Best dating a rich older man younger woman relationship advice

best dating a rich older man younger woman relationship advice

Is there a stigma around older women dating younger men? Find some perspective whether you are the older woman or the younger man What do you think about older women dating younger men? Is there a stigma around dating older women? Question by Kim D. (Via Facebook). Hi, I’m 49 and I just got into a relationship with a very gorgeous and loving 35 year old man. The problem is that I’m not sure how I feel about it. Is it OK for older women dating younger men? I look young for my age, but I always feel like people are judging me or thinking I’m some sort of “cougar” (barf). My grown kids have mixed feelings.

best dating a rich older man younger woman relationship advice

| The primary concerns in the minds of older men dating younger women would be the following:• How difficult can it be to seduce a significantly younger girl?• What do women really need in a man?• Will ... The primary concerns in the minds of would be the following: • How difficult can it be to seduce a significantly younger girl?

• What do women really need in a man? • Will a much younger girl truly love a much older guy or is she just after his funds? For years ago, almost all of the older guys dating younger ladies were the wealthy ones, and so the stigma for this union was that the woman was only after his cash.

Nowadays, this view has changed. Now we know that many younger ladies do love men who are five to ten years their senior. These ladies have far more psychological needs than financial ones that need to be filled, and the older, far more experienced guys can fill the void.

For the issue about what women want, an individual simply has to look at online dating websites to realize that ladies treasure protection, a great job, the ability to provide for them and keep them safe from a life of loan difficulties. It's safe to state that women appreciate these matters above visual appearance, even though good looks and a pricey car won’t do harm. instinctively understand that a younger woman would want to get a good life wherein she could enjoy herself.

Fortunately for these guys, they have had all the time on earth. What older men dating younger ladies have to keep in mind is that the majority of women want a strong man who could carry his own, whether it's in business, sex or discussion. What Ladies Like in a Man • The man must be able to stand his very own ground and stay confident, without being extremely arrogant. It's a characteristic of young people to be a hot tempered, and the calm and composed men who can take care of many sticky scenarios with dignity can get a woman's interest, particularly the young girls who are still into hero praise.

• He should be aware that younger generation could be flirty. He should not really be too strict with her simply because she’s still enjoying her youth. The best the guy can undertake is trust the younger lady that what exactly she is feeling is authentic love and therefore she will stay with him. • If contacting younger ladies in dating sites or in real life, don't let the discussion focus around love-making. Sexual activity can always wait and it could just arrive. When interacting with younger ladies you should exude a feeling of hospitality and being lovable.

And also, do not make her feel as though you are abusing her. An issue that older guys dating younger women have to face would be the damaging sights of contemporary society as a whole. Here is something that a lady stated soon after she encountered, fell in love with and finally married the older man she connected with in an internet dating site: “I was just 22 when I found my hubby.

He was 48 that time. For two years, we went out and then we appeared like an odd partners together. Quite a few claim I've been foolish and that the man was just stringing me down until he found someone he could be serious with.

My advice to people who may have issues around dating older guys: the sex can be infrequent yet incredibly good! He could be very romantic from time to time but you must make do without those all-nighters that some other women talk about. My own family members do not invite us to gatherings any longer but I really don't mind. I am definitely in love. “ These older guys are aware of their age and may settle down whenever assured about the woman's love.

A lady could be compromising her youth to care for a significantly older man who's aging quickly, however if she is positive that it’s love, she is going to love every minute of their existence together.

Source: from I love helping people over 40 get a second chance at finding true love!

But I was frustrated with today's online dating sites, something always seemed to be missing. is a different kind of online dating site that caters to world traveled individuals and high-class individuals.

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best dating a rich older man younger woman relationship advice

best dating a rich older man younger woman relationship advice - Why Older Men Are Dating Younger Women: The Pros And Cons

best dating a rich older man younger woman relationship advice

• • • • • • • • Close • • Close • • • • • • • • • Close • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Close • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Close • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Close • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Close • • • • • • • • Close • • • • • • • • Close • • • • • • • • • • • • Close • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Close • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Close • • • • • • • • • • • Close What do you think about older women dating younger men?

Is there a stigma around dating older women? Question by Kim D. (Via ) Hi, I’m 49 and I just got into a relationship with a very gorgeous and loving 35 year old man. The problem is that I’m not sure how I feel about it. Is it OK for older women dating younger men? I look young for my age, but I always feel like people are judging me or thinking I’m some sort of “cougar” (barf).

My grown kids have mixed feelings. My daughter thinks I’m wonder woman and my son thinks I’m, in his words, “gross.” I’m sure some of that is him never forgiving me for divorcing his father who was absent throughout our 25 year marriage.

My new guy makes me feel beautiful and desirable and I can’t get enough of his big grey eyes and his playful spirit. I have no way of knowing if this relationship will last, but it’s been four months now of everything I was STARVING for in my marriage. I don’t feel as if the age difference really matters since older men do this with younger women all the time, but my son’s reaction kinda threw me.

Is there some kind of stigma around dating older women? Are my friends secretly making fun of me or are they jealous I’m having a blast with a hot younger man? Well, how do YOU feel about dating younger men?

So, Kim. What’s your thoughts on older women dating younger men? If you don’t have a problem with it, then there isn’t any problem with it! This is your life and you’ve been denying yourself the whole time during your “absent marriage.” The only issues you should have in any relationship is in how this person treats you and what kind of a human being he is.

All your misgivings will probably fade away as you roll around giggling like a little girl with this gorgeous and caring younger guy. That’s not to say there aren’t problems in dating someone younger than you… Age differences in pop culture references When dating someone older or younger than you, you will always bump into that disconnect between pop culture references.

How you react to this depends completely on you. For example: • Different musical tastes • Differences in sharing movie quotes • Differences in toys you had as children • Technology! These sorts of things pop up all the time with older women dating younger men. You have a decade plus of memories that he has no concept of. Plus he’s had a childhood completely different from your own. This is a little easier for you since you had children and had to take part in their likes and hobbies, but given the length of your marriage, I’m guessing he’s nearly a decade older than your kids.

So there is a good stretch of time where he grew up with toys and TV shows you had no concept of since you were eagerly heading towards your 20 when he was still playing for a living. You probably learned to type on a typewriter whereas he had an old PC to do it on. The movies and TV shows you adored as a child he’s likely never heard of or cared about and his musical tastes might disgust you from time to time, but it’s all in the way you and he handle these differences.

If he makes fun of you in a cruel way for not knowing things that played a big part in his childhood or if you react with pity when he wonders what a payphone is, then you guys are going to have a hard time making it last. These instances will always pop up from time to time. If both of make light of it in an funny and endearing way, he will never make you feel like an “old lady” and he will never feel like a baby.

A great idea is to watch each other’s favorite movies. Try to pick something each other might like, but couples will always have contentions around romantic comedies vs. action thrillers. That’s not an age thing, it’s a sex thing. Higher sexual desires and abilities Of all people out on the dating scene, older women dating younger men always make out like bandits in this area.

Younger guys have much more active libidos, are in better shape, AND they are much better at taking directions. Without knowing anything about your previous marriage, I can guarantee you that the sex is way better with your younger guy! Your women friends aren’t making fun of you for dating a younger man, they are JEALOUS of all the intimacy guys give you before they get stuck in their older guy ruts and forget about their significant others. The good news is that as women age, they begin to understand the deep complexities of their sexuality.

It’s a cruel joke on humans that men peak in their late 20’s and women just get started in their thirties. Much of a woman’s sexuality stems from a deep understanding of herself: what turns her on, what intrigues her, all of her hidden nooks and crannies.

Whereas by the time a guy figures this stuff out, their bodies are ramping down the wholesale production of testosterone. When a guy starts truly learning about his sexuality, he’s no longer a walking boner machine. Cruel cruel nature… Younger men are “trainable” I know this makes men sound more like dogs than they actually are, but it’s true. The problem with dating older men is that they think they know and have done everything!

Getting an old guy to step out of his comfort zone can be close to impossible the more he’s dug in to who he sees himself as. With young guys dating older women, they are still on their journey of discovering their place in the world.

Sexy little you saunters in and shows him a few things you’ve discovered about life and I swear to you that he will never forget you! Mind you, this isn’t an “I’m older so I know better” situation. You can NEVER treat him like you might treat your kids. If he’s making mistakes that you know you can help him on, you can only make suggestions and never “pull rank” on him.

It didn’t work on your ex-husband and it won’t work on your new boyfriend. Guys are still pretty much guys at any age. Older women dating younger men is AWESOME! It’s true! There’s something about having a sexy young thing on your arm that makes you feel like a million bucks!

Haters are always going to hate. Sure, people might actually be judging you, but do you really care what they think? At 49 (or any age!), do the judgements of others really affect your actions? If you can answer that with a yes then you probably shouldn’t be dating young guys. It’s hard to wash that out of your system when you’ve had someone else telling you what to do for 25 years, but dammit, you’re a grown woman with excellent needs.

Whomever you choose to love and be loved by is your business alone. Maybe there are stigmas around dating older women, but who cares?!! Your ex and your friends and even you angry son can stick it if they don’t approve! Find love. That is the only rule. There’s nothing that will make you feel younger and more alive than dating younger men. As long as you never let those “mommy feelings” creep in (if that’s even possible???) and you treat each other with playful respect, you might just have found your next big love affair.

Good luck in your sexy new love, ~Samantha

best dating a rich older man younger woman relationship advice

Dating A Woman 5, 10, 20 Years Younger? Here’s What You Must Know Well, it’s not exactly a secret. As men get older, they want to . If you’re yearning for an “older man, younger woman relationship” then know this: It’s 100% natural, and nothing to be ashamed of. Really. Still, sometimes a potential couple’s age difference can be substantial.

It’s the kind of gap that makes people whisper, “He’s old enough to be her father!” Table of Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Why Older Man Wants Younger Woman In bygone eras, “older man younger woman relationships” were perfectly acceptable.

Heck, it was sometimes the norm. Going out with someone around your age was seen as weird. No joke. Take, for example, classical Athens, the birthplace of philosophy, science, and democracy.

An Athenian man might not marry until he was in his late 20s or even 30. But a woman was expected to marry as young as 14. Nowadays, of course, things have changed. Most guys don’t pursue significantly younger women. Most guys are actually afraid to. Story Of Keith: A Mature Man With Healthy Sexuality I recently met Keith, who had that exact problem. He was attracted to a younger woman. But he was afraid of acting on his desire.

Now, Keith didn’t know about this secret that any man can use to win over any woman. And you might not know about it, either. But there’s good news: by the end of this post, you’ll know all about the technique, and how you can use it for your benefit.

Before we get to that, let’s set the scene, shall we? READ ALSO: Story of Lily: A Younger Man Attracted To An Older Man “Good morning, Keith!” Her bracelet jingled as she waved enthusiastically. “Hey there, Lily.” Keith smiled and lifted his coffee mug in salutation.

“Man,” she said, shaking her umbrella over the mat, “it’s really raining out there. Did you get wet coming in?” “Nope.” He shook his head. “I programmed an app that actually predicts where raindrops are going to land so I can get out of the way.” “Hah!” She laughed as she dropped her umbrella into the basket. “You are such a nerd.” “It’s gonna be huge in the Singapore market,” he said with a grin.

“Make sure you tell your friends and family there.” “I’ll make sure I do,” she said, also smiling, as she brushed a damp, dark lock of hair back over her shoulder, “the next time I go back for a visit.” “Planning any more trips to the old country any time soon?” Lily shrugged. “Maybe after the deadline for these next patches. I’ll probably need a vacation by then.” “Still working on the Meltdown and Spectre fixes?” he asked. “Yeah.” She nodded as she filled her own coffee cup from the reception area’s Keurig.

“We’ve got it on the run, though. It shouldn’t be too bad.” “That’s great. The dev team’s lucky to have a whiz kid like you, Lily.” “Aw, thanks!” Her eyes and nose scrunched up in a full-face smile as she lifted her mug to her lips. “You’re no slouch either, though.” “I’m a financial accountant. All we do is slouch.” She almost choked on her coffee. “Stop, you’re killing me!” Her eyes darted to her watch.

“I need to go pull some files before the morning meeting.” “Sounds like fun. Me, I’ve got spreadsheets to go over.

Spreadsheets of spreadsheets, even.” “Better you than me, I guess.” She turned to go. “Catch you ‘round, Keith!” She waved over her shoulder as she went. “Don’t slouch too hard!” READ ALSO: Enter Doug: The Younger Man (Who Happens To Be A… Chode) Keith jumped as Doug slapped him on the shoulder hard enough to sting.

“Tough conversation, huh?” “… huh?” Keith was befuddled. “Brainy chicks are always talkin’ about shit.” He slapped Keith on the shoulder again. “But it’s worth sittin’ through to watch ‘em go. Am I right?” “I, uh …” “Just look at that.” Doug whistled, eyeing Lily’s ass as she walked off down the hall. “Like a hot peach bun at the China Super Buffet.” “She’s actually Singaporean.” “Close enough for the old ‘me so horny’ treatment.” Keith glanced nervously around.

“You really think it’s a good idea to say stuff like that?” “Relax, bro. You never seen Full Metal Jacket?” “Yeah. It was set in Vietnam.” “See, just a little movie humor.

No harm, no foul. Am I right?” “Sure. Right.” Why Older Guys Have Anxiety With Younger Women “Well, what do you expect?” John asked, dragging on his cigarette. “That guy’s a chode.” “A what?” Keith asked between puffs. “Wimp. Pussy. Chump. It’s a common term, trust me on this.” “Dude, I’m an accountant, not an octogenarian.” “You’re still old enough to remember three-and-a-half-inch floppies,” John needled him. “So are you.” “Yeah.” John nodded.

“That box we found in the attic made great targets for our BB guns.” “You kids and your damned intertubes,” Keith muttered snarkily. “So what’s the deal with Doug? He doesn’t usually get to you like that.” Keith shrugged, exhaled. “He just pissed me off today. That is all.” “But he’s like that every day. Maybe not quite as douchey, but still.” They smoked. “ Unless …” John began. “Unless what?” Keith asked nervously. “Unless it’s not really about Doug,” John said nonchalantly.

“Stop right there.” “ Unless …” “No. Stopping.” “So, you got a thing for Lily, huh?” John smirked. “I didn’t say that.” “You didn’t have to. Gonna ask her out?” “No way.” “Why not? She’s smart. She’s hot. She flirts with you all the time.” “She’s young. She flirts with everyone.” “Yeah, but she flirts with you, too.” “It would never work.” “Because you’re an octopus?” “It’s octogenarian, and I’m not.” “But you said, and I quote, ‘She’s young.’ By which you meant that you’re too old for her.” READ ALSO: “I Can’t Compete” “Relationships with age differences like that, they never work out,” Keith said wearily, “for one reason or another.

Besides, a girl like her can get any guy she wants. There’s no way I can compete.” “Yo, I’m really happy for you, and I’ma let you finish,” John broke in, “but before you do, you should talk to a guy named .” “Derek Rake?

Who’s he?” “Creator of the one and only Shogun Method,” John told him, flicking open his wallet. “Savior of men. Here, I’ve still got his card.” Keith took the card and eyed it skeptically. “So, this guy’s … what, a Pick Up Artist? PUA?” “No way, man.” John shook his head. “PUA is kiddy stuff compared to what this guy’s packin’.

He can totally help you out.” “I dunno.” Keith hesitated. “It doesn’t really sound like my thing.” “I mean, if you’d rather not—I’m sure Doug would appreciate getting a shot at Lily.” “So,” Keith said quickly, “is it okay if I keep this business card?” Enslavement, NOT “Seduction” “A Pickup Artist does one thing and one thing only: he creates a false sense of attraction.

“That’s why they specialize in one-night stands. Which is fine, I guess, if that’s what you’re after. “But that’s not what you’re after, is it, Keith?” “No.” Keith shook his head. “It’s not.” “Lots of guys,” I continued, “hit their mid or late thirties, and they finally realize they’re not twenty-somethings anymore. And so they try to feel twenty-something again by sleeping with younger women. “But this isn’t your midlife crisis, either.

For you, this is legit. Am I right?” The Age Difference Anxiety Keith nodded. “Yeah. Lily’s an amazing woman. She’s smart, she’s successful – any guy would be lucky to be with her.” “Hence,” I concluded, “your anxiety over her.” “I wouldn’t call it anxiety, really,” Keith said nervously. “But you are anxious about the age difference, yes?” “Well, yeah. I’m almost a decade and a half older than she is. It seems like kind of a problem.” “Why should it?” I wondered.

“They’re going to call me cradle robber,” he moaned. “Keith—” “And call her gold digger.” “Keith.” “Or my neighbors will start saying she’s some kind of Singaporean mail-order bride.” Clearly, this whole thing was driving Keith neurotic. Decisive action was called for. “Keith, you’re getting way ahead of yourself.” READ ALSO: “How Am I To Compete With Younger Guys?” “You’re right,” Keith agreed.

“Why would she even date me in the first place? My hair’s starting to gray and thin. I’ve got more lines on my forehead than candles on my birthday cake. “How am I supposed to compete with younger guys?” “Well,” I said, “you already have an advantage over younger guys.” “I do?” “Sure. Remember what I told you about Pickup Artists? Well, that’s what all those younger guys are going to try to do: seduce her.

But not you.” “Not me?” “Nope. You’re going to enslave her.” How To Win A Younger Woman Over “Not like with whips and chains or anything,” I went on. “Unless she’s into that, of course. Which you’ll be finding out soon enough, I’m sure. “But the first step down that road is Emotional Segregation.” “Emotional segregation?” his eyes widened.

“Here’s how it works. To win a younger woman over, you’ve got to segregate her from the outside world. That way, you’ll eliminate two problems at once… the age gap perception, and competition from younger guys.” Keith nodded. “Sounds great, Derek.” “Good. Now, there are lots of ways you can go about this.” I passed him a sheet of paper containing this list… Five Emotional Segregation Techniques • Create shared experiences.

These are opportunities to establish exclusive emotional bonds with her. Don’t rule out negative experiences, either—disastrous dates create enduring memories. • Keep shared secrets. Giving her private information makes her feel special. It establishes a connection between you that excludes the outside world. • Create hearsay. Have a mutual friend or acquaintance feed her open secrets. Use these to increase her affection for you and to distance her from potential rivals. • Reverse your roles.

Instead of always pursuing her, give her reason to pursue you. The possibility (but NOT the explicit threat) that you may be interested in someone else usually does the trick. • Prophesy. If she starts to pull away, encourage her to go. But warn her that she won’t find anything better outside this relationship. “You want to be careful, though,” I cautioned as he read. “Do it too fast, and she’ll panic and get social withdrawal. That will not work in your favor.” “Clearly.” READ ALSO: (With The Barnum Effect) Personality Replacement “Now, Emotional Segregation isn’t an end in itself,” I instructed Keith.

“What it does is create the opportunity for Personality Replacement.” “Personality replacement?” he asked, looking bewildered. “Yup. If she cares that you’re older, she won’t after that. Not once she becomes Persephone, anyway.” “ Persephone?” he asked, still confused.

“That’s what we call the ‘replacement personality’. Once you have replaced her personality with “Persephone”, she’ll be completely and totally devoted to you… and you alone.” “How in the hell am I supposed to do that?” Keith wondered.

“The tried-and-true method is called the . That’s an advanced , though—definitely not for beginners. And so, I won’t recommend that to you yet.” “Sounds super intriguing, though,” Keith enthused. “Is there anything like that which a beginner like me can use to get some results quickly?” “Glad you asked,” I answered. “There’s a quick-win Enslavement technique which will make her yours pretty quickly.” “Which is…?” “It’s a technique called Fractionation.” READ ALSO: How To Use Fractionation On A Younger Woman (To Enslave Her) I got an invitation in the mail the other day.

A wedding invitation. To Keith and Lily’s wedding. Yes, Keith got his happy ending. He used Fractionation to win Lily’s love. Just as importantly, he beat the other, younger guys who were gunning for her affection.

(It turned out that Doug the “chode” was also eyeing her. But with the entire might of Shogun Method behind Keith, Doug stood no chance at all.) Here’s the thing… If Keith can do it, so can you. Believe me. If you do what I tell you, success will also be yours. And, just like Keith, you can start right away. All you need (right now) is Fractionation.

Your Next Step: Learn Fractionation Fractionation is a hypnosis technique which works by manipulating a woman’s emotional state. When done correctly, it gives you total control your partner’s emotional highs and lows.

She’s guaranteed to become addicted to the highs. And the threat of a low will keep her in line. In short, it makes her an emotional junky.

She’ll do anything to get her next fix and avoid withdrawal. And because you’ll be the one who decides if she gets what she wants, the power in the relationship is in your hands. She’ll be the puppet, and you’ll be the puppet master, pulling her strings. How does that sound?

Great, right? Needless to say, there’s more to it. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough room in this guide today to get into the details. All you need to do next is to watch my Online Masterclass.

Click on this link: In my Masterclass, I will teach you everything you need to know about this revolutionary technique. See you at the Masterclass, PS: Questions or comments? Post them below. Derek Rake is the founder of Shogun Method, the world's one and only dating system based on authentic Mind Control technology.

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The Crazy #1 Reason Younger Women Secretly Want Older Men
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