Best marriage not dating kdrama eng sub episode 6

best marriage not dating kdrama eng sub episode 6

English Marriage.Without.Dating.E05.720p.Webrip. orientalsubsblog Subtitles by KDrama/Crunchyroll ; re-timed to 720p WITH. English Marriage.Not.Dating.E14.140816.HDTV.H264.720p-With. mcromance. Subtitles by KDrama/Crunchyroll ; re-timed to 720p WITH. English Marriage.Not.Dating.E13.140815.HDTV.H264.720p-With. mcromance. Subtitles by KDrama/Crunchyroll ; re-timed to 720p WITH. English Marriage.Not.Dating.E10.140802.HDTV.H264.720p-With. mcromance. Subtitles by VIKI ; re-timed to 720p WITH Marriage.Without.Dating.E08.2014 تیم ترجمه opus-sub. Farsi/Persian Marriage.Without.Dating.E06.2014. kiimiia77.

best marriage not dating kdrama eng sub episode 6

Title: 연애 말고 결혼 / Marriage Without Dating Chinese Title: 不要恋爱要结婚 Also Known as: Marriage Without Love / Marriage Not Dating Genre: Romance, Comedy, Family Episodes: 16 Broadcast network: Broadcast period: 2014-July-04 to 2014-Aug-23 Air time: Friday & Saturday 20:40 Synopsis This drama is about a man who doesn’t want to get married and a woman who has no luck in marriage prospect.

Gong Ki Tae () is a successful and happy bachelor who does not want to find himself a wife. He believes that his life is perfectly planned, and being single is the only option he accept. However, his family is badgering him to marry, and to get them to give up on their efforts, he then comes up with a plan to introduce Joo Jang Mi (), whom he thinks will never be approved by his family… Cast Main Cast as Gong Ki Tae as Joo Jang Mi – as Joo Jang Mi (young) as Han Yeo Reum as Kang Se Ah as Lee Hoon Dong as Nam Hyun Hee People around Joo Jang Mi as Na So Nyeo as Joo Kyung Pyo People around Gong Ki Tae as Shin Bong Hyang as Gong Soo Hwan as Noh Jum Soon as Gong Mi Jung People around Lee Hoon Dong as Hoon Dong’s mother Other as woman who has an affair with Soo Hwan as Chef Uhm as Uhm Dae Sik Cameo as woman on blind date (ep.1) as judge (ep.1) as man in nightclub (ep.2) as Ki Tae’s aunt (ep 4) as power blogger (ep.13) as Richard (ep.14) Production Credits Production Company: IOK Media Director: Song Hyun Wook, Lee Jong Jae Screenwriter: Joo Hwa Mi Episode Ratings Date Ep Title Nationwide 2014-07-04 1 The polite way to break up 0.85 2014-07-05 2 Widespread advantageous kindness: Maintaining your fishpond 1.36 2014-07-11 3 Being happy on your own 1.75 2014-07-12 4 For whom we cook pancakes 1.57 2014-07-18 5 Words I can only say to you 1.90 2014-07-19 6 Me, who looks alone, isn't alone, but seems alone 1.51 2014-07-25 7 I'm okay, even though I'm not okay 2.21 2014-07-26 8 Marry me if you can 2.13 2014-08-01 9 One night in a faraway place 2.38 2014-08-02 10 The thing that cannot be revealed until the last moment 2.00 2014-08-08 11 Confession (Go Back) 2.61 2014-08-09 12 Can true hearts resonate with each other?

1.97 2014-08-15 13 Don't lean and don't expect 3.31 2014-08-16 14 Sorry for not being cool / Thanks for not being cool 2.05 2014-08-22 15 Two women who loved one man 2.28 2014-08-23 16 Nevertheless, marriage 1.62 Source: AGB Nielsen *** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels.

So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. *** Poster Related Photo & & & & & & • • • • 439 Comments • 1 : anne Says: well, guess it’s the first comment here.. really looking forward to this!!!

• 2 : wild@ Says: interesting storyline, must see this drama….! • 3 : rona Says: yah..looking forward to this drama also…:) • 4 : sasya Says: me too, i miss han groo’s drama • 5 : Says: looking forward to this drama… 🙂 • 6 : fahriah Says: haven’t seen this drama yet.. I guess this is an interesting n nice drama. looking forward to this drama soon.. • 7 : momO Says: I like yun woo jin after watched secret love • 8 : Sharon Says: Will watch! • 9 : park jun sung Says: finally its come out • 10 : park jun sung Says: wah the poster look so great… poster 1 : poster 2: • 11 : Says: I can accept this drama, if is Marriage Without dating, but if, the drama is Marriage Without Love then better don’t get married since a marriage with no love.

In olden days, marriage in China was a couple married with no dating. It is through match make lady that match make the couple and only on the wedding day, the bride then know how does her husband look like. And now back to modern days, if, the marriage without love, by getting married will become a suffering.

Don’t understand the title of this drama, Chinese Title: 不要恋爱要结婚 in English means, Want To Get Married With No Dating At All. But the drama of this title Also Known as: Marriage Without Love / Marriage Not Dating. That means a marriage with no love and how can a marriage can work out in this way, if, it’s no love.

I don’t understand what is the writer trying to tell viewers in English, the real meaning of this drama. Anyway, I will watch the first few episodes, if, it’s nice I will continue to watch the drama and hopefully it’s a sweet romantic drama. And please , this drama don’t make to melodrama and I hate melodrama, it makes me quite tired and sad to watch melodrama. • 12 : Rina Says: Han Geu Roo, one of to-be rising star after “One Warm Word” Yeon Woo Jin, another recognize actor to be.

I think, the drama is pretty interesting, yet confusing when I see the trailer. • 13 : merci Says: hello Everyone! would you like to come to Korea to study? Our school Vision University of Jeonju is offering Korean Language course and other college courses. if you are interested please feel free to email me at • 14 : Queens Says: Definately watch this drama • 15 : maemae Says: It begins on Independence Day-4th of July…will watch it!

• 16 : maemae Says: The side by side photos of the bachelor/bachelorette celebratory parties are hilarious! The women are enraptured with glee, while the men are sulking…or appear to be in remorse over losing their freedom!

LOL • 17 : B2st Says: Can’t wait….^0^ • 18 : windy sides Says: i can’t wait • 19 : park jun sung Says: tooodaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy • 20 : sharifa Says: hi guys, i wanna watch this drama but i don’t know the website with english sub can someone plaz help me • 21 : park jun sung Says: @sharifa : • 22 : Says: I have finished watching episode 1 at Taiwan website and currently this drama does not have English sub-title.

For viewers who are expecting to have English sub-title, i have no idea on where can we find the website that’s providing this drama with English sub-title ? For viewers who can read Chinese sub-title, you can watch this drama at Taiwan Tudou website.

After watching episode one, i have realised that Ki Tae does not want to get married and his mother mistaken Jang Mi was the girlfriend of Ki Tae. Something leading to mystery was, Ki Tae was threatened by his mother in certain ways and if, Ki Tae wanted to pretend that he got a girlfriend that was Jang Mi and lied to his mother, he will be facing more challenges ahead.

No marriage can work out smoothly without the truth love. Looks like Jang Mi is a sweet lovely girl, but, Lee Hoon Dong does not love Jang Mi and Lee Hoon Dong is the best friend of Ki Tae. Ki Tae wanted to be a happy bachelor , I guess with the beauty and sweet look of Jang Mi, maybe, Ki Tae may change his mind to continue being a bachelor. The problem is, will Ki Tae can fall in love with Jang Mi ?

And the greatest problem is, will Ki Tae’s family members can accept and like Jang Mi and looks like Ki Tae’s mother is not a simple minded woman. Will Ki Tae’s mother will be able to love and accept Jang Mi and with her expectations that she’s expecting to have the type of daughter in law that she wanted and hoping for, what’s the consequence of her decision upon inviting and seeing Jang Mi when Jang Mi will be cordially invited to their house.

Looking forward to watch episode 2, I really wonder will Ki Tae will really fall in love with Jang Mi ? • 23 : Anchel Says: Just finished watching epi 1 with eng sub at gooddrama… first i was reluctant to watch the drama since the lead actor was the seducer of the girl in When the Man Loves… but in this drama he is just lovable and quite handsome and the girl is innocently sweet… surely i will follow this drama.

Aigoo! my week is now loaded with such exciting dramas… King of High School, Fated to Love You, Marriage without dating and Hotel King… Kdramas Fighting! • 24 : park jun sung Says: finished download n try to watch it 😀 • 25 : Micc Says: I love tvN!

Always refreshing and with high quality. • 26 : dinaz Says: Omo this drama was not on my watch list,just watched it out of curosity..loved it alot..

Its so intersting,han groo so cute,loved her styling so sweet and pretty.. the yellow haired guy omo omo someone please throw garbage on him,such a pathetic loser,how can he avoid a girl like this and go to the extent of calling police.aaaaahhhh!LOSER i hate him,hope he gets dumped by someone later in the woo jin looks young as a plastic surgeon but other than that he is nice 🙂 jandi’s mom from bof she looks so different now,she looks younger!! cant wait for ep2..

Nice drama @Micc agree with you tvn dosent disssapoint 🙂 • 27 : Says: i like Han Groo so pretty and funny ^^.. can’t wait for next week.. wedding wedding hahaha.. 😀 • 28 : B2st Says: Wach… this drama so cool & funny… Lov MWD verry much… Can’t wait next eps… I know Yun Woo Jin, when I watched Arang and the Magister… and I lov him…hehe And in this drama I lov him more…haha • 29 : Iris Says: This drama is so hilarious… Watch with Eng subs on Kdrama • 30 : piggyback Says: this is funny and lovely drama • 31 : imyojz Says: i had so much fun watching this drama..

lol.. They have good chemistry together… YOU GUYS BETTER WATCH THIS DRAMA I’M SURE YOU’LL LOVE IT TOO 😉 MAHAL KO KAYO! • 32 : dinaz Says: Ep2:the story is getting more and more better,love it chincha.. 🙂 after watching a lot of heavy dramas this drama comes like a breath of fresh air..its so funny and very different.. my fav scene,drunk jang mi falling into Ki tae’s mom’s shoulder.LOL she somehow reminds me of song hye kyo from full house..hehe.. jin woon has a very charming smile.. 🙂 han groo too very pretty lips and teeth looks pretty when she smiles..

yun woo jin his role is getting better too.. had a wonderful time watching these two episodes..very funny,nice and light hearted.. • 33 : Says: After watching episode 2, I found that Jin Woon may fall in love with Jang Mi and towards the ending episode 2, Jang Mi received a phone call and Ki Tae also received a phone call and what’s the phone call conversations talking about that made Ki Tae and Jang Mi whereby both of them with a shocked look.

Going to be very interesting with this drama, if, Jin Woon is going to official date Jang Mi and Jang Mi is going to be trap with the lie between an earlier on agreement and promised with Ki Tae whereby both of them pretended to be a lovely couple in front of Ki Tae’s mother.

Now, i am looking forward to watch episode 3 and episode 4. This drama can really make me feel very fresh and happy to look forward on every Friday and Saturday. In fact, with my character, i really like to watch romance, comedy, family drama. • 34 : Anchel Says: This drama makes me feel good… Somebody had commented that Tvn’s drama are more cool… 100% agree with her. Their Witch’s Love made me feel excited and wanted to fall in love again… a nice ending though it’s an open one… This High School King is much much better..

it shows that age is not a parameter to be a good, caring and mature person just like Minsuk… And now this Marriage without Dating, a not so new recipe but was effectively innovated for a better palatable taste… TVn please continue to bring us viewers around the world refreshing dramas with no nonsense tasteful restrictions… Kamsamhamnida! • 35 : Kdramalover Says: OMG!OMG!OMG I already hooked to this drama.

When I read the sypnosis it looks like very interesting and now after I watched the 2 episode what a freakin funny drama. Another tvn master piece. As expected tvn is the best in making romance comedy drama. Thumbs up! I know is early to say this but, congratulation again tvn and thank you for making this one. Marriage not Dating fighting!!!!! • 36 : icegirl Says: super fun to watch!

i did not notice the hour just passed by! cant wait for the next episode! =) • 37 : park jun sung Says: hyaaaa just finished download ep 2, and im going to watch it tonight • 38 : dinaz Says: @mml i too think jin woon is going to fall for jang mi..the poster shows it like that too.. cant wait for ep3.. • 39 : dramafreak Says: this show is great!!!! very funny! love it! male and female leads are handsome and pretty too….story line is great too!

• 40 : Says: tvN drama means something new.. fresh .. and different. their romn-comedy dramas are always differnet.i love this one.story, casting and acting everything is perfect. thanks tvN for making such good drama.looking forward next episodes. • 41 : Says: tvN drama means something new.. fresh .. and different. their romn-comedy dramas are always differnet.i love this one.story, casting and acting everything is perfect.

thanks tvN for making such good drama.looking forward next episodes • 42 : windsun33 Says: So far I am loving this. One thing about TvN dramas is that being cable, they are not forced to stick to the usual sugar coated tropes so common in KBS and other broadcast dramas – they can be more realistic. I am loving the lead actress and her character in this – she is not the far too common naïve candy girl, and actually stands up for herself.

And the grandma is a welcome change from the usual granny portrayed in so many k-dramas. • 43 : justlovekdrama Says: Love this drama!!!u must watch it…:) • 44 : Dy.K Says: Yep totally agree with all positive comments above. MUST WATCH!!. No further comments beside you will know why you must watch it after see the first 2 episode. • 45 : isha Says: This was funny. Looking forward to the rest. Hope it continues to be as good as the first two episodes • 46 : park jun sung Says: aaaaa just finished watch ep 2.

wow, its first time after several times i laugh watch kdrama. the last drama that can make me laugh is “The master sun”. and Marriage not Dating did it. • 47 : park jun sung Says: hwaaaa, the 2 first e is quite pretty good. Yun woo jin is handsome and han groo is pretty too. love this couple… hyaaa i always dont want this eps end every i watch each eps.

waiting for next episode…. aaaa i cant wait the momment when they started to falling in love :D. the ex boyfriend of Joo jang mi will dissapointed ignored her like that. i’m curious, its seem like that in the future Joo Jang Mi will love Ki Tae truthfully but GKT family didnt seem deal with that.

haish… • 48 : Mei Says: To be honest, i didn’t expect so much from 2 first eps, but i find is pretty good.. I really enjoyed watching it.. love it… • 49 : Micc Says: @dinaz Hi! (waving) Long time no see. Hope all is well. This drama is like k-drama comfort food. It has all the elements we love in k-drama sans those we hate. Wonderful! • 50 : dinaz Says: Hi Micc 🙂 glad u remembered me 🙂 🙂 I m fine.. Hope ure good too.. Glad we have a common drama to watch..

So agree with you we have everything here.. Romance, comedy and most imp it’s very fresh 🙂 I wonder if jang mi will get married to Ki tae?? then we get to see their married life without dating..

@admin ratings please.. • 51 : Says: Love this drama;I really enjoyed watching it..makes me laugh!more….more funny episode to come. • 52 : park jun sung Says: hope jin woon would sing a song for soundtrack of this drama, bcoz his voice is so good… remember his voice when he sang “starlight is falling” in dream high 2… i almost cry listen that song sang by him.

hmmmm one mellow soundtrack sang by jin woon plis 😀 • 53 : zeez22 Says: I’m so glad to have choosen this drama to watch…. such a light hearted drama… very lovely! • 54 : abi Says: where is the rating anyway? is it good?? • 55 : usa-mary Says: This is the BEST drama ever! Its has some scenes that have never, ever been witnessed before in KDramaland which makes it refreshing and so exhilarating to watch again and again.

The 1st two episodes are unforgettable, to say the least. I like everyone selected for the roles in this drama. I look forward to episode 3.

It’s a BLAST! • 56 : yethrib Says: So far very entertaining. Looking forward to more episodes. • 57 : quinn Says: I really like this drama.. the story is familiar but the plot is unique. The actors n actress are also very good.. it deserves a better ratings.. looking forward to this drama! • 58 : Dane O_o Says: Really like this drama,,, the story is awesome drama.

although the main idea of story is general and not new, but this drama is different. there something pretty in this drama. especially the main cast. Yun woo jin and Han Groo is really match couple. handsome and pretty. Yun woo jin start tobe a great actors recent months. MUST WATCH drama in summer 2014……!!!!! 😀 • 59 : wow Says: love this drama 🙂 i hope she end up with jin woon oppa , i wish if he was the lead actor • 60 : quinn Says: Jin woon’s smile and entrance at the charity party are just to die gor… daeebaaakkk!

. its good drama, really luv this drama so muchhhh • 141 : Janice Says: @az, I was wondering about that too! In fact I replayed that episode just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Hehe. And there’s no way that they will show that hot scene at the beginning if it didn’t really happened.

@gelatolover – great analysis! 🙂 probably Jang Mi acted as if nothing happened coz she knew IT happened out of their drunkenness? The writer/s are really good at explaining what really went down with every beginning scenes with but with ep 6 they somehow skipped it.

I’m positive that hot scene happened but they wouldn’t revealed it yet. Not just yet. Ahh, wish its weekend again. • 142 : Dane O_o Says: omwooooooo ending ep 6 is so goood. finally a passionate kiss one. i saw in jang mi face, she was so surprized when she kiss gi tae, suddenly gi tae reply her kiss with a passionate one.

hmmm… this scene is what im waiting for. hope there is another scene…. more one 😛 @az @janice n @gelatolover yes me tooo, usually this drama show the clue what happen in the eps in firs t scene, but in eps 6, there is a hot scene on the teaser, but i waiting until eps ended, but there is not happened.

is directed just want to make viewer curious with that, but its just trap to catch viewer stay tone on the channel?? aish what ever…. without that scene, i stilll really like eps 6, especially the ending. • 143 : Dane O_o Says: this drama always gave a spoof story at the end…. remember the eps when in the teaser gi tae trembling weakly in the bath room, and jang mi broken open the door, i think there is a big accident happen to Gi tae, but in the end of the story, Gi Tae just Locked in bath room….

haha, director n writer want to play with viewer 😀 once again, in eps 5, on the teaser, there is Gi tae n jang mi on the road, jang mi prohibited Gi tae not to came closer, jang mi expression was so serious, i thought, there is something happen to jang mi.

in my mind, i just thought that Gitae mother and her friends accused jang mi and embarassing jang mi, BUT THE FACT is, jang mi want to go to the toilet, and its too late… yeah that is the thunder accident, its called. LOL…. its unpredictable… im really dont realize that what writer mean, i realize it 5 minutes before its ended…. haha the spoof story as always… 😀 😀 😀 • 144 : Sharon Says: Ok, so, can YR just stop laughing for a minute. It can be annoying! I thought SA’s leather pants was her skin.

The color of her pants blends well with her skin.😯 Why is the mother been so negative, who wants to be in her dysfunctional family anyway. Where everything has to be hush hush. Like how JM stepped in took over that whole situation by kissing KT.

Yeah!! SA must feel like crap. Darn, why is she so controlling? First she wants to demolish half his house then she want him to be a sperm donor, she spies on him,etc. I find her to be a bully. Ep 5&6 were very funny and the story is coming together nicely.

I love JM character, she is so unpretentious and this drama embodies that. No pretending! Everyone is pretending to be who and what they are not. I guess in the end it’s just good to be who you are and that’s what make this drama great. • 145 : Dane O_o Says: @sharon totally agree with you, i have same thought with you, YR smile is annoying… grrrrrrr….. he always smile seem like nothing happen… aish its annoyed me… i started to hate YR n SA character here… huhummm, seem like that this drama is so popular in korean….

based on Official FB fanpage of tvN’s Marriage not dating –> … it has hit more than 90.000 total likes. and korean netizens are active submit praise respon + comments there…. • 146 : Dave Says: Try joseon gunman guys!..action romantic and historical drama..the best drama right now by lee jun ki 🙂 • 147 : Hannah Says: @Dane O_o @Sharon OMG, I totally agree with both of you.

YR needs to stop smiling!! At first I thought it was cute how he always smile, I found it funny when JM came to the restaurant with a mask and he asked, ‘are you a robber?’ with a smile on his face. But after watching ep 6, I hate it how he just simply asked JM to eat with him and smile and act nothing bad happened between him and SA. • 148 : Sharon Says: @Dane 0_o Me too! I was like enough of the smiling already. Hahahaha! Yes, it deserves all the hits it’s getting.

Thanks again for the pics and the updated info on the drama. Give us more if you can. @Hannah I felt the same way!! I don’t know if he uses his smile to hide his inner feelings. Again, someone is pretending. What you guys think about the mother, father situation? • 149 : Says: this drama is awesome and funny.. two thumbs up! • 150 : Says: @140 Dane O_o i love that pic and that scene.. they’re really look good together.. 😀 • 151 : Dane O_o Says: @sharon, who’s mother?

Gitae’s or JangMi’s?? • 152 : Windsun33 Says: This is the most awesome rom-com I have ever seen, and I have watched dozens. There are just so many highlights you can’t list them all, but the dried fish beatdown, the Nemo almost-stew, getting granny drunk, and so many others. • 153 : ayaara Says: GOOD!! • 154 : Hannah Says: @Sharon You mean Gi Tae’s parents? I don’t really understand what kind of “presidential” selection that Gi Tae’s mom said, but I think his father is trying to get a high position somewhere, (is it to be President of Korea?) that’s why both Gi Tae and his mom need to stay quiet about dad’s mistress.

Scandal might be used to turn against dad to become President. • 155 : Dane O_o Says: @sharon n @hannah there is conversation between father n mother… father said that how can JM know anything abt father… its mean, father know too that his wife (GT mom) know his scandal rit? ouch…. how dare he act like there is nothing happen…. • 156 : Sharon Says: @Dane 0_o I was speaking of Gi Tae’s mom and dad.

There relationship is crazy! @Hannah It’s sad to know that due to an election, or he has an elective position at work he is getting away with murder. He know’s this could jeopardize his nomination and he is still willing to see that lady!! No, stop the press! He needs to be thought a serious lesson. Instead of the mother running after JM she need to run after that ugly lady that’s having an affair with her husband.

Why does the mother take such an abuse? Instead of wanting to control your son control your husband and his family. Look at all the work she has to get done for the memorial.

She is nothing but a glorified slave and that’s what GT can’t stand, because they are all FAKE. About JN’s mother and father, why do they hate each other so much?

My guess is that the mother want’s a richer lifestyle and the father is contented frying chicken. What you guys think? • 157 : Sharon Says: @Dane 0_o He is pathetic!! You know what, he feels like he can cheat because his wife and family overlook his bull crap.

His wife was hiding from the mistress!! What kind of crap is that? The mistress is running around with her head up and the wife is running around with her head down hiding in the coat department and her husband comes home saying he had to stay at work overnight and give her his underwear to wash, so he can take it off for the next woman.

Something is wrong with that picture. • 158 : Dane O_o Says: @sharon yes thats true, i guess JM parents fight bcoz JM mom didnt like her husband jobs as chicken seller. but actually in this time, i mean during the story it goes, they relationship not to worrying, they still want to meet each other, rit?..

hmm eh, i’m almost shock about the scene when se Ah ask GT sperm, … previously she said about “biologist child” or something like that, its make me surprized, i thought that both GT and SA ever do it (i mean sleep together) until they has birth a child. but its not true right? SA just want GT seed right?

there is not Making Love accident in this story, isnt it? if its true, ough the story will be “grrrrrrr” • 159 : dinaz Says: Ep 5&6:omo never did i imagine that the typoon invasion was actually this..hahahahahaha..omg!LOL..never saw such a scene in any drama or movie..haha..specially when the wind blew on his face..priceless face i was a irritated with jang mi for kissing yeo reum.. 🙁 but the kiss in ep6 it made me smile can she kiss ki tae without having any feelings for him..jang mi u better realise whose kiss u enjoyed the most and who u actually like 😛 again she carried him on his back his time its not just three steps but many more,i wonder how she does it??

why is the mom hiding instead of the mistress?really cant think of any excuse!@sharon i too wonder whats wrong?the husband and wife even discuss how jang mi found out..hmm is the mistress financially supporting him?and about jang mi’s parents quarreling i think she is obsessed with her skin and beauty she hates working in the kitchen and money problems i guess..

and hyun hee i dont like her..she kept throwing herself to her best friend’s ex bf even when jang mi was just sorting out her feeling,she dosent seem like a nice girl,she always seemed jelous of jang mi.. i loved that kimchi panckae recipe that yeo reum baked it looked so tempting..slurp!i only hate it when he keeps smiling uselessly.. love mr confused ki tae so cute . its abt a success architect, who cant marry, bcoz he feel that he doesnt need person to help him and he wanted to live alone, than he meet with a doctor who feel weird abt him, first time she fell uncomfortable with his attitude, but finally she took care abt him.

i’m sure its a good drama and i like it. Ji jin hee ahjussi is good actor to play the man. anybody here have watch it? its good romance comedy drama. u should watch it guys… “Marriage not Dating” can be the “younger” man version of this drama, haha… • 215 : Sharon Says: I just feel like if someone hates a drama there is nothing I, or drama land can do about that. Haters are going to hate no matter what and to each his own.

I love, love, love this drama and ready for the next ep to air and no one can change that!! 😘😘 • 216 : Dane O_o Says: @sharon hehe agree… i also ever seem like that, no matter i hate a drama, alhthough people around the world said it was great, i’m still hate it so much.

hehe 😛 one moreee daayyysssssssss to eps 9 😀 • 217 : usa-mary Says: @Sharon-206: LOL! You’re so funny! Yet, I totally agree with you. I was going to skip this drama, but I’m so glad that I gave it a chance. I haven’t stopped laughing and enjoying the well written script, directing, and acting.

Everyone and everything is on point, as far as, I’m concerned. @215: Sharon, you are soooo RIGHT! Haters can stage a raging ‘hate fest’ all they want by trying to annoy those who are having a good time watching this drama or any other drama that’s not to their liking, but it won’t move me either.

• 218 : Nine@35 Says: Hope…happy ending! • 219 : Grace Says: Tomorrow, can’t wait. Yun Woo Jin is handsome, i love him.. 😀 😛 • 220 : Dy.k Says: Watched eps 7 n 8.

My comment is..Yeah Gong Ki Tae-ssi…your not okay, coz you’ve just fell into the trap that you dug by yourself.

Joo Jang Mi fighting! I think Yeo Reum has more chemistry with Ki Tae hyung rather than with Jang Mi 😀 I guest sleeping (in the same bed) together made that possible.

But if u watch BTS, seems like those 2 guys already make a friend rather than just colleague. My fav momments at eps 8 when Jang Mi seems feel bad to wake those guys up. Because both looks like so comfortable each others. And don’t forget the official family dinner…pricelesss. • 221 : Sharon Says: @usa-mary Good you are here!!

Yes, this drama is really good and funny as hell. As we all know haters are everywhere even for Disney. Hahaha! But I look forward to your comments, because you are also really funny.

@Dane 0_o Can’t wait till Friday!!! Guys, are you watching It’s Ok That’s Love. Try it!!! • 222 : Dane O_o Says: @sharon i’ve watch thats. i like the ost. hmm… • 223 : usa-mary Says: @Sharon-221: Girlfriend, YR (with his tall self) has smiling eyes just like my sweetie Kim Bum! Just as I was getting accustomed to watching dramas with female leads who have a backbone; it seems like we’re back to square 1 again in ole ye kdramaland.

Even though, I like the plot and know it will work out for Jang Mi and Ki Tae eventually. For now, his mother would drive a dry ghost to drink. • 224 : Dane O_o Says: yeeaaa finally OST part 3 Marriage not Dating come out.

손호영 & 데니안 (G.O.D) – 하루만 (Son Ho Yeong & Danny Ahn – Just One Day) Love this song, finally there is mellow soundtrack for this drama, ouch seem like next eps will be pain 😥 • 225 : Dane O_o Says: official video is released too. love the video and song ❤❤❤❤ [연애말고 결혼 OST Part 3] 손호영 (Ho Young Son) , 데니안 (Danny Ahn) – 하루만 (One day) MV • 226 : namjahyung Says: Guys, do you know the title of the funny sound when a funny scene comes up?

Also, the other songs used aside from the OST, can you please share it? Thanks! • 227 : tigerb Says: ep. 8: a future mother-in-law from the other side of hell, dang!!!! • 228 : Sharon Says: @usa-mary A dry ghost to drink!! Hahaha! You still got it!

@Dane 0_o That OST is more mellow, slow pacing, I like it. Thanks for the info!! • 229 : Says: [Download] EP 9 Marriage Not Dating : • 230 : usa-mary Says: I just watched ep. 9 with a small % of English subs. It’s hilarious! At the Beach… Hoon Dong hooded up in a yellow windbreaker with matching floater looking like a banana ready to get peeled.

Se Ah telling Jang Mi about the ‘gift’ Gi Tae won’t give her and when she sees Gi Tae, tells him that with his money, he should be able to give her that gift if its not too expensive…O_O! Now, that’s the funny stuff! LADIES…when Gi Tae took off his shirt, it was ho-hum. BUT-T-T-T…WHEN Yeo Reum removed his shirt…HAVE MERCY! It seems like the earth moved, the sun stood still and every woman with in a 10 mile radius of that beach stopped and turned their heads towards him.

Michael Angelo couldn’t have drawn a more perfect specimen! Oppa…here I am… That’s all I’m going to say. I’ll wait until its 100% subbed and everyone has watched before I comment on what awaits Hoon Dong. • 231 : Hannah Says: Done watching ep 9. Well, this episode is getting a lot more serious than previous episodes. I didn’t see myself laughing like before, but I still like it though. Finally JM has realized her feelings towards GT when GT truthfully said he likes her.

Awww. But, no matter how hard I tried, I still don’t get SA. She sure has a weird way on how to keep her man. At first I thought wow SA, she’s acting cute at the beach when she knows JM and GT like each other, and I thought she’s just trying to make JM jealous and I saw a different side of her when YR carries her into the sea.

But nahh, she turns into her evil-psycho self when she’s alone with GT. And about Hyun Hee, I knew it all along she’s scared that she’s pregnant when she always feel depress and emotional. Though she might gets on my nerves most of the time, but I kinda feel sorry for her. And she also becomes the reason the forest kiss scene happen!

Finally the kiss happens because they want to, not a fake one. jjang! I like the worried face on GT when JM is worried about HH. I mean GT who never cares about other people before, finally changes because of JM. Once he cares about JM, he’s willing to take care of her baggage along her. Can’t wait to watch ep 10. It seems like evil GT’s mother is taking another action.

WHY CAN’T YOU GIVE UP? FOR YOUR SON’S HAPPINESS, LET THEM BE TOGETHER. But the preview from ep 10 shows JM is sleeping on a couch inside GT’s house and GT is touching her hair and the can see it’s love.

indonesia 😀 i’m just a 19th years old college student here… btw, (its not important) but did u notice, when hong dong play water in beach, he wear yellow suit, and covered his hair with it, i guess, the real life his hair is not blonde, make up color it blonde, thats why he covered his hair, cz, the color would be faded if hit by water. haha, its not important but make me laugh… 😛 • 242 : cecilia Says: can’t wait for ep. 10!!!! ^_^ • 243 : Says: Marriage not Dating Ep10 download –> IPOP 540p (size 200mb) click My username to download..

thanks a lot 😀 • 244 : usa-mary Says: I’ve noticed something that’s kind of been distracting to me. Even though, I try to stay open minded when it comes to kdramas fashion, stylists, etc. Some things have become elusive to me. For instance… I really like this drama and usually am relatively easy going toward the creativity of the kdramaland stylists, no matter how extreme. But…what’s with the designs on the casual/leisure suits the men in kdramas are wearing, lately.

The designs look like they’re either drop cloths for interior house painters or they rolled around on one of Jackson Pollack’s wet canvas splattered murals. The jacket is okay, but matching pants…??? • 245 : Hannah Says: Episode 10 is full of tears.

Oh God, I can’t help myself crying at the last few scenes. I kinda don’t want this drama to be emotional after all the funny moments I had from the 1st episode until last few episodes, but what to do, this drama cannot stay funny all the time without solving their problems.

Though this drama is becoming somehow cliche lately, but there is still a scene that I don’t expect to happen: HD kisses YR!! Hahahaha that’s truly unexpected, @Dane you can add the kiss to your kiss-scene list! Hahah. And it’s so funny when HD thinks KT is gay and partner with YR. Hahahaha 😀 I’m starting to like HD character, he’s becoming more matured each episodes, considering he’s willing to take responsblity on Hyun Hee, maybe thats because of the huge mistake he made towards JM.

What to do with our OTP! Oh God, why are you both in denial. Let’s face it, you guys have been like a real couple since you both made it official “fake relationship.” It’s so sad when KT finally opens up his wound to JM and how JM comforts him, though I was expecting a hug, but holding his hand?

Fair enough. Finally, I’ve some pity on KT’s mom, well yeah, you’ve been hiding the truth way too long. I’m kinda glad when JM is the only person who stands up for her. I hope she can open her heart to accept JM. The last hug scene from our nemo couple is way too emotional. KT, why can’t you just say it you want to be by her side? Ugh, it’s frustrating. I somehow get JM, she can’t be the one who says it she wants it to be real because in her mind, KT wants to be alone.

So KT, it’s more up to you!! I can’t wait for ep 11!! Uh-oh, grandma seems kinda piss off. Please please please don’t separate our Nemo couple. • 246 : Rifgail Says: Recommended • 247 : Dane O_o Says: @hannah haha, its unexpected momment, when HD kiss YR with so wild. omwooo, HD really agressive when kiss him, LOL 😛 hoho my kiss list is updated 😀 hhhh, its so frustating me when in the last momment GT just hug JM, ouch he should said that HE DIDNT WANT JM GO, JUST STAY WITH HIM, SARANGHAE.

♥ ❤ JONGMAL SARANGHAE JANG MI -ah 😀 haha…. as same as JM, how long she hide her feeling, ouch come on, both of u (nemo couple) are love each other. dating and marriage now!

huh btw, maybe you re right, JM didnt want said her feeling becoz she think that GT want to live alone, same as with GT.. grrr over all, i like ending scene, they hug each other, so sweett ♥ ❤ • 248 : Dane O_o Says: who would say “Saranghae (i love you)” for the first between jang mi and Gitae, i’m curious…… :/ • 249 : Dy.K Says: Just finish watching ep 10. And can’t hardly wait next eps.

Seems like from the preview JM and Gi Tae’s mom come clean about something. Theres a scene where they sit together with messed hair, coz of cat fight perhaps 😀 Maybe its to early to make this assumption. But : 1. This drama titled Marriage Without Dating, that means they skip dating phase and straight to marriage planning (?) 2. HD n HH, they get into one “blessed” incident and end up planning their marriage so soon. 3. Obviously JM n KT already have their own way to plan a marriage.

Hopefully our OTP did it well to make it to the altar. 4. Lastly, about YR and SA…will they both end up with Marriage Without Dating scenario?? Maybe they both will find a win2 solution. YR an easy going, SA a control freak. Overall its just my assumptionm Just wondering how the writers will tied the loose end eventually.

Because so far this is the most well written romcom drama 2014 that i’ve watch. • 250 : Sharon Says: I hate to see JM sad, because she gives life to the drama. Love how the mother take a stance and said I got to reconsider this marriage.

👍😋 2. JM fell on the sand all three men tarted to get her up, hahaha! Then they decided to flip her over.hahaha!, what the hell KM is wearing? 😃 4. The beach scene was just pleasurable.😎 5.

The most embarrassing thing for anyone is to start stripping for a man in a hotel room and he stops you and walk out due to another woman.😭 6.

So JM friend is pregnant !! 7. Where the hell did all those muscle came from on YR?! He even had a 7 pack! 8. I totally understand wanting to talk to your friend about your situation, but it’s nobody’s fault you gave it up and got pregnant that you leave you phone so no one can find you.

Ok then, bye. 9.HH think she is so slick left all the clues to where she is. She just want to marry rich and my golly she’s got it with that kid. 10. How the hell HH found that Buddhist Temple in the land of nowhere!! 11. YR I don’t blame you to look back on you way to get HD, because that the last of you and JM.😥 12.oh shiz!!

I knew it!! Damn!! Poor YR.😢😢 What I like about this drama is the realness of the interaction between the characters. Like YR signaling to JM let’s get away from here.

The writer is totally in touch with reality. Good job Writer Nim • 251 : dinaz Says: Now this drama is really back on track sometime back i found it a little boring but now its getting exciting again 🙂 this episode was quite sad,finally the robotic mom in law reacted..phew!!i really dont understand how could she bear to see her husband with another woman and she hides when she sees the mistress!!i mean why oh why?is the mistress a mental patient?or is she financially supporting thier household or what is it??????i just cant figure it out..

hyr and hd kiss was really funny..hehe..ah felt bad for hyr when he smiled at her after seeing her kiss ki tae 🙁 this was a sad smile poor him 🙁 ki tae and jang mi when are they going to confess to each other?its high time now,enough hiding your own feelings jang mi.. and ki tae has to work on his kissing skills now to impress jang mi,so we get to see more kisses from our nemo couple 🙂 😛 • 252 : Sharon Says: Ep 10 Were they going to have sex at the temple!? 2.HD you are going to be a father now, so let go of you mom and be the man that’s practicing king Fu in your Tiger boxers outside your gate.

3.HH what did you expect? You can quit and marry so easily, not! Stop been a wimp and stand up., that’s all he can think about been a bad kisser?! 5. Ok, I am like totally speechless.

What’s up with that bis ass dot in that man’s forehead?!!!! 6.i am glad JM told the mother it’s ok to show your feelings, It’s ok to hurt and express it. Don’t let your husband get away with that. He is having his cake and eat it too, while you are unhappy can’t control your husband but want to control your son.

Kudos, JM for putting everything on the table. 7. Poor grandma, must get the shock of her life she love those two as a couple soo much. Enjoy both ep can’t wait for Friday!!!! • 253 : umar Says: where I can see the rating of korean drama? • 254 : Dane O_o Says: @umar usually i see it on wiki.d-addict @dinaz what the job of GT father? is he a president candidate or something else?

GT family are famous becoz his father,, isnt it? hh damn, why GT’s mom didnt divorce him, such a bad men, she should throw him to rush bin –___– in the way i said, JM thinks if Gitae just joking way said he love her, as well as Gitae, which only guess if his love to jang mi just unrequited love, becoz he thought that JM only love YR… ashhhhh how can this nemo couple be together if there is no one clear this situation… even, SA and YRhas already know that JM & GT love each other, while themselve didnt know it —_________________—- • 255 : dinaz Says: @Dane O_o i too think ki tae’s dad is a famous person who will be competing for the president elections but why is he sticking to his mistress like that?

that’s why I thought she may be financially supporting him or something like that.. Even the grandma and his sis knows about it and yet they don’t say anything.. The wife hides seeing the mistress.. Dosent make sense at all????can u think of a reason??

And the nemo couple i think at this point the only one who can help them are hoon dong and hyun hee..go go nemo couple!! Next episode preview showed jang mi and ki tae’s mom hair all messed up..I guess there is going to be a big showdown at the jang house with both the mothers pulling each other’s hair..

Haha :p • 256 : Proud Says: Jinwoon (Yeoreum) & Han Sunhwa (Seah) have been nominated as Best Actor & Actress for Seoul International Youth Film Festival a few days ago. They both have been picked for their acting in Marriage Not Dating drama. For those who understand korean. please visit www(dot)facebook(dot)com/siyff on how to participate in the voting process which is all written in korean. I dont speak korean so this is the best I can do to support these two great actors in my favorite drama PS: Cant wait for episode 11!!

• 257 : tania Says: I have finished viewing episode 10, there was already less than 6 episodes, nearing the end of a sad story, JANG MI and Han Yeo rum is far, it looks like the feeling is gone for jang mi han yeo rum and grow to GT • 258 : Dane O_o Says: @dinaz not really, i doubt if GT’s father has something reason sticking that mistress, i guess he is just a bad bad dad who isnt proper / worthy to be maintained..

i guess GT’s mom didnt said anything abt this is becoz she love his husband *ouscchhhh* i hope not, its not becoz she love him, isnt it? or possibly reason is, becoz she wanted to keep clean GT’s father image / name. how can HD & HH can solve our nemo couple problem? :/ @proud oh really??? wow thank u very much for the info 😀 (y) i wanted to participate, but its on korean language 😥 ..

wow, daebak, this drama is not yet finished, but the cast has nominated in awards… wait wait, “Seoul International Youth Film Festival” is not same with “Seoul international Drama Awards”, rit? i’m more glad if Yun woojin n han groo also nominated in the awards…. its would be nice… but i would try to find the way how to support JW n sunhwa soon… thanks for the info 😀 btw, i will definitely choose this drama in’s awards 2014 this year.

its added in my list 😀 @tania i hope the the best good ending for nemo couple 😀 i wanted see their marriage, will be nice • 259 : billy Says: im so liking this drama. its like breathing fresh air. the plot is simply korean, but the approach to the story is very much in touch with the times. its funny without overdoing anything! i like Jang Mi, she reminds me of my best friend. she is cool! This drama showcases the gap of the old and the conservative tradition to the modern more liberated generation.

what do you know? it really can be bridged with just a bit of flexibility and sensibility. • 260 : dinaz Says: @Dane O_o in this drama hoon dong is the only person who knows that ki tae sincerely loves jang mi and hyun hee is the only person who knows jang mi’s true feelings too,so i think they can set up something so that both confess to each other.. and yes maybe the mom wants the father image to be clean in the society..but she’s too pityful making her so robotic!and why the wise old grandma has nothing to say in this matter..

• 261 : Sharon Says: @Dane0_o @dinaz I think the dad is just a player. He love having lots of women and I think his dad was like that. The thing that paralyzed me is the fact that GT’s mom just sit back and accept this bull crap going on in her life for years.

She has no spine, because as much as she act so calm and cool with JM while plotting for her demise. I think she should have used the same tactic with her husband and mistress. Goes to show some people only have strength for people they conceive as weak. Look she hides from the lady that’s sleeping with her husband and the mistress has no apology. He brings home his dirty underwear and she washes it, but for JM and her mom she has so much strength. GT’s mom is a huge hypocrite and I love how JM put her laundry on the line outside, so it’s up to her to either let it dry, or run to pick them up.

As much as the father want the position, he would much rather JM as his D-in law. I began to wonder if the presidential position is more coveted by the mother than the father. Remember, the lady they had lunch with I think she is the big cheese in the group and the mother want to be in her shoes. I think HH and HD can help solve the issue by showing them how much they like each other. You know, Best friends of the couple are going to talk to each other about their friend and then you tell your friend what you heard from his best friend and the same goes for the other.

Hahaha! That’s what friends do. • 262 : Says: its a very nice drama i love it • 263 : Dane O_o Says: @sharon GT’s father is big jerk, he is shameless, he still has strenght come home, while his family already know what he did during night. esspecially the mother, yeah u r right, GT’s mother actually has power to face the mistress, she should do the mistress as same as what she do to JM, doesnt she? GT’s mother is cunning lady, she should use her sly to the mistress, it should she does..

but she has no power face her… grrr i also dunno why she can be like that.. @dinaz & sharon hmmm ur idea abt how HH n HD can make nemo couple be together, i like it. its possibly happen 😀 • 264 : Sharon Says: @Dane0_o Yes!! That man is shameless. The only way I would put up with that is if he has lots of money and I also have a boy toy. Hahahahaha!! Just kidding, no, he is a scum bag!!!

However, you can go as far as one let you and she has given her husband free reign/long rope. There has been some questions that’s bothering me.

For instance, how come you are running for president and have a visable mistress?? He is not even hiding!!! Hellooo! That’s why I feel it’s more for her than it is for him. I think she wants the prestige. In ep 5, the CEO’s wife told her she saw a different side of her that’s forgiving and she is glad she accept a d-in law that so down to earth and she likes that.

That tells me that the mother is a beach and a fake that’s why HD mom took so many jabs at her. However, JM is going to tame her, because JM is not afraid to show her venerability and own it. • 265 : Dane O_o Says: @sharon oh yes, I also just realized it. how can GT’s father affair is not even in the hide, and they are also free to show their affection in public….

he kiss her, hug, etc, nobody care abt it in public… however, i’m not too care abt him, his action not too influential with Nemo couple relation, right? although his name is dirty, nemo couple still in love 😀 . its better if GT’s mom divorce him as soon as possible, or maybe he should repent his mistake… i also have question, how famous GT’s father, i mean, if he just a candidate for president, why his family seem like celebrity?

i mean his family until added in magazine, etc… btw, there is news ,, yun woo jin staring in new film, its called Tunnel (3D)… its horror film. its released this august 😀 he played with jung yoo mi (park ha’s sister in rooftop prince)… hoho, want to watch 😀 (source : #note : admin, maybe you can add this movie in YWJ film list.

thanks before.. 😀 • 266 : Dane O_o Says: hoho… promotion photo when Yun Woo Jin promote his new movies “터널3D (Tunnel-3D)”. i guess his clothes is one which he wear in ending of eps 10 of Marriage not dating, am i right?. • 267 : Ida Says: Is anyone else bothered by the fact that the mistress looks like a younger version of the wife?

• 268 : tania Says: @Dane i hope jang mi with GT and han yeo rum hahahahha • 269 : tania Says: dane,km indonesia mana?saya juga indonesia 😀 • 270 : Dane O_o Says: @tania i’m from surabaya sis 😀 hbu? • 271 : Sharon Says: @Dane 0_o YWJ is not the cutest guy around, but when he smiles his face turn into the most handsome guy around.

Funny how a smile can change a person features. • 272 : Hannah Says: @Ida I’ve realized it since the first time they showed his mistress. Yes, indeed both mom and mistress look similar. • 273 : Dane O_o Says: @sharon haha agree agree with u 😀 he is not type of a “flower boy” but he is handsome, especially when he smiles. but, although he is not smile, i’m still like him.

😛 hffftt 3 more days…. cant wait, in the preview, i like the scene when GT hug JM in the bed, and JM stare at him with blowing heart… ouch • 274 : dinaz Says: @Dane O_o and @sharon agree with you regarding Woo jin,he is not a flower boy nor a hunk with six pack but he looks so charming when he gives that cute smile 🙂 @sharon hmm very insightful comment,its making me think again about that lady too..why is the mom trying so hard to maintain her husband’s image?she is kinda show off who would bear anything as long as the family’s image is intact!double standard!

but i am annoyed with the grandma as well she is the head of the family yet she didnt see her daughter in law’s pain,nor the sister in law they only know how to hang their head in shame whenever the topic of the mistress is out..also during the family gathering only the mom and jang mi cooked whereas the rest just chatted and kept ordering them..only jang mi felt her pain..and also the dad wanted se ah as his daughter in law so that it could be helpful for the elections.

another thing how can the husband and wife discuss about the mistress so cooly when jang mi found out????daebak family! hope dh and hh does something soon for our nemo couple 🙂 • 275 : Says: I get a KICK out of this drama.

Makes me ROFL, especially when JM does something outrageous. • 276 : tania Says: aku juga surabaya 😀 • 277 : Dane O_o Says: @tania waaa sama, sbenarnya aku bkn asli surabaya sih, aku di sini cuma numpang kuliah aja, hehe di ITS. 😀 km masih sekolah? • 278 : Dane O_o Says: omwo omwooo,,, look the preview of eps 11.

its different so far with preview in ending of ep 10. waaa nemo couple,,, cute scene 😀 😀 that hugs… and the soundtrack is adorable 5% rating 😀 연우진 : 5%가 넘으면 추첨을 통해 3명과의 식사 데이트 한그루 : 5%가 넘으면 연우진과 강남역 사거리에서 프리허그 정진운 : 5%가 넘으면 홍대 클럽을 빌려 무료 공연 허정민 : 6%가 넘으면 빨간색 염색 + 연극 무료 초대권 50장 한선화 : 5%가 넘으면 한그루와 강남역 사거리 프리허그 + 1명 데이트 윤소희 : 5%가 넘으면 추첨을 통해 5명과 웨딩사진 찍기 • 345 : tigerb Says: this drama is doing very well, two people trying to make a go of a relationship unlike of their parents failed marriages.

@ Dane O_o: i wish you’d have english translations for the last paragraph of your post in korean. i tried the links you posted but there was no english translation. it would be nice to know as i like both the leads, they are doing a very good job.

thanks! • 346 : Hannah Says: Daebak!! If this drama exceed 4% rating, I’m so happy and proud to be a fan of this drama!! My wish has finally come true!! Btw anyone knows what’s the meaning of the translation “coin American script”?

@Dane THANK YOU for the OST. Do you realize that there’s two version of Stop the Love Now? I think I’ve heard another version if the last few episodes and ep 14 too. It sounds like Han Groo’s voice, or is it just me.. I laughed so hard again watching ep 14! It’s sooo funny!

I like how this drama has been consistently becoming more and more interesting each week. It’s already toward the end, I’m glad this drama doesn’t turn all emotional and sad (like any other typical kdramas) when it comes toward the end, then only the writer wrapped up everything in the last episode to make it happy ending. This drama is has its own awesomeness! Our Nemo couple is way too cute!

I love all the fall asleep scenes. I wish I can sleep on GT’s shoulder too! Hehe. Btw, I like HD’s new hair, can’t call him weird blondie guy anymore.

hahah • 347 : Hannah Says: * I think I’ve heard another version in the last few episodes and ep 14 too. • 348 : Dane O_o Says: @hannah yes yes, same with you, i also heard there is 2 version of song “stop the love now”, and i also think that the ‘rock’ version is han groo voice. haha same thought 😀 i really hope that its true the rating of ep 13 is 4,2%, currently browsing many source about the rating, sometime i found its about 2,05%, i dunno where the source from, but when i browsing use korean language (hangul), its said that the rating is up to 4,2%.

i dont find its from 1 source only, but many sites also posted 4,2%. the one that make me doubt is the cast also take a picture about its big hit exceed 4% and their promise like what i post above : this is the picture–> • 349 : Dane O_o Says: @tigerb here the translation what they promise if next week if it hit >5% (this is what they has wrote in piece of paper that they bring on the picture above) Yun Woo jin : if more than 5%, he will dating 3 people with lottery (lotre meals date) Han Groo : if more than 5%, she will hugs Yun Woo Jin in Gangnam’s Intersection, free hugs 😀 Jung Jin Woon : if more than 5%, borrow the Hongdae club free show Han Sun Hwa : if more than 6%, free hugs to han groo in Gangnam’s intersection + 1 people to dating Huh Jung Min : if more than 5%, red dye 50 + play free invitation Yoon So Hee : take 05 names and wedding photography through a lottery • 350 : windsun33 Says: Last episode had the highest ratings I have ever seen for a cable show.

Will hate to see this one end. • 351 : mercy fernandez Says: Same with GT, epi 14 made me crazy, I laugh a lot and fall inlove a lot…haha..hope to be extended! • 352 : tigerb Says: @ Dane O_o: thanks for the info! that would be fun to the korean fans if the drama hits the jackpot rating. as an outside viewing fan, i look forward to a happy ending! • 353 : Sharon Says: Etteoke!!! I don’t know what to do with myself when this drama is over. I enjoyed every eps of this drama and don’t want to see it end.

I love our Nemo couple. His mom came the day after not only sleeping in bead and all the evidence is on the coach and the floor. WOW!! What kind of father gives their son that kind of advice. Marry for status, but cheat with the one you love. Oh hell no!! The father is not in love with the mother, that’s crazy. What’s going to happen to HY in the end? I laugh at GT and DH fighting because they were comparing each other girlfriend. Hahaha. Can’t wait for Friday and Saturday!!

• 354 : billy Says: yes, I really enjoyed watching this drama. Its refreshing and interesting! I love it! Good work guys! • 355 : Dane O_o Says: [Rating Episode 14] can somebody who understand hangul can help what the meaning of this article, i’ve try hard to translate it ….

and i found the rating of ep 14 is 2,614% (2,61%). its based on paragraph : original text : 드라마|총 16부작|15세이상 관람가|2014.07.04~ 방송 편성 tvN (금, 토) 오후 08:40~ 알림받기 제작사 IOK 미디어 제작진연출 송현욱, 극본 Joo HwaMi, 연애 말고 결혼 시청률 2.614 % ( 2014. 08 닐슨코리아 ). translate : Drama | 16 trilogy | 15 + | 2014.07.04 ~ Broadcast Organized tvN (Fri, Sat) PM 08: 40 to make IOK media producers receive notification directing song hyeon wook , writer Joo HwaMi, do love marriage viewership 2.614% (2014 08 Nielsen Korea).

this article is review episode 14, and it said that the rating is 2,61%. (correct me if i’m wrong) full article : • 356 : Taber Says: I do not know what the rating means but most cable shows have been leaving regular network show in the dusk.. TVN have a wide scale to be able to show detail, realistic mature interaction between adult. The minute I see that it a cable drama I watch it and I have not been disappointed yet…. • 357 : Dane O_o Says: [rating update e13,e14,e15] 2014-08-15 13 Don’t lean and don’t expect 3.31 2014-08-16 14 For not being able to keep it cool, I am sorry / thank you 2.05 2014-08-22 15 Two women who loved one man 2.28 source : wiki.d-addict • 358 : rmy Says: I can not believe this drama has such poor rating!


I GIVE IT A SERIOUS 9.5/10!! • 359 : vic Says: Episode 15 is one of the best episode of this drama for me… The scene when GT is on the phone with his mom is very heart melting… GT know realize that his mother love him so much, and the reason why she stayed in that family and making it look like a perfect one is because of GT.

she doesn’t want to lose her son. now, GT’s mom finally acknowledged JM and I think is ready to accept her again as her daughter in law because they both love one guy: Gong Gi Tae. hmmm… about JM’s mom, I started to hate her at some episodes but now I feel so sad about her having a breast cancer. this is going to be heartbreaking for JM.. Now, only one episode is left.. so sad to say goodbye to this drama, I am going to miss waiting for friday and saturday episodes… T_T I saw the preview and now I wonder if they will end up getting married… how will GT propose to JM??

hmmm.. I am very curious about that.. that scene in the bathtub, I wonder what they are talking about; “Marriage”? I think so • 360 : Dane O_o Says: @rmy This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. its normal for cable ‘pay’ tv channel, the rating is low becoz if viewer want to watch the show, they should pay it first. i think if its airing on free tv channel, its will got quite high rating. look, if u browse cable pay tv channel dramas (like tvN, OCN, MBN, tv chosun, etc.) average drama has low rating than free channel.

if its aired in free channel i guess its will hit about 12-15% ratings :D. actually its one of success tvN drama, because its very rare pay channel tv got rating more than 3.0%. and marriage not dating did it, it had hit 3.31% rating in ep 13.

good job writter and director, also all cast (y). @vic hehe, i like this ep too, waaa there is a lot kiss scene between JM n GT, i like it, nice. i really hope they will end up in marriage next episode. and also birth child :D. the bath scene is wowww, they has taking a bath together, omwoooo v(^o^).

JM also said “It’s tomorrow”… i wish she mean the wedding, kkkk. i dont want there is trouble in JM’s family, i wish her mother is okay, and not die 😥 . its would be so nice, if GT’s family & JM’s family assemble as big family.

btw, dont u know that this year, Cable Channel tvN Plans to Hold Year-End Awards Ceremony (like kbs awards, sbs awards, mbc awards).

huhu, hope this drama got many awards this year… here the article : • 361 : Hannah Says: I love ep 15, yes the scene when GT calls his mom is the best scene, it’s a heartbreaking scene yet it feels so warm. I love it when GT says he likes JM because she’s so different from his mom, but the truth is JM is just like his mom.

This drama is funny yet a very matured drama. I like when JM says something like “in order to be with someone, you need to be ready to accept his pasts and his relationships..” 🙂 • 362 : jennifer Says: I just love this drama. From actor to script to picture, just perfect. I luv this type of drama compared to sad stories.

It’s perfect drama. • 363 : jennifer Says: This is far better drama then ‘hotel king’. Seriously far better and I can’t believe the rating. It gotta be fixed. • 364 : jennifer Says: This is far better drama then ‘hotel king’. Seriously far better and I can’t believe the rating. It gotta be fixed.6 • 365 : AKmama Says: Very good drama.

Good story, plots and actors. Funny, romantic and moving from beginning to end. One of the must sees in 2014. • 366 : Hannah Says: I don’t want to spoil, but the wedding in ep 16 is epic! I will wait until most of you have watched it. 😀 • 367 : ria Says: i fell sad, because this drama had the low rating.

a bit confused. this really great drama. the plot like roller coster • 368 : tigerb Says: it’s a very good watch! the leading couple actually dated before getting married, maybe not in the conventional way, but they had more than enough time and experience to know each other before plunging. marriage is a gamble and nobody knows what would come next in the couple’s lives.

they were wary at first because of their parents’ marriages, but they should not be comparing their future married life to that of their parents. so they got married with open eyes! it was enjoyable to watch as there were many hilarious scenes. was that drama considered pg15 in s.k.? • 369 : vic Says: Daebak!! just finished watching this drama… hmmm its not the wedding we are all expecting..haha it suits the couple very well.. “crazy wedding” ..

overall, the ending is very good although not many things we were expecting actually happened.. I’ll give it a 5/5 stars so sad to say goodbye to this drama that we enjoyed watching, it has been a crazy, funny, and lovely 8 weeks.. thanks to all of you who is sharing their thoughts about this.. I hope to see you in other dramas!!.. Fighting!! • 370 : vic Says: @ria – the rating is not bad.. actually it was really good for a Pay T.V. drama!! and for all those who wonder about the ratings..

please read the note above!! is says: *** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. *** • 371 : Dane O_o Says: @vic same with u, i also expecting another wedding, but yeah, there is always crazy things happen to this couple, include the crazy ending, haha.

but i love the ending 😀 everywhere in every thread always confuse about rating. anybody here not yet understand diffenrent between rating on free tv and pay cable tv…. and agree with @vic. this drama rating is awesome for pay tv drama category. 3.3% rating is so good for cable pay tv… (y) great job for all crew…. i will definetly vote this drama in awards 2014!! • 372 : Dane O_o Says: btw, i really waiting the ost “han byul (LEDapple) – call my name” released.

but, ouh god, there is no sign its will be come out soon 😥 or its not include in OST list? • 373 : vic Says: @DAne – I think its not included in the OST… here is the list I got: Hoping – Kim Na Young Just One Day – Son Hon Young & Danny Ahn Love Lane – Mamamoo Stop the Love Now – Ben @hannah – I’m not sure if it was you saying about the other version of “Stop the love now” hehe..

but anyway, I just confirmed that it was Han Groo who sung that version… • 374 : dinaz Says: Finally this wonderful drama comes to an end..really enjoyed a lot 🙂 Omo the marriage lol it was so jang mi style..hahahaha..Han groo did a great job here and this girl has really pretty lips,great acting skills hope to see more of her dramas..

Woo jin:- he should get more dramas as the lead,u rocked Gong Ki Tae 🙂 i m glad that ki tae’s mom is getting the house and now she can live freely without that scumbag..i thought yeo reum and se ah would end up together but they didnt..Hoon dong omo the cutest character in the drama loved his cute antics 🙂 gonna miss him.. will miss this drama and nemo couple..Thanx to the whole cast and crew for giving us a fresh drama..

🙂 🙂 • 375 : Says: Omg am goin to miss this drama.GT and JM best couple ever👍👍😊😊 • 376 : kdaddict2014 Says: will definitely be on the list of my favorite korean drama. i will miss Gitae and Jang Mi Nemo couple <3 • 377 : Dic's Says: Will Miss You ………..

Gi tae and Jang mi………. or mybe season 2, when Jang mi will pregnant maybe,maybe,maybe…….hehe Really Miss you 😉 • 378 : billy Says: I rate it Excellent! One of the great dramas I have watched so far….I hadnt realized that Yun Woo Jin was in Arang and the Magistrate.

I know Ive seen that face, but just couldnt place it where. Arang is also one of my favorites, Yun Woo Jin did a great job! Congratulations! This drama is definitely top in my list. • 379 : Filipina Says: i really love it 🙂 this is my favorite koreanovela so far!! so funny 😀 nd the story is the best, the twist is very unpredictable 🙂 good actors and actressess, to all the staff who made this drama possible, GOOD JOB!

i really love Han Groo and Yeo Woo jin 🙂 very good protrayal of characters 🙂 hope to see your nest Project together! i really think you two can be a good couple in real life <3 • 380 : Filipina Says: i really love it 🙂 this is my favorite koreanovela so far!! so funny 😀 nd the story is the best, the twist is very unpredictable 🙂 good actors and actressess, to all the staff who made this drama possible, GOOD JOB!

i really love Han Groo and Yun Woo jin 🙂 very good protrayal of characters 🙂 hope to see your next Project together! i really think you two can be a good couple in real life <3 • 381 : Carmarie Says: I loved this drama, and the ending was perfect. I am going to miss Ki Tae and Jang Mi. This drama was funny and the couple had great chemistry The entire cast did a fantastic job.

• 382 : n-d-y Says: One of the best best best rom-com drama ever!! There is no even single moment of boring.. I really enjoyed every episode, every moment, every scene in this drama..especially nemo couple moment 🙂 Love it…hope there will be more drama like this is light but not boring at all yet funny, romantic and flattering.

hope this drama will get award..they deserve it • 383 : Jane Says: This drama is superb. The script, the dialog, the music, the accompany sounds(very comedic), the directing and the acting(of all actors including all the main leads and the 2nd leads and the parents) are all superb and so well done. And the prelude of each episode is so so great! Congratulations to all directors, screenwriter, music and sound directors, prop directors, editors, actors and all the crew staff of this production.

This is the first time I didn’t want the drama to end. One more thing: the actors are so ordinary and not famous. I wouldn’t be tempted to watch the drama. But it was so good. The actors are so cute and lovable that I am already searching for their old dramas To watch!

All of them – WOW! • 384 : Agata Says: Great drama ever!!!!!! • 385 : Hannah Says: @vic Yeahh, it’s a rock version! I’ve heard it from youtube. I come back to this page because I miss this drama! No more weekend drama that I’m looking forward to watch, hmm. The next drama that takes this slot must be better! If not, I’ll be sad. 🙁 • 386 : Dy.K Says: Yeaah definitly MUST WATCH KDRAMA (more punctuation added). Crazy, funny, briliantly written, talented cast (Han Groo u rawck girl!).

Love how the writers wrap ups the whole story. Standing applause!!! • 387 : Sharon Says: One of the cutest Drama, I really enjoyed every eps. I will watch any drama that this writer wrote. Good job and the cast were perfect for the characters. Will miss a lot. • 388 : iqin Says: I like watch this drama. it giving instruction to loyal couple to blunt and not keep in heart because it enable happen fight and penceraiain.

I to give five star. I hope ‘Marriage witout loveless2 next time. • 389 : Dane O_o Says: oh MG….. what the hell with last episode rating??? crazyyy!!!

• 390 : Dane O_o Says: i really like the ending scene. hoho, they deserve got twisted marriage. haha this drama is so great and worth watching. i love the stories, i love the cast, i love the soundtrack too.

all in one, a perfect package. and i’ve read in an article on internet, Yun woo jin said that he will come back on screen as soon as possible with new project. hoho i really waiting for it. well, i hope see YWJ in rom com drama again, actually i wonder this year “hong sister” drama still not come out, i wish yun woo jin cast in new hong sister project, its would be great if he reunite again with han groo…. maybe anybody here know what the hong sister’s new project? btw, new OST “han byul – call my name” finally officially released yesterday.

u can download it on internet guys 😀 • 391 : pearl Says: I love this drama. This is so funny. I love ki tae and jang mi. They have a chemistry on this drama. Make me enjoy watching them. One of the best drama. • 392 : Hannah Says: Highly recommended.

Level A++ drama. I would love to rewatching this drama from ep 1-16 when I’ve time. I’m missing nemo couple!! Ahhh I somehow had lost my weekend excitement. • 393 : scata Says: it was da bomb tumbs up guys keep it up….. from Nigeria with love • 394 : Dane O_o Says: i miss this couple.

i wish yun woo jin come back on screen as soon as possible. and during this year, there is no sign about hong sister new project, its would be great if nemo couple reunite again in hong sister new drama…. (y) so far, its the best kdrama in 2014 for me… • 395 : miss C Says: i’ll miss this drama. never once i felt bored, love jang mi and gi tae XD • 396 : Kath Says: The Korean Drama that made me laugh til the very end. It was a VERY GOOD JOB. Made me realized how things are to be managed. 🙂 Thank you!

Gong Gi Tae <3 Joo Jang Min ~~~ • 397 : mel xu Says: Funny entertaining drama, love it! • 398 : choopatiu Says: It was fun watching this..nothing spectacular but enjoyable to watch. • 399 : choopatiu Says: Nothing spectacular(Reply 1997 n 1994 are my ultimate rom-com favorites)but still enjoyable to watch,it was a fun k drama. • 400 : vee Says: hem,, actually the drama was awesome.

I love how the screen writer made the audiences asking around who would be Jang Mi’s husband and how their marriage concept. The negative for the drama is i don’t like how the way Jang Mi was wearing her skirt and her pants. Too short…. and how the ending in 16th episode when Jang Mi and Gong Ki Tae were in bath up together while drinking their wine before marriage happened.

I think that korean drama in 2000 era such as full house or sassy girl chunyang, etc never drew the situation of couple who liked living together without getting married first. • 401 : dee Says: best comedy-drama everrrrrrrr!!!!! the combination wa so perfect, great story and the casts really have a great chemistry among other!

Highly recommended +++ • 402 : minnieBell Says: I enjoyed watching this lovely n funny drama^^. Han Groo is so beautiful and can act very well! She’s so cute with Yoon Woo jin 🙂 • 403 : Miora Says: i love this drama!!woauh very funny • 404 : winnie Says: So funny. i enjoyed the drama without fast forwarding any of the scenes. i’m still reshushing it now. The chemistry between Han groo and Woo jin is great as well as the other characters, The supposedly antagonist are actually good.

i love the scene where Gi Tae’s mother decided to divorce the husband but still embrace the in laws. in the end, his only worry is the house going to his wife, i think he really loves the idea that he’s finally having his full time with the other woman. .so evil. • 405 : winnie Says: i remember one scene where Gi tae mentioned “he thinks he’s Jesus, wanting to feed 5000 people with 5 loaves of bread. . . but i dont know exactly what episode was this.

. it reminded me of something ha ha • 406 : jane25 Says: hmmm… miss this drama so much. the athmosphere is good. waiting for yun woo jin next project. recent news he will started in drama miss baek, but he canceled cast there.. 😥 huft • 407 : jconfidante Says: A must watch!

I thought this was a romantic drama, but the greatest love of all is a mother’s love, how she stayed thru the marriage with umfaithful husband just for the sake of her son, truly brings tears to my eyes.

How great women are! Epi15 • 408 : Lium Says: com on guys… leta vote MnD as much as u can…. !!! go go go • 409 : ptaengta Says: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! OMONA I MISS THEM ALL SO BAD ^^ YEON WOOJIN & HAN GROO. YOU’RE ALL THE BEST!!! I LOVE MARRIAGE NOT DATING DRAMA!! • 410 : jane25 Says: go go guys. help me vote this drama every day!! 😀 • 411 : jane25 Says: waiting new project of YUN WOOO JIINNN • 412 : shirly Says: The best drama ever!

Very very recommended. .. • 413 : sousou1979 Says: Thanks to this drama I’ve spend a good summer. One of the best comedy ever…and for me : the best of 2014. • 414 : Glai Says: i love the drama…..good actor and actress…..😍😍😍 • 415 : dream Says: i love and enjoy this drama so much, it made me very happy. All is best, especially, Yun Wu Jin and Hangroo play as natural and very cute. I also love the ending that is full of rain and feel that love between of them.

• 416 : itsuka Says: Love much.. Much.. This drama.. • 417 : Says: […] » Marriage Without Dating » Korean Drama – Title: 연애 말고 결혼 / Marriage Without Dating Chinese Title: 不要恋爱要结婚 Also Known as: Marriage Without Love / Marriage Not Dating… […] • 418 : Says: […] » Marriage Without Dating » Korean Drama – » Marriage Without Dating » Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all Korean Drama TV Series… […] • 419 : BOCIL Says: BEST DRAMA EVERRRR… So funny and entertaining… LOVE IT!!!

• 420 : park jun sung Says: waaahhh finally yun woo jin come back on screen with romantic comedy. gud im going to watch his new drama “divorce lawyer in love”… from the title it has catch my attention… broadcast on SBS and its the 1st teaser : for admin i have waiting for the page u created for this new drama.

it is release on march 15, 2015… hehe thanks for read my comment • 421 : mercy Says: Iwell I hv not finish mine but I really hope dat d guy who want to be alone will finally marry d.

Girl who wants to get married • 422 : lgunasetiawan Says: You can laugh all the time watching this drama, very entertaining • 423 : OK OK OK Says: very refreshing romance comedy. All actors and actresses acting – bravo!!! Writer = story ==== Jang !!! A MUST WATCH DRAMA !!! • 424 : Admaliah Says: Very nice & entertaining series. A must watch . . . • 425 : daebak Says: MUST WATCH DRAMA!! WOOAH!! I’M ALREADY HOOKED AT FIRST EP!!

• 426 : Says: […] Marriage Without Dating » Korean Drama – » Marriage Without Dating » Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all Korean Drama TV Series… […] • 427 : Hannah Says: Re-watched this drama after almost a year, I still laughed at all the episodes. 😀 • 428 : Nina Agustina Says: the best.. i like it • 429 : Silvia Says: This drama is worth watching.. it is very entertaining.. • 430 : justwonderr Says: Just wondering, it seems – from all the kdrama I’ve watched so far – in this type if story, the lead female character, is always sincere, often clueless, kind but also kind of childish/unsophisticated to the point of rude, lacking manner, tact….etc – along that line.

IRL, I don’t see that kind of character would go very far….at least not in the world that I live in anyway…. IRL, there ARE beautiful, sincere, sophisticated females with elegance, brain, wit and tact…..or, this kind ‘package’ will not sell if portrayed in stories/films…???

• 431 : justwonderr Says: One more thing, Yun Woo Jin looks here, in this series, somehow reminds me of Pierce Brosnan – one of the James Bond – the hair style, tall, slim, neat…etc….perhaps Woo Jin is the Korean version of P.Brosnan….

A bit correction for my previous comment (430) – in this type OF (not if) story.. • 432 : Allyne Says: Nice all the cast..highly recommended… • 433 : Says: […] Marriage Without Dating […] • 434 : Says: My fav drama. So funny and cute couple.

• 435 : Fatima Says: The drama has a lot of dating😀 Why the name is “Marriage not dating” ?😀 The couple is crazily good. • 436 : Ammy layli Says: Like… like… like this drama… so much.. Recommended… ^^ cute couple… best drama.. (Good actors and actresses ^^ ) • 437 : Heba Says: I just finished watching it and all i can say it’s amazing comedy drama i couldn’t stop laughing until the last episode 😍😍😍😍😍 • 438 : Says: […] Boss” (tvN, 2017),“Another Miss Oh” (tvN, 2016),“Divorce Lawyer in Love” (SBS, 2015),“Marriage Without Dating” (tvN, 2014),“You Who Came From the Stars” (SBS, 2013),“When A Man Loves” (MBC, 2013),“Arang and the […] • 439 : Irene Says: I just finished watch this drama and i love it.

what i love most about this drama, i learn some good lesson if you watch this you just not laugh and cry.. but its also make us realize about relationship between mother and son, being perfect mother, fake relationship, a selfish father have an affair, and being honest yourself… RECOMMENDED DRAMA BETTER WATCH THIS… Actual i never watch the drama of Yeon Woo-jin and Han Groo.. i dont know them before… but now their in my list to wait whats their next drama…

best marriage not dating kdrama eng sub episode 6

best marriage not dating kdrama eng sub episode 6 - Marriage Not Dating EngSub, Watch Marriage Not Dating Kdrama Asian Drama online

best marriage not dating kdrama eng sub episode 6

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best marriage not dating kdrama eng sub episode 6

Se Ah is asking too much in my opinion, sperms or reveal the secret..I was like WTH?!!! Anyway it is getting more exciting and complicated. So their dark and sad pasts are now all revealed..Where did the first scene go?

looked like they were happy and stuff but it wasn't like that at the part when Jang mi left notes and stuff so cute :) The last scene tho hahaha yay first kiss from our leads!!! <3 that was awesome kiss......chuvvaayoo.....i love this drama bcoz so much real kiss are there....saaraanghee....they look nice...i didnot know ji woon had asuch a acting talent...he really did a good job in this drama...i love the lead girl...she never try to control the situation....ha..ha...that was one of the charm of her role in this drama...i am laughing untill my breath back, funny and nice drama.....lovable take away my stress ........chummal all actros of this drama and you guys....i want to second season of this drama....already i watched 3 times this will never get bored....full romantic comedy this.i like every actor and actress,every scene...

in this drama....

Marriage, Not Dating Funny and Cute sence
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