Best call of duty bo4 class setup

best call of duty bo4 class setup

CoD: BO4 | Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Best Custom Class Per Weapon In Multiplayer - Tips and Guide. Last Updated: 2018/12/7 07:29. Hot Topic. Check Out The Latest Best Weapons! Find out the best multiplayer custom class setup for different weapons in COD BO4. Get loadout tips from attachments and gear to perks and scorestreaks. Recommended Custom Classes. ICR-7. MX9.

best call of duty bo4 class setup

shroud Streamer Mike “shroud” Grzesiek was born on June 2, 1994 and is a full-time Twitch streamer. He is currently focusing on the battle royale genre including Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout.

Shroud is known for his high skill ceiling in Battle Royale & FPS games. Shroud’s Blackout settings are optimised for good visibility and high FPS. Shroud Blackout Settings – • DPI 400 • Mouse Sensitivity 9.80 • ADS Sensitivity Relative • ADS Horizontal 1.00 • • • • ADS Vertical 1.00 • Monitor Coefficient 1.33 • Mouse Acceleration 0 • Mouse Filtering 0 • Field of View 113 • ADS Field of View Affected • Auto Weapon Switch On • Weapon Switch Delay 0 Shroud Blackout Keybinds – • Reload R • Equipment E / Mouse 5 • Health Kit X / Mouse 4 • Special Ability Q • Interact F • Jump/Stand/Mantle Space • Change Stance/Slide C • Crouch (Hold) L-Ctrl • Prone (Toggle) Z • Steady Aim/Sprint L-Shift • Melee/Zoom CapsLock • Autorun H I’m always wondering how you can play that fast w/ a 400 DPI (cuz his arm don’t seem to move that much when he plays).

I’m at 2300, and tried at like 1000 recently and it felt sooooo slow….I think he’s probably switching b/w these 400 (when sniping/aiming) and a higher one when not ADS.

Anyway, big fan of this guy here, certainly the player I enjoy watching the most (and that’s a 38y old fart talking, not a big fan of streamers and all). • It will definitely be uncomfortable trying to get used to lower DPI. I was exactly like you before. I’ve always used higher DPI but about more than a year ago I switched to 400 DPI and got used to it. When I first tried 400, I had to switch back to my higher DPI because I didn’t like it at all but then later I forced myself to get used to it lol.

• I used to be like you and had really high DPI. I used to use 1400 DPI and once I told my friend’s that as we played other shooters/BR’s they said I was crazy and gave me a lot of reasons why and used Shroud as an example. I understand perfectly what you mean when you watch Shroud and he look’s so fast and you feel like it’s the slowest thing in the world but you have to ease into it. My friend told me to drop from 1400 to 1000 and then after a day or three; drop it to 750-800.

Keep slowly lowering it as the days pass and You’ll feel as fast as you did with your old DPI; it just takes time to adjust but once you do it’s pretty good. Think your a decent shot now with 2000 DPI? Wait till you get used to a lower setting like 550 which is my current setting. I’m landing way more shots and keeping my aim on point way better than any other time in my FPS life. This is already way too long and you might never see this but hopefully your also not making the same mistake I was which is having “Enhance pointer precision” enabled in mouse properties because it pretty much drops your DPI by like an extra 200-300 so 400 will feel like 50 lol.

• Many thanks to all replies above – didn’t see them until today. And thank you Saito, very helpful to know ! I have, indeed, the “enhance pointer precision” that is checked ! It feels like I’m going to do some testings and lower my dpi down progressively 🙂 ! I’ve got a global decent K/D on Black Ops 4 (average 2.4 @ ~370 spm on mixed TDM / KC), but my killcams always feel like I’m on steroids and it’s hard to follow/weird. I can turn all the way back very very fast, but my aiming clearly sucks compared to many people (always using SMGs because of that 😀 ).

• I run 5.4 at 400dpi and I’m owning with it. U just gotta get used to using wrist at long range and whole arm movements at close range. I’m global on csgo. Using 1.6 sens in that game. And doing well at this game. A lot of top players run low sens as u can be on accurate.

Mine defs is on the lower side of what u would want in this game but it’s what I’m used to and I can snap to heads faster at this sens after 10years of gaming with it… •

best call of duty bo4 class setup

best call of duty bo4 class setup - Best Black Ops 4 classes: 7 builds to help you dominate in Multiplayer

best call of duty bo4 class setup

The Vapr-XKG assault rifle in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is a highly mobile rifle with a good fire rate. It is strong at medium range an can compete with submachine guns at close range. It is best used by flanking and surprising enemies. You can fire the Vapr-XKG from the hip but it is better to fire it whilst aiming down the sights.

Remember to keep moving as you shoot to make it harder for enemies to hit you. Vapr-XKG Best Attachments The best attachments for the Vapr-XKG help you stay hidden whilst flanking and let you avoid enemy fire in a contested firefight. Use the suppressor to stay off the enemy radar when you fire.

Use the stock I and II to increase your movement speed whilst aiming down the sights. Vapr-XKG Best Gear The best gear for the Vapr-XKG helps you stay alive and surprise enemies. Use the body armor for a health increase after respawning. Use concussion grenades to stun enemies before moving in and taking them out. Vapr-XKG Best Perks The best perks for the Vapr-XKG protect you whilst flanking.

Use flak jacket to reduce enemy explosive damage. Use lightweight to help you move faster. Use ghost to stay off enemy UAVs. Vapr-XKG Best Class Setup Here is the complete best class setup for the Vapr-XKG assault rifle in Call of Duty Black Ops 4.

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best call of duty bo4 class setup

Treyarch’s Blackout has finally been released. Their Battle Royale mode, Blackout, will definitely steal a lot of players from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite.

There’s also Multiplayer and Zombie game modes available. Players always want to have the best possible performance settings for these Battle Royale games, as performance is everything in these kinds of games. You’ll want to use the most optimal settings, and we’ve got our take on that right here. First and foremost, ensure that you meet the minimum system requirements for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

If your system doesn’t meet these, won’t help – you still won’t be able to play the game optimally. It’s preferred that you also meet the recommended system requirements as well. if necessary.

Recommended System Requirements For Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 CPU Intel i7-4770K 3.5 GHz, or equivalent GPU GeForce GTX 970 4GB, AMD Radeon R9 390, or equivalent RAM 12GB OS Windows 10 64-bit version only HDD 90GB available space required PC Settings Playing Blackout on a laptop?

Make sure that the battery mode is set on “High Performance”. Also ensure that all your drivers are up-to-date, especially your GPU drivers as NVIDIA and AMD usually release new drivers ahead of these big launches.

But if you have an NVIDIA graphics card, we recommend that you perform the following optimizations. • Open the NVIDIA Control Panel and navigate to Manage 3D Settings • Select the tab Program Settings and find Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. If you can not find it, click on Add and try to find it here. (try running the game first and close it down again if you can not find it) • Set Maximum pre-rendered frames to 1 • Set Monitor Technology to G-SYNC (if applicable) • Set Multi-Display/Mixed GPU Acceleration to Single display performance mode • Set Power Management Mode to Prefer maximum performance • Set Texture filtering – Quality to Performance • Disable Vertical Sync • Enable Threaded Optimization • Set Preferred Refresh Rate to Highest available • Apply the changes and navigate to Adjust desktop size and position • Check the checkbox Override the scaling mode set by games and programs and click on Apply.

Optimize Your Black Ops 4 Settings Let’s start optimizing the game now. We’re aiming for 90 FPS on 1440p resolution with a GTX 1080. Please adjust accordingly. • Launch Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. • Open the graphics menu. • Set Display Mode to Fullscreen. • Set Display Resolution to your monitor’s native resolution. • Set Render Resolution to 100. • Set Vertical Sync to Off. • Set Texture Quality to High. • Set Special Effects Quality to Medium. • Set Texture Filtering Quality to Medium.

• Set Model Quality to High. • Set Screen Space Reflection to Off. • Set Small Object Culling to Medium. • Set Special Effects Shadows to On. • Set Shadow Quality to High. • Set Dynamic Shadows to All. • Set Weapon Shadow to Off. • Set Anti-Aliasing Quality to Medium. • Set Ambient Occlusion Quality to Medium. • Set Motion Blur to Off. • Set Subsurface Scattering to On. • Set Order Independent Transparency to Medium. Remember, these are our graphics settings.

We used these to get 90FPS on 1440p with a GTX 1080. Disable Windows Update Delivery Optimization We need to disable Windows Update Delivery Optimization now. Follow these instructions: • Open the Windows Start Menu and enter Windows Update settings and click on the search result for it. • Click on Advanced Options • Click on Delivery Optimization • Ensure that Allow downloads from other PCs is off.

Disable OneDrive We recommend that you disable OneDrive if you’re not using it. Right-click on the OneDrive icon on your taskbar and click on Exit. Optimizing Discord If you happen to use Discord, then ensure that you optimize it as well to boost your FPS in all games, including Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout, while Discord is running.

• Open Discord and go to the User Settings page • Open the Appearance tab and uncheck Hardware Acceleration Optimizing Google Chrome You can also turn off hardware acceleration in Google Chrome so that background applications executed by Chrome do not consume too many resources when you’re playing.

• Open Google Chrome and go to the Settings page • Scroll all the way down and click on the Advanced tab • Again, scroll all the way down and make sure that Use hardware acceleration when available is turned off • Relaunch Google Chrome and close it again Clean Your Temporary Files • Press start and search after %localappdata% and press Enter • Open the Temp folder • Press CTRL + A to select all files in the folder • Press the Delete button on your keyboard to delete these temporary files.

Skip the ones it can not delete. • Now empty your recycle bin You can also use – the free version will do the trick. Restart your PC and enjoy an optimized gameplay of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout! We also highly recommend that you invest some money in a , and a .

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