Best blogs about dating and relationships in india

best blogs about dating and relationships in india

Home » Relationship » Dating » 16 Indian Dating Culture – Customs and Relationships. 16 Indian Dating Culture – Customs and Relationships. Sponsors Link Although dating customs and etiquette in India has changed in some ways, all Indian share the same thought that marriage is an important, sacred things. Indian families valued marriage as sacred ceremonies, and that someone who got married is entering another level in their lives. According to Indian culture, marriage men and women has to be highly involved in all sorts of traditional ceremonies where singles couldn’t The Best Dating Site for A Serious Relationship – The Apps You Need to Install. What Should I Do When Boyfriend Kissed Another Girl While We Were on Break? Previous.

best blogs about dating and relationships in india

Unfortunately they don’t teach relationship advice in neither school nor college. Fortunately some smart people decided to investigate the topic anyway. After all, divorce rates are discouraging and we have all also seen the perfect martial bliss amongst some friends and family. So if they’ve got it, surely we must be able to find it too? Some have. And apart from some great books on the topic (see end of this article) there are some cool bloggers out there.

I’ve listed ten that I believe you could pick up some sage advice from. Most of these bloggers actually offer better advice than some of the magazines out there, which often only scratch the surface of things. The Huffington Post Whilst this online publication doesn’t offer a relationship blog per se, they have a love section and plenty of bloggers who contribute to it. As a result you get varied advice from a number of different people. What’s more, there’s a section for 50 plus as well, which gives us youngsters a bit of perspective.

You find it . The Urban Dater Again, this is a site with many contributors who write blogs on the topic of dating. It’s a great source if you want to browse through a number of different topics. You could spend an entire day browsing here. You find it . New Direction Dating by Robyn Wahlgast This blog will offer women insight into pretty much every aspect of dating a man – from online dating profiles to making him commit to marriage. “The rules” developed by this dating coach to attract and keep a man are likely to work well – they are built on male psychology.

However, ensure you always stay authentic as well. You find it . Evan Marc Katz This guy offers interesting insight into how men really think. His advice is sound. He’s straight forward. Like any one coach he doesn’t have all the answers for everyone, but it serves you to check out his blog because he sure has a few of them. You find it . Sam Owen Sam Owen is yet another relationship coach who offers some insight, both scientific and otherwise, into love and dating.

If you are curious to find out more about relationships in general, this blog is a great one. You find it . Single Dating Diva Alright, this blog is more about dating than actual relationships, but it’s worth reading anyway. A bit more low key, fun and not so serious in tone as some of the other blogs. Definitively something to browse instead of Elle or Vogue. And far better than Cosmo. You find it . Baggage Reclaim This is one woman’s take on love, dating and relationships.

And it’s an interesting take. The blogs are personal, relatable and easy to read. Definitively worth you checking in. And reclaiming that baggage of yours… You find it . John Grey John Grey made a name for himself by writing Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus and whilst I’m unsure how often he updates his blog, it’s well worth having a look at. After all, his book has a few points well worth considering, so his blog is likely to have some too. You find it .

Your Tango This site offers a variety of bloggers a way to be seen. The topics are all related to love, sex and dating. Some bloggers are excellent, offering great relationship advice, others not so much so. Thankfully you can pick and choose. It’s definitively a great site for discovering bloggers you want to follow as each blogger has a bio with links attached.

You find it . Kathy Dawson Yet another relationship coach who has a neat little blog. Her posts are often bite sized, making it a quick read. You’ll always pick up a nugget of gold, or two, from her words.

You find it . In Closing No one blog will fit all. Have a look around and see what you think about the blogs I’ve recommended. Also challenge yourself to read the blogs that don’t appeal to you at first.

After all, if you’re not getting the results you want, you might want to try something new. Besides, it’s always good to see why we resist certain advice. Though of course you have to use your judgment to – if you really don’t think something will work for you, it likely won’t. Just be sure to check what others have to say before you dismiss something entirely. There are of course great books on the topic of relationship advice as well. These books often address issues most couples come across at one point or another and which will help them be significantly happier together.

I personally recommend The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz, Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love by Dr. Sue Johnson, Receiving Love: Transform Your Relationships by Letting Yourself Be Loved by Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt, The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida and, if you are still dating, The Four Man Plan by Cindy Lu.

The last one not least because it’s a good laugh as well. And it has a very valuable message too. By – is a freelance writer, director and social entrepreneur. She’s also the spokesperson for and an avid . You can find her somewhere between Cape Town, London and L.A., where you will most likely find her in the hills, looking out over the city she loves.

best blogs about dating and relationships in india

best blogs about dating and relationships in india - 5 surprising lessons India taught me about love and relationships

best blogs about dating and relationships in india

Today is Day 6 of #LoveBlog with the prompt of Blogger Love. ! Post contains affiliate links. One of the reasons I write about relationship advice is because so much of the blogs on marriage give shit advice. The biggest problem is when a smug newlywed takes what has worked during her first few months of marriage and then writes about how that one trait is necessary for every single marriage ever.

Yeah, okay. I personally prefer when a married writer tells a story of a problem she encountered during marriage, shares how she & her spouse resolved that problem, and concludes with the lesson she learned. Then readers can decide for themselves whether or not that lesson applies to their own marriage.

Those are my favorite kind of blogs on marriage! Luckily, there are some awesome resources out there on relationships in general, and on marriage in particular. 1) The Gottman Institute blog gets the #1 position because its advice is based on science. Not just feel-good stuff that worked for the one couple writing a blog, but actual empirical research. Dr. John Gottman and his colleagues have spent and identifying behaviors that place a couple at risk for divorce.

Seriously, this is one of the best blogs on marriage. 2) This website isn’t just about weddings! A Practical Wedding also features a “Relationships” section with essays on relationships and marriage. It’s a refreshing take on how to survive and to thrive in a relationship, married or otherwise, in the 21st century.

3) Casey and Meygan have shared their own journey through marital struggles while offering practical advice to couples on how to improve their marriage. I definitely don’t agree with all of their advice (seriously, if one more person tells me I can’t spend time alone with someone of the opposite sex, I will scream), but I otherwise love the frank articles on sex and the encouragement to have hard conversations.

4) Dr. Corey Allan is a Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Ph.D. in Family Therapy. While his Christian faith influences his views on marriage, his blog isn’t overly preachy. Simple Marriage also offers free marriage courses to strengthen your marriage. 5) I freaking love Captain Awkward. She gives amazing advice about all kinds of situations. What I love best is that she often provides scripts for you to follow when setting boundaries or when bringing up a difficult situation with a loved one.

She doesn’t just give relationship and marriage advice, so even singletons should check out her blog! 6) So, this is more about dating/sex/relationships than it is about marriage. But honestly, even married couples can use medically-accurate sex advice! 7) Libby Anne blogs about topics other than marriage, but I love her feminist perspective on marriage and marriage equality. 8) I’m a little biased because I consider Charlene to be a blogging friend. One day we will meet in person!

She recently rebranded her blog to focus more on marriage. She and her husband have been together since high school, so she definitely has a fair amount of personal experience to share! 9) Amberly comes from a Mormon background, but her posts on marriage are refreshingly practical for couples of any faith. She writes about date night ideas, balancing marriage with a pregnancy/first baby, and the nitty-gritty of marriage, like finances. I also love her guest series featuring wives writing uplifting guest posts about their husbands.

() 10) More data! Does anyone else totally geek out when reading well-cited articles on hot-button topics like relationships? Most of the writers for Science of Relationships are college professors with a Ph.D. Really great thoughts here on dating, relationships, and marriage.

11) Who, me? I love writing about dating, relationships, sex, and marriage! I openly critique all the bad advice floating around while sharing my own experiences and ideas. 12) I’m an infrequent contributor to Role Reboot, so I’m again biased here. While the contributors to Role Reboot also cover life and family issues, I love their Sex + Relationships section. Some of the articles are general advice. Others are firsthand experiences that provide insights you might apply to your own life.

All of it is feminist-friendly. 13) Just ignore the fact that the first post states the myth that 50% of marriages end in divorce.

I am so over that myth and all the hand-wringing about the devaluation of marriage in America. Otherwise, Tony & Michelle Peterson share helpful resources to strengthen your marriage. 14) Edit 03/28/2018: The website Project: Happily Ever After exists again, but the marriage section hasn’t been updated since 2016.

Alisa Bowman chronicled the changes she & her husband made to save their marriage. She offers blog posts, interviews, and book recommendations to improve your marriage. What I especially love is her willingness to write about divorce.

Not all reasons are good reasons to stay in a marriage. 15) Have you read the viral post about divorce and dirty dishes? Yeah, that came from this blogger. Matt Fray is divorced and writes about what led to his divorce. He writes about his contributions to his divorce, but also his wife’s. He has some sexist biases (lots of relationship writers do), but overall, I appreciate his candid thoughts. 16) Bonobology shares real stories and relationship advice for Indian couples.

Blog categories include Relationships, Marriage, and Love, with subcategories like LGBT, In-Laws and Other Family Dynamics, and Spirituality. They also offer forums to discuss relationship questions with others. You can even submit a question to , all of whom have their degrees and experience listed. 17) Fawn loves her marriage and her life as a wive. She started Happy Wives Club to connect with other women who feel the same way. Her marriage blog offers date night ideas, gift suggestions, marriage advice, sex tips, and more.

Fawn has also written two books on marriage. 18) Married and Young is a religious blog on marriage, dating/courting, and relationships.

While the viewpoint is more conservative than my own, this website offers practical advice for both singles and couples, alongside religious blog posts. 19) Engaged Marriage offers practical tips to strengthen your marriage. While Dustin and Bethany Riechmann are Catholic, their website has articles that could apply to any couple. They do have some pieces that address religion, but if you’re not religious, you can easily skip those blog posts.

If you’re looking for more than their free advice, Engaged Marriage also sells multiple products to help couples. I’ve linked to 15-Minute Marriage Makeover, a book that I’m reading and applying to my own marriage right now!

It’s also included as part of the . Meet Your #LoveBlog Hosts! Meet Brita Long: Christian feminist blissfully married to Dan Fleck for almost two years. Lover of Paris, pink sparkles, sensible shoes, manicures, and books.

Fueled by hot tea and mimosas. // // // // // Meet Pam of The Coastie Couple: Coastie wife married to Josh for a year and a half. Experienced at fending for herself after a year of long distance and multiple deployments courtesy of the Coast Guard. Teacher, writer, lover of puppies, obsessed with anchors, and adventurous at the core.

Fitness and wine help her through the tough times. // // Meet Tayler Morrell: Mormon stay at home mom married to her best friend, Justin, for 3.5 years. Mother to 19 month old Rhys. “Retired” history and English teacher, runner, lover of video games, fantasy, books, and cooking.

Consumer of Italian food, chocolate, steak, and strawberries. // // // // Welcome to #LoveBlog!

best blogs about dating and relationships in india

and other dating apps certainly seem to be changing the way we meet people in the postmodern age, but does the normalisation of these technologies represent a significant change in the nature of intimate relationships more generally?

Some basic certainly suggest its use is very widespread, and growing…. • Tinder boasts 9.6 million daily active users • 20% of Tinder users say they’re looking for a hookup, 27% said they’re looking for a significant other, and 53% said they are looking to find friends. • Only 13% of Tinder users reported relationships lasting beyond the one month mark. • In 2016 Tinder expects to double the number of subscribers it has.

• On average Tinder Users spend 35 minutes a day on the app and swipe (left or right) 140 times. • The Washington Post reported one man’s success rate on Tinder.

He swiped right 203,000 times and got 150 first dates. That is a success rate of 0.6%. • Tinder is valued at $1.2 billion according to Deutsche Bank. Qualitative research suggests that there are a diverse number of ways in which people use these dating apps – somewhat obviously the major reason people use them is to to meet people, with the possibility of a hook up, but within this there is a huge variety of experiences – from people who use them several hours a day without a single catch, to those who use them successfully to enrich their sex-lives, or materially, by only dating rich guys who buy them things.

Two interesting documentaries to check out which explore dating apps (albeit in a non-representative way) are the BBC’s ‘‘ (only available until November 2016) and Vice’s ‘Mobile Love Industry’ The relationship between Postmodernity, dating apps and changing relationships The types of relationship facilitated by dating apps certainly illustrate many aspects of life in a postmodern society – such as individuals having more choice, and relationships being shorter lived, and thus more unstable and more insecure; while the fact that women are just as likely to use them as men demonstrates increasing gender equality and breaking down of traditional gender roles.

To what extent are dating apps changing intimate relationships? The question of whether the normalisation of these apps affects relationships and family life more generally remains to be seen – as it stands, it seems that it’s mainly younger people who use these apps before they ‘settle down’, and thus most people see them as something to use in your 20s, before looking for a serious long term partner later on in life. However, it could be that now these apps offer the possibility of a life of continuous hook-ups, that fewer people see the need to settle down with a life-long partner, but that remains to be seen.

A further question we could ask is whether or not Marxist or Feminist analysis of these dating apps might be applied to better understand their impacts? To what extent are these apps really about promoting consumption, for example, or to what extent might they perpetuate or challenge traditional gender norms?

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