Best gay dating hiv positive personality type

best gay dating hiv positive personality type

HIV can take weeks or months to test positive. Not knowing your status can, in theory, be no fault of your own, but attributed to the length of time it takes to test positive. And I don't know about you, but even that syphilis test came back negative three times before they were able to definitively tell me what I had. So, when can one ever be 100 percent certain of their status? Unless…they're already positive With my understanding of HIV deepening, I took these discoveries and bounded back into the dating scene with new found enthusiasm. Enthusiastic because I now respected the seriousness of the virus without living in irrational fear of it. I figured, I cried on the last dick I had in front of me, it could only get better from there, right?

best gay dating hiv positive personality type

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best gay dating hiv positive personality type

best gay dating hiv positive personality type - HIV

best gay dating hiv positive personality type

For a combination of reasons, gay and bisexual men appear to have become a high-risk group for HIV infection. Yet being HIV positive does not mean that you cannot lead an active social life.

Here are some dating opportunities which will help HIV positive gay men to love, in a safe and healthy way. • Events based on common interests One of the best dating ideas for all kinds of relationships is to do something enjoyable together. In case of gay dating where one or both partners may be HIV positive, this is definitely a good idea since it diminishes the possibility of unsafe activities while at the same time strengthening the bond between them.

So if your boyfriend likes painting, by all means join an art workshop for couples or hang out at an art gallery on a Sunday afternoon. On the other hand if you both are keen golfers, you could tee off at a golf club or go mini-golfing at a gay neighborhood. However you may need to steer clear of activities which are physically stressful like certain sports and adventure activities like bungee jumping or rock climbing. Despite being HIV positive, if a person is in overall good health, there is no reason why you cannot go swimming on the beach or hiking on a lovely summer day.

TIP: • Popular options Ever popular dating ideas like a movie or a picnic in a garden are great for HIV positive gays too. The actions which part of normal dating behavior are highly unlikely to cause you to be affected by the virus.

Since the transmission of the HIV takes place only through exchange of certain body fluids, it is completely safe to hold your partner's hands, sit and walk beside him/her and even hug and embrace him/her. So if your partner is a movie buff, get two tickets of the latest blockbuster and head for the theaters.

On the other hand if he likes to be in the outdoors, choose a park or public garden known to be gay-friendly and go on a long romantic walk with your partner. • Get into volunteer work Volunteering for an AIDS organization or a gay community or health center is not only a great way to meet other gay HIV positive men but also find something meaningful to do together. Join an AIDS walk or attend an AIDS charity benefit.

Many community organizations sponsor events where you would meet other people who share like-minded values and missions. • Go online The internet has come as a godsend for niche dating pools and HIV positive gays are one of them.

There are several dating websites which cater specifically to the requirements of gays who are HIV positive. While you can sign up with these sites if you are keen to meet other gays who are HIV positive, even if you have found a nice partner, you can still scour these sites for interesting and creative dating ideas as well as dating events which can go a long way in making your social life enjoyable. • Food and love Romance based on culinary experiences has long been a staple of dating.

There is no reason why you cannot continue to pamper your partner and his taste buds despite one or both of you being HIV positive. It is completely safe for you to share food and drinks as well as eating utensils. However an HIV positive person may have to keep off certain foods and most definitely drinks and cigarettes during treatment for HIV. So when planning a date at a restaurant or a culinary event, keep in mind these restrictions and do not take your dates to places where he may be tempted in indulge in foods or drinks potentially dangerous for your partner.

• Social and cultural events Choose a cultural or artistic event in your city or town to spend an enjoyable day with your partner. These events usually have a range of musical, culinary and recreational opportunities which are sure to offer something to every kind of personality. So if you and your partners are big time fans of rock music, attend a concert taking place in your city.

Then there are gay-based events like gay pride festivals and parades which is not only a great way to spend time with your partner but also a opportunity to lend your support for the cause. All such events are perfectly safe for HIV positive gays to attend, provided they stick to safe foods, drinks and activities. In fact these days there are socials and dances organized exclusively for HIV positive gays where singles can not only meet potential partners but can have a good time with a lover.

• Make safe sex a priority Even if one of you or both are HIV positive, there is nothing to prevent you from being physically intimate when you feel you are ready for it. However it is crucial that you and your partner share your HIV status and practice safe sex.

One of the first things to do in case you both feel a definite mutual attraction is to share your HIV status, including the last time you were tested.

And you must expect the same from your partner. Many men can get vague or lie outright about their HIV status – while this should not make you paranoid about having gay sex, it should make you aware of the importance of HIV testing and sharing facts related to sexual history and sexual health.

Closed mouth kissing where there is no exchange of saliva is completely safe and there is no risk of infection even when being kissed by a HIV-infected person. However in case of open mouth kissing particularly ‘French kissing’, the saliva might contain traces of blood which can theoretically transmit HIV from the infected to the non-infected partner. This is particularly likely when the HIV-infected person has sore, bleeding gums as a result of which the saliva might contain blood.

In case one of you is HIV positive and the other is HIV negative, it is best if you can entirely refrain from penetrative sexual intercourse and limit acts of intimacy to kissing, caressing, touching and mutual masturbation.

However if there is sexual penetration - whether oral, vaginal or anal - take protective measures - through the proper usage of condoms and lubricants - so that you can minimize the likelihood of transmission of the HIV virus.

best gay dating hiv positive personality type

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HIV - How it Affects Dating and When To Tell Your Partner
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