Best compatibility for taurus man

best compatibility for taurus man

Taurus compatibility guide for love, sex and relationships. Best love match, compatibility table, scores, forums and more The least compatible signs with Taurus are generally considered to be Leo and Aquarius. Comparing sun signs can give a good general idea of compatibility. However, this is just a quick and easy way to compare, and it's going to have lots of exceptions on this broad level. That's because people are more than just their sun sign.

best compatibility for taurus man

There is a peculiarity about the love compatibility between individuals of similar zodiac sign. This is because, both, your strengths as well as weaknesses are magnified when together. Your partner being your alter ego can be beneficial as well as hindrance in the relationship.

However, in most of the cases, same sign love relationship is found to be very compatible. One such example is the relationship between Taurus man and woman.

Here, we will see more on the love relationship between Taurus male and female. Taurus being an Earth sign, Taurus individuals are very grounded and down-to-Earth. True to their symbol, the bull, these individuals are calm and stable. There won't be an instant commitment when two Taureans meet each other, as both of them are slow and careful when making decisions. They will love each other's company as both of them are very similar to each other.

Taureans enjoy the finer things in life and these two will bond big time enjoying fine wine and dine or at an art exhibition. Taureans are thorough romantics and these two will woo and win each other subtly, but surely. In this relationship, the Taurus man finds all that he is looking for in the Taurus woman: a soft, understanding, reliable and homely female. Similarly, all the expectations of the Taurus woman are also fulfilled by the Taurus man, as he is simple, warmhearted, persistent and very romantic.

It is no wonder that this couple often ends up in marriage, of course after a very long phase of courtship. The Taurus man and Taurus woman marriage is also meant to last forever. Both these individuals are practical and balanced.

One will hardly come across temper tantrums or overly emotional scenes. Although each has a desire to be fussed over and cared for! Both have a very good aesthetic taste and enjoy any form of art with their whole hearts. Secondly, they are not very social and this couple often ends up spending the evening in their warm and comfortable home, in each other's arms.

Talking about their sexual compatibility, the Taurus is a very sensual sign with a huge appetite for sensual pleasures. And here, neither will let down the other! Another major factor that will keep this relationship going is that both these individuals are very loyal.

Once committed, they are extremely trustworthy and will hardly ever give their partners to doubt them. The love, respect and affection between the Taurus man and his Taurus woman will be forever. In most of the cases, they are faithful to each other, and will also make great parents to their kids.

Now, if you carefully take a look at the Taurus traits and personality, you will find these individuals are very stubborn and have a violent temper. Stubbornness is one such trait that can lead to clashes and differences between the two. Neither of them is willing to give way to the other!

Therefore, most of the arguments tend to end in stalemate. Secondly, although these individuals are calm and composed, they have a wild temper which can surface if provoked too deep. Taureans are also very possessive and even a hint of unfaithfulness can lead them to jealous rages. If these two traits of these individuals are curbed, they can simply be very loving gentle and balanced people!

best compatibility for taurus man

best compatibility for taurus man - Best Match For Taurus Man: 5 Most Compatible Signs For A Taurus Man

best compatibility for taurus man

Want to know the best match for Taurus man? Do you feel ready to settle down with your Taurus man, but not sure how your sign stacks up? The secrets of astral matchmaking are revealed with our guide to the 5 most compatible partnerships for a Taurus man. Relationship Astrology 101 Taurus, the celestial bull, is a child of the goddess of love herself, and is thus a both a highly gifted, prized, and sought-after lover.

But which sun signs actually make the best companions for the bull of heaven? In relationship astrology, compatibility is primarily based on the elements of the signs in question. In this case, Taurus is an earth sign, so in terms of both friendship and romance, your Taurus man is most compatible with fellow practical earth signs, Capricorn, Virgo, or another Taurus, and the soulful water signs, Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer.

Astrologically, this is due to the fact that earth and water are opposing elements, and as a general rule of astrological attraction: like understands like, while opposites attract.

Water provides some emotional release to the grounded, practical earth signs, while the stability of the earth signs is refreshing to the water signs’ tumultuous emotional life.

My clients often ask me if it is possible for compatible relationships to form between signs who aren’t of the same or opposing elements (in the case of Taurus, this would be fire and air).

Of course, each individual has a unique natal chart that creates a great deal of variation within sun signs–but again, recall our general rule: the most predictably compatible pairings occur between signs of the same and opposing element. Now that you understand the fundamentals of astral matchmaking, let’s discover the 5 most compatible signs for your Taurus man.

5. Taurus Two rigidly fixed earth signs unite in this lovely match. It may come as no surprise that like attracts like here. The beauty, loyalty, practicality, conservatism, and the desire for stability more than meets its match in another Taurus. Of course this pairing is bound to have some squabbles due to their stubborn natures and unbreakable commitment to achieving their goals.

No matter the size of the argument though, the two ultimately desire peace. At the end of the day, they’ll treat themselves to a luxurious dinner, fine wine, and have a happy ending before cuddling to sleep. They’ll wake up even more assured as to why they fell in love in the first place! You can read more about If you want to know 4. Capricorn Capricorn and Taurus, two strong earth signs, can give the appearances of being an ideal match for each other, and indeed, they are very compatible pairing.

Both are practical, conservative, driven traditionalists who have iron wills. Taurus will push Capricorn to succeed in the material world, climbing ever higher on the social ladder, whereas Capricorn’s steadfast commitment to discipline will be comforting to the routine oriented Taurus. These two classy signs will have a lot of money to spend between them, and they will spend big! The potential problem areas for this relationship involve Taurus and Capricorn’s need for mutual reassurance.

While both signs need to feel love, particularly Taurus, Capricorn can give Taurus the cold shoulder from time to time–a move that makes Taurus feel like his love is not being reciprocated. The second potential problem area involves the two signs’ love of routine and orderliness. The two can get so bogged down with their workaday routines and ambitious entrepreneurial ventures that they can quickly grow bored and disillusioned with life. The two signs must learn to break routine, and take some daily vacations from their regiments if they are to thrive together as a couple.

Otherwise, these two make an excellent power couple, and would thrive co-owning a business or other joint money-making venture. 3. Scorpio Opposites attract here in this intense but compatible intermingling of energies. What Taurus is in the material world, Scorpio is in the emotional world. The implication here being that the relationship dynamics will revolve around the collision of two worlds: the Taurean sensory world of food, pleasure, material success and stability, and Scorpio’s extra-sensory world of instinct, art, the occult, secrets, psychism and the intellect.

The sex, as you imagine is explosive. Being the exact opposites of each other astrologically speaking, this couple will fascinate each other to no end.

Both are also intensely loyal and possessive, so some extreme bouts of jealousy can manifest. However, there is a sense that these two signs fit together like yin and yang, and their strong bond, when mutually affirmed, cannot be so easily broken.

Read more about what a here. Or in general here. 2. Cancer Taurus and Cancer are a match made in domestic heaven. Taurus men have the natural desire to nurture and protect their partners–manifested in the material realm as a stable home environment.

Cancers are the sign of motherhood, nurturing, rearing children, the home, and all of its comforts–most importantly, food! These two signs are both incredibly loyal, and will work together to create a peaceful living environment free of any unexpected disruptions. Cancer and Taurus will comfort and nurture each other, and take joy in doing so, giving each other the stability, familiarity, and love that they both so desperately desire.

1. Pisces This is the match that fairy-tale love is made of. Literally. The sweet, dreamy, devoted and otherworldly Pisces will be the heavenly angel of the earthy Taurus’ heart.

It seems as though there might be some issues–Pisces lives in a fantasy world which is far removed from the concerns of the pragmatic and down to earth Taurus, but the love between the two, which is pure and affectionate, is the bridge which crosses the chasm in this case.

Pisces not only returns the affection of the Taurus, but embraces his willingness to protect her from harm, and provide her with a safe environment in which her daydreams can thrive. Though this relationship may initially appear to be akin to a space alien princess and a cowboy falling in love, the strong bond of affection and protection cultivated between the two signs can create and incredibly loving and harmonious relationship for the ages.

And there you have it, the 5 most compatible signs for a Taurus man. Good luck, ladies, and here’s hoping you made the cut. Do you have any experience dating Taurus men that you would like to talk about? Do you have any additional questions about Taurus compatibility? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Are you not one of the signs mentioned in the list of above, but still want tips on how to pursue a Taurus man? To discover even more secrets about your Taurus man, download my free May the stars be in your favor!

best compatibility for taurus man

With the lovely blending of the elements of Water and Earth, the Taurus and Cancer makes a flowery relationship which is nurtured by their deep love and similar requirements. Though the Taurus may rage out badly at occasions or Cancer may play some crabby tricks but usually this union is a calm one.

A Taurus man is basically a very humble and patient man with great strength of purpose. He is strong both mentally and physically and to a great extends stubborn too. He usually has a very soft corner for his dear ones and is always the one to pull through for the ones he cares about. When going for a relationship, he takes things quite slowly, demonstrating an incredible amount of patience to adequately evaluate whether a woman is the right one to grow old with.

Usually he finds Cancer woman a nice partner and provides her with the security and permanence she craves for with extreme loyalty and care. A Cancer woman is an extremely is sensitive and loving creature with caring words and supportive actions. Though she is deeply tender but at the same time she is very independent and strong willed woman with powerful way of flourishing her own career to achieve her financial stability. She desires to be taken care of and protected by her man more than anything else.

When loved by a strong Taurus man, she can become lovingly homely, deeply caring about maintaining a stable home and loving and supporting him in every possible way. A Cancer woman is an ideal match for fulfilling all of Taurus man’s needs. He desires constant love, support, and reliability from his partner, and finds himself unable to truly open up about his emotions until he feels that it is safe to do so and she provides exactly the nurturing, steadfast care that he needs in order to do this.

Though she is very cautious and takes time to get involved in a relationship but usually in this duo she is the first to become committed. Although Cancer female may find it difficult to understand the direction in which her Taurus male is heading at large, but she has an acute ability to understand the emotions and motivate him and be on his side through all thick and thins.

The Taurus man has the slow, persistent patience which allows him to see through the deep emotions of Cancer woman and tolerate her changing tides.

He makes her feel safe and protected, one of the primary needs she longs for in a relationship, and he is someone she knows that she can truly count on. While these two are very similar in a lot of ways and this is certainly the greatest reason, a Cancer woman is happy around her Taurus man. Certain complicated emotional issues can often pop up within the Cancer woman’s head that can cause some serious boat-rocking.

But since he is very stable and always ready to help his lady love, she won’t be commonly nagged by feelings of deep insecurity, saving their relationship from most of the tiffs and clashes. When both, the Taurus man and Cancer woman approach each other with their strong faith and lovable attitude towards each other they make an amazing pair.

The strong shoulder she gets and the sensitive touch he feels; keep them together with the assurance of support in every step of life. It is very possible for these two to keep each other happy for a lifetime with their sentiments and deep affection towards one another. They can walk miles quietly in silence admiring each other’s efforts or deeply cherishing their dreams and planning things to fulfill them. The Taurus male once completely in love with the Cancer female, leaves stubbornness and becomes very warm and promising towards her all needs and wishes while she leaves her insecurities long behind and becomes a calm lake with loads of love for the man of her heart.

Their oneness creates the magic of angels that keeps them bonded throughout their lives. Sexually, a Taurus man and Cancer woman share a very fulfilling sex life. Their love-making comes out very naturally and deeply with both passion and emotions at an equal measure to give them a satisfying experience. The powerful physical nature of Taurus man is more than sufficient to draw the often insecure Cancer female out of her shell and feel completely safe and secure to express herself in bed.

She feels extremely protected and coddled in the arms of her Taurus man while he feels deeply loved and respected by her response to him. Their sex life enhances her sense of being loved as much as it boosts his need to be needed. Though he may not always be able to understand the finer points of her emotional sensitivities and complexities, which could make his verbal communication, come off askew from time to time but he physically presents himself so intensely that she is left with no doubts regarding their oneness.

Her eyes will fix on his eyes. Her visual delight enjoys how much pleasure she is providing him, seeing his passion, his arousal, his difficulty in controlling and restraining himself. Generally the relationship of a Taurus man and a Cancer woman is very smooth and compassionate but still to keep it alive, they need to fight some devils.

The fears floating around in the head of Cancer woman usually result in her moods shifting from irritable, snappish, and hurt to outright depression which he, in turn, does not appreciate.

On the other hand, she needs to deal properly with the stubbornness of her Taurus man and avoid being bossy. They both are very possessive and to maintain a healthy relationship, they both need to be around each other and keep reassuring their mates. If they both learn to deal with each others’ basic differences, and start fulfilling the needs of other, then the two will be able to last a lifetime.

I’m a Cancer woman dating a Taurus man. We met on a dating site and we’ve been together for 6 going on 7 months. He said I love you first, which shocked me but I love him too. I have some insecurities but I’m hoping that this relationship works and hopefully we can go to the next level.

I’ve never dated a Taurus before and I’ve gotten more out of this relationship than I have in past relationships. A Cancer woman, I met my Taurus man in college. He went on a two year mission for our church and we got married when he came back. It’s been 42 years and we have always been compatible.

After long careers, we have retired with enough to travel far and wide. We just enjoy ourselves, our home and pets, so we don’t go much. We have been through a lot, but hardships just make us closer. I met my Taurus man online 3 years ago. Every single thing written in this article is about us. He is the one that found this article because we wanted to know how we connect through the stars as we are so content.

This is been the best 3 years of my life and now we are getting married this June. We are truly a match made in heaven.

I can’t even believe that I found a mate that was so perfect for me. Thank you for the confirmation. I went on my first date with a Taurus man last Saturday and I’m a Cancer woman. We’ve known each other 19 years but not very closely he was my boss 19 years ago for a very short while and I was married and he was in a long-term relationship as well. My husband died in October of last year. So far this week has been nothing short of beautiful. I have not laughed this much in so many years.

Hoping and wishing for a long lasting relationship Currently dating a Taurus man and I’m a cancer women. Met him at work. Awe man this guy is something special. Came out of a 10 year abusive relationship with a Sagittarius man.

My taurus has made me feel so safe and secure. Everyday he tells Mr how beautiful send smart I am. He’s constantly encouraging me to be great. There are still insecurities. He is quite the ladies man. It makes me nervous because I was cheated on in my previous relationship. But he is always reassuring me. I’m definitely in love with him. And he treats my 5 year old son (who’s a Taurus) like his own.

I have been talking to my Taurus boyfriend for a year now and been dating for almost a year. I have never been so happy. I have never felt this strongly towards anyone. I think as a cancer woman you need to understand you’re emotional and control it to make this work. I have high hopes for a long future together. We’re just friends and I just like him but my Taurus frnd was frnz with me since quite a long time.

We like being with each other and he still enjoys my touch of comfort. We are very comfortable cuddling each other hugging tightly n kissing each other. I know it takes a lot to be with a Taurian for a long term relationship but once you’ve got what catches their heart n minds they’ll find you hard to resist.

Being a Cancer girl, I don’t mind going slow on this guy n being patient because even if we don’t get into relationship we’re as happy being frnz n being in attraction n affectionate kind of thing. Till then for the other women who crave for their attention and love, stay patient stay lovely stay feminine and stay gentle and he’ll be all yours. Don’t forget to stay ambitious and confident even if ur not and he’s making you become that kind of a better person, its good for you and if not him you’ll definitely end up finding a good person soon because of him improving you to such an extent.

I read in a magazine this morning that the perfect match would be between a Cancer and Taurus. It got me buzzing with curiosity. I am looking for love but should such advises be taken to mind. And having now read some of the ladies’ comments, I am developing high levels of double about these prediction. im cancer women. I previously dating with taurus man for 2 years but before that we’re best friends for 1 year.

it is the most suffer and depress relation ever. his so stubborn don’t accept any of my advice ever, plus hard to admit his mistake. every time Im jealous he will mad at me, and said that I too emotional on small things. I always feel low and unloved when I be with him. we try many things to fix the problem but the relationship is getting tasteless and wasteless.

but the only good of taurus that they area so generous and patience. almost every day we fight and I cried. every night before I sleep I will think that we will no future together, even that time we still in relationship.

I know people said our zodiac is match, but I guess zodiac its not that 100% accurate. currently im dating libra guy for almost 1 years I never felt in love as much I love this guy, if based on zodiac cancer-libra is not match. so I assume that not everything is based on theory. if you find someone that you love even it a worst match just go with it because no such things 100% accurate. I been dating a Taurus male and I’m cancer woman.

Now it’s been 4 months n we already had some bumpy roads.. I have felt a bit of distance ., once I brought it to his attention things changed. he states,” he was upset with the fact he thought things were just going good “. So will he bounce ?back ..we have not been out in almost 3 weeks.

But he calls daily…what does this mean for our union? it’s soo true.. mee and my boyfriend have been dating nearly two years and at first we were on and off because our differences, what this article forgot to add was the cancers insane jealousy of the taurus natural ability to attract every woman around him ..

(besides the fact that i too attract men but its just different with the taurus man) … but we’ve worked things out & we are at the ppint where our relationship is damn near flawless … i promise, like the article i reassure him opuny love for him and how wonderful i think he is and in return he makes me feel so safe and loved its like webe known eachother all our lives, everything about him fits me like a puzzle..

we are so alike and so different in so many ways.. he has this strong build and personality that just brings me to my Avnet like heaven where ifeel so protected and safe i can’t help but love on him all day long, my fingers through his hair & massages every night, passionate kisses just when i leave to run to the store..

it’s like a fairy tail, it’s unbelievable .. i didnt know i was capable of this much love. I have recently started a relationship with a Taurus man. We have been dating for 4 months and it is true, he is very cautious about his feelings and we have taken things much slower than what I am used to.

Just this past weekend, we finally decided to become exclusive. Although during the conversation, we told each other that we were doing so before verbally expressing our feelings to one another. We are so in sync on so many levels. He is the kindest, most compassionate man I’ve ever met.

And he is very patient with me. Also, very stubborn. Sometimes it has been hard for him to understand my point of view because he cannot see past his own. But we have worked things out and it continues to blossom.

Being a Cancer, I am very insecure and doubt everything. Both from nature and past experiences. It has taken a lot not to fly off the handle with accusations and question everything he does or says. I try my best every day to not let my insecurities ruin what we have come to so far and push him away. It is a hard task but has made everything so far worth it. And every day, my heart opens a little more and my barrier comes down a little more.

I know in my heart I trust him and that he is a good and honest person who wouldn’t do me wrong. He is the first Taurus I’ve been with, and hopefully the last! I know it’s early but I could see myself with him for a very long time. <3 im reading all of the comments and i’m seeing a lot of negative comments about the cancer/taurus relationship.

in my opinion, any relationship can work if both ppl want it to work. for those of u who said Taurus men are time wasters, did u ever look at ur own faults and try to correct your own actions, before they left or before it was over? i’m currently seeing a Taurus man and yes, my mood swings may confuse him, but he stills here. realize a relationship is not 50/50 but 100/100, play ur part in being the best love of his life and that goes for any man.

ladies we gotta continue to do for him as when we first met him, when he slips up, let him know I met a taurus man 6 months ago, and fell in love with him. He’s very proud. This year he went to africa with his son he said. We made love before he left. Yesterday i heard his ex was with him, she and her 2 kids. They tried again but it didn’t work out. Sometimes he was angry at me, saying ugly things to me, instead of saying he was trying again with his ex.

He’s so cool to me, and hard, and all i did was loving him. He cheated and lied. What botters me most is that when i was with him, i looked him in the eyes and saw a good man.

I didn’t see he lied to me. That scares me, i think i will never trust somebody again. To kaitlan D U said-taureen men r time wasters. May b u said dis bcoz u don’t like thdm or u may’ve got cheated by any of such men.But I don’t agree wid u coz not all taureen men r time wasters.Most of them r very nice and hav a very attractive and good personality .I’m a cancerian and I hav a bf who is a taureen and he is the niciest person i’ve ever met.

I am a cancer girl and I am in love with a cancer guy. I have known him for a long time. He was a friends with my deceased brother. He makes me upset but i dont know if he does or doesnt know it but, he is afraid if he goes out with me my brother will haunt him when really my brother will be really happy. I am very shy and He makes me feel very close to my brother. I wanna know how I can make him not worry and just agree to go out with me NOT EVERYONE IS GOIN TO BE HAPPY WIT WHO THERE WITH SO USE THIS A CHEAT SHEET TO SEE IF UR DOIN THIS AN SOMETIMES CATCH UR SELF BECAUSE PPL THAT MAY READ THIS WILL GET SCARED AN ASK THEM SELF AM I DOIN THE RIGHT THING WEN MAYBE THATS THERE SOUL MATE SO PEOPLE DONT BE SCARED CUSE OF OTHERS PROBLEMS TAKE UR CHANCE TO TRY SOMETHING AN LET THINGS BE A LIL SLOW BECAUSE RUSHED THINGS NEVER WORK OUT AS PLANED I have been dating a Taurean man for two months.

We are so alike in so many ways. He is extremely intuitive. The big problem with us is, just when we are getting closer, he gets scared and backs off. He hasn’t replied to my texts for a whole day today. He seems to be looking out for other women as he is currently online on a well-known dating site. He had a very bad divorce about a year ago. It’s driving me nuts and killing my feelings for him.

Is this a “bad romance”? OK all this sucks! lol. of my past dating relationships, the ONLY ones I had that “why did it end” question towards are the taurus men. its like cancer woman / taurus men could work the BEST but..but..idk, its like the relationship was 99% there but that 1% just didnt agree. sucks! like i stated originally! (hahaha) happy dating people! I met this sweetheart whom i had only seen on a few occasions but never had any conversation with. We finally spoke and actually she was the one who struck up conversation since the Taurean in me is very cautious.

Things kicked off really quickly and I find myself longing for the tenderness of this cancer woman. It is funny, because i was in a relationship with a capricorn and i was seeing hell with her, but this cancer just knows exactly what to do. Since i am taurus, it is very confusing and difficult to follow but my patience is there. She feels exactly the same as i do and i think i wanna go for the long haul…:-D. i just met a cancer girl. i did not know that she is a cancer.

i just really felt like there is really something very special between us, we are not in a relationship. and then i found out that she is a cancer, and the whole internet is saying how taurus and cancer are very compatible…well, we will see Everything was set on, with my taurus boyfriend.

The part about taurus men being more inclined to resolve differences, really hit me. I’m not big on trying to resolve issues. I like to resolve them in my own head. I love to cuddle right up next to his heart, where I belong. Makes me feel secure, and I know it makes him feel the same. I most definitely accumulated fears that everyone is better than me for the person, and i’m not good enough for whoever I am with. I have been told differently so many times, but it still hurts.

I’m incredibly hard on myself. And for sure, don’t insult my family, the most important thing to me.

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