Best dating healthy relationships lesson plans

best dating healthy relationships lesson plans

2 Lesson Plan Healthy Relationships This lesson is enhanced when learners have the following background knowledge: Content from the International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education Key Concept 1 Relationships; 1.2 Friendship, Love, and Romantic Relationships PROCEDURE: Step 1) Introduce the lesson by saying, Today we are going to talk about relationships and how to have healthy and happy relationships What are some disrespectful things a romantic partner might do? 279. 3 Lesson Plan Healthy Relationships PROCEDURE (CONTINUED): Step 4) Pass out the Healthy, Unhealthy, and Warning Signs of Abuse Handout. Tell learners, It sounds like you all know how you would like to be treated in your relationships, which is so important.

best dating healthy relationships lesson plans

Here is an offering of Dibble sample lesson plan activities – download the PDF files for free. • • • Size: 1.1 MB, Downloaded: 6,818 • Size: 7.7 MB, Downloaded: 1,961 • • Size: 1.1 MB, Downloaded: 2,302 • • Size: 1.9 MB, Downloaded: 2,018 • • Size: 3.0 MB, Downloaded: 1,768 • Size: 382.6 KB, Downloaded: 1,137 • • Size: 2.1 MB, Downloaded: 1,184 • • Size: 9.0 MB, Downloaded: 628 • • Size: 6.9 MB, Downloaded: 625 • Size: 2.4 MB, Downloaded: 515 • Size: 188.3 KB, Downloaded: 665 • • Size: 2.0 MB, Downloaded: 1,164 • • • Size: 13.8 MB, Downloaded: 669 • • Size: 1.8 MB, Downloaded: 4,507 Lesson Plan Contest Winners 1st Place Size: 127.1 KB, Downloaded: 1,852 2nd Place Size: 75.3 KB, Downloaded: 967

best dating healthy relationships lesson plans

best dating healthy relationships lesson plans - Healthy Relationship Activities

best dating healthy relationships lesson plans

Today I want to share with you an activity that has worked really well. I did it with my Intermediate students but I bet it’ll be perfect for any level. It all started with a text my students had to read about a Speed Dating Event (click if you have no idea what I’m talking about).

Just the previous week we had been studying Indirect Questions so I thought it could be a good idea to mix speed dating and indirect questions. And I was right ! The smiles on their faces gave them away! ♥These are the steps we followed : Step 1. We read about a speed dating event (New English File Upper-Intermediate. Unit 1) Step 2. I gave students slips of paper containing either the beginning of a direct or an indirect question.

(Cards . I encouraged students to write an interesting question ; a question the person talking to them could elaborate on. If the slip of paper begins with I was wondering…. Students shouldn’t go for “ I was wondering what your name is” … but something along the lines of” I was wondering what you do in your free time” or” I was wondering why you are taking this course”. Step 3. I explained the rules of a speed dating event.

Some students remain seated during the whole event ( in real speed dating, women remain seated). When the bell rings , students sit across another student and they use their questions to start a conversation . They need to keep on talking for 3 minutes. Then a bell rings and “men” need to stand up and move to their right to start a new conversation and the whole process is repeated again.

I didn’t have a bell so I used a Class Timer () The picture shows some of my students during the speed dating event. A lot of fun, believe me! ♥After the speed dating event, my students were in the right mood to talk about relationships so we worked a bit on some vocabulary they might need to use when talking or writing about Dating, Friendship or Marriage.

♥It was the last lesson of the week and so the right time to set as homework for the weekend a Writing about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Non-Traditional Dating. ♥Monday will begin with students sharing their ideas about non-traditional dating. I think it will be easier for them to start talking about something they have previously given some thought to.

Once they are all warmed-up,…..who’ll dare stop them? I’ve got these two nice handouts to ensure they keep on talking. Don’t you fear!. I’ll hand them some peppermint drops to prevent hoarseness as they leave the class.

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best dating healthy relationships lesson plans

Teachers Are Going to Love This Collection Love is in the air! Does your curriculum call for you to teach vocabulary and expressions related to “love” and “relationships”? Are you looking for materials to use for Valentine’s Day? You can find plenty of materials on this theme in the ESL-Library.

The following list includes flashcards, flashcard ideas, Valentine’s Day lessons, discussion starters, idioms, podcasts, blog posts, and more…Please share this list of ESL lesson plans and resources on “Love” with your colleagues and teacher friends via your Facebook accounts and in your twitter feeds. They’ll love you for it!

PS: See Tanya’s . ESL Lesson Plans and Materials for Valentine’s Day: Beginner –Advanced (FREE) Holidays – Low Intermediate Holidays – Intermediate –Advanced Health Matters – Intermediate Discussion Starters – Intermediate : Valentine’s Day (for beginners) Many NEW images (updated in 2013) Suggested activities for using Valentine’s Day Flashcards Use our Valentines flashcards to create your own cartoons, quizzes, and materials about Valentine’s Day Idioms – 3 Lesson Series about Love and Relationships (with audio, Intermediate-Advanced) First Love – Jon and Amy meet in a video store!

This series features 20 lessons of dialogues about their relationship. First Year – Kate attends her first year of university.

This series features 15 conversations as Kate gets her first job, her first roommate, and her first serious boyfriend. Includes quizzes. : The Case of the Missing Ring – This detective series for high-intermediate to advanced learners features the story of Emma and her family. Emma is engaged to be married, but the ring has gone missing!

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Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships
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