Best dating someone 10 years younger than me

best dating someone 10 years younger than me

Ten, or even five, years ago I would have said dating someone ten years younger or older was out of the question, but at 33 I've happily dated both a guy ten years younger than me, and a guy eleven years older. read more. Source: 0 0. Well I'm not really into 2 year olds so I'm going to have to say no for younger. I also wouldn't want to date a 40 year old but if the only other option is a 2 year old then I'd go for the 50 year old. Hypothetically if I was 40 and a 20 year old was attracted to me then yeah I'd date one. read more. Source: girlsaskguys.c .

best dating someone 10 years younger than me

well i am a very young soooooooooooooooooo i would have to go younger and absolutely not older...the older ones are just tooo programmed....toooo stupid....and tooooo h*rny..... not their fault ...when ya look at the women that raised them could it have been otherwise?...the women from that generation were COMPLETELY IN BELIEF...AUTOMATED AND STAMPED WITH APPROVAL SEALS....


best dating someone 10 years younger than me

best dating someone 10 years younger than me - Would you date someone 10 or more years older or younger than yo

best dating someone 10 years younger than me

Date whomever you want. Assuming it’s nothing illegal, of course. I’m not saying you can go date a little kid still in preschool, so please don’t. But as long as it falls between the boundaries? It’s fine. My girlfriend told me something that I’ll never forget and I hope you never shall either.

We were planning a date at a movie theatre where we could watch this new horror movie that was coming out (Happy Death Day for those interested) and I told her to bring a jacket because it’s a movie theatre and those bastards always keep their air conditioning systems at the same temperature as the surface of Pluto.

She said that she’d bring a blanket in lieu of one, to which I immediately replied, “People are going to think that you’re crazy, Jam”(Jam is what I call her and, yes, I asked for her permission to use her name on a public website).

She then said something rather heartwarming in response: “I don’t care what people think of us, as long as we’re happy.” to which I melted internally.

She is a beautiful person and I love her for that and I’m really proud of her as well. Take this advice and not care what people think. As long as the two of you are happy, I’d say go for it. I’d even encourage it.

My girlfriend and I have somewhat of an age gap, not nearly as much as you though. I’m 15 and she’ll be turning 17 in February (age differences are much more exaggerated in high school and college settings) but hey, as long as we’re happy, right?

All in all, I wish you the best and I hope it all goes well. ❤️ Well, now, that all depends on how old YOU are. In most places, the age of adulthood is 18, so if both parties are over 18, then, yes, it is ok for a 33 year old person to date an 18 year old, assuming both parties are agreeable.

The 33 year old will have a lot of life experiences that the 18 year old won’t have had yet, but that could be interesting for both of them, or could be a show stopper, depending on the people. If one is 60 and the other is 45, it would not be that big of a deal. Their relative ages would be closer and both would have experienced a lot of life. The only issue might be that the 60 year old might die 10 or 20 years before 45 year old, but we never know how long we will last…a friend of my parents died about a year ago, over 20 years after her husband and they had been around the same age, he just got sick and died in his 60s.

Now, if he is 27 and she is 12, that is a felony most places. That depends on the age of the people. It is not ok for a 30 year old to date a 15 year old because the 15 year old is under age. The 30 year old is old enough to know better.

My experience with young women who have crushed on older men usually want to be rescued or have daddy issues. (Absent fathers or fathers emotionally unavailable). I think by the time your in your late 20’s you can date people how ever much older you want because you have developed your own personality, career, interests, and have a pretty good idea who you are.

My husband is 15 years younger than myself. Too many men my age act like old men and just can’t keep up…take that anyway you’d like ;-). Gosh I was just debating this with another Quoran. First of all unless this person is a minor then it is not wrong. If they are a minor and you are not having sex then it is debatable.

Although looks are important … are you both on the same road, going the same direction, at the same time? In my opinion that is more important. Imagine dating someone the same age as you … say 40. They are bedridden with chronic health conditions.

They don’t expect to live more than a few years. You are the same age but run circles around 20 year olds. People something think you are in your 20’s. Even though you are the same age, and on the same road, you are not in the same place.

best dating someone 10 years younger than me

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