Best kolkata dating photoshoot place

best kolkata dating photoshoot place

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best kolkata dating photoshoot place

I hope this list helps: • Every Street of Kolkata • Indian Museum • Serene And Beautiful Prinsep Ghat • Rabindra Sarovar Lake • Hangseswari Temple • Bandel Church • Kalighat Temple • Thanthania Kalibari in Kolkata • Belur Math • New Market • Park Street • Dakshineshwar Temple • Pareshnath Jain Temple • Nakhoda Mosque • St. Paul’s Cathedral • St John’s Church • Armenian Church • Howrah Bridge • Rabindra Sadan • Victoria Memorial • Vidyasagar Setu Kolkata Race Course • National Library • Shahid Minar in Kolkata • Kolkata Marble Palace • MP Birla Planetarium in Kolkata • Birla Industrial Museum • Rabindra Bharti Museum • Birla Art Museum • Asutosh Museum • Gurusaday Museum • Botanical Garden • Zoological Garden • Agri Horticultural Garden • Aquatica • Nicco Park • Swabhumi • Science City • Millennium Park • Nalban Boating Complex • Clown Town Being in Kolkata is like taking a journey back in time.

There is an exact place to suit your exact photographic mood. From the open green spaces of the Maidan to the decrepit old Lanes of North Kolkata or even the swanky apartments and offices of Salt Lake or maybe the quiet evening ending up by the Sarovar lakes - there is a lot of places and each with it's own charms and challenges.

So depending on your type of photoshoot an appropriate place can be found. Many of the romantic ones occurs around the lakes or in the Maidan or even the occasional ones are arpund Victoria Memorial or on the Hooghly. Similarly for nature related ones you could travel to the outskirts of the city or even. Heck out the Jheels of Salt Lake. Hope this helps. Thanks.

best kolkata dating photoshoot place

best kolkata dating photoshoot place - What are the best places for a photo shoot in Kolkata?

best kolkata dating photoshoot place

At the end of any wedding, it is always the photographs that give couples memories that they cherish forever. Talking about wedding photographs, one trend that is dominating the scene in India is that of the pre-wedding photo shoot. It is a concept where the to-be wed couples get a chance to create some un-replicable precious moments that are beautifully captured by their photographer.

advertisement Almost all couples and their photographers prefer natural outdoor locations for their pre-wedding shoots. An outdoor location allows the couple to be themselves in front of the camera. So, choosing the correct location can do wonders for your shoot.

Well, we have compiled a guide to help you choose the best location for a pre-wedding shoot in your city. We have already done the first part of our series on . And, here is another one for all the soon-to-be married couples in Kolkata.

Here are the best locations in Kolkata for a pre-wedding shoot. #1. Hooghly Ghat Hooghly Ghat boat ride, Kolkata. Image Courtesy: The morning life in the Hooghly Ghats is a unique mixture of boats, bathers, religious offerings and local masseurs.

The morning light is just perfect for photography. The smokey atmosphere in the winters will create an aroma of mystery in your photos, which will make them even more special. advertisement Image Courtesy: Wedding Bells The two kilometer stretch of beautiful riverfront (of the sacred Ganges) is what amplifies its photographic significance.

A popular hangout place for lovebirds is a good enough idea for pre-wedding shoot, especially early in the morning or at the brink of twilight.

advertisement Princep Ghat train station, Kolkata. Image Courtesy: Wedding Bells Talking about the location and the reason why he loves this one, he adds, “It is cliché but classic.

It has combination of white pillars, a park, railway tracks, Ganges and bridge view, all in a single location. And, it goes well with all kinds of dresses.” If you want to add some excitement to your pre-wedding shoot, then don't miss: #3. New Town, Eco Park Eco Park is rather recently developed when compared to other places in the city, but is an appropriate choice for a pre-wedding shoot.

Located at New Town, its key attractions include- Rose garden, Butterfly garden, Fruit garden, Tea garden and Eco Island. Benches near Eco Park lake, Kolkata. Image Courtesy: Wedding Bells The crowd mostly consists of laid back visitors who have come to relax and enjoy. Once you are there you can take all the time you need to complete the shoot void of any distractions and disturbance.

Eco Park road, Kolkata. Image Courtesy: Wedding Bells Talking about this location, photographer, Indrajit Bhattacharya, says, “Eco Park is another favourite of mine these days.

It is a combination of water body, park, walkways, boat ride, all that a photographer can ask for.” Eco Park lake and Eco Park walkway, Kolkata. Image Courtesy: Wedding Bells He further adds, “The sun sets on the horizon of the water body here, which makes it exceptional for photos during the sunset hours.” Don't Miss: #4. Botanical Garden Located on the west bank of Ganges in Shibpur, Botanical Garden is a beautiful location for a pre-wedding photo shoot.

Image Courtesy: Wedding Bells Botanical Garden is for those who want to steal away a few moments, away from all the prying eyes, in the laps of the nature. Image Courtesy: Abhijit Bhowmick (35mm World Studio) Its famous Banyan tree, palm collection, and giant amazon lily pads offer a stunning natural backdrop to a couple’s photos. There you will also get a boating lake, to add interesting elements to the photographs. Image Courtesy: Wedding Bells #5. Maidan From Hooghly in the west to Chowringhee and Park Street in the east, Maidan is a huge urban park.

This huge stretch of open land is lined with lush greenery, tram tracks and statues. It also houses Fort Williams, Victoria Memorial, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Birla Planetarium. Image Courtesy: Abhijit Bhowmick (35mm World Studio) Its vastness is the reason why it is so preferred location for a pre-wedding shoot by Kolkata-based couples and their photographers. Maidan is a huge open field, which is quite crowded too. Well, maybe that is a reason why Abhijit Bhowmick, of 35mm World Studio, loves this location.

Image Courtesy: Abhijit Bhowmick (35mm World Studio) He says, “I try to capture the couple's moments oblivious to the busy and chaotic surrounding.

It makes the couple stand out. Also, I love shooting trams in the background. Trams hold historical significance in Kolkata.” Getting ready to get clicked? Also Read: #6. Victoria Memorial Image Courtesy: Wedding Bells While in Kolkata, how can one forget Victoria Memorial?

It is a spectacular display of British colonial architecture and an unexplainable blend of European, Indian and Persian styles. Victoria Memorial passage, Kolkata. Image Courtesy: Wedding Bells It is well maintained with beautiful gardens, which has earned its name as “couple’s hangout” over the years.

It is the ideal location for a pre-wedding shoot with so many potential features to exploit in creativity. Expert advice from the photographers Why is a pre-wedding shoot important? Photographer, Indrajit Bhattacharya, says, “The interaction during the shoot helps the photographer to know more about the couple, their preferences, communication style and these will help the photographer to understand the couple's requirement during the wedding easily and enable him to capture the candid moments with ease as the couple will not be stiff since they'd know their photographer already.” Graffiti wall at Eco Park, Kolkata. Image Courtesy: Wedding Bells To get the best out of your pre-wedding shoot, also read: What are the things that couples should keep in mind while selecting a location?

Photographer Abhijit Bhowmick, tells us, “Based on the comfort level of the couple they should decide to do indoors or outdoors. Since in the outdoor shoots most often there will be undue attention given by passer-bys or locals, so in such cases, if the couples are comfortable in posing or be in their candid moment, they may opt for an outdoor shoot." Princep Ghat, Kolkata.

Image Courtesy: Abhijit Bhowmick (35mm World Studio) Abhijit, also adds,"If opting for outdoor, couples should decide what kind of background they want in their photos. Do they want to capture any historical significance of the place, do they wish to capture the cultural significance of the place, or they wish to capture the essence of daily life of the city?

If couples are opting for an indoor shoot, then they should consider places where there is sufficient light and it is spacious. There should be minimal flower decoration, and curtain or cloth based background should be avoided at all cost.” Park Street, Kolkata. Image Courtesy: Abhijit Bhowmick (35mm World Studio) Also Read: Why is an outdoor location and natural setting better than an in-studio shoot? Well, Indrajit sums it up the best by saying, “The real mango tastes better than a packaged drink, isn't it?” And, Abhijit, adds on this and says, “Outdoor shoots provides ample creative shots and space to photographers. Also such photos tend to capture the essence or pulse of that particular city.” Gariahat Road, Kolkata. Image Courtesy: Abhijit Bhowmick (35mm World Studio) So, all you soon-to-be married couples, who are planning for a pre-wedding photo shoot in the vibrant city, Kolkata, use our guide to your advantage.

Are you ready to create some amazing and everlasting memories?

best kolkata dating photoshoot place

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