Best hiv dating in south africa

best hiv dating in south africa

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best hiv dating in south africa

Collecting HIV survey statistics in South Africa The HIV prevalence for South Africa is the percentage of people that are HIV positive in the population out of the total population at a given point in time. One of the main HIV statistics for South Africa is that by the middle of 2017 12.6% of the population, that is 7.06 million people are HIV positive. 1 Statistics South Africa Mid-year population estimates 2017 There are 1.86 million more People Living with HIV (PLHIV) than in 2008, when the percentage was 10.6, that is 5.2 million people.

The increased prevalence of HIV in 2017 is largely due to the combined effect of new infections, and a successfully expanded ARV treatment programme, which has increased survival among people living with HIV. Looking at the total population, the prevalence in women aged 15-49 is 21.17%, the prevalence in adults aged 15-49 is 17.98% and the prevalence among youth aged 15-24 is 4.64%.

2 Statistics South Africa Mid-year population estimates 2017 HIV Prevalence Rate South Africa - by age and sex There is considerable variation in the prevalence rates between women and men.

HIV Prevalence Rate by Age and Sex in South Africa 2012 0-14 15-19 20-24 25-29 30-34 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54 55-59 60+ Men 2.3 0.7 5.1 17.3 25.6 28.8 15.8 13.4 15.5 5.5 4.6 Women 2.4 5.6 17.4 28.4 36.0 31.6 28.0 19.7 14.8 9.7 2.4 If there is a "plus sign" click on it for more columns Overall women had a significant higher HIV prevalence than men.

The prevalence of HIV was highest among women aged 30-34 and among men aged 35-39. In the teenage population the estimated HIV prevalence among women was eight times that of their male equivalents. This suggests that female teenagers aged 15-19 are more likely than their male equivalents to have sex, not with people in the same age group, but with older sex partners. In the age group 30-35 over one third of all women were estimated to be HIV positive.

HIV Prevalence Rate South Africa - by province There was also in 2012 considerable variation in the prevalence rate according to the province.

3 South African National HIV Prevalence, Incidence and Behaviour Survey 2012 HIV prevalence rate by province in South Africa in 2012 KZN MP FS NW GP EC LP NC WC Prevalence Rate 16.9 14.1 14.0 13.3 12.4 11.6 9.2 7.4 5 If there is a "plus sign" click on it for more columns Key: KwaZulu-Natal, MP - Mpumalanga, FS - Free State, NW - North West, GP - Gauteng, EC - Eastern Cape, LP - Limpopo, NC - Northern Cape, WC - Western Cape Important South African populations Although the epidemic in South Africa is a generalised epidemic, there are some specific populations or groups of people, who have a higher than average rate of HIV prevalence.

The HIV survey in 2012 found these groups to be: 4 South African National HIV Prevalence, Incidence and Behaviour Survey 2012 Key populations South Africa 2012 Population HIV Prevalence Black African women aged 20-35 31.6% People co-habiting 30.9% Black African men aged 25-49 25.7% Disabled people 15 and over 16.7% High risk alcohol drinkers 15 and over 14.3% Recreational drug users 12.7% If there is a "plus sign" click on it for more columns HIV incidence The HIV incidence is the number of new HIV infections in a population during a certain time period.

In 2016 the incidence was 270,000. ARVs It is estimated that the number of PLHIV receiving ARVs in 2016 was 3,900,000. This is however still only 53% of those eligible for treatment. No. of PLHIV receiving ART 2009-2014 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 No.

receiving ART 616,337 933,621 1,611,430 2,350,180 2,760,620 3,078,570 If there is a "plus sign" click on it for more columns HIV related deaths It was estimated that in 2017 the number of AIDS related deaths was 126,755. TB was the primary cause of death for PLHIV in 2017. The highest number of deaths is estimated to have been in 2006 when an estimated 345,185 people died. The number of deaths has declined consistently since then, as a result of access to ARVs.

Estimates of AIDS related deaths 2010 2014 2015 2016 2017 Estimated AIDS deaths for all ages 148,632 142,534 143,059 135,154 126,755 If there is a "plus sign" click on it for more columns TB and HIV co-infection It is estimated that the TB/HIV co-infection rate in South Africa is nearly 60%.

So this means that the country’s TB epidemic is directly linked to HIV incidence and prevalence. As an increasing number of people who are already HIV positive are receiving ART, so a decreasing number of them are developing TB.

However, this has to be seen alongside the need to provide ARVs for those people who are becoming newly infected.

best hiv dating in south africa

best hiv dating in south africa - Online Dating with Dating South Africa's Personal Ads

best hiv dating in south africa

HIV Dating South Africa at It can be quite a daunting task to find the right partner in a regular dating site. However, if a person is diagnosed as HIV positive, it complicates matters further. A person with HIV must be completely honest about the issue while dating online, but it can be rather difficult to talk about it to others on a regular dating site.

Today, it has been estimated that there are more than 34 million people all over the world living with HIV. With improved treatments, they are living longer and enjoying a better quality of life.

Our community is for such people offering a place where members can move on with their life and meet potential partners and spouses. They can even ask HIV counselors any queries and doubts they have about their problems. We are dedicated to helping those with HIV and other STDs in the South Africa to get a good start and make connections and start dating others going through similar issues.

Even the basic free membership allows users a broad range of useful features of a dating site, with premium membership enabling greater control. Apart from this, our dating site also offers help through community forums and medical information, with expert advice for members going through the different stages of dating. Our site is a fast growing one where you can find hundreds of other profiles living with HIV or some other STDs. It is assumed that all our profiles are either STD positive or STD positive friendly.

Ours is an all-inclusive community and caters to all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation, their religion, race or their gender. Whether you are looking for love, companionship, friendship or emotional support, our STD dating site is a great place to start, for both those who have been newly diagnosed and for long-term survivors. You can go through our member profiles to find others dealing with the same issues. Always remember that being HIV positive does not mean that it is an end to love or dating or making friends.

and start enjoying all our features to meet people from South Africa.

best hiv dating in south africa

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Young Women in South Africa - At Greater Risk of HIV/AIDS
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