Best dating nfl players of all time by position

best dating nfl players of all time by position

List Rules NFL players who play the punting position. The greatest NFL punters of all time are those best at the punting position yet get some of the least recognition of all football player positions. These talented punters hold numerous NFL punting records, are the best to ever punt in the history of professional football and have made big plays when their team needed it the most yet not a one of these stars have found their way into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Ray Guy is a great example of a player who should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Lead league 3 times Y/P. Also was an End both on offense & defense. Also fought in WWII with the US Army. 44.

best dating nfl players of all time by position

"The difference between a successful person and others is not lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather, a lack of will." ― Vince Lombardi, NFL Player and Coach American football players, who are a part of the NFL teams, are known to follow the motto, 'Work hard, and party hard!'.

This is pretty much true for many of them who obtain brilliant pay checks. Moreover, if the player is a mainstream player and is always on the active roster of the team, he is sure going to get a handsome amount.

Of course, the money is a result of the extreme hard work, patience, and sportsman spirit. They play their hearts out and earn well too. Nevertheless, the figures have always been intriguing to the layman. Enlisted in the paragraphs below are the salary ranges for the NFL players according to the position.

• You need to understand the positions in the NFL prior to the salary information. • All the teams have 22 players - players in football are called starters. Out of 22, there are 11 each on the offense and defense side. • The defense side has the following positions: two tackles, two defensive ends, two safeties, two cornerbacks, and three linebackers. • The offense side has the following positions: two tackles, two guards, two running backs, one quarterback, one center, one tight end, and two wide receivers.

• The pay varies as per the position, and the pay for each position also varies with every season. Skills • The skills of a player are certainly crucial role in deciding his pay. • Statistics depict that high skill demonstration on the field leads to better remuneration. • Interestingly, even a rookie player (who may have not even taken a single snap as a pro player) can earn more than his pro counterparts.

The reason is the sheer potential and raw skill he can bring to the table. League Average • There are rules, which have been laid down by the league regarding player salaries. • According to those regulations and as per the NFL Players Association's Collective Bargaining Agreement with the league, the salaries to all players includes a minimum basic amount.

This, of course, increases with the experience and skills. Miscellaneous • The salary is also determined by some other factors, like signing bonus, salary cap, the requirement of that player for a team, and contracts drawn by players in the same capacity.

• That can lead to the increase and decrease in salary. • As mentioned before, the player position is considered for the salary. • In general, quarterbacks and defensive tackles are known to earn the most, followed by running backs and linebackers, with the safeties and tight-ends receiving the lowest salaries. • The minimum, basic salary a player on the active roster obtains, is between USD 400,000 to USD 435,000, as per the NFL Players Association.

• This money is guaranteed for the players. In addition, they receive bonus and benefits per season as well. • As per experience, the salary increases every year. An experience of half a decade would lead to a salary of USD 700,000 to USD 750,000. • An experience of 10 years will pay salaries as high as USD 990,000. • As per the position, statistics reveal the latest figures to be as follows: Position Salary (in million) Quarterback 16 to 16.3 Defensive End 13 to 13.2 Defensive Tackle 9 to 9.7 Running Back 9 to 9.55 Wide receiver 12 to 12.4 Cornerback 11 to 12 Safety 8 to 8.4 Tight End 7 to 7.2 Linebacker 11 to 11.5 Offensive Lineman 11 to 11.7 Punter/Kicker 3 to 3.6 These figures, however are not the last word regarding the salaries of the NFL players.

These amounts and numbers are very fluid, (but nothing too drastic) and keep on changing all the time. These figures will merely give you an idea. At the end of the day, statistics say that if the salary of the quarterback is deducted from the overall money spent on the offense and then it's compared with the defense, it amounts to less.

All in all, it is a numbers game, and some players do have luck on their side along with talent and hard work.

best dating nfl players of all time by position

best dating nfl players of all time by position - The Greatest NFL Players of All Time, by Position

best dating nfl players of all time by position

Best NFL All-Time Players by Position The Best All-Time NFL Players by Position This is my all-time NFL team, with players listed by position. The first name listed and bolded is the starter. There are 50 players on the offense and 50 more players on defense and special teams, for an even 100 members. I have explained some of my more "unusual" choices in my NOTES & QUOTES section. Below the notes, I have listed my honorable mentions for each position.

QB: Peyton Manning aka "The Sherriff", Johnny Unitas, Joe Montana aka "Joe Cool", Dan Marino, John Elway, Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady FB: Jim Brown, Marion Motley, Bronko Nagurski, Earl Campbell aka "The Tyler Rose" RB: Bo Jackson, Walter Payton aka "Sweetness", Jim Thorpe, O. J. Simpson aka "Juice" RB: Gayle Sayers, Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Red "The Galloping Ghost" Grange WR: Jerry Rice aka "World", Lance Alworth aka "Bambi", Randy Moss, James Lofton WR: Don Hutson, Lynn Swann, Elroy Hirsch aka "Crazy Legs", Raymond Berry TE: John Mackey, Tony Gonzalez, Mike Ditka, Kellen Winslow C: Chuck Bednarik aka "Concrete Charlie", Jim Otto, Mike Webster, Mel Hein OT: Anthony Munoz, Art Shell, Forrest Gregg OT: Jim Parker, Randall McDaniel, Jonathan Ogden OG: John Hannah, Bruce Matthews, Mike Munchak OG: Gene Upshaw, Larry Allen, Eric Williams DE: Reggie White aka "The Minister of Defense", Carl Eller, Bruce Smith, Bubba Smith DE: David "Deacon" Jones, Gino Marchetti, Jack Younblood, Jim Marshall DT: "Mean" Joe Greene, Alan Page, Randy White, Warren Sapp DT: Bob Lilly, Merlin Olsen, Buck Buchanan, Doug Atkins LB: Lawrence Taylor, Jack Lambert, Jack Ham, Ray Lewis, Derrick Thomas LB: Dick Butkus, Chuck Bednarik aka "Concrete Charlie", Willie Lanier, Bobby Bell, Junior Seau LB: Ray Nitschke, Mike Singletary, Sam Huff, Brian Urlacher, Ted Hendricks aka "The Mad Stork" CB: Dick "Night Train" Lane, Ron Woodson, Darrell Green, Emlen Tunnell CB: "Primetime" Deion Sanders, Mel Blount, Willie Brown, Herb Adderley, Paul Krause S: Ronnie Lott, Jack Tatum, Steve Atwater, Lester Hayes S: Ed Reed, Willie Wood, Ken Houston, Charles Woodson Place Kicker: George Blanda (also a great quarterback) Punter: Slingin' Sammy Baugh (also a great quarterback and safety) Kick Returner: Gale Sayers, Deion Sanders Punt Returner: Gale Sayers, Deion Sanders NOTES & QUOTES Chuck Bednarik is my starting center on offense and also makes my all-time NFL team on defense.

Gil Brandt listed Bednarik as his number two all-time center, behind Jim Otto. But how great would Bednarik have been if he hadn't played full-time on defense?

I think it's safe to say that he would have been even better. But Slingin' Sammy Baugh may have been the most versatile of the great two-way players because he was an all-world quarterback, an all-world safety, and an out-of-this-world punter who set records that remained many years later. Bruce Matthews may have been the most versatile offensive lineman ever, starting at least 17 games at all five positions. He retired having played a then-record 296 games.

Lou "The Toe" Groza made my honorable mentions as an offensive tackle and as punter. Peyton Manning is my number one quarterback based on his career achievements, which speak for themselves. Joe Montana o ften gets favor for winning more Super Bowls, but he played on teams with hall-of-famers like Jerry Rice, John Taylor, Roger Craig and Ronnie Lott.

Terry Bradshaw played with Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, Franco Harris, Mean Joe Greene, Jack Lambert, Jack Ham, Mike Webster, Mel Blount and other stars. Did the other quarterbacks win Super Bowls by themselves? Of course not. And no one in his/her right mind would suggest that Dick Butkus wasn't one of the greatest linebackers because he didn't lead his teams to multiple Super Bowl victories.

If Peyton Manning had played on those great Steelers and 49ers teams, he might have won ten Super Bowls. I moved Jim Brown to fullback and chose two starting running backs whose careers were cut short by injuries: Bo Jackson and Gayle Sayers.

When they were in their prime, I believe they were more electrifying and game-changing than any of the better-known players with longer careers. In my offense, I would change formations and sometimes have three running backs, sometimes two, sometimes one. Sayers averaged 5.0 yards per carry for his career, which is substantially better than all the running backs on the team other than Brown and Jackson.

Sayers also averaged an astounding 30.6 yards per kickoff return for his career, an NFL record. His career average of 14.5 yards per punt return is better than any of the leading specialists' averages. He was crazy good, and a threat to score every time he touched the ball.

Bo Jackson averaged an amazing 5.4 yards per carry for his career, and his last year in the NFL he averaged 6.8 yards per carry. Bo was a freak of nature, with a hand-recorded 40 yard dash of 4.12, which remains a record for the NFL. He is the only athlete to be an all-star in the NFL and major league baseball. He was named the greatest athlete of all time by ESPN.

And really, he was playing pro football part time, but still managed to do so on an entirely different plane. Everyone knew that he was going to run the ball, and yet he averaged 6.8 yards per carry. Truly, only Bo knows how to pull off such miracles! Bo's 221 yards rushing on November 30, 1987, just 29 days after his first NFL carry, is still a Monday Night Football record.

That is the game in which he famously ran over Brian Bosworth to score one of his three touchdowns.

Bo was a two-time Alabama high school state champion in the decathlon, and set state records for indoor high-jump (6'9") and triple-jump (48'8"). Playing NCAA baseball, he batted .401 with 17 home runs and 43 RBIs in 1985. Playing NCAA football, he won the Heisman trophy and set an SEC record 6.6 average yards per carry. He and Willie Mays are the only major league baseball players to hit a home run and steal a base in an all-star game. Bo tied a major league baseball record by hitting home runs in four consecutive plate appearances.

He was fleet as a deer, but strong as an ox. Sometimes when he struck out, he would snap his bat like a toothpick, either over his knee or over his head. He once ran up an outfield wall like he was Spiderman, rather than crashing into it like an ordinary mortal. Bo promised his mother that once he returned from hip replacement surgery he would hit a home run for her. In his first at bat after surgery, on his first swing, he hit a home run.

And so it goes ... the stuff of legend ... The great Pittsburg Steelers team of the ages (four Super Bowl victories from 1974-1979) is well represented above and in my honorable mentions with Mean Joe Greene, Jack Lambert, Jack Ham, Andy Russell, Mel Blount, Donnie Shell, L.

C. Greenwood, Dwight White, Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, Larry Brown, and Mike Webster.

That would be my pick as the best NFL team of all time. Vince Lombardi called Forrest Gregg "the best player I ever coached." Barry Sanders' father was frequently quoted as saying that Jim Brown was "the best I've ever seen." Brown himself didn't disagree, pointing out that "When running backs get in a room together, they don't argue about who is the best." Presumably they all knew that he was the best! Brown averaged 104.3 yards per game and 5.2 yards per carry for his career; those are figures only Barry Sanders approached, so there is a good argument for saying that Brown was the best NFL running back of all time.

HONORABLE MENTION QB: Troy Aikman, Slingin' Sammy Baugh, Drew Bledsoe, Terry Bradshaw, Drew Brees, Len Dawson, Dan Fouts, Roman Gabriel, Otto Graham, Jim Kelly, Andrew Luck, Eli Manning, Patrick Mahomes, Steve McNair, Warren Moon, Joe Namath, Cam Newton, Carson Palmer, Philip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan, Kenny Stabler, Bart Starr, Roger Staubach, Fran Tarkenton, Vinny Testaverde, Russell Wilson, Steve Young RB: Marcus Allen, Jerome Bettis, John Brockington, Larry Csonka, Eric Dickerson, Cory Dillon, Tony Dorsett, Warrick Dunn, Marshall Faulk, Eddie George, Frank Gore, Franco Harris, Steven Jackson, Edgerrin James, Chris Johnson, Thomas Jones, Jim Kiik, Jamal Lewis, Curtis Martin, Mercury Morris, Adrian Peterson, Joe Perry, John Riggins, Fred Taylor, Jim Taylor, Thurman Thomas, LaDainian Tomlinson, Ricky Watters WR: Odell Beckman Jr., Fred Biletnikoff, Antonio Brown, Tim Brown, Isaac Bruce, Dez Bryant, Cris Carter, Larry Fitzgerald, Frank Gifford, Marvin Harrison, "Bullet" Bob Hayes, DeAndre Hopkins, Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Charlie Joiner, Julio Jones, Michael Irvin, Steve Largent, Don Maynard, Art Monk, Stanley Morgan, Terrell Owens, Carl Perkins, Andre Reed, Sterling Sharpe, Steve Smith Sr., John Stallworth, Hines Ward, Paul Warfield, Gene Washington, Reggie Wayne, Wes Welker TE: Dave Casper, Todd Christensen, Ben Coates, Antonio Gates, Russ Francis, Jimmy Graham, Rob Gronkowski, Travis Kelce, Ozzie Newsome, Greg Olsen, Charlie Sanders, Shannon Sharpe, Jackie Smith, Delanie Walker, Jason Witten, Frank Wycheck C: Randy Cross, Dermontti Dawson, Dan Dierdorf, Travis Frederick, Frank Gatski, Jim Langer, Alex Mack, Kevin Mawae, Jim Ringo, Dwight Stephenson, Clyde "Bulldog" Turner OT: Bob Brown, Larry Brown, Rosey Brown, Lou Groza, Walter Jones, Taylor Lewan, Mike McCormack, Ron Mix, Orlando Pace, Jason Peters, Willie Roaf, Jackie Slater, Joe Thomas, Rayfield Wright, Ron Yary OG: Joe DeLamielleure, Alan Faneca, Russ Grimm, Steve Hutchinson, Jerry Kramer, Larry Little, Tom Mack, Zack Martin, Will Shields, Dick Stanfel, Joe Stydahar, Marshal Yanda DE: Willie Davis, L.

C. Geenwood, Howie Long, Lee Roy Selmon, DeMarcus Ware, Dwight White DT: Cortez Kennedy, John Randle LB: Bobby Bell, Cornelius Bennett, Nick Buoniconti, Robert Brazile, Derrick Brooks, Harry Carson, Bill George, Kevin Greene, Chuck Howley, Rickey Jackson, Lee Roy Jordan, E. J. Junior, Luke Kuechly, Willie Lanier, Tommy Nobis, Andy Russell, Joe Schmidt, Dave Wilcox CB: Champ Bailey, Aeneas Williams S: Troy Polamalu, Donnie Shell Punt and Kick Returners: Billy "White Shoes" Johnson, Gayle Sayers Punters: Morten Anderson, Britton Colquitt, Craig Colquitt, Dustin Colquitt, Jimmy Colquitt, Jeff Feagles, Stephen Gostkowski, Lou "The Toe" Groza, Sean Landeta, Shane Lechler, Ray Guy, Pat McAfee, Reggie Roby Place Kickers: Mason Crosby, Sebastian Janikowski, Jan Stenerud, Ryan Succop, Adam Vinatieri

best dating nfl players of all time by position

Everyone knows that the is made up of the best players, but when it comes to this elite fraternity of athletes, who or which position reigns supreme? It should come as no surprise that the quarterback position would feature prominently in this type of exercise, but as Athlon Sports' list of the top 50 NFL players entering the 2018 season shows, the other side of the ball has plenty of star power.

Quarterbacks are tied with defensive ends for the most representatives in the top 50 with eight each. If the number of defensive ends were combined with defensive tackles, then this position group would lead the way with a total of 10. Defensive backs (cornerbacks and safeties) also are well represented with eight in the top 50, followed by linebackers, offensive linemen (six each), and then wide receivers (five).

Leading this year's list is the reigning MVP, Tom Brady, one of three quarterbacks in the top 10. Brady is followed by a pair of Steelers (Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell) with the reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year (Aaron Donald) checking in at No.

4. All told, the top 50 is basically split between offensive (26) and defensive (24) players, meaning there will be no lack of superstars to pay close attention to on either side of the ball during the upcoming season.

Athlon's player rankings are just one of the features that appear in the . 2018 NFL Positional Rankings: I I I I I I I NFL's Top 50 Players for 2018 1. Tom Brady, QB, New England Still no signs of slippage as the 41-year-old prepares to enter his 19th NFL season. Added a third career MVP trophy and made eighth Super Bowl appearance in 2017.

2. Antonio Brown, WR, Pittsburgh Since the Steelers began awarding a team MVP in 1969, no player has won it more times than Brown (four) -- including any of the franchise's 13 Pro Football Hall of Famers in that span.

While compiling a league-high 1,533 receiving yards last season, he set the record for most catches (582) and receiving yards (7,848) by a player in any five-year span in league history. 3. Le'Veon Bell, RB, Pittsburgh Didn't let the drama involving his contract holdout and inability to strike a long-term deal with the Steelers in 2017 affect his play when he finally reported just before Week 1.

Led the AFC in scrimmage yards (129.7 per game) and set a franchise record for running backs with 85 receptions to complement his 1,291 rushing yards. 4. Aaron Donald, DE, Los Angeles Rams First Ram to win NFL Defensive Player of the Year honors. The league's most disruptive interior lineman, Donald may actually be even more effective in 2018 with Ndamukong Suh beside him in defensive coordinator Wade Phillips' 3-4 scheme.

5. Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay A fractured collarbone derailed what was turning into another stellar season (13 TDs, three INTs, 4-1 record before getting hurt).

Should be right back in MVP mix in 2018. 6. Luke Kuechly, LB, Carolina Wasted no time re-establishing himself as the NFL's top MLB after missing the final six games of 2016 with a concussion. Penchant for doing things the right way also led to his being named the NFL's 2017 Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award winner. 7. Von Miller, LB, Denver The NFL's sack leader since 2014 with 48.5. Ranks second in NFL history in sacks per game (0.80) among players who have appeared in 100 or more contests, trailing only Reggie White (0.85).

8. Patrick Peterson, CB, Arizona Per Next Gen Stats, no cornerback allowed fewer yards (22.6 ypg) or enjoyed a lower catch rate (44.4 percent) last season.

That's why opposing quarterbacks threw his way on only 14.2 percent of their pass attempts. 9. Drew Brees, QB, New Orleans Made it back into the playoffs for the first time since 2013 thanks to better support defensively and in the running game to complement his passing prowess. Posted his lowest interception total (eight) since the 2004 season. 10. Calais Campbell, DE, Jacksonville Any thoughts that the Jaguars overpaid for a 31-year-old free agent were quickly dispelled.

Set the team's single-season sack record with 14.5 and provided the strong veteran presence Jacksonville wanted when signing him to a four-year, $60 million deal. 11. Rob Gronkowski, TE, New England No tight end causes bigger matchup problems. Gronk passed Dallas Clark as the NFL's all-time postseason leader among tight ends in catches (68) and receiving yards (972).

12. Travis Frederick, C, Dallas Hasn't allowed a sack since 2014 and hasn't missed a snap since being Dallas' 2013 first-round pick. 13. Chandler Jones, DE, Arizona New England rarely makes personnel errors, but trading Jones is one of them. Won the Deacon Jones Award in 2017 with a league-best and franchise single-season-record 17 sacks to go along with 28 tackles for a loss and 38 QB hits.

14. Julio Jones, WR, Atlanta Gaudy totals for catches (88) and receiving yards (1,444) are par for the course. However, the three touchdowns produced last season were a ridiculously low total and something Steve Sarkisian must fix in his second year as Atlanta's offensive coordinator. 15. Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Pittsburgh The NFL's version of Big Ben isn't shut down for repairs like its London namesake.

Roethlisberger is now ranked in the top 10 all-time in passing yards (51,065) and touchdowns (329) after another strong season. 16. Zack Martin, OG, Dallas Didn't commit a penalty and allowed just one sack while appearing on 96 percent of the team's snaps. Cowboys rewarded Martin with six-year contract extension worth $84 million, including $40 million guaranteed and a $20 million signing bonus.

17. Todd Gurley, RB, Los Angeles Rams Got back on track under new Rams head coach Sean McVay with career highs in rushing yards (1,305) and touchdowns (13). Also became a major part of Los Angeles' passing game -- an area in which he was grossly underutilized the previous two seasons under McVay's predecessor, Jeff Fisher. 18. Jadeveon Clowney, LB, Houston The first AFC player since 2015 with 20-plus tackles for a loss and 20-plus QB hits in the same season.

Played in all 16 games for the first time since being the No. 1 overall pick of the 2014 draft. 19. Travis Kelce, TE, Kansas City Kansas City had no answers offensively after Kelce was knocked out of the team's first-round playoff loss to Tennessee. He is especially good at gaining yards after the catch. 20. Sean Lee, LB, Dallas The Cowboys' defense can't function effectively without him in the lineup. Still struggles with injuries, having never completed a 16-game season during eight years in the NFL.

21. Carson Wentz, QB, Philadelphia Was on track to win the NFL's MVP award before suffering a season-ending knee injury in Week 14. Put the Eagles in position to capture home-field advantage throughout the playoffs thanks to a breakthrough campaign with 33 touchdowns and just seven interceptions. 22. Russell Wilson, QB, Seattle Continued to excel in 2017 despite the Seahawks' failure to produce a respectable running game.

Threw a league-high 34 touchdown passes while becoming the first QB to post a winning record in his first six NFL seasons. 23. Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Dallas The NFL's 2016 rushing leader had zero chance to repeat thanks to a six-game suspension under the league's domestic violence policy. Should be primed for a major rebound now that the situation is behind him. 24. Harrison Smith, S, Minnesota The NFL's best all-around safety with the range and size to hang tough against elite tight ends when called upon in coverage.

Joined Buffalo's Jordan Poyer as the league's only defenders with at least 70 tackles, one sack and five interceptions in 2017. 25. Geno Atkins, DT, Cincinnati Led all defensive tackles in sacks (nine) for the fifth time in his eight-year career. Holds the franchise sack record for interior defensive linemen with 61. 26. Xavier Rhodes, CB, Minnesota Yearly improvement reflected by his first All-Pro selection in 2017.

Combined with safety Harrison Smith to become the first duo in Minnesota's secondary to earn that honor since Audray McMillian and Todd Scott in 1992. 27. Earl Thomas, S, Seattle Didn't skip a beat last year after suffering a broken leg late in the 2016 season. Ranks second among all safeties in interceptions since 2011 with 20. 28. Fletcher Cox, DT, Philadelphia Flourished in the postseason with eight quarterback hits on Tom Brady in Super Bowl 52 and seven tackles during Philadelphia's second-round playoff win over Atlanta.

Tied for fourth among all defensive tackles in sacks since 2015 with 21.5. 29. David Bakhtiari, OT, Green Bay The ninth tackle drafted in 2013 has developed into the best of his class and earned his first Pro Bowl berth in 2017. "David clearly had a Pro Bowl season," Packers head coach Mike McCarthy said. "What he's put on film illustrates that." 30.

DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Houston No wide receiver has done more with less at the quarterback position over the past five seasons. Last season was more of the same with 96 catches for 1,378 yards and 13 touchdowns despite having to play with three different starting QBs. Hopkins and the Texans are hoping that carousel stops spinning when star sophomore Deshaun Watson returns from a knee injury.

31. Cameron Jordan, DE, New Orleans Jordan's seventh NFL season was his best to date. Compiled career highs in sacks (13) and pass breakups (11) along with 62 tackles and two forced fumbles. 32. Khalil Mack, DE, Oakland Despite a weak supporting cast, Mack leads all players with 256 QB pressures the past three seasons (per Pro Football Focus) to go along with his 36.5 sacks. 33. Matt Ryan, QB, Atlanta Slumped coming off his 2016 MVP season like all of Atlanta's offense under new coordinator Steve Sarkisian.

Still guided the Falcons to the second round of the playoffs and reached 40,000 career passing yards in fewer games (151) than any QB in NFL history. 34. David DeCastro, OG, Pittsburgh Mobility to pull in the running game while strong enough to maintain his base against the pass rush. Reduced penalties from 11 to six and yielded 1.5 sacks in 2017. 35. Odell Beckham Jr., WR, New York Giants The season-ending ankle injury he suffered in Week 5 played a huge role in the 2017 Giants' 3-13 finish.

Expected to resurface as the NFL's top big-play receiver this season now that he's healthy once again. 36. Cam Heyward, DE, Pittsburgh Yeah, it's been that long: He's the first Steelers defender to register double-digit sacks (12) since James Harrison in 2010.

The effort fueled Pittsburgh's NFL-high 56 sacks in 2017. 37. Malcolm Jenkins, S, Philadelphia Kept the Eagles' defense strong as it navigated through growing pains at cornerback and the loss of linebacker Jordan Hicks (Achilles). Known for big plays with four interception returns for touchdowns since signing with Philadelphia in 2014.

38. Bobby Wagner, LB, Seattle Would surpass Eugene Robinson (942) as Seahawks' all-time leading tackler in 2019 at his current pace. Just one tackle away from passing Joe Nash (779) for third place on Seattle's list.

39. Joey Bosa, DE, Los Angeles Chargers No sophomore slump for the 2016 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year. No player has ever posted more sacks (19) during the first 20 games of his NFL career. Also increased sack production from 10.5 to 12.5 in 2017.

40. Jalen Ramsey, CB, Jacksonville Elite size-speed combination allows the rambunctious 23-year-old to back up his trash talking. Ramsey and A.J. Bouye tied for the most pass breakups (35) of any cornerback duo in 2017.

41. Ryan Kerrigan, LB, Washington Kerrigan's 47 sacks rank second among all defensive players since 2014. One of only eight players to have started every game since entering the NFL in 2011. 42. A.J. Bouye, CB, Jacksonville The high-priced 2017 offseason signing from Houston (five years, $67.5 million) was worth every penny.

Bouye didn't surrender a touchdown pass with quarterbacks posting the NFL's lowest rating (33.8) when throwing in his direction per Next Gen Stats.

43. Matthew Stafford, QB, Detroit Entered the 2017 season as highest-paid QB in NFL history (five years, $135 million) and proved worthy of the payoff. Posted a career-high 99.3 quarterback rating despite Lions fielding the NFL's worst rushing attack.

44. Alex Mack, C, Atlanta Remains one of GM Thomas Dimitroff's best signings. Surrendered just one sack and committed one penalty all of last season. 45. Landon Collins, S, New York Giants Missed the offseason program following forearm surgery. The silver lining: Collins shouldn't need much time getting up to speed in coordinator James Bettcher's new defense, which may utilize his skills in a safety/linebacker hybrid role.

46. Zach Ertz, TE, Philadelphia The most prolific tight end through five seasons in franchise history. Caught the game-winning TD in Super Bowl XLII and led Philly in receiving during the regular season and postseason. 47. A.J. Green, WR, Cincinnati Despite posting another 1,000-yard receiving season, Green had a disappointing 2017 because of drops and five games in which he caught three passes or fewer.

On the bright side, he should become the franchise's all-time leader in career 100-yard games (32) and receiving touchdowns (67) while looking to bounce back in 2018. 48. Tyron Smith, OT, Dallas Back and groin injuries forced him to miss three games last season and hindered his performance in several others. Should re-solidify himself as the NFL's top blind-side protector if healthy.

49. Everson Griffen, DE, Minnesota Tied a franchise record with at least one sack in eight consecutive games to open 2017. Finished the year with career highs in sacks (13) and forced fumbles (three). 50. David Johnson, RB, Arizona Unable to follow through on a breakthrough 2016 campaign after suffering a season-ending wrist injury in Week 1.

Will be expected to carry the Cardinals offense with Arizona's quarterbacking situation among the NFL's shakiest following Carson Palmer's offseason retirement. | | | | | | | Your use of this website constitutes and manifests your acceptance of our , , , and awareness of the . Pursuant to U.S. Copyright law, as well as other applicable federal and state laws, the content on this website may not be reproduced, distributed, displayed, transmitted, cached, or otherwise used, without the prior, express, and written permission of Athlon Media Group.


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