Best speed dating with bookstores

best speed dating with bookstores

Bookstores can be a great place to meet a potential date. Looking for a computer geek? Hang out in the technology section. Want to meet the literary type?. Speed dating is a fun way to have several dates in one night. Though each program is different it basically works like this: Either men or women are seated at tables while the opposite sex rotates from one table to the next, spending a few minutes talking with each date. If a participant is interested in getting to know someone better, they submit that person's name at the end of the night Fitness clubs and gyms have become places to socialize as well as places to get in shape. The downside to meeting potential dates at the gym is that you are likely to be in sweaty workout garb when you do. Then again, they will, too.

best speed dating with bookstores

An independent bookstore can provide a place for friends to gather, a cozy environment to read, or a communal spot where people can bond over the love of books. But have you considered your bookshop to be a potential place where more than the love of books can be found?

Could your store deliver more romantic stories than the novels that lie on your bookshelf? We think so! Independent bookstore owners looking for creative marketing endeavors and fun bookstore promotion ideas should consider hosting frequent events that offer attendees memorable experiences. A unique event that will get customers and the community talking about your store is literary speed dating. This popular and fun bookstore promotion helps like-minded people connect with each other while connecting with your bookstore and seeing how fun it is to be there!

Bookstore Speed Dating and How It Can Increase Store Traffic What is better than sharing the love of books with someone who has the potential to be the love of your life? Speed dating is a matchmaking process that gives singles a chance to meet a variety of potential partners in a casual setting. The meeting usually occurs in a 5 to 10 minute time frame, called a mini date, and when the host signals that it’s time to move to the next “date,” everyone changes partners to meet another single.

At the end of the event, participants tell the host who they are interested in, and they are given their contact information. Your bookstore is the perfect location for a speed dating event, and a great way for your community to meet one another during a fun evening. Here are some tips to help you host the perfect speed dating event for your next bookstore promotion. Tips for Hosting • – Hosting a successful literary speed dating night as an independent bookstore can serve as great promotion.

You should begin to market and advertise your event a month or more in advance to ensure attendees have time to register and make plans to attend. Post on your social channels and share detailed information about the experience online. In addition to making signs and posters for your store, you might consider creating a Facebook event page and adding your function to local printed and online event calendars. • Choose a Theme – Adding a theme to your community bookstore event can attract more people and help attendees get in the mood to mingle.

Fun ideas include a literary theme featuring a certain book or subject, holiday-oriented themes, decades, or literary speed dating for certain age groups.

You could even host with a theme of making friends versus finding a dating partner. • Determine Your Fee – While not required,most speed dating hosts charge a fee in the form of a cover charge or registration fee which typically ranges anywhere from $20 to $50 per person. This is a great way to boost revenue in addition to retail sales.

• Make Guests Feel Welcome – Take the time to prepare for the event and make it as inviting and comfortable as possible, remembering that singles may be a little nervous starting out. Offer a few snacks, some drinks, and some possible ice breakers to help guests feel comfortable. A “happily ever after story” is an amazing marketing tool for future independent bookstore events.

• Stock Your Bookshelves- Make sure you are prepared for your attendees to shop. With over 17 million titles, we have an assortment of books that can help with hosting a speed dating bookstore event. Consider updating your endcaps, shelf- talkers or marketing displays to entice visitors to purchase new books for themselves or their new-found flames.

If You Plan It, They Will Come So, what are you waiting for? Plan your bookstore speed dating event today to promote your shop, grow store traffic, and increase sales. If you are in need of more inspiration about promotional bookstore activities check out these other blog posts on how to spread the book love!

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best speed dating with bookstores

best speed dating with bookstores - Book Club Speed Dating

best speed dating with bookstores

I have four times now witnessed hundreds of people go on hundreds of dates in only a few hours. I've then analyzed their post-date opinions about each other, and paired them off.

How? I organized literary speed-dating events at the bookstore where I work. Although I have not been speed-dating myself, organizing and witnessing speed-dating led to some interesting observations and reinforced some trends about courtship.

For the uninitiated, this is how Housing Works' speed-dating works: 35 or so women and 35 or so men sign up for the event, and we set them up based on age and literary interest. Each participant went on 10 to 14 six-minute dates. Since each woman would not have the opportunity to meet every man, and vice versa, because of the size of the event we also offered a post-official-dating mingle time for people to hit on each other the old-fashioned way.

At the end of the night, participants turned in a provided list of all the people of the opposite sex, indicating who they were interested in talking to again. (We did one of these events for queer women, but most of them were for straight men and women and most of my observations come from that.) If both participants indicated interest, each received the other's email address and they're invited to take it from there.

I like to think overall the setup is similar to online dating, which I have done, but I have often thought of as parallel to trying to meet someone at a bar. Some of the people you think you're attracted to are probably jerks, and some are diamonds in the rough you wouldn't realize are awesome until you talk to them.

But in real life, at least half of these strangers would be secretly coupled or otherwise uninterested. The advantage, both when online dating and speed-dating, is that you can at least reasonably assume everyone in the room is at least 1) single and 2) straight. Therefore, by the law of deductive reasoning (a.k.a.

science), these speed-dating lessons therefore apply to online dating, which therefore apply to all dating. Totally scientific. 1. People are picky. Especially Men. On average, men were stingier about the number of women they indicated interest in. Although more than one man has written "I'm interested in anyone who picks me," which is kind of disturbing in its own desperate way, and plenty selected a handful of gals to see again, overall men were much more likely to indicate interest in only one or two women.

However, one time I made fun of them for it in the opening remarks, and it changed: At that event, most men picked more than two women. So they might just be lazy, which won't surprise most women who have attempted to date men. 2. The more chances you take, the more dates you'll have It's obviously OK to not want a lot of dates, but just know—and I know it's pretty obvious but really know—that if you're imposing restrictions like height, other physical attributes, age, etc., you are dramatically restricting your potential dates.

I personally think a "type" is bullshit, though I understand that it might be hard to get past certain ingrained expectations. One of the reasons everyone signs up for "organized dating" is to meet new people. So meet new people. One woman I followed up with noted "I was less picky than I usually am when I chose who I'd like to see again," and was pleased to get matches as a result.

A couple of participants noted that they met people they liked whom they know they never would have met outside of the "controlled" dating environment. The tall, dark, handsome David Foster Wallace fan? You've been there. Go talk to the Game of Thrones guy. 3. More people are into you than you even realize *Most people at our speed-dating get one to three matches. However, for example, one woman who matched with two people had nine men who had indicated interest in her, out of 11 dates.

Almost all—I haven't actually done the math, but I would venture around 95 percent—participants had multiple people interested in them but whom they hadn't indicated interest in. Sometimes, sure, it's simply a missed connection, but I think it goes back to being more open in general.

Remember, with dating you're only committing to spending more time with this person. I'm sure not everyone is at their best during a six-minute speed-date, so if the answer to "would you continue talking to this person" is yes, give it a shot. Worst that happens is you get a good story out of it.

I feel very similarly about first dates: I would venture every human is nervous on a first date, because it's weird and awkward and, shit, you didn't know she doesn't eat gluten, and do you kiss at the end, and please don't high-five because someone did that to me once and it was horrible.

Second dates, on the other hand, can be amazing. You've survived the first date, some of the pressure's off, but you're (hopefully) still in that magical early place where just accidentally touching skin is thrilling and there's still so much to learn about each other.

Outside of dire incompatibility, always go on a second date. * 4. Women tend to make friends with other women while seeking men, which is awesome I went through an odd period in my mid-20s when I would go out to bars and parties and accidentally pick up women-friends instead of dudes to make out with. It was sort of great, and I think part of the decision to "put yourself out there" in a bar on a Friday night or while speed-dating in a bookstore is somehow pheromone-ally discernible or something, even in a platonic way.

At speed-dating I noticed some women exchanging information with each other, although one participant told me she "did meet some hilarious ladies, but we didn't stay in touch." I have not noticed men doing this at speed-dating, only women.

One participant told me "I considered the other men at the event as rivals in a somewhat unsophisticated animal-battle kind of way and made no friends with any of them." Women have also more often requested there be an option to indicate interest in men as friends only. Even though this sounds kind of sexist, along the lines of "guys secretly want to bone all the girls they're friends with," it's true.

So, be warned. —Written by Amanda Bullock for Have you ever gone speed-dating? Do you think these findings ring true? More From HowAboutWe: ©2018 Condé Nast. All rights reserved. Use of and/or registration on any portion of this site constitutes acceptance of our (updated 5/25/18) and (updated 5/25/18).

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best speed dating with bookstores

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On Tuesday, December 10th Strand Bookstore is hosting another round of , and Autostraddle Heroic Duo and will be starring as your rad hosts. Unfortunately I no longer live in The Best City In The World so I cannot attend, but I trust all of you single ladies (and otherwise identified homoqueers) to show up and look cute and make casual small talk about books and literature and graphic novels and all the other amazingly awkward topics of conversation you might broach with a perfect stranger while taking part in an activity like speed dating.

If you’ve ever attended Queer Ladies Speed Dating at The Strand before you know how fun it is and how at ease Gabby and Katrina can make you feel, and if you’ve never attended before all I can say is damn, you are in for a treat! Don’t you want these two to facilitate your Queer Ladies Speed Dating Experience? Let’s go over the basics: Strand Bookstore has continuously proven itself to be an excellent ally to New York City queer women.

The bookstore and it has continued to host the popular event which is both super well-attended and also super duper fun. (You can check out what past Queer Ladies Speed Dating events at The Strand have looked like and !) I have it on good authority that several Autostraddlers have found love at this event but for real, even if you don’t find a sexytimes activity partner you are guaranteed to make a few new friends, engage in some clever conversation, and enjoy some delicious treats.

There is no downside. No pressure but this could be you! Now that winter is properly upon us, Strand is back with the Holiday (?) edition of Queer Ladies Speed Dating. It will take place on Tuesday, December 10th at 7:30pm. Admission to the event is $20 per person and tickets must be purchased in advance.

Spots are limited so if you wanna go, make sure to ! Refreshments will be provided in the form of alcoholic beverages and yummy treats from , and prizes will be awarded to a few lucky participants from local restaurants and shops including .

Seriously, let’s do some math: cute single ladies plus Autostraddle’s finest hosts plus delicious food and drink plus literary trivia plus Strand Bookstore? All of that equals a best-seller evening in my very humble opinion.

and we’ll see you at The Strand!

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