Best dating yes or no facebook pages found instagram fix

best dating yes or no facebook pages found instagram fix

Instagram wasn’t made for time saving marketing necessarily, but you can make it a serious marketing tool that doesn’t suck 4 hours out of your day with the right tools. (PS. You can learn all the tactics for engaging with your audience and turning them into customers here.) I’ve put together a comprehensive list of the Top 7 Most Frustrating Instagram for Business Issues – and best of all, how to solve them with some pretty rad time-saving and automation tools! Problem 1: No Time to Post Around Your Optimum Sharing Schedule. The secret nitro-injection to getting more likes and engagements on.

best dating yes or no facebook pages found instagram fix

Why is my Instagram linking to the wrong Facebook account?I'm trying to create an Instagram account on my iPhone using my Facebook account. It recognizes me & my account when it asks for permission to access my friends, etc. but once I've accepted that, it logs me into someone else's Instagram account.

Help! I found the solution! I have an iphone and unsuccessfully tried about 8 solutions found across the internet: deleted fb login in settings, uninstalled fb and IG, reset privacy settings, sent a mobile link from desktop etc. HERE IS WHAT WORKED: MY SAFARI BROWSER in Iphone the whole time was linked to the wrong facebook account, and it overrided all the data instagram was receiving.

Once I logged out of facebook in safari (NOT THE FB APP) and logged into the correct facebook account, everything was smooth sailing. Hope this helps another desperate soul!!!

best dating yes or no facebook pages found instagram fix

best dating yes or no facebook pages found instagram fix - ‎Yes Or No Dating App on the App Store

best dating yes or no facebook pages found instagram fix

The question I get asked the most is how to make sure your (brand’s) Instagram account can feed into your (brand’s) Facebook Page. While it’s pretty simply to have an Instagram account feed into a personal Facebook profile, it’s a little more complicated to have Instagram go to a Facebook Page.

Just a little bit though…. A while back I made a tutorial email that I’ve been sending out a bunch, so I figured I put it up on here so everyone can see it. And save myself a couple emails, ha! One more thing before I show the step-by-step tutorial, I do NOT recommend feeding your Instagram photos to a Facebook page.

The main reason is that the Facebook edgerank (=algorithm) sees any link from outside of Facebook as a way to get people away from Facebook, and therefore it gets ranked lower. The result is that way less people will see an Instagram photo on a Facebook Page (in compare to a photo directly uploaded to a Facebook Page). And less views on a post means the Talking About This** number is going down, which will result in a lower post reach in the (near) future.

Another reason to not feed Instagram to a Facebook Page (or profile) is that the tagged accounts won’t translate into Facebook. And tagging others (on any social media platform) is the best way to grow your fan base and increase the reach of a post. (**Talking About This number should be 10-15% of your total Facebook fans/likes) Please make sure you are logged in to the Facebook and Facebook Pages (orange flag) apps before you start!

Step 1: Log in in to the Instagram app on your phone with the account you want to share on the Facebook Page. Then log into your personal Facebook profile on your smart phone. (And make sure you are an admin of the Facebook Page) Step 2: Open the Instagram Instagram and click on the lower right tab (on the bottom). From there click on the wheel in the upper right corner. Step 3: Click on the “Share Settings” button. Step 4a: Click on the “Facebook” button. It will now ask you to sign in to your personal Facebook profile.

Follow the steps. It might open up Facebook for a second and come back to Instagram. It might even do this twice. Don’t touch anything, just let it pull it up and wait for it to be completely done. Step 4b: Click “No” so you’re not sharing your Instagram likes to your personal Facebook profile. Unless you want to display the sketchy stuff you like on Instagram to your Facebook friends. (You’re Instagram followers already can see that, so you’re already getting it out there, don’t worry) Step 4c: You don’t really have to do anything, just making sure the “Facebook” button is now displaying the name of your personal Facebook profile.

Step 5: Click on the “Facebook” button and it should now show “Wall (Default)” Step 6: Click on “Wall (Default)” and now you see a list of all the Facebook pages you are an admin off. Select the one you want and you’ll see the check mark behind the Facebook Page you’ve selected. Step 7: Now go to the upper left corner and click on “Facebook”, “Sharing”, “Options”, and “Profile” and you’re back to your Instagram profile tab/page. Now it’s time to test it out! If this doesn’t work sign out of the Instagram and Facebook app on your phone, uninstall both app and then re-install both apps.

After you’ve re-installed both apps turn off your phone and turn it back on. Then log in to Instagram and Facebook again and repeat the steps. Step 8: Please don’t be lazy and feed every single Instagram photo to you Facebook page. It’s boring when both platforms (and Twitter) show exactly the same content! Besides the fact that it decreases your Facebook Page (and Post) reach, as well as making your Facebook posts look like a mess with a bunch of “@” and “#” signs….

You’re better then that! I’d suggest to feed 1-2 out of 10 Instagram photos to your Facebook Page. Hope this helps. Feel free to leave a comment below or email me at if you still have issues or questions. Or let me know on or if this worked (or not) for you. I’m @fredvanschie. I use android too and it shows me all the pages I’m admin of. Check your admin privileges. It it’s not full, you’ll see you wall.

But also like Fred said, on your desktop log into the page you want linked to Istagram. To give yourself admin privileges, I advise using your email for your personal Facebook page. On your Android smartphone log onto your personal Facebook account and accept the invite to administrate the page.

Once you go to the share settings on Instagram, log into your personal account although Android phones like iOs phones will usually do this automatically. Once the link has been done, still from your share settings page click on Facebook link and voila! You’ll see the list of pages you admin. Gave me a headache, when I initially tried it, but I sorted it out. Hope this helps. • Hello, thank you for your work it is helpful. I followed the instructions and everything seems to be working, when we post a pic on instagram it also appears on our FB fan page.

What we have issue with is the “like”: when we “like” a pic on Instagram it does not appear/get mentioned on the linked FB fan page’s wall (although the “like” button is clicked on instagram’s app on the phone), any advice you might have maybe?

thanks • An excellent guide, Fred – thanks. All works well with connection and sharing from Instagram to Facebook (and doing it a very limited way as you recommended). I have no Instagram Album on my Facebook page though. Shared photos go straight to the page’s timeline as if it has been posted directly using Facebook. There is no reference to being linked with or shared by Instagram as well.

It’s like Instagram doesn’t even exist according to my Facebook page. My understanding is that there should be an Instagram album automatically formed on my Facebook page once I have shared something from Instagram. I don’t really mind, but thought it might be good for followers on Facebook to follow on Instagram as well – since not all pics will be shared with Facebook.

Any ideas on where I might have gone wrong with the Facebook link – etc?? • Not entirely true. If you use a social media manager platform like Hootsuite for instance, you can link your Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram accounts depending on which version of Hootsuite you pick. However, because Instagram is primarily a photo sharing app, you’d need to get a third party app like Notegraphy on which you’ll type the text for the update and then share to Instagram.

It’s a bit counterproductive to go through the whole process I’ve described above, but if you’re really keen on sharing your updates to Instagram from Facebook, there’s as yet no simpler way of doing it. • Thanks for these instructions, but it doesn’t work for me. iOS7 on iPhone 5 here, trying to link to my private FB account. Even after re-install/switch-on and off etc. I still get “No manageable Facebook pages found”. And Instagram does not show up on the phone under Settings > Privacy > Facebook either.

Googled around a few hours, the explanation from Instagram itself is not useful. What to do? It’s kind of annoying actually…. • Last resort: Maybe it has to do with the fact that my (already existing) album “Instagram photos” in my FB account is set to be visible to “Friends, except: Restricted”. Somehow I cannot change this back to “Friends” (maybe I have some overriding restriction regarding pics and the group “Restricted”).

I am just losing my interest in solving it, hehehe, if anyone is still keen on commenting, fire away… • So my Instagram photos share to my personal Facebook page just fine. What is driving me insane is that the likes I get on a photo on Instagram is no where to be seen in the total number of likes for the same photo on Facebook.

I can clearly see both on other peoples Facebook pages. But for some reason it doesn’t do it for mine, any suggestions? • I have the same problem!!

It is really pissing me off. I have been posting to several of the pages I manage for a long time and a few days ago it stopped working. I have tried reinstalling and everything, still doesn’t work.

Mine does not even say ‘No manageable Facebook pages found’. I found this a few minutes ago on the Instagram Help site: Can’t post to Facebook brand page. AndroidNOTE: At this time, it is not possible to post Instagram photos directly to a brand page from an Android device.

Any idea when they will bring back this feature for Android phones? • Hi Fred, My Instagram is linked to both my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

If I share a pic via either, will it be possible for followers and friends to view only the pic in the link, and not have access to all my other Instagram pics? My Instagram posts are set to private.

I prefer it this way and I was hoping there would be a way to prevent unauthorized followers or friends from seeing other Instagram posts I haven’t shared. I like the convenience of sharing on either platform, but it is aimed at friends and family who have access to my Instagram, as most posts are of a personal nature, not necessarily for strangers.

Please help!! • Hey Fred, thx for this. I think I have the exactly the opposite problem: I have linked my Instagram feed to my artist page on facebook, but I want to disconnect it.

Ive already untoggled the artist page in the sharing settings, and deleted facebook and instagram from my phone – and uploaded again. But now it keeps being posted on my fb wall after I share it on Instagram.

Can you help me with this? I completely agree with what you say and I dont want to post the same things on both platforms. • Hi Fred, ive been searching everywhere for an answer to my problem so hopefully you can help!!

I linked my business instagram page to one of my business facebook pages. I have unlinked it now as it got annoying – anyway, whenever one of my facebook friends joins instagram it directs them to follow my business instagram page??

how do i direct it to my personal facebook page instead? your help is greatly appreciated! • Step 3 looks a bit different to me. I know I’m logged in to my Facebook account through Instagram. I don’t want to share photos through Instagram to Facebook, I just want people to be able to go to my Facebook profile through my link that I have in my bio.

But when I try to do it I’m brought to my Facebook feed. Not my bio. Any suggestions? • hello there! should i connect both fb and instagram with my personal email? the reason i ask, is because i want to use instagram for my page, therefore i created it using my business email, not my personal. i have used different emails so far, and the the only possibility i get on instagram is my timeline sharing as a person, it doesnt show the page i manage.

*also, my instagram doesnt appear as the pictures depicted above (maybe i have an older version, or its because i m using android, i cant figure it out) thank you! •

best dating yes or no facebook pages found instagram fix

You can edit your Business Profile's contact information directly from the Instagram app. However, if you want to change the category that appears on your Instagram Business Profile, you'll need to To change your contact information: • Open your Instagram app • Go to your profile and tap • Tap Edit Profile > Contact Options • Tap on the different contact options to change them.

• Tap Save

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