion and if they’ve got a story they are willing to share then that will bring you both a little closer. It’s great to empathize with them and if it isn’t too bad you can do some good natured teasing. Question 15: What thing do you really wish you could buy right now? Great because they can send you a link to the product they want and you can check it out.

Now you’ve got something to talk about that they are really into. Question 16: What’s the funniest thing that someone could spend money on / buy on the internet? Similar to the above question because they can send you the link, but this one takes a little more creativity. Often this one leads to a hilarious stream of funny products and services. Question 17: What’s the funniest picture you have on your phone? Similar to earlier video question, and great for the same reason.

It gives you something you can both talk about. You could also narrow it down and say the funniest picture of you on your phone. Question 18: What dumb pickup lines do you know?

Everyone knows some dumb / funny pickup lines. And this question is a great way to get a good back and forth of funny pickup lines going. Question 19: What are some unwritten rules? This one is a little bit different than the rest. You could take it in a couple of directions, like unwritten rules between friends or you could go with society at large.

But like many of the other questions to ask a boy or girl over text, it’s great because it’s perfect for back and forth texting as you both think of new rules. Question 20: What happens in real life but rarely gets portrayed in movies? Here is another one that might take a little bit of creativity. You can also easily flip it around and ask what happens in movies all the time but rarely happens in real life. Question 21: What isn’t real but you desperately wish it was?

This one is just fun to answer. Everyone likes to fantasize about the amazing stuff they wish existed. Question 22: What’s the best “hidden gem” that you’ve found? Who doesn’t like sharing cool stuff they found? It can be a band, a website, something they bought, really anything. You can let them know it doesn’t have to be really unknown.

It can be just something they stumbled across. Question 23: What’s the silliest thing you are passionate about? We’ve all got our passions that are less than productive, they keep us sane. And this is a great way to see what they are really into. Something that they might not let everyone know about. Question 24: What do you hate / love most about your phone?

I’m sure you have a love / hate relationship with your phone, and they probably do too. It can be a general thing like it takes up too much of my time, or a specific feature like the fingerprint scanner. Question 25: What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve seen online recently? This one is another one that will give you both something common to talk about. And it’s easy for them to send you a link to the ridiculous thing so you can check it out.

So that’s it! I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of questions to ask a guy or girl over text. Hopefully you found at least a few questions that will work for you. If you need even more questions, we’ve got more than a few to offer. Here are just a few others you can check out! Even more questions to ask a guy or girl over text • – Looking for questions to text a guy?

You might try these. You might have to weed out the ones that are a bit too long winded but there are some good ones in there. • – Or perhaps you are texting a girl and want questions for a girl? Try these. Also make sure to take out the ones that will be a bit too cumbersome to answer over text. • – These would you rather questions are great because they are short and easy to answer over text.

• – Just what it says on the tin, fun questions to ask. • – Going on a date or just ran out of questions to ask? Try these.

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