Best dating yes or no questions to ask someone you like

best dating yes or no questions to ask someone you like

These are really good truth questions to ask a girl to get her blushing and sweating. What is the worst date you’ve ever been on? Have you ever had a crush on a friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend? If you had to make out with a boy at school, who would it be? Would you rather go for a month without washing your hair or go for a day without wearing a bra? Have you ever asked someone out? Have you ever had a crush on a person at least 10 years older than you? Who is the worst kisser you’ve kissed?. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve said or done in front of someone you like? What part of your body do you love and which part do you hate? Who is your celebrity crush?

best dating yes or no questions to ask someone you like

• How are you, really? • How do you feel right now? What are you thinking about? • What’s your favorite color? • What’s your favorite food? • What’s your favorite dessert?

• How old are you? • What have you learned today? • What was your favorite subject in school? • What do you do? • What are some of your favorite books? • What are some of your favorite movies? • What kind of music are you into? • If you were going to write a book, what would you call it and what would it be about?

• What’s one of the scariest things you’ve ever done? • What accomplishment are you most proud of? • Are you married? • How did you meet your spouse / girlfriend / boyfriend? • Do you think it’s better to get married when you’re young or better to wait a while? • Do you have any kids? • Have you ever thought of adopting? • When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? • How did you get into [INSERT THEIR CAREER FIELD]? • Would you recommend [INSERT THEIR CAREER] for other people?

Why / Why not? • What do you do for fun? • Do you like traveling? • If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go? • Who are some people you’d like to meet someday? • If someone asked you to give them a random piece of advice, what would you say? • What’s one of your favorite habits you have? • What are some things that make you really happy?

• What are some things that make you really sad? • What are some things that scare you? • Do you like to plan things out in detail or be spontaneous? • Are you a religious person? • If you could go back in history, who would you like to meet? • Would you rather live in the country or in the city?

• What was your life like growing up? • What were you like in high school? • Do you have any brothers or sisters? How many? • What’s your favorite part about today so far?

• Who in your life has influenced you the most? How did they do it? • What’s your favorite joke? • Have you ever tried sushi? (Did you like it?) • Do you like spicy food? • How do you like your steak cooked? • Do you have a favorite number? Any particular reason why you like that number? • If you were a type of animal, what would you be and why? • What’s one of the strangest things you’ve ever done? • What kind of vacations do you like? • What are some of your major goals in life?

• What are some of your smaller goals in life? • What do you like least about yourself? • What embarrasses you? • If you could try out any job for a day, what would you like to try? • What’s your earliest memory?

• What’s the best decision you ever made? • Who’s your best / closest friend? • What do you think people think of you? • What were your grades like in school? • If you could learn one random skill, what would you learn? • Are you an introvert or an extrovert? • Have you ever taken a personality test? (How did the results turn out?) • What’s the first thing you notice about people?

• Do you think people can control their own destiny? • Do you think all people are equally valuable, or do you think some people in certain situations might be more valuable than others (say, a severely retarded patient vs. a doctor who could potentially save hundreds of lives)? • Do you think people are basically bad or basically good? • Do you think morals are universal or relative to the beliefs, traditions, and practices of individuals or groups?

• Do you think God exists? • Do you think any kind of afterlife exists? • Do you vote? Why / Why not? If you do vote, how do you usually vote? • Do you think gay people choose to be gay? Do you think straight people choose to be straight? • Is torture ever a good option? If no, why not? If yes, when? • Would you kill an innocent person if you thought it might mean saving a dozen other people?

• What’s the most money you’ve ever given away? • What’s the biggest personal change you’ve ever made? • What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done? • What do you think would be one of the best steps we could take toward ending poverty around the world? • What do you think we could do to best improve the education system? • In general, what do you think about art? • What are some of your favorite websites? • What’s the biggest turnoff in a man/woman?

• What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told? • What’s something most people don’t know about you? • What’s something you wish everyone knew about you? • What are some of the first things you do in the morning? • What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you? • Do you cry easily? • How do you feel about public speaking? • Do you like to talk on the phone? • How many emails do you get each week, roughly?

• If someone were to make a movie about your life, who would you hope would play you? • What’s one of your favorite questions to ask new friends or to get a conversation going? • Would you ever sky dive or bungee jump? • Have you ever been in a fist fight? • What’s the best prank you’ve ever pulled? • What did you do on your 16th birthday? • What do you think is one of the most undervalued professions right now?

• How would you explain your basic life philosophy? • Would you rather be hated or forgotten? • If you knew you would die tomorrow, would you feel cheated today?

best dating yes or no questions to ask someone you like

best dating yes or no questions to ask someone you like - Top 75 Best Questions To Ask A Girl You Like

best dating yes or no questions to ask someone you like

As a , I use pointed and interesting questions to help my clients gain more clarity about themselves and to help me better understand my clients and their goals. I generally used my list of questions that can't be answered with a simple “yes” or “no” so that the client is encouraged to dig deeper and uncover answers they may not have realized previously.

Often after I would ask a unique question, a client will say, “I've never thought about that before.” Once they ponder the question and their feelings about it, it can lead to a profound insight or an “ah ha” moment.

Even in social or casual settings, asking the right questions can stimulate deeper and more interesting conversations. It can set the stage for discovering common interests, developing a more authentic connection, and fostering mutual . There is an art to asking good questions and creating interesting conversation. The Art of Conversation Explained No one wants to feel as though they're in a job interview or being grilled for information, especially at a social setting.

But asking appropriate and open-ended questions, mixed with some of your own comments and observations, is the formula for lively conversation. When you are in a social setting, remember that an artful conversation involves these skills: • Show interest in the other person (or people) and reflect genuine curiosity in them with your questions.

• After asking good questions it's important to to their reply in order to hear beyond the words spoken. • Mindful listening requires watching body language, listening to tone of voice, and being sensitive to what is left unspoken. • Follow-up thoughtfully with great questions or make reflective or supportive statements. • Be sure there's a balance of give and take in a conversation so that one person isn't doing all of the talking. • Prepare yourself with topics of interest and great questions (see below).

• Try to be yourself. You don't need to pretend or show off to be a great conversationalist. Why Questions Are So Powerful By learning good questions to ask people and taking the time and interest to keenly listen, you are setting the stage for more intimate, fulfilling, and enjoyable relationships.

Asking interesting, open-ended questions reflects your genuine interest in people and shows you are reflective and caring person yourself. It also improves your communication skills as you practice different questions and adapt questions to each situation. You can also make other people who are socially uncomfortable more comfortable by drawing them out with the right question.

This helps build trust in the conversation and in a relationship. Questioning others also increases your understanding of others and improves your knowledge, as there is something new to learn from everyone. Take the time to prepare some questions for your conversation toolbox, so when the moment is right, you'll have an intriguing question on the tip of your tongue.

Here's a list of 25 questions to ask people to really get to know them: 1. What is your best childhood memory? This fun question always makes people smile and often leads to a humorous or poignant exchange about family, travel, holidays and traditions, hopes and dreams, and friendship.

You learn a lot about someone when they share aspects of their childhood. 2. If you had a chance for a “do-over” in life, what would you do differently? Good questions that give you insight into a person's state of mind about who they are, their vulnerabilities, and their hopes and dreams create deep conversations. Often sharing regrets or unmet desires opens doors to considering new possibilities or the .

3. How did the two of you meet? This is a personal question to ask people who are dating or married. Quite often sharing the story of how they met draws them together in a mutual happy memory.

It gives them a reason to reconnect and allows you to learn more about their past and how they interact together as a . Read Related: 4. What do you feel most proud of? This is one of the best questions to ask to make people feel you are really interested in them and who they are. Everyone wants to feel accomplished and proud, and we all want an opportunity to share our successes without looking like a braggart.

The answers give you great insight into what the person values most in life. 5. What is your favorite music? The music we enjoy helps define us and reflects the dreams and attitudes of our generation. What we listen to reflects what speaks to our souls. It reveals who we are and what we believe — in an illuminating and honest way that's often hard to put into words.

6. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why? This question not only allows you to discuss and share travel experiences, but also it affords insights into the other person's interests, personality, and sense of adventure.

7. If you could only keep five possessions, what would they be? This personal question really makes people think. We are so attached to our possessions, but truthfully there are only a few that matter deeply to us. When people are forced to define those few, it gives insight into what they value most.

8. What teacher in school made the most impact on you and why? Teachers can play a pivotal role in helping us develop a love of learning, discover our life passions, and draw out our innate skills. Sometimes they are people who inspire us or who simply believe in us and want the best for us. 9. What do you want your tombstone to say? Although this is a morbid question, it does go right to the heart of what we want for ourselves. At the end of our lives, how do we want to be remembered and what legacy do we want to leave?

10. What was one of your most defining moments in life? This is a great question to invite sharing on a deeper and more vulnerable level. Often defining moments come during profound life transitions like death, divorce, job loss, etc.

It is during these times we are called to make a huge mental, physical, or emotional shift. 11. Why did you choose that profession? The story of how someone landed in a particular profession opens the door to learning a lot about a person and their motivations, interests, education, and ambitions. We spend most of our days working, so the answer to this question also reveals how a person chooses to define their lives.

12. How do you spend your free time? This is a great follow-up question to the previous question. It rounds out the picture of how this person has created his or her life and what hobbies, interests, and obligations they have created for themselves.

13. If you won the lottery, what would you do? This is a fun question that reveals so much about a person and their attitudes about money, work, and life passion.

Would they leave their job? Buy their dream home? Do something altruistic? Would they be happy about having a lot of money or want to avoid it? 14. Who do you most admire in life? This is a great question to learn more about the kind of person someone wants to emulate.

We admire people whose actions and character reflect what we want in ourselves. This will tell you a lot about the true character of a person. 15. What are your top three favorite books and why? Sharing favorite books opens the door for and finding common ground between you. It gives you and the other person a chance to learn something new and potentially to understand a new perspective or interest you haven't pursued.

16. What are you most afraid of? This is a very probing and enlightening question. Everyone has fears, and our fears reveal our vulnerabilities and pain. When someone shares this with you, you must respond with care, kindness, and trustworthiness. You must treat their fears with dignity so they feel safe connecting with you on this more intimate level. 17. What feels like love to you? Everyone has their own “love language” — the words, behaviors, and attitudes that make them feel loved and that reveal how they express love.

This is a great question to ask your spouse, romantic partner, or a potential romantic partner. 18. What is your strongest personal quality? Many people feel uncomfortable with personal questions at first because they want to appear modest. But truly we all want to feel validated about our positive qualities and have others recognize this about us. People will usually follow up by asking this question of you, and it creates a positive feeling and bond between you.

This is one of the best questions to ask to really get the and make a good connection. 19. What was your most embarrassing moment? This is one of those fun questions that can lead to laughter and connection. Most people enjoy telling funny stories about themselves if there isn't shame or guilt involved. Occasionally someone will reveal something painful or shameful, and this is the time to show and caring. 20. If you were president, what is the first thing you would do?

You can learn a lot about someone's political beliefs, ideals, worries, and values when you ask this question. If you want to connect and invite open discussion, just be sure you don't challenge or put down the response you get if it happens to be different from what you would do.

21. What age do you feel right now and why? This is one of the random questions to ask someone over 50. You will get some interesting responses. As we get older, most people don't “feel” their chronological age. It's enlightening to learn how people perceive themselves internally even though externally they may be at a completely different stage of life.

22. If you could witness any event of the past, present, or future, what would it be? This is a very interesting question that invites a fascinating discussion. You can learn about someone's interests and goals, and perhaps you'll be inspired to delve into a new interest yourself. 23. What is a skill you'd like to learn and why? Most of us have something we want to learn to improve ourselves or for simple enjoyment.

This question gives the person the opportunity not only to share that desire but also to examine why they haven't pursued learning the skill. 24. What does a perfect day look like to you? Thinking about this question requires us to dig around in our memories for previous perfect days. It's a feel-good question that gives both people an infusion of happiness and maybe even the desire to recreate that perfect day.

25. How would your friends describe you? This question allows the other person to talk about themselves from an outside perspective.

It invites self-awareness and self-honesty and opens the door to a more authentic conversation. By asking these questions to get to know people, you are revealing something about yourself as well. You are showing others that you are engaged, interested, and aware of their value as a person. You are inviting authentic and genuine sharing and connection. When you make others feel valued and important, you are setting a foundation for a lasting, .

Did you find any value from these get to know you questions? I hope you enjoyed my list of questions to ask people.

Which ones were the best questions to ask your friends and neighbors? Would you like to share with others? It would be really great if you could help me spread these great conversation starters. Would you be willing to share this list of questions article on your preferred social media platform? photo credit: Adnan some of those questions can not be asked directly as they embarrassing but you can get the answers during the time if the relationship is serious.

most of friends does not know details about each other even some time they don’t know the family name of the friend. I think those questions are important for marriage project to understand spouse personality. thank you for sharing your knowledge. Adnan • • • • • • • • Affiliate links are used on this site. But each link goes to a product that we've used and highly recommend. Live Bold and Bloom is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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best dating yes or no questions to ask someone you like

• Where are you from? • What do you like to do in your spare time? • Do you like your job? • What's your most eventful travel? • Which cuisine do you usually prefer? • Are you a cat person or a dog person? (Neither?

Uh oh..) • Any thoughts on calculus? • Do you play Candy Crush? • Are you on Quora? • Do you like vampires? • Nice phone. How much RAM does it have? • Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin? • Can you swim? • Do you smoke? • Do you prefer thin crust pizza over thick crust?

(*say yes*, *please say yes!*) • Which would you choose between Venice and Paris? • Want to go for a walk? • What's your reaction to mendicants, in general? • How would you pronounce, 'g h o t i' ? • The book is always better (than the movie). Right? • On a scale of 1 to 10, how scary are cockroaches?

• You have been horribly cheated by a phony friend. What is your first reaction? • Pasta with/ without sauce? If with, white/red? • Why does the earth go round the sun? • Why was 6 afraid of 7? Ty for the A2A ! • What is the most amazing, awe-inspiring thing you've seen this week? • When was the first time your heart was broken, and how did it change you? • Who in your life was the most influential in leading you to become the person you are today? • What are you passionate about?

• If you had the courage to do anything you wanted, would it change the choices you make? • Do you have any pets? • You come home one day and your living room is filled from floor to ceiling with avocados.

What do you do? • Orgy, yes or no? • Do you have any heroes? Who are they? • What scares you? • What is a book that changed you, and how did it change you? • Men are pursuers; women are gatekeepers. True or false? • What's the most amazing place you've ever traveled to?

• You wake up tomorrow in the body of the opposite sex. What do you do? • You look down and see a tortoise. It's crawling toward you. You reach down and flip the tortoise over on its back.

The tortoise lays on its back, its belly baking in the hot sun, beating its legs trying to turn itself over. But it can't. Not without your help. But you're not helping. Why are you not helping? • Who do you love? • What would you not do for a hundred thousand dollars? A million? Ten million? • Are you afraid of flying? • What's the most amazing sexual experience you've ever had? • If you had a chance to spend two weeks camping in the desert by yourself, far from any civilization, would that sound fantastic or awful to you?

What about if there were one other person with you? How about five? • What do you think happens to you after you die?

• Marriage equality, for or against? • Parasites, horrifying or fascinating? • Have you ever stolen anything? • Monogamy, yes or no? • What time do you go to bed? • How many gallons of water do you waste when you shower? • Do you like eggs?

• Is a tomato a fruit or vegetable? • Are dogs carnivores? • Are you curious as to what human flesh taste like? • Are you an alcoholic? • Have you ever been attracted to your mother or father? • What time is it? • Is it normal to have a 7 inch penis? • What do you think about black people?

• Would you live in Russia? • Do you like to write? • What color is your skin? • What ethnicity do you identify with? • Who are you? • What do you do for a living? • Do you like ice cream? • What color are your eyes? • Are my eyes pretty?

• Do you like chocolate? • Do you know about macular degeneration? • What are your thoughts on libertarianism?

• Who was jimmy carter? • Do you like Audrey Hepburn movies? It really depends what is the event and where is it taking place - For my answer, I will assume a discussion with a professional acquaintance.

25 Questions are a lot to ask someone at the first meeting. So spread it out and be aware of the responses/body language to make sure that the conversation really needs to be going on. 1) Hey, How are you doing? 2) How do you know the host? (This is where you show your appreciation for the Host behind his/her back.) 3) Nice Tie, where did you buy it from? 4) Where do you work ? and What do you do? 5) Wow, so since you are an expert in ABC, can you tell me how it really is to be inside this business??

( Can be anything pertaining to his previous answer - Where he/she can elaborate his/her work)? 6) What do you work on - you know apart from work? 7) What car do you drive? 8) Where are you from? Answer: XYZ (Native place) 9) How is it like to live in XYZ? 10) How is the current situation in XYZ ? (Ask only if you know what he/she is going to answer - specifically about recent wars/economic downfalls.) For example: China's recent stock market crash or Iran's Nuclear deal etc..) 11) Is it really portrayed well in the news?

12) What do you think about it? ( Expect a big answer) 13) How is the weather over at XYZ? 14) How long have you been in the U.S? 15) Do you like it over here? 16) Agree and ask about something that he/she likes more - Sports/Fashion/New York City etc. 17) Do you want another drink/serving - I am about to get one? 18) Do you watch Game of Thrones/Any favorite Sitcoms/T.V/Blah Blah Blah stuff? 19) How long have been working at your job/business? (Ask self-reflecting questions only when you are okay to let the conversation end) 20) What are your plans for the weekend?

(If you survive up to this stage - Go ahead and try making another appointment with this person) 21) Let's meet again, I would really like to know your business better? (Yes or No) 22) (If yes) , How about I come to your office and discuss blah blah blah..? 23) I liked the food, how about you? 24) Do you want to grab the deserts with me?

25) Well, That's fine. But, it was great talking to you. You mind if I take down your e-mail address/Phone number - Or do you have your business card on you? (Thanks again. I will contact you) *Corrections/Suggestions are welcome* *It is important to spread these questions within a conversation and not keep on firing them back to back - so as to make the other person involved in the conversation*

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