Best scary dating stories on spotify

best scary dating stories on spotify

Scary Stories. You’ve never had sex to an audio recording of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven,” so there’s really no way to disprove that it doesn’t totally enhance the experience. I don’t know, make it weird. Listen! Sign up here for our daily Thrillist email, and get your fix of the best in food/drink/fun. Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and only has sex to the sounds of him having sex. Share on Facebook.

best scary dating stories on spotify

Latest Posts • Thursday 7:41 PM • Thursday 7:18 PM • Thursday 6:11 PM • Thursday 5:17 PM • Thursday 4:06 PM • Thursday 3:47 PM • Thursday 3:31 PM • Thursday 2:37 PM • Thursday 1:40 PM • Thursday 12:42 PM • Thursday 12:36 PM • Thursday 12:25 PM • Thursday 12:18 PM • Thursday 12:11 PM • Thursday 11:27 AM If you’re looking for the best podcasts on , you might be surprised at what you’ll find. While the streaming service has featured podcasts for years, its recently started investing in original productions and pushing them as a major component of its business.

Combining some of the largest podcasts on the internet, along with up-and-coming titles you might not know yet, Spotify has built an impressive arsenal of programming. Choices are great, but finding your new favorite podcast can prove daunting thanks to all the selection.

Don’t waste another second searching for a podcast to listen too. We’ve scoured the service looking for its best and brightest, from comedy to education to lifestyle advice. No matter what you want to listen to, here are the best podcasts on Spotify. on Spotify 1) Podcast fans may consider it blasphemy to pick The Adventure Zone over the beloved McElroy Brothers’ other show, My Brother, My Brother, and Me. They’re deeply wrong. This bi-weekly role-playing game podcast finds comedy’s favorite brothers playing original games loosely based on Dungeons & Dragons.

Adventures last for multiple 90-minute episodes, creating winding, hysterical story arcs that occasionally reveal deceptive levels of emotion. Even if you’ve never rolled dice, The Adventure Zone is a delight. 2) Guys We F****d bills itself as the anti-slut-shaming podcast, a place for comedians to interview their ex’s and today’s biggest comics talk the ins and outs of in and out.

Hosted by Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson, Guys We F***d is a brash breath of fresh air, with occasionally uncomfortable amounts of honesty. Providing a blistering look at modern dating, GWF isn’t here to judge you or your one-night stands. But it sure as hell wants to laugh at them. 3) Started in 2009, WTF is one of the longest-running and most-respected podcasts around.

Over the course of its nine-year run host, Marc Maron has interviewed the biggest comics, musicians, and movie stars on the planet, getting them to open up about their lives and secrets. Spotify may not host the show’s complete history, but it has an archive of six months of episodes awaiting you. Given Maron updates twice a week, that’s an absurd amount of content to check out.

Now you can see why WTF has still dominated the charts after almost a decade. 4) Hosted by real-life comedy power couple Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher, Put Your Hands Together features sets from four to five comics each week.

Drawing from newly discovered voices and comedy superstars like Maria Bamford, Put Your Hands Together is a free crash course through the modern comedy landscape.

Lovingly curated with an eye for diverse voices, there’s no better way to introduce yourself to new stand-up comedians each week. 5) The world may be burning, but that doesn’t mean you can’t revel in darkness when it makes you laugh. Picking apart their pet peeves, uninformed opinions, and gripes with the world alongside weekly guests, comedians Carmen Morales and Bryan Vokey’s No Sir I Don’t Like It is the cathartic serving of spite you didn’t know you wanted.

READ MORE: • • • The best educational podcasts on Spotify 6) The best work of New Yorker writer and best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell challenges your preconceptions of the world around you. Even when he’s telling a story you’ve heard a thousand times before, like the tale of David vs.

Goliath, for example, Gladwell brings new insight to his subjects that forces you to reconsider what you thought you knew. In Revisionist History, he tackles different aspects of our collective past—ideas, events, paintings, and other various phenomena—with a fresh lens. The roughly 45-minute episodes play out like disconnected chapters in one of his books, making it a little easier to commit to.

My favorite episode is about the one NBA season in which Wilt Chamberlin shot underhand free throws. True to form, the episode isn’t really about Chamberlin—or even basketball for that matter. It’s about why some great ideas don’t take hold, and what it takes to really go against the grain.

— Austin Powell 7) Stuff You Should Know is an award-winning podcast from the website HowStuffWorks, focusing each biweekly episode on a new subject you should probably know more about. Tackling topics ranging from foot binding to how attorney-client privilege works, with the occasional bit of weird history thrown in, SYSK delivers a smorgasbord of information for curious minds. Even though the show has had its own TV spin-off hosts, Josh Clark and Charles Wayne keep the podcast going.

8) Tackling folklore, urban legends, and weird history, Lore peeks under the bed to shine a light on how monsters got under there in the first place. Recorded with the spooky theatricality of an old-timey radio show, Lore is the scariest classroom on Spotify. Grab your crucifix and learn something. 9) When Netflix re-launched Queer Eye, the undeniable star of the new Fab Five was undeniably hairstylist Jonathan Van Ness.

His explosive sense of joy is infectious, his hairstyles are gorgeous, and he’s secretly a brilliant podcaster. Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness blends hysterical riffing with legitimately educational explorations of whatever topic is on Jonathan’s mind each week.

Episodes range from whimsical (“How Can We Be Less Rude To Bees?”) to brutally real (“How to Cut Suicide Rates Among LGBTQ Youth”), but thanks to trusted experts, it’s always educational. 10) Nothing makes a long commute pass faster than Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History , an epic in-depth examination of history’s most exciting stories. How epic? The average episode is about four hours long, with some spanning six. While that runtime may seem daunting, it’s also what makes the show shine.

Rather than glossing over complex subjects like the Asia-Pacific War of 1937-1945, Hardcore History digs deep, exploring the nooks and crannies school books leave behind.

It may be a bit of a commitment, but you’ll grateful for it. The best news and on Spotify 11) On NPR’s beloved game show Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me, celebrity guests and listeners run through a weekly news quiz full of jokes and puns while covering everything from geopolitics to bizarre local stories. The newspaper may not make you laugh, but these top stories will leave you rolling. 12) If you prefer your politics crass, raw, and socialist, Chapo Trap House should be a weekly destination. Hosts Felix Biederman, Matt Christman, and Will Menaker deliver a hysterical, and often brutal, look at American politics that leaves all sides bruised.

These notorious and acerbically funny bastions of the so-called “dirtbag left” have made plenty of enemies since launching in 2016. Still, under the vicious ribbing of the far right and conservative Democrats, Chapo provides an invaluable look at America’s current political landscape, even for listeners who might disagree with it. 13) Sick of one-sided partisan politics? Left, Right and Center is a weekly discussion talk show featuring Josh Barro of Business Insider, Rich Lowry of the National Review, and Katrina vanden Heuvel talking about the week’s news through the full political spectrum.

Don’t expect humor, but these three voices provide a compelling and needed look across the aisle at a time when America is dramatically divided. 14) Ana Marie Cox’s weekly interview show With Friends Like These is a place for open and honest conversation about the things that tear us apart.

Sitting down with political figures, writers, pastors, and activists, Cox creates an often funny, yet always informative, environment for discussion. From the rise of sex robots to issues with Evangelical complacency in social inequality, WFLT ‘s choice of topics is a continuously surprising treat. Cox’s politics are to the left, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t feature right-wing guests or give them time to speak.

Highly recommended for fans of trivia and obscure news. 15) Spinning out from the popular blog of the same name, this show takes letters from the audience about their personal experiences and asks their guest, Yo, Is This Racist? Hosted by Andrew Ti, YITR is a roadmap for understanding microaggressions and angry grandpas everywhere. Even if you’ve never personally experienced racism, this podcast is a revealing look at the experiences of the people around you. READ MORE: • • • The best love and lifestyle podcasts on Spotify 16) Comedian Nicole Byer may seem like she has it all—a hit Netflix show (Nailed It) , a hit Facebook show, sold-out shows across the country—but she doesn’t have love.

Why Won’t You Date Me chronicles her experiences in the L.A. dating scene, tackling topics like long-term dry spells, green card marriages, and dating your peers. It’s a cathartic romp through the hellscape of modern dating, led by a joyful host who never lets the darkness win.

17) Not everyone has time or money for therapy, but Spotify’s exclusive An Audio Guide to Happiness can serve as a helpful hug when times get rough. Taken from the Savvy Psychologist podcast, this playlist of mini 10- to 14-minute episodes focuses on science-backed methods of tackling depression.

Learn hacks for social anxiety, ways to practice self-compassion, and how to get your day flowing when the sadness is loud. Podcasts will never be a replacement for medical help, but if you’re hurting and broke, they can provide a moment of peace when you need it. 18) Ever had a question about sex you were too embarrassed to ask? Dan Savage has probably answered it already.

His long-running sex-positive relationship advice podcast takes calls from listeners about all their kinks and quirks. What happens when your husband of 30 years gets into BDSM?

How do you start to open your relationship? Is it OK to cheat, and when? You’ll have to tune into the uncensored, funny, and brilliant Savage Lovecast to find out. 19) The most controversial religious podcast around has found a home on Spotify, much to the chagrin of uptight youth pastors everywhere.

Founded by three members of the Christian screamo band Emery, BadChristian explores the controversial angles that don’t get discussed in church. Speaking to the faithful from every end of the spectrum, from conservative pastors to trans Christians, BadChristian is addictive even if you’re not a Christian.

It might take a few episodes to get used to all the swearing, but if they talked like this in church when I was a kid, I’d probably still go. 20) There’s an old parable that states there are two wolves inside every person who are always fighting. One wolf represents your light, things like kindness and love; the other your darkness, greed, and fear.

Which wolf wins, the parable states, is the one you feed. The One You Feed is an essential longform mental health podcast from Eric Zimmer, featuring weekly conversations from experts in the mental health field. Past discussions include the benefits of meditation, how the mind works, and dealing with lost connections after depression.

Bonus podcast on Spotify: We may be biased (OK, we’re definitely biased), but our new podcast, , is worth being added to your weekly rotation. Each week, —”actors who perform weird internet stuff on stage”—delve into a different internet rabbit hole: , , , , , etc. Better still, they speak with experts in those communities to get a first-hand look at what makes them tick. It’s as fascinating (and educational) as it is funny—and it’s damn funny. (Licensed) Need more help?

Here’s everything you need to know about and . You can also change your , , and . If you’re looking for something to listen to, here are the , , and the .

Editor’s note: This article is regularly updated for relevance. John-Michael Bond is a tech reporter and culture writer for Daily Dot. A longtime cord-cutter and early adapter, he's an expert on streaming services (Hulu with Live TV), devices (Roku, Amazon Fire), and anime.

A former staff writer for TUAW, he's knowledgeable on all things Apple and Android. You can also also find him regularly performing standup comedy in Los Angeles.

best scary dating stories on spotify

best scary dating stories on spotify - What to Bring on a Date? 10 Good Things to Remember

best scary dating stories on spotify

However, knowing how to navigate Spotify in order to actually find the perfect love-makin’ music takes some skill and talent that not everyone possesses. Spotify’s “Browse” feature gives you dozens of playlists to subscribe to, but not knowing which direction you should head in can end the night with blue balls and Buzz Ballads. Bump n' Grind Perfect for the couple who still believe in passion, want to keep it old school, and can only climax to the angelic voices of D’Angelo, R.

Kelly, Usher, and Beyonce. This mixture of classic and nouveau R&B is what you need to get the engine running. OK, no more idioms, you’re gonna bone real good to this playlist -- especially when “Pony” by Ginuwine comes on. Island Reggae For those out there who always wanted to take a trip to Jamaica, have a week-long fling with a local girl, and make sweet love by the surf to the sounds of the ocean.

So, you never saved enough money to book a flight to the island, big deal: try this playlist instead. It’s relaxing, it’s exotic... it’s the aural equivalent to eating a fish taco while wading in the ocean. Let “King of Kings” by Elijah Prophet guide your body. Just make sure you don’t get any sand in the bed. 90's Baby Makers I mean, it’s all in the name. Baby makers. With just a tad less grinding and more cuddling than the first playlist, these soul-driven songs are for the couples who are less into smashing guts and more interested in smashing souls.

Or something like that? Plus, "Please Don’t Go" by Boyz II Men has never ended in anything but coitus. That’s a fact. Love Songs for Robots Simply put, this is a weird playlist for weird sex. It’s about as far away from the "classic" love-makin' music as you can get... which gives it its charm. It's all electronic, which is easy to tune out and use as background sounds so you can really concentrate on what’s important: making your partner get all squiggly.

Dance Workout A sex playlist doesn't have to be labeled as so, but rather just needs to provide the right tempo and beat to get two people in the mood for fun. This playlist, filled to the gills with dance remixes of songs like "Single Ladies" and "Toxic," is perfect for those high-energy love sessions that come about on post-club Fridays, pre-brunch Sundays, or nooner Wednesdays.

An Indie Love Affair God, remember when Garden State came out? Remember all the passion and feelings you had while watching Natalie Portman and Zach Braff make weird sounds in front of a fireplace? It didn’t make sense and it didn’t have to make sense -- all you had was your amateur romance and The Shins...

the band that would change your life. Natalie’s words, not ours. You’ve got the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Father John Misty, and Passion Pit to guide your millennial love to pleasure town.

best scary dating stories on spotify

Haunting horror and the eerie tales of scary stories with Spooky Boo. I tell stories from the deep frightening depths of the internet. On Sundays, I take your calls of your true scary stories of the paranormal, ghosts, aliens, hauntings, demonic possession, true crime, supernatural, and the unexplained.

A multiple story, full-cast horror-themed audio storytelling podcast, spun off from Chilling Tales for Dark Nights and its popular YouTube channel of the same name. The show features a myriad of talented vocal performers and the work of dozens of independent and previously-published contributing authors.

Like telling ghost stories around a fire with your best friends, Katy Wiggins and Morgan Drisko are your warm and hilarious hosts and camp counselors.

Tired of hearing about the same famous ghost stories? With laughter and joy they tell some of the strangest and most obscure stories from paranormal television shows. So join them at Camp! Wrap yourself in a warm blanket with some hot coffee as leaves rustle around you and spook yourself silly. Turn off the lights, get into bed and plug in your earphones. It's time for a creepy bedtime story.

For the discerning horror fan, we cover the most chilling cases from around the world. From the paranormal to the supernatural, unsolved mysteries and strange deaths to cryptids, conspiracy theories and the most disturbing of true crimes, all told in a unique and creepy way. Join us every week for a new scary TRUE Scary Stories, REAL Ghost Stories, and CREEPY Animal and Cryptid Sightings.

This is Darkness Prevails, a horror podcast that specializes in giving you nightmares. With non-stop horror stories, you can finally die happy and afraid.

Just remember, this world is a strange one! Become a supporter of this podcast: We are so excited to launch this thing and we are even more excited that you have decided to join us on this wild adventure!

Stories of a Sparrow started with conversations around the table. It was a place that we felt comfort and solace in each other as we began to open up about the things going on in our hearts. As we began to share life with each other we found something special. We found being vulnerable and open with each other as scary as it was brought so much life and energy.

We bega ... LGBT Stories documents the struggles, hardships, questions, joys, eye-openers and more, that many in the LGBTQI community have faced as they've opened up with the public, their families and most importantly themselves about their true identity, the decision to come out and what life is like today for them. Do you like scary stories?

Do you like tasty beer? Then join ghost gals and besties, Melissa and Vanessa as they try to scare the pants off each other (in the best way possible). Every week the gals bring in a different ghost story matched with a thematically appropriate beer, and at the end of each episode Engineer Bob picks a WINNER!

Who will win this week? How many terrible accents will be featured? Who will be the first to launch an epic beer burp? Subscribe to find out! Cheers, boo buddies! Scott and Forrest have been called the 'Click and Clack of esoterica' by their listeners. Their mission is to take a look at legendary strange and unusual events from throughout history and interview people who've had close encounters with the unexplained. They strive to bring you everything that's entertaining about those stories and remind you that it's ok to laugh at scary stories sometimes.

Put your headphones on, settle in for your commute and get ready to experience a show like nothing ... On the Stories Podcast, we perform a new story for your children every week. The stories range from retellings of fairy tales like Snow White to classic stories like Peter Rabbit and even completely original works. Everything is G rated and safe for all ages. The perfect kids podcast for imaginative families. Whether you’re driving with your children or just want to limit your kids’ screen time, Stories Podcast delivers entertainment that kids and parents alike will love.

Welcome to Lotsa Pasta! This is the Podcast led by your Host -Captain Death- where we read scary stories from sources like Reddit/NoSleep, CreepyPasta, TrollPasta, Unsettling Stories, Stories to Read Alone at Night, and MANY MANY more with different guests almost EVERY WEEK!

Join us for some casual spoopy spoopo conversation about Horror Films/Shows/Books/Games/etc and then sit down, spark it up, and get ready for some stories around the campfire with me and all my friends. FOLLOW US ON FACE ... As beautiful and bustling KL is, the capital city can also be scary & intimidating place for many. Providing a helping hand to explore the undiscovered gems and stories from in and around the greater valley is I Love KL, the show that brings you closer to the people and places of our beloved capital.

(Listener Discretion is Advised) Subscribe on Apple Podcasts now to get new releases bi-weekly! Join host K-Town as she shares true stories of terrifying experiences to satisfy even the most jaded of appetites. Wanna hear more podcasts? Join our exclusive Patreon Community and killer rewards! Subscribe to my other podcast Mysterious Radio! The Wicked Library is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to bringing you stories of horror by the newest and best independent authors. We showcase original short stories, from various horror sub-genres, dramatically read by talented voice actors.

Stories feature musical scoring to create truly immersive experience. Enjoy a story? Most of our authors have more stories available on their websites, own podcasts, Amazon pages and elsewhere. Hosted and produced by Daniel Foytik. This podcast is about strange medicine. I will use my experience as an ER nurse to explore the world of medicine. True Crime, coroners cases, medical mysteries, bizarre treatments from around the world, scary diseases and medical breakthroughs. Real life stories from the Emergency Room.

Sometimes it's the cure that kills you! Award winning English Broadcaster, Phil Holmes - takes a look at the latest world's paranormal news... with the odd dash of humour (Ghost, UFO, Alien, Monster and Paranormal stories).... plus, the best in paranormal guests, telling their stories. Support the show by joining our Patreon campaign. - *If you're NEW to the podcast, start with the NEWEST episode!* True stories of the supernatural as told by real people with your host Jim Harold. Den of Geek said this of the show: Jim Harold’s Campfire is perhaps the best tool we have currently in existence to hear real-life scary stories from other human beings since the actual campfire was invented. Jim agrees. Tune in and get your spooky on! Most people have a variety of feelings when it comes to cemeteries.

Each Friday, join Jarod Terrell, a former Cemetery Sexton, as he shares stories of his time working in the cemetery industry. If you always had a fascination with gravesites, cemeteries, headstones, and horror/scary stories or films this podcast is for you. Welcome to Cemetery Tales Podcast.

Enjoy! Yeah No Yeah is the fat brain baby of two very old men trapped in the bodies of two sort-of young women: Molly Kendrick and Katie Joy. Season 2's theme is scary stories, ghosts, witches, the occult, Tinder dates — anything that that gives us the willies.

In season 1, we gave our friends terrible advice that they didn't ask for. Also, there was one episode where we just talked about Lil Wayne. We're crazy! Tune in and let's laugh ourselves into early graves. Relationships are central to what it means to be human and to create. We are all creators in some shape or form and we are all figuring out how to love, how to accept it and show it and the scary thing is there is no right way. We are all figuring it out as we go and these are the stories that share how love in it's various forms helps us put things out into the world.

Welcome to the ESCAPE THE ZOO podcast, where we interview leading wildlife photographers, conservationists and scientists to learn more about the awe-inspiring species that we share this fascinating planet with. Guests of the podcast have traveled to the the edges of the world to observe, photograph, study and support wildlife in their natural environment and, as you probably can imagine, now have some of the most exciting, scary, crazy, extreme, and beautiful stories that I have ever heard.

... The Travel is Real is a podcast about hearing captivating stories from adventures abroad. Each guest on the episode reveals an experience which occurred while traveling, backpacking, or living abroad.

These stories range from fun, comedic, risqué, to bizarre, gross, harrowing or horrific. As long as the if the narrative is intriguing, I want to hear it! Typically if an interview revolves around an arduous, dangerous, or harrowing narrative, the guest and I will give advice and tips, so liste ...

These tales of supernatural suspense by Soren Narnia adhere to the most primal element of storytelling: a single human voice describing events exactly as it experienced them. The stories, stripped of even proper titles, spill forward as taut, uninterrupted confessions. Knifepoint Horror leaves nothing but the story's riveting spine to compel and chill you to the core.

Music by Kevin MacLeod. These stories are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, mean ... Spooked features true-life supernatural stories, told firsthand by people who can barely believe it happened themselves. Be afraid. Created in the dark of night, by Snap Judgment and WNYC Studios. WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other leading podcasts, including Radiolab, On the Media, Death, Sex & Money, Nancy and many others.

© WNYC Studios The Black Tapes is a bi-weekly podcast from the creators of Pacific Northwest Stories, and is hosted by Alex Reagan. The Black Tapes Podcast is a serialized docudrama about one journalist's search for truth, her enigmatic subject's mysterious past, and the literal and figurative ghosts that haunt them both. Do you believe? Tanis is a bi-weekly podcast from the Public Radio Alliance, and is hosted by Nic Silver.

Tanis is a serialized docudrama about a fascinating and surprising mystery: the myth of Tanis. Tanis is an exploration of the nature of truth, conspiracy, and information. Tanis is what happens when the lines of science and fiction start to blur... Support TANIS to hear exclusive MINI and BONUS EPISODES and more! Please rate and review on iTunes if you enjoy TANIS! http:/ ... Guest host Robert Sean Leonard presents three provocative holiday stories.

An ambitious tree learns a life lesson in “The Fir Tree,” by Hans Christian Andersen, performed by James Naughton; God lets her hair down in “Interview with God,” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, performed by James Naughton and Jayne Atkinson; and a gangster is not so jolly in K ...… Missing 411 is a book series and documentary discussing the thousands of unexplained and often supernatural disappearances in America today. Well, these 10 people have come forward with their own almost taken stories!Review my iTunes Podcast! and Other Sound Effects Provide ...… Things aren't always as they seem and sometimes the real meaning of holidays isn't what you think.

There are rumors that Christmas isn't really about the birth of Christ, but a decoy. Perhaps this creepypasta story "A Christmas Story" by DrBobSmith, will shed some light on your doubts. Story A Christmas Story by DrBobSmith http://creepypasta.wi ...… On August 13, 2018, Shanann Watts missed a doctor’s appointment, followed by a meeting.

Concerned, her friend Nickole went to her house to find the pregnant 34-year-old mother missing, along with her two daughters, Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3. Shanann’s husband, Chris Watts, appeared in a televised interview on August 14, telling the public how he ...…

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