Best dating s w revolvers 357 magnum

best dating s w revolvers 357 magnum

Ruger revolver in 357 (zombie killer) magnum. Sturm Ruger GP100 .357 magnum/6 shot DA/SA revolver. See more. from DeviantArt A presentation S&W New Model Russian revolver, gift of the Tsar Nicholas II . provenance: Russia dating: last quarter of the 19th Century . - CZ 82 Wood Grips. See more.

best dating s w revolvers 357 magnum

I was reading a thread on the high road about revolvers and autos, and a few people mentioned that the factory ammo of .40 s&w has the same performance as factory .357 magnum. I shoot alot of .40s but has never heard of such a comparison, of all the literature I've read it all agree that the .357 magnum is the gold standard as a personal defense handgun round.

Can someone confirm this? I just bought a .357 magnum revolver as a PD weapon and now am thinking about going back to my .40 autos if the performance of the two are roughly the same. And if following this logic, the .40 should have an advantage since it leave a bigger hole right?

In my opinion, .357 Mag has better stopping power than .40 s&w, comparing the same bullet weight. With 170 grn bullet for both loads, I am getting 1380 fps out of 4 in. barrell in .357 magnum. and about 1150 fps out of a semiauto with 4.6 in. barrel. Those were NOT factory loads, but my reloads. Vasiliy Although, at times, I will carry one of my Kimber CDPIIs, I do think that a wheelgun is better for home/self defense.

This is because most people don't train enough to react properly to a missfire or a stovepipe. It's not enough just to know what to do, you have to be able to do it FAST and without hesitation.

So, since I've never seen a wheelgun stovepipe and if there is a missfire the next round will still cycle automatically, I tend to recommend revolvers to most people that want a handgun for self preservation. If it's the round count that you are worried about, pratice more. If you're worried about more than six BGs coming at you at the same time, get a DOG or two.

IMO, whichever bullet leaves the biggest wound is most likely the more effective of the two rounds (with penetration around 12+"). For those results, you'll have to dig up some gel tests, or run some of your own.

Energy is meaningless if the bullet rips right through your target taking a lot of energy with it too. And temporary cavities don't mean much unless you're talking rifle rounds.

Large permanent cavities mean more chance of damaging something vital. But in all cases- consensus is, shot placement is most important, so shoot something you can hit with, not necessarily the biggest cannon on the block -Dave Cartridge : Winchester 180gr Ranger 'T' Firearm : Recoil-operated pistol with 4.5" barrel length Block calibrated at 8.5cm and 590 ft/sec (all values are corrected values, actual calibration is not as good.) Shot 1 - Penetrated to 12.5", expanded to 0.596" average diameter and impacted at 955 ft/sec.

Shot 2 - Penetrated the entire 16" block and was not recovered. Impact velocity was 946 ft/sec. Shot 3 - Penetrated to 13.3", expanded to 0.630" and impacted at 949 ft/sec.

Shot 4 - Penetrated to 12.8", expanded to 0.617" and impacted at 950 ft/sec. Shot 5 - Penetrated the length of the 16" block and was not recovered. Impact velocity was 957 ft/sec. Although, at times, I will carry one of my Kimber CDPIIs, I do think that a wheelgun is better for home/self defense. This is because most people don't train enough to react properly to a missfire or a stovepipe. It's not enough just to know what to do, you have to be able to do it FAST and without hesitation.

So, since I've never seen a wheelgun stovepipe and if there is a missfire the next round will still cycle automatically, I tend to recommend revolvers to most people that want a handgun for self preservation.

If it's the round count that you are worried about, pratice more. If you're worried about more than six BGs coming at you at the same time, get a DOG or two.I will agree with everything here except the last part regarding bad guys. If you cannot solve a home invasion/robbery attempt with 1 shot (or the sound of one shot) let alone 6 you are buggered.

What most people refuse to believe is that even with 30 rounds from an AR if bad people want your dead - you'll be dead and probably before you get to your Surefire or your tactical 12 gauge in the quick release bed side mount... Looking at the first example photo- it looks like .357 sig thru .45 all perform similarly given good bullets (slight edge to .45).

I would have liked to see them test 9mm +P+ loads and see how close the cavity size is to the others. Point is, I don't think any of the 'good' defensive calibers are going to be much more effective than any of the others- there are just as many failure-to-stop stories with 357 mag as with anything else. Energy figures are misleading- if energy was the only factor in stopping power, we'd all have .44 magnums.

-Dave Many people still equate the .40 with its parent cartridge, the full power 10mm. The 10mm does nearly match the .357 in speed and impact, but with a price in recoil the FBI didn't want to pay.

S&W developed the .40 for the FBI to launch a large bullet, with good speed, at moderate recoil value. While still an excellent defensive round, it is not in the same power catagory as a full-up .357. There are many variables when you compare two calibers in terms of "power" or ability to inflict damage and stop an attacker.

Previous posters have talked about shot placement, gelatin tests, kinetic energy, etc. A big variable is the type of ammo you are considering, as both .40 S&W and .357 magnum are available in a wide variety of bullet weights, bullet types and powder loadings. One of the well known makers of fairly "hot" commercial ammo for defensive use is Dakota Arms, the maker of Corbon ammunition. If you go to their product page on conventional jacketed hollow point ammunition: You can pick a .40 and a .357 magnum loading with similar bullet weight, test barrel length and bullet design.

For example: .357 magnum 140 grain, 4 inch barrel - velocity 1300 fps, energy 525 ft-lbs. .40 S&W 135 grain, 4 inch barrel - velocity 1325 fps, energy 526 ft-lbs. For these two examples which have bullets of almost identical weight, design and slight diameter difference, you get almost identical velocity and energy from the same barrel length.

If both bullets hit a human at the same point and trajectory, I have to think they would have a similar effect. Based on these 2 examples, I would say that .40 and .357 magnum are probably very close in performance on a human target. So maybe the more important selection considerations for a particular shooter are which gun he can shoot the best, reliability of revolver vs. semiauto, ammo capacity of the gun, concealability, etc. Caliber choice here may not matter very much. The .357 magnum was introduced back in 1935 and at that time it had some impressive ballistics.

Over the last 72 years, the ammunition companies have watered the loads down to a point were we are comparing it to the .40 S&W. The following list I took from Buffalo Bore's website and has their .357 offerings which are loaded to the .357 magunums true potential. Can anyone find a .40 S&W to match this or even come close?

1. 3 inch S&W J frame a. Item 19A/20-180gr. Hard cast LFN = 1302 fps b. Item 19B/20-170gr. JHC (jacketed hollow cavity) = 1299 fps c. Item 19C/20-158gr. Speer Uni Core = 1398 fps d. Item 19D/20-125gr. Speer Uni Core = 1476 fps 2. 4 inch S&W L frame Mt. Gun a. Item 19A/20-180gr.

Hard cast LFN = 1375 fps b. Item 19B/20-170gr JHC = 1411 fps c. Item 19C/20-158gr. Speer Uni Core = 1485 fps d. Item 19D/20-125gr. Speer Uni Core = 1603 fps 3. 5 inch S&W model 27 a. Item 19A/20-180gr. Hard Cast =1398 fps b. Item 19B/20-170gr. JHC = 1380 fps c. Item 19C/20-158gr. Speer Uni Core = 1457 fps d. Item 19D/20-125gr. Speer Uni Core = 1543 fps 4.

6 inch Ruger GP 100 a. Item 19D/20-125gr. Speer Uni Core = 1707 fps 5. 18.5 inch Marlin 1894 a. Item 19A/20-180gr. Hard Cast = 1851 fps b. Item 19B/20-170gr. JHC = 1860 fps c. Item 19C/20-158gr. Speer Uni Core = 2153 fps---- Can you believe this?!!! d. Item 19D/20-125gr. Speer Uni Core = 2298 fps---- Or this?!!! Here, I did some homework for the .40S&W fans (I have a couple myself) Also offered by Buffalo Bore 1.

Item 23A/20: 155gr. Speer Uni Core a. Custom made 1911 with Nowlin (5inch barrel) = 1318 fps b. Taurus PT 100 (4.9 inch barrel) = 1249 fps c. Sig 229 (3.75 inch barrel) = 1221 fps 2.

Item 23B/20: 180gr. Speer Uni Core a. Custom made 1911 With Nowlin (5 inch barrel) = 1119 fps b. Taurus PT 100 (4.9 inch barrel) = 1035 fps c. Sig 229 (3.75 inch barrel) = 1040 fps 3. Item 23C/20: 180gr. TMJFN a. Custom made 1911 with Nowlin (5 inch barrel) = 1111 fps b. Taurus PT 100 (4.9 inch barrel) = 1042 fps c. Sig 229 (3.75 inch barrel) = 1038 fps Kurac is correct....

nearly all manufacturers load their ammo to a certain spec, not their true potential. The 357 has been watered down over the years, much like the 10mm. I've been in many debates with friends and associates over the difference between .40 S&W and 10mm. Most would not touch the 10 because they were of the persuasion that it is not an improvement over the 40...... couldn't be farther from the truth, but what they are used to seeing is the factory ammo manufacturers' watered-down 10mm loadings.

If you go to a place like Double Tap or Buffalo Bore you can see what the true potential of each round is as they load towards the higher end. It's comparing apples and apples at that point..... I will agree with everything here except the last part regarding bad guys. If you cannot solve a home invasion/robbery attempt with 1 shot (or the sound of one shot) let alone 6 you are buggered.

What most people refuse to believe is that even with 30 rounds from an AR if bad people want your dead - you'll be dead and probably before you get to your Surefire or your tactical 12 gauge in the quick release bed side mount...I don't think we disagree, unless you don't like dogs.

Ok............ We're ALL in agreement then right? The .22LR kicks both thier butts Seriously, thank you for the data...been hearing the factory .357's been dummed down for eons but never bothered to look (or see) the stuff in print........This is easily tested with a chronograph.

I got one. Who's buying the ammo 44mag or 22lr, it's all about shot placement. I do however, favor the revolver in respect to less potential for problems.If I'm your target PLEASE use the .22LR. Thanks John I agree that a .22LR that hits is better than a .44 that doesn't, but the largest caliber that you can shoot reasonably accurately is the best. I'd rather hit a bad guy a couple of inches off center chest with a .45 than dead center with a .22.

Shot placement IS important, but it isn't the only factor. The .357 has a slight edge on .40 ballistically These are the hottest .40 and .357 mag loads you are likely to find out there (courtesy of Double Tap Ammo). Notice all of the .357 Mag loads are from a 4" barrel while the .40 S&W are from a 4.5" barrel. The .40 has a 1/2" length advantage, but this is as close as you're going to get to comparing apples to apples.

I think the .357 has more than a slight edge..... 357 Mag 200 gr hardcast flat-nose 1200fps / 640 ft. lbs. 4" bbl 180 gr hardcast flat-nose 1300fps /676 ft. lbs. 4" bbl. 158 gr Gold Dot 1400fps /688 ft. lbs 4" bbl. .40 S&W 200 gr hardcast flat-nose 1100fps 538 ft/lbs 4.5"bbl. 180 gr Gold Dot 1140fps 520 ft/lbs from a 4.5"bbl. 135 gr Nosler 1420fps 605 ft/lbs from a 4.5"bbl.

For a 6" barrel you can add 150-200fps to those figures. Just to be sure I wasn't playing with kids stuff, back in the day when a .44 magnum was my home defense piece, I loaded up some 200gr Winchester Silvertips over a maximum charge of H110. The velocity out of a 6" barrel is around 1,600fps give or take a few feet.

They are close enough that the B.G. isn't going to care much either way, and nor do I. Especially with a few extra rounds in a magazine.You're right on that one, which is why I prefer my 10mm! 15 + 1 of mid-range .41 mag up to 230 gr if I want it that hot. 135 gr Nosler at 1710-1720 fps/800+ ME if I want the lighter stuff going fast. .40 performance if I want to downgrade..... There are many variables when you compare two calibers in terms of "power" or ability to inflict damage and stop an attacker.

Previous posters have talked about shot placement, gelatin tests, kinetic energy, etc. A big variable is the type of ammo you are considering, as both .40 S&W and .357 magnum are available in a wide variety of bullet weights, bullet types and powder loadings.

One of the well known makers of fairly "hot" commercial ammo for defensive use is Dakota Arms, the maker of Corbon ammunition.

If you go to their product page on conventional jacketed hollow point ammunition: You can pick a .40 and a .357 magnum loading with similar bullet weight, test barrel length and bullet design. For example: .357 magnum 140 grain, 4 inch barrel - velocity 1300 fps, energy 525 ft-lbs. .40 S&W 135 grain, 4 inch barrel - velocity 1325 fps, energy 526 ft-lbs.

For these two examples which have bullets of almost identical weight, design and slight diameter difference, you get almost identical velocity and energy from the same barrel length. If both bullets hit a human at the same point and trajectory, I have to think they would have a similar effect.

Based on these 2 examples, I would say that .40 and .357 magnum are probably very close in performance on a human target. So maybe the more important selection considerations for a particular shooter are which gun he can shoot the best, reliability of revolver vs.

semiauto, ammo capacity of the gun, concealability, etc. Caliber choice here may not matter very much. 400 cal at these specs vs 355 cal at these specs 300 cal larger wound channel and superior...all of you magnum *(&%%$# need to shut the *^%$$# up seriously. Handgun ammos are all relatively weak and feeble as a man stopper.

Placement and ability for fast/accurate follow up shots are much more important. Way too much time is spent on the search for wonder bullets, and not enough on training/practice (this applies to me, perhaps more so than most on the forum here).

I can't handle a small 45 or 40 Short and Weak, so I've settled on 9mm as my standard caliber. Yes, it will bounce off a skull or someone can take 12 shots and continue to fight. But it's the one I can use most effectively and accurately.

I can put 15 shots of 9mm in the black in less time than I can put 8 shots of 45 in the black (using a full size steel 1911 no less). There are much larger/meaningful factors in choosing between 40 short and weak vs 357 maximum.

Type of gun (autoloader vs. revolver or DE), capacity (10/12 for 40 short and weak vs. 6/7/8 revolver or I think it's 7 in the DE), trigger type (DA/SA autoloader, DA only revolver unless you take the time to cock), etc. If it were me, I pick the one I can shoot the best and get real good at it. I am short and weak though, so my choice ended up being the 9mm (minimum minimum?). So my point is, don't pick one over the other because of the differences in published performance. Pick one because you can do more damage with it in your hands.

I will agree with everything here except the last part regarding bad guys. If you cannot solve a home invasion/robbery attempt with 1 shot (or the sound of one shot) let alone 6 you are buggered.

What most people refuse to believe is that even with 30 rounds from an AR if bad people want your dead - you'll be dead and probably before you get to your Surefire or your tactical 12 gauge in the quick release bed side mount...This is popular view..... and while it has merit it also probably false. The sad truth is that even well trained professionals miss and miss a lot in shootout situation. Idea that you will stand in good stands and take one well aim shoot to end a threat even from single attacker is bazaar to say the least.

If you really can do that, you much better man that me and 99% of population of this planet. In all likelihood, if faced with armed robber you try to hide somewhere and take many poorly aimed shoots, over 90% of which will miss. How does it relate to OP? In several ways. 1. Fears of over-penetration are overblown. Why worry about something going through BG if most of your shots will miss him to begin with?

2. Shot placement is the key on target range. In real life it is having enough concealment so BG won't hit you. Because odds are you are not hitting him. 3. 357 may be more powerful than .40, but .40 is plenty powerful. 4. Lastly. Capacity rules. While .45 IS better round and it IS better (albeit marginally) for incapacitation than 9mm, 15 rounds of 9 is better than 10 rounds of .45.

Actually FIVE times better on the day you will actually have to use it. Now in CA with magazines capacity limit it is different story..... but in free states it is not.

That is said..... Everybody should own 4 inch .357 magnum. It is American history and heritage - respect it. And it WILL shoot at least once - hell or high water. Besides..... After shooting the damn thing in DA with full load magnums, shooing autos are very easy. iPhone version in realtime by:, the 'Calguns' name and all associated variants and logos are ® Trademark and © Copyright 2002-2018, an Incorporated Company All Rights Reserved. and The Calguns Foundation have no affiliation and are in no way related to each other. All opinions, statements and remarks made by on this web site and elsewhere are solely attributable to

best dating s w revolvers 357 magnum

best dating s w revolvers 357 magnum - 9 Best .357 Magnum Revolvers [2018]

best dating s w revolvers 357 magnum

17/03/2017 · It is the cheapest on this list of the best 357 revolvers thus out rightly qualifying it as the cheapest among the best within the platform. Tagged at a price less than $400, you couldn’t have expected that such a rifle would come with anything good that qualifies it to take a share on the list of the best revolvers. It really is a great little revolver even for its price. • 5/5 The .357 S&W Magnum (9×33mmR), or simply .357 Magnum, is a revolver cartridge with a .357-inch (9.07 mm) bullet diameter.

It was created by Elmer Keith, Phillip B. Sharpe, and D. B. Wesson of firearms manufacturers Smith & Wesson and Winchester. It is based upon Smith & Wesson's earlier .38 Special cartridge. 357 Magnum for Sale - Buy 357 Magnum Online Item Title Click Headers to Sort Quantity Price Taurus 605 Standard 357 Magnum 2" 5Rds 2-605029 81 $286.21 S&W 686 Performance Center 357 Magnum 2.5" 7Rds 170346 37 $939.55 S&W 686 357 Magnum 6" 6Rds 164224 13 $672.95 Smith & Wesson 686 Pro SSR 357 Magnum 4" 6Rds 178012 12 $807.33        

best dating s w revolvers 357 magnum

Revolvers are more versatile than semi-autos, but they are still a tad below them in sales. In fact, the best 357 revolver can handle any task thrown at it, from shooting games to home defense to hunting, and it easily fits in one’s pocket for self-defense. Below is a list of best 357 revolver models chosen on the basis of their size and weight (portability), their capacity, durability, effective shooting range, the amount of noise produced, the intensity of recoil and relative price.

The article aims at helping homeowners, sportspeople and individuals in need of self-defense choose the best 357 revolver without hassle. 10. Chiappa Rhino 40DS Manufacturer Capacity 6 Caliber 357 Magnum Barrel Length 4” Weight 29.6oz Price Range $1,100 – $1,200 The 40DS Revolver handgun comes with an outstanding design, different from all others.

Hunters and sportspeople will love this 357 magnum revolver. Its barrel comes aligned with low cylinder chamber. This makes the firearm comfortable to use, even for first-time shooters. The Chiappa revolver’s barrel position lowers the center of gravity and yields a bore centerline that matches the user’s arms, thereby reducing recoil greatly. The unique design is also key in allowing natural point-ability while aiming for a target.

Therefore, the main advantages of this magnum gun are the low recoil, alloy frame that offers durability, and rubber grips for comfort. Due to its small size, this could be an option if you’re looking for the best revolver for concealed carry. However, the high cost is the downside. 9.

Charter Arms Mag Pug Manufacturer Capacity 5 Caliber .357 Magnum Barrel Length 4” Weight 25oz Price Range $350 – $600 The Mag Pug is a compact .357 revolver designed for home protection. It comes with a short and full-lug ported barrel with ramped or adjustable front sight. With a stainless steel body, solid frame and a spur hammer, this firearm has excellent durability.

This magnum gun has a beryllium firing pin for safety and combat-style rubber grips for comfort. Additionally, it is among most compact guns in the market making it a great option if you’re seeking the best revolver for concealed carry. Even more, its barrel design reduces recoil, and the stainless steel body offers durability.

The downside of this revolver handgun is that it’s not effective at long range (beyond 130 feet) and makes a lot of noise for a home defense pistol of its size. 8. Dan Wesson 715 Revolver Manufacturer Capacity 6 Caliber .357 Magnum, .38 Special Barrel Length 6” Weight 47 oz Price Range $1,100 – $1,600 The DW 715 breathes accuracy and versatility. This 357 magnum revolver is suitable for hunters and other sportspeople and individuals who need self and home defense.

New models on the market are an improvement over the original model. This new design sports an HV6 shroud that greatly minimizes recoil. There are both single and double short variants. Both models feature short, light and crisp triggers for ease of use. It is easy to swap the grips and barrel assemblies making this a gun for beginners, intermediates as well as veteran shooters.

Additionally, it’s also a 38 revolver, which offers even more versatility. It has an interchangeable barrel to enhance shooting accuracy. Even more, it has a f ront crane latch coupled with rear ball detent for barrel/cylinder alignment. Thereby, the accuracy is further improved. The Dan Wesson revolver also has a transfer bar safety to avoid accidents, and the cylinder rotates clockwise tightening all parts and ensuring durability.

The problem with this 38 special is that it’s relatively heavy for concealed carry and pricey. 7. Ruger GP100 Manufacturer Capacity 6 Caliber .357 and .38 Special Barrel Length 4.2” – 6” Weight 36oz Price Range $750 – $800 The GP100 Ruger handgun was originally designed for self-defense but has since found its way into sports placing it among the best 357 revolver models.

To this end, it comes easy to use for first-time shooters. Its triple clocking cylinder is fastened to the frame at the bottom, rear and front for a great alignment and, consequently, for dependable shots. That makes it a valuable option if you’re looking for the best revolver for home defense.

Loading is easy thanks to chamber and ejector mouth designs. Its features include patented grip for comfortable use, transfer bar mechanism for safety, and 11-degree target crown for perfect shots during competitions.

In addition, it has a centering boss on trigger and shims on the hammer for smooth trigger pull, and the Hogue Monogrip reduces recoil. There are different variants of the GP100 revolver. One drawback, though, is that new shooters may not find it easy to assemble this firearm.

6. EAA Weihrauch Windicator Manufacturer EAA Corp Capacity 6 Caliber .357 Magnum Barrel Length 2” Weight 1.9 lbs Price Range $300 – $350 The Windicator finds its spot in the bets 357 revolver models courtesy of its ruggedness and its reliability. It is a compact, concealed carry revolver with a full-lag barrel, fixed rear sights and front ramp. The solid frame of the gun coupled with its exposed spur hammer makes it easy to thumb-cock. With its checkered rubber grips that sport finger grooves, the gun offers a sure hold.

Its design aims for self-defense, as evident in its compact design. However, you can use the 357 revolver in competitions as well. It’s perfect for a beginner, has a low recoil and makes minimal noise. That makes it a perfect choice if you want the best revolver for concealed carry. However, the sights are not adjustable, so experienced users might not enjoy the limitation.

5. Rossi Model R97206 Manufacturer Capacity 6 Caliber .357 Magnum Barrel Length 6” Weight 35 oz Price Range $300 – $550 The R97206 revolver initial purpose aimed for competitions, but you can also use it for self or home defense.

It is an easy to use the revolver, whether you are a beginner or veteran shooter. This 357 magnum gun comes with ribbed full underlug barrel, Adjustable rear sight, finger grooved and contoured rubber grips, and keylock security mechanism. Also, it has a forged steel frame for durability. The R97206 revolver handgun is advantageous in many ways including low recoil, great alignment for perfect shots, easy to assemble and load and offers great value for money. However, it is heavy for concealed carry.

4. Smith and Wesson Model 686 Manufacturer Capacity 7 Caliber .357 Magnum, .38 SPECIAL +P Barrel Length 3” Weight 2.3lbs Price Range $850 – $900 Smith & Wesson is arguably the best revolver brand out there. Model 66 aims to appeal to target shooters and shooting enthusiasts. However, it’s ideal for self and home defense as well. This 357 magnum and 38 revolver from S&W has been on the market since 1899. Since, it has undergone numerous improvements to offer great usability. It features Barrel serration and Full top strap, ball-detent lockup system, and adjustable white outline rear sight.

In addition, it comes with a checkered synthetic grip with finger grooves and a stainless steel body for durability. There are single as well as double action variants of the S&W 66 revolver. Like many best 357 revolver models, this handgun comes with low recoil, enhanced usability and point-ability and durable body.

It is, however, heavy for concealed carry. 3. Taurus Model 608 Manufacturer Capacity 8 Caliber .357 Magnum Barrel Length 4” Weight 51 oz Price Range $650 – $700 One feature that places the 608 among best 357 revolver models list is its staggering 8 rounds capacity.

The 8 shot revolver is hammer forged for optimal performance and accuracy and comes with hand-fitted actions, short and crisp triggers and ported barrels that reduce recoil and muzzle flip. Key features include Taurus turn-key security system, transfer bar system for safety, adjustable rear sight, and fixed front sight.

The 357 magnum handgun also has textured rubber grips with finger grooves and matte stainless steel finish. The design of this 8 shot revolver makes it easy for first-time shooters to assemble and operate it. Ideally, the Taurus gun was designed for target shooters and hunters, but you can use it as home defense gun as well.

2. Ruger SP101 Manufacturer Capacity 5, 6 or 8 Caliber .357 Magnum Barrel Length 2.25”, 3.06” or 4.2” Weight 25-30 oz Price Range $630 – $680 Sturm, Ruger & Co.

features in the best 357 revolver models list with its SP101, a revolver designed to offer versatility. You can use it for home defense, sports and recreation and much more. Most shooters love this gun for its ease of use and its compact design that makes it easy to carry. It features patented grip for comfort during use, triple locking cylinder for a better alignment and consequently better shots, and a patented transfer bar system.

Due to its rubber grip with hardwood or black plastic, this 357 revolver offers comfort and safety. Assembling or taking down this firearm is easy. Better yet, it offers a great value for money and yields low recoil. However, it produces relatively high noise. 1. Smith and Wesson Model 586 Manufacturer Capacity 6 Caliber .357 Magnum Barrel Length 4” Weight 42.1 oz Price Range $1,000 – $1,050 Once again, Smith & Wesson take the lead for the best revolvers ever made.

This is the original .357 revolver produced since 1935. It is an easy-to-assemble, easy-to-use model that targets individuals in need of self and home defense and sportspeople.

The magnum revolver has been refined over the years to offer increased versatility, minimal recoil, low noise, great alignment for perfect point-ability and comfortable use. Its main features include micro adjustable rear sight, pinned serrated ramp front sight, checkered wood grip, and half-lug and tapered barrel. In addition, it has a carbon steel material for the barrel, cylinder, and frame with a beautiful blue finish.

Features and usability of this model are all perfect. It may, however, present a challenge to first-time users when assembling it. Making The Right Choice The best 357 revolver will vary from person to person.

The best is what feels comfortable to use, is affordable and whose accessories are easily accessible. Though all the above revolvers are a great choice, there are still others not on the list that would fancy many shooters. Any great 357 revolvers you know not in the list above? Let us know. If revolvers are not to your taste, you can always look at the and see if they are to your liking.

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