Best dating on earth vietsub full episode

best dating on earth vietsub full episode

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best dating on earth vietsub full episode

DBSK's drama "Dating On Earth" is about the married life of a high school life of a couple. The husband is a high school student and the wife is a class advisor. The other 4 members are acting as Yoochun's classmates. Jaejoong is a transferred student who have lost his parents when he was young and was brought up in an orphanage.

In the drama, Jaejoong will fall in love with his class advisor, then form a love triangle relationship with Yoochun, the class advisor's husband. Rewatch Value 3.0 Don't expect to enjoy this unless you are a Cassie. It has quite the thin, holey plotline, makes very little sense, and is all around a bit silly. However, the cast of course is very nice to look at and if you already love DBSK then you will enjoy spending a little over an hour ogling and laughing at/with them.

The acting is not terrible so much as the story is poorly constructed, so it is not horribly painful to watch (the strongest actors of DBSK get the lead roles, so that helps) but don't expect the feeling of "what a great movie!" after watching so much as "that was kind of amusing!" The best part, without a doubt, is definitely that the OST is 100% DBSK :) And of course, no matter how their acting skills may be, no one can deny their superior musical talent, so that is definitely a plus.

Overall, this was not -so- bad, and it was an entertaining way to waste some time, but unless you are a diehard Cassie or are just curious about DBSK, there are probably better things to watch out there.

Rewatch Value 1.0 I loved the story for this movie since it sounded unique to me, I had never seen a movie or drama of a similar story and so that is why I was intrigued to watch it.

Also I am not gonna lie one of the biggest contributing factors to why I wanted to see this movie is because Hero and U-know were in it. On an unbiased note I think the acting of everyone were excellent. The music was pretty good too. There were various scenes from this movie that I loved and still remember. Even thought I like this movie I would not rewatch it because I am not much of a rewatcher. I think it would have been better as a drama so we could get more details and have a better development of character and plot.

best dating on earth vietsub full episode

best dating on earth vietsub full episode - Vietsub Full Drama Tvxq Dbsk Thsk Dating On Earth

best dating on earth vietsub full episode

1 The Last Dance This episode made me cry! I had stop binge watching for the day after all the feels :( The first time I watched this episode, My eyes started watering like hell. It's such a sad episode, but when a T.V. episode makes you cry, that's when you know they made a great episode.

The message of this episode was obviously aimed at coping with death. I've lost grandparents as well, it's hard and I can relate to this episode so much, this would have to be the best episode in my opinion. That made me cry to it was so sad I cry watching many episodes.. well mostly during those cute and special moments and this episode touched me very much because I lost a grand parent and you don’t notice how tough it is until it happens 7 Our Very First Show I like this episode because it was when everyone was just moving in the house after Pam died which was sad but I like this episode This episode rocks!

I love this episode so much! I mean this show is hilarious to watch! I think this is the best episode ever This was the very first episode where joey gladstone and jesse katsopolis move in with danny tanner and his 3 girls michelle, donna jo ( DJ) and stephanie. 9 Making Out Is Hard to Do Stephanie's best friend invites her to a party when she told her dad that there was going to be adult supervision and then stephanie finds out that it was a make out party and she calls her big sister dj to pick her up when her dad answers the phone and picks her up.

I can't believe they had a make-out party nice job nick It is not adults but good episode better than "our very first show That episode was really good but really sad 😭 13 Just Say No Way Michelle: Baby Beluga is broken. Stephanie: *happy* Really? My favorite part of the episode Dj and kimmy gibbler plan a dance and jesse plays music there. When dj's date kevin was drinking beer dj showed them how stupid they looked and jesse catches her with the beer The two boys who were drinking were very smart It's so good 15 Joey Gets Tough The 3 girls dj stephanie and michelle trick joey into letting them stay up late because he was "soft" and then dj goes over to a friends house after school without telling joey and joey ends up grounding dj when she had a karate tournament so dj gets mad at joey.

2nd Favorite Episode! The Bicycle Thief is Too Good to make this my favorite, though! 16 Michelle Rides Again: Part 1 and 2 This is the last episode. Danny entered Michelle in a horse back riding contest against a girl with a rude mother and they decide they don't want to be in the contest, so Michelle and the daughter of the rude mother go out and Michelle falls of her horse and loses her memory but it comes back eventually.

Its just so sad that her memories are gone a I wonder were her horse goes 17 The Support Group Jesse and becky's twin boys Nicky and Alex have a social problem so jesse and becky join a support group That's not an episode. It's called "Support Your Local Parents". It is actually called "support your local parents" That's the episode where Danny grounds DJ, Stephanie and Michelle. - playstationfan66 18 The House Meets the Mouse Come on!

"The House Meets The Mouse" is a really great episode! They take place in Disney world and Michelle is princess of the day! I love Disney World and I even loved Disney ever since I was a kid so I remember watching this episode where Michelle became a princess of the day.

So much better than The Princess Diaries (2001) and any princess film or item. - playstationfan66 Jesse's band is playing in Disney world and the Tanners and Joey come to Michelle is princess of the day but then runs away from her sisters and Kimmy - Truly I love it! So much going on, although it gets me mad because stephanie was suppose to get it! Did you know in reality when they were filming stephanie, played as jodie sweetin, went to the bathroom and came out crying because apparently some kids new her from the show or somthing 23 The Bicycle Thief Haven't watched much Full House since the 90s, but of the episodes I remember, I think this was my favorite.

The funniest episode in the whole series. My favorite with Joey Gets Tough in a very close 2nd. This episode is perfect should be in top 10 - steelers1979 One of the funniest episodes of the whole series!

27 Come Fly With Me This episode was amazing! Stephanie and Michelle ride a plane going off to Oakland, New Zealand! Favorite Part: Danny: Guys, guys, Michelle, Stephanie, on a (He moves his arms wildly) Joey: Uh..uh.. Turkey, turkey! Jesse: (Moving strange) No, this is the turkey, gobble-gobble, that's a turkey.

Joey: (Also making weird moves) That's a pigeon. Jesse: Now you're doing a seagull, you're doing a seagull! 28 Too Little Richard Too Late Should be number one. Totally my fave as well as Our Very First Telthon!

I love Derek, he's the most underrated character. His version of ''Only A Paper Moon'' made my jaw drop to the floor (not litterly ), the little showboat:) I love Denise, Steph, and Michelle's dance to that song.

29 My Left and Right Foot Come on think it is so funny about michelles dream about her feet oh come on think about it. But it is just not my best full house. I sorry to copy you who tiped about michelle rides agian. But its my best one everyboby else don't think about the sad part when she ask about her mom a lot say that michelle died no did not.

Then they showed the sad part from the last danse. Guys I'm just a kid so do not make fun of my words I put. Guys michelle rides agian is not any sader than the last danse. Most of it is not sad.

best dating on earth vietsub full episode

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